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  1. Recently we had our bathroom done and ordered some glass splashbacks from an on-line company called Cameo Glass to fit round our wash basin. When we ordered custom made white glass splashbacks (for some £200), we (reasonably, I hope), expected something made from opaque white glass. Nothing on their website suggests otherwise, though we now know competitor websites do make it plain that this is not the case. What turned up was white back-painted "clear" glass. This wouldn't in itself be a big problem if they had actually used truly clear glass. What we got has a distinct blue tint to it. On the left is what we've now used in our bathroom... [ATTACH=CONFIG]56336[/ATTACH] We tried to get a refund, and were simply told "that's what it's like". We are in the process of putting a chargeback request through Nationwide but they're being useless and have twice written to us first saying that this doesn't fall within the bounds of a chargeback, yet confirming in the same letter that "goods not as described" is one of the categories, then latterly saying that it's our problem for misinterpreting what we were buying. I have now asked them to show me where it explains on Cameo Glass' website that "white glass" is in fact white painted, slightly blue-tinted clear glass. I think the mistake we made was complaining about it not being white glass, but back-painted, rather than placing emphasis on it not actually being white (though this was stated in the original complaint). What do you think?
  2. I sent a letter to thomson to claim eu flight delay in march 2013, the flight was in april 2007 , so was inside the 6 year time limit . They sent me a letter saying that because it was outside their 2 year limit , I couldnt claim. They told me that if the supreme court said that they had to pay out up to 6 years, I had to contact them. I have contacted them by recorded letter and they have now replied that as it is now outside the 6 year limit timeframe they will not compensate us. I started the claim within the 6 year timeframe and if they had not contested the 6 year time limit , they would have had to compensate us. Is there an ombudsman who I can contact, as Thomson just keep on going around and around. Thank you
  3. Hello, I have been ill and 'signed off' since July last year and was made redundant on 3rd October 2014. Capital One PPI only paid for the period of sickness when I was working and are now refusing to continue to pay for the period after as I chose not to sign on. Is this right? can they refuse to pay as I am not signing on even though I am signed off unfit for work?
  4. I applied last year in November but the letter went missing and so I applied again online. It's been backdated to mid-July. I have written to them giving them good reason why I was late in applying for this, mainly because I didn't realise I had to. If they are going to send a bill for the full amount at the start of the year before I have earned anything as a first time sole trader then surely it was dealt on the basis that we would all wait until my earnings were clearer before any adjustments? Anyway, I'm thinking about writing to them and Scot & C. saying that I am withholding any further payment until they rectify this. How far is that likely to get me? I have also told them that irrespective of whether they backdate it I will not be paying them any more than I owe and they can take me to court and dispute the amount if they disagree.
  5. Hi, as the title suggests, i would like some advice on the issue? I moved into a private rented property 18months ago on a verbal agreement that I would live there for 3 years minimum. Due to work circumstances i was unable to fulfil this agreement. And have now moved out. Because I have had to move the Landlord is now refusing to pay back my deposit because it is before the verbally agreed 3 years! may i also add that I have not received or signed a written tenancy agreement. and i also strongly doubt that my deposit was registered with a tenancy deposit plan. Do I have any leg to stand on to get my deposit back? Is he breaking the law? Is it worth taking it further legally? Thanks
  6. Hi All, Well now debt free regarding Payday lenders however still having an issue with Motormile clowns, i had a loan which was owned by gothia who entered a default on my credit file on 05/04/2010 and marked settled on 14/07/2013 £1004.00 However Motormile have also entered a default for the same debt as follows default date 30/04/2010 £1,774.00 ( started on 1/3/2010 £1,004.00 ) they have also listed a default for an old minicredit debt which was also repaid Started on 23/10/2012 current balance £528.00 Default on 30/11/2012 £390.00 I have wrote and wrote and wrote, i have reported them to OFT but now completely cheesed off, i have not had contact from MM for over a year now yet they still refuse to amend my credit report. What action can i take now or just wait until the 6 year hits andd they drop off my report. Are Motormile still trading ?????? any help would be great :mad2:
  7. I recently sold a phone RM special insured delivery through amazon which arrived damaged (the phones sim tray was crushed in transit), the person who bought it off me sent it back without the original packaging as they chucked it away. RM are refusing to compensate me either for the value of the phone, (150) or the repair of the phone (50) as I can not provide the original packing. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Hey guys! I am once again being trodden on by rich people! So I shall post here to see if anyone has any advice for my plight! In november I moved into a rented house in our town, for me and my girlfriend, who is disabled by the way! The landlord was messing us around from the off, trying to let the property when they hadnt even bought it yet, so even though they gave me a start date for the move and I paid up the rent in advance I couldnt move in because she technically didnt own the property as it was awaiting some signing or some such nonsense! Anyway, when I finally got in, there was damp, leaking roof, and RATS the rats kept us from sleeping which is very bad for my partner as she has myotonic distrophy and needs lots of rest. I told them about this problem straight away and about the damp and mould and leaking roof. They just flat lied and said it was just "condensation" - which Ive never had in other properties and that the rats were just "mice" and they would "sort it out" They didnt sort it. Nothing at all was done - eventually after many emails from me they got the council to send a pest officer round who tried putting poison down (had zero effect). She came back two more times, on the last time she said there was nothing she could do and you can never get rid of these rats as they could be coming in from anypoint in the house from underground. The whole time I had had very little sleep - and as soon as another suitable property came up I moved in. I was in the rat infested place for a little over 8 weeks. Since moving out, I told them I have to move, as the rats are causing me ill-health, she has at first asked for proof I had paid my council tax and water and electric and gas bills - which I emailed her. Then I have heard nothing and she hasnt replied to my three emails asking when I will get my £500 deposit back! She has since relisted the property as "newly refurbished" (LIES!) even though it has a terminal rat problem! One thing that struck me is I never had to sign a form like I did with the last landlord about the deposit protection scheme. So I very much doubt she has followed the law that requires all landlords to put tennants money in a deposit protection scheme. Anyway I have read that If I take her to court, then I will get the deposit back, and she may even have to repay me twice the amount. So can anyone tell me how on earth I can take her to court? I have no experience in this and cant afford a solicitor!
  9. Hi, Long story but we moved into a flat in approx 2004 and lived there for 2 years. We paid a £400 deposit. My father in law moved in with us (landlord knew about this) and after 2 months we moved out and the tenancy was signed over to my father in law, with is as guarantors. Our deposit was transferred over to cover my father in laws deposit. So from 2006 until now my father in law lived there. Unfortunately just before Christmas my father in law died unexpectedly. He left no will and had no real money, (a small pension, very little in his bank account). He is not married, he had 2 children my husband and my sister in law. The police have put my husband down as next of kin. My husband found out whilst going through his fathers paperwork, letters regarding his father paying an extra £50 every 2 weeks to the landlord to cover a water bill he had got into debt with. The landlord had agreed pay it for him. The latest letter my husband found was from the landlord saying the water bill had finished and there was one more bill of £100 to pay. When my husband questioned the landlord he said my father in law had kept paying it even after the bill was dealt with. My husband has worked out this would have been £600 over payment. So the landlord has £400 security deposit and £600 Of my father in laws money. The landlord has told us he is just working out the money and the cost of cleaning the flat (it was very dirty, no carpets just laminate flooring everywhere). We have now received a letter from him saying In relation to the deposit and fathers overpayments I can confirm I have most of the information in hand. I need to get the figures accurate so am just awaiting the cost of cleaning. Please do not feel I am being awkward with you,(as I also wish to resolve this quickly as possible) but I will require information on who is the executor of your fathers will, or the licensed administrator of his estate (if he died intestate). This may well be yourself, a family member, or a nominated person but we are only permitted to discuss this with that person. As any monies must go to your fathers estate. Please supply this at your convenience so the matter can be resolved. Regards Xxxxx What do we have to do, to sort this. We agree there needs to be cleaning but now he's asking for a licensed administrator. I've tried looking this up and am unsure whether you have to pay for this. Do we need to go to a solicitor or does my husband write back and say there is none as next of kin all monied should come back to him? It's not a huge amount but it is what will help with the funeral costs. We not after the money for ourselves just for the funeral costs. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  10. My wife ordered a dress online from Debenhams on 17th December with a stated delivery of 4-5 working days which included Saturdays although I was a slightly sceptical about this delivery in view of Christmas. Anyway the dress did not arrive and when I questioned Debenhams as to where it was and when we could expect it to arrive I was told that it was actually coming from the manufacturer of the dress, Phase Eight, and not themselves so they were unable to tell me anything until they had contacted Phase Eight and received their reply. To cut a long story short the dress has still not arrived and I telephoned Debenhams this morning to say I wanted a refund. I was told that they had received a 'template'(?) from Phase Eight yesterday stating that the dress had not yet been dispatched but that for "technical reasons" they could not process the refund just yet. I asked to be transferred to someone more senior and that person told me that he would have to check with Phase Eight to see if the dress had been dispatched. I told him what the previous person had just told me but he said that that person would have had no way of knowing if it had been dispatched or not so I asked him if it was Debenhams policy to lie to customers. Then came the big back tracking exercise,lol. He then said he could not process the refund as there were technical problems between them and Phase Eight but I pointed out to him that those problems were not my problem and that my contract was with Debenhams, not Phase Eight, and that payment had been made by myself to Debenhams, not Phase Eight and that Debenhams should refund me forthwith and then claim the amount from Phase Eight when the technical issues were resolved. I hope I was correct in my argument with them and would appreciate any further advice. Happy New Year to you all.
  11. Hi folks, Long time reader but first time poster, so please be gentle. To summarise, I first claimed ESA in February of this year after being diagnosed with nephritis and depression. (I also suffer from suspected post-traumatic stress disorder.) That paper claim along with my medical certificate was lost in the post, so I claimed again in early April. That claim went through and I was paid up until late June or so, however I have received no money since. In June my health had deteriorated somewhat; I was hospitalised for a few days, I had a kidney biopsy and was later diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. My claim lapsed (or so I thought) because I was too ill to handle my affairs. I had, however, sent off my ESA50 but that too appears to have been lost in the system as well. On November 28, I made a new claim. I was told that once I'd sent in my medical certificate that I would be paid for the period covered by my Med 3 (09/14 - 12/14). I have now been told that, because my previous claim is still open and "live", I will not be paid unless I get another medical certificate to cover me from June through to September (where my current cert' starts). I could really do with some advice as every time I call the contact centre I'm told something different. And to make matters worse, it's now three weeks since I sent off my current medical certificate and that too appears to have gotten lost in the Wolverhampton mail-handling blackhole. I know that I can request an AJACS appointment so that no further medical evidence can go stray, but I don't know what to expect. I was under the impression that my previous claim would have been closed. I was also advised by a JC+ advisor that, because my condition had deteriorated so, that the DWP cannot deny me payment. If anyone could help shed any light on this, or advice as to what steps I can take to try and get this sorted, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello This is my 1st post to the forum and need some advice. Cabot Financial have taken over 2 of my credit card accounts from Co-Op. Both accounts were defaulted but I have been in a payment agreement with the Co-Op for over 2 years. I have requested full details of credit agreements and a copy of the 'Deed of Assignment' but Cabot is refusing to provide this saying and I quote... " These documents are confidential between the original lender and us and as such, is not available for disclosure" Could someone please advise on my next steps for me to obtain the deeds of assignment. Many thanks
  13. Just after some advice please, its all a bit complicated so I apologise in advance. I have had no end of trouble with my estate agents, they have refused to give me bank details to pay rent, so when we went to their office (an hour away) and paid cash we asked for receipts, they said they can't issue them there and then and would post them, they never came. This was the first time I had rented and I didn't know any better. In July this year I emailed them about a problem with the property, sewerage was leaking under the house and the smell was awful, we had the council out numerous times but nothing was sorted. I threatened court action and was then served with a Section 21 Notice on 27th August which ended 16th November, the landlord's reason was he needed us out to sort the problem. We contested this and it then changed to because of rent arrears even though I didn't know about any. Apparently in April 2014 my rent went up by £156 a month but we weren't informed, no paper work was given to us and no one said anything when we went in to pay rent. We moved out on 13th November 2014 and were planning to return to the property on 15th November to get the rest of our things, my partner moved everything on her own as I work away, and she home schools our 3 children so we decided I'd move the sofas, cooker etc. When I went to the property with a man and a van, carpet cleaner and someone to paint the walls the locks had been changed and a notice saying 'we have reason to believe you have abandoned the property so we've changed the locks' on the door and in the window. I don't know where they got that from because rent was still being paid weekly and no one had attempted to contact me or my partner. I rang a solicitor for advice who said its a grey area because we've got a place to stay but its with family, so we're not homeless. They told me to ask for my things back so I emailed them and asked to be let in to get my stuff and tidy the place up, they said no, we've taken pictures and you're not allowed back in. I was looking at my deposit protection certificate and noticed we paid our deposit on 27th August 2012 and it was protected on 8th October 2012, 42 days after it had been paid. On the letter it says it has to be paid within 30 days. I emailed the estate agents (also attached a photo of the certificate) who said their records show it was paid to My Deposits on 27th August 2012 and I'm basically lying. They then ended the email by saying 'a residential tenancy is not as secure as a commercial one, and you don't have any legal rights as you would with a commercial tenancy'. I have no idea why he said that, but I emailed back with a notice before action letter saying I would take the landlord to court. Estate agents said I can try all I like because rent arrears and the property having things in still would make me lose the case. I emailed back asking him to forward the email to the landlord as its for him, not the estate agent. On 27th August I get an email saying the landlord has agreed to pay my deposit back to me. I sent my bank details and then had another email saying they won't give it me until I have sent them a council tax bill for my new property. I don't have one because I'm living with family at the moment. I have a feeling this is the estate agents and not the landlord. I've found out also that because of the deposit not being correctly secured that the Section 21 was void, and I need to be let back in to the property and the eviction process started again because essentially they have let themselves in to my home, changed the locks and kept my stuff. I don't want this. I just want my money. What can I do now? How do I get them to pay me? Everything I have said I can prove through emails. I have been trying since 30th August to pay the rent arrears at £140 a week but the landlord refused my offer and demanded £500 cash that same day, which I said no to because they wouldn't give me a receipt. How do I go about getting my money back? I'd prefer to not go down the court route because then I'd have to take time off work, which I really can't do. Can I go through My Deposits? Or will that fail due to the landlord not letting me pay the rent arrears and my things still in the house? I was still charged for the man and van, carpet cleaner and decorator, which I can prove. I've lost a lot of possessions but right now, I want to cut my losses and just move on from this nightmare. I have given them my mum's address but its not good enough apparently. Would just like to add, the agent we are dealing with now is not the agent we signed up with. Original agent went bust in 2013, this agent then took over. We first had a AST, and never received any paperwork when it went on to a rolling contract (not sure if this is of any importance but Shelter thinks it is). Thanks in advance, and sorry for the essay!
  14. Hello I bought a pump from an eBay merchant (not private seller). The pump faulted within minutes of use. I took the pump to France where I live part of the year which is where it was to be used. Immediately it faulted I contacted them, explained the situation and that it would be 3-4 months before I returned to the UK and they agreed it would be OK to return it then. This I did and they agreed it was faulty but are now only offering me a replacement pump not the refund I require. I don't need another pump as I had to buy one at the French equivalent of B&Q. Where do I stand please? eBay have not been helpful at all.
  15. Hi Son has inheritance coming in 22 months when he's 25. Will says can ask for advance for education, benefit. Asked executor, they asked for proof so provided them with invoices for rent and deposit, items for accommodation and fees from Uni, also asked for rest of money to be placed in 2 year fixed account for when he's 25. A month later they reply and say as he has already paid then answer is no. Can they refuse especially when clause was put in will for allowance of advancement of inheritance? Any help greatly appreciated.
  16. Due to FGW trains running half an hour late today our guest has been left stranded. She needed to get from Truro up to Plymouth to catch a Megabus onward to London Victoria and from there to Bracknell. However, the 14:42 train was late by half an hour, meaning she would arrive in Plymouth just as the Megabus was leaving Plymouth. Catching the later train and Megabus would have left her stranded in London overnight, so that option is not viable. We contacted Megabus to see if we could transfer her ticket for today to Monday but they have refused as we have given less than 24hrs notice, and told us that FGW should provide a refund for the entire journey. FGW have told us that all they will do is refund the ticket from Truro to Plymouth and are not responsible 'for consequential losses'. Surely as FGW have caused this problem they should do more to help? And I fil to see how Megabus would lose out financially by transferring the tickets from today to Monday? Meanwhile, our teenage guess is now stranded in Truro, and Passenger Focus have advised that it will take them 5 days to respond to our complaint. Does anyone have any advice please? tyvmia
  17. Hello all I bought a MacBook Air last summer and bought the extended warranty, which gives me 3 years cover. I had a problem with the screen a few weeks ago contacted Apple to get it repaired. At first I took it into the local Apple authorised reseller and when the technician saw it he advised me to contact Apple directly because if he sent pictures of problem to Apple they would automatically rule that it was due to accidental damage and therefore refuse to repair it under the warranty. I contacted Apple, explained the situation in great detail and the machine was collected by their agent to be repaired. After several phone calls back and forth, Apple are claiming that the problem is as a result of accidental damage and are still refusing to cover the repair. I do not believe this is fair and would like to know if anyone can see a way forward for me please. Yes, the computer is covered by our home contents insurance but I don't see why I should claim the £500+ it will cost for a replacement screen when there is nothing I have done that could have caused the damage. How exactly is "accidental damage" legally defined and upon whom lies the burden of proof? The full details follow, it gets a little long I'm afraid, but the details of this case are very important. What happened is that I closed the laptop one afternoon, left the house, returned a few hours later, opened the laptop again and the screen was distorted. I live with my partner, we were both out of the house together, there was nobody else in the house and therefore it is impossible that anyone used or tampered with the computer in my absence. There was no visible damage to the glass screen, but the display looked as though someone had shot a bullet through it - there was a black roundish mark about the size of a 5p and from that black mark were several horizontal lines. In my discussions with Apple before the computer was sent off for repair they asked if there had been any impact to the screen or if anything had been on top of the keyboard when the laptop was closed. I said no, explained that I am extremely careful with the laptop and would never dream of closing a lightweight, delicate glass screen whilst anything was sitting between it and the keyboard! I didn't say this to them, but I'm not 12, I understand the value of money and I'm not likely to be slapdash with something that cost £1,300! After the computer was sent for repair, the technicians called me to tell me there was in fact a crack in the screen behind/near (I can't remember which) the camera which is housed in the frame of the laptop screen. This of course was not visible until they dismantled the screen for examination. They claim that this sort of problem is "always" (their word) caused by accidental damage and therefore would not be covered by the warranty. I know for a fact that NOTHING has hit, struck, dented, knocked or in any other way caused impact to the screen. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that absolutely nobody had access to that machine while I was out of the house that afternoon. I'd been using it on my lap whilst sitting up in bed and when I went out I placed the laptop on top of the duvet. It didn't fall or slip. The only pressure of any kind that can have been inflicted upon the screen is the pressure between my thumb and fingers as I grasp it to open the laptop; the laptop opens easily and smoothly so no particular pressure is required. I don't carry the laptop out and about. I have been very ill over the last year and leave the house about once a week on average, and even then I've taken as little with me as possible, I certainly haven't been stuffing a laptop into my bag! It sits at home. It has been gently treated and I really cannot begin how to imagine how the damage was incurred. I'm not a technician so I think it's probably pointless for me to speculate, but the only possible thing I can think of is what I mentioned above about opening the laptop. If that is indeed the cause then I think it really should be considered a manufacturing error because opening a laptop is, in my opinion, a perfectly natural part of its operation. Really sorry this is such a long post but I thought the details were relevant. If anyone has any feedback on this I'd be very grateful to hear from you. If I have to accept their decision then so be it, but I think this is a totally unacceptable situation. ETA: I'm so sorry, should have realised that this is a very important detail - I bought the laptop in June last year, so just over a year ago.
  18. Hello Cags, My fiance purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from their flagship Bond Street store in London. The day after purchasing she noticed an odd scuff mark (not caused by her) on the inside top lining of the bag and on close inspection the paint is revealed to be noticeably peeling off in an area of around 1 cm square. Not knowing her rights she approached me a couple days later with the issue and I took a look and believe that this item was sold to her defective and that she should be entitled to a full refund under consumer law. She was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the item upon purchasing as they gave her a sealed boxed item to take away. She paid using her debit card unfortunately. A week after purchasing she attempted to return the bag to the store only to be told by the store manager that 'the bag is worn and cannot be returned under Louis Vuitton guidelines'. We immediately sent a letter requesting a replacement/refund under UK consumer law. No reply for 2 weeks and we sent a letter before action with legal threat. My fiance had a phone call and Louis Vuitton refused to give refund however they have offered to send the item to their Paris Quality Control team for checking - however no possibility was given for a refund or replacement. We gave them a deadline of Friday 26th November after which time we have threatened legal action. They have 4 days. Do we need to hand the bag over to them for 'quality control checking'?!?!?! What madness is this!? I am guessing it's just a run around. Please advise. 99
  19. Today I attended my local council office to discuss non payment of council tax over two years. I am currently paying £25 a month for this years tax but the sum of just under £1000 has a 'Liability order' against it. This is being collected by Pheonix Commerical Collections who have informed me tomorrow they will attending my property to seize goods. During my visit to the council I asked them that as the debt is owed to themselves then I wish to pay them directly and not to PCC. This was refused. I then asked the council employee if I he would set up a payment plan as I wish to settle this debt. This was refused. Couple of points - The 'liability order' does not appear to be a valid as there is no court seal. I assume this document is a fraudulent device issued by either the council or an unlawful administrative hearing fraudulently pretending to be a court. , The communications issued by PCC, as well as the council - Do these not constitute a contravention of Section 40 of the administration of Justice act 1970 - paragraph 1. A person commits an offense if with the object of coercing another to pay money claimed from the other as a debt due under a contract he *utters a document falsely represented by him to have some official character, or purporting to have some official character which he knows it has not. I am concerned the correct process is not being followed and I did raise this with the employee. Much as I am obliged to pay, they are obliged to accept payment or is it too late and I have to deal with PCC?
  20. We have issues with our Freeholder: Waterglen Ltd and Managing Agents: Pier Management for a number of years. They have refused to carry out repairs to the building for over three years now, fobbing us off with section 20 notices which they have not followed through. The property is almost at the point of being uninhabitable and we see the only way forward is to issue Court Proceedings and would very much appreciate some advice. No work what soever had been effected o the exterior of the property in the 13 years or so since they bought the Ground Rents. The Freeholder and Managing Agents had never visited the Property. The main issue is the damage caused to the interior of the property. The ground floor flat has had water ingress over a sustained period of time though the exterior walls from broken and blocked guttering and a down soil stack that sprouts grossly when the toilet is flushed or the bath emptied etc. The plaster is blow and covered in mould to the kitchen and bedroom backing onto the stack. We have a Surveyors report confirming the source of damage as well as the opinion of The Leasehold Tribunal Surveyor. Matters have come to standoff since the LVT and FTT ruled that the service charge percentage for each of the two flats is 1/5th. Meaning that the Freeholders can only reclaim 40%. Ironically this was only highlighted, considered and ruled upon during the first LVT action we took to consider the extortionate Buildings Insurance charges. Their application at both Trials to vary the lease was declined: Cases CHI/29UC/LIS/2012/0076 and CHI/29UC/LSC/2013/015. The Freeholders representative did approach us to negotiate terms to vary the lease but has since ignored our emails asking for their proposals. No doubt they will make a claim to vary the lease and we have confirmed that we will make a claim for compensation of increased service charges. In the meantime they refuse to carry out any repairs and the damage to the interior is worsening and causing health problem to one of the Leaseholders. Could we ask for some advice on: Issuing a Count Court claim for Breach of the covenant on the part of the Freeholder to keep the property in good order, the wording of a notice of intent letter and any other letter and procedures. A counterclaim for Compensation in the no doubt forthcoming Lease Variation application. Thank you
  21. Hi all, A few months ago my friend purchased a Sony as100v sports camera to bring on our summer holiday. These are similar to a Go-Pro and come with a waterproof case so the unit can be used to film underwater. Day 1 of using the camera in the water resulted in the waterproof case failing and water getting into the camera itself, causing obvious damage. We are familiar with these types of cameras as we already have an Sony HDRAS15 which is a slightly older model. The unit has been usedcorrectly, and at depths well within the limitation of the unit. We actually took the camera out of the case and submerged the unit in a few inches of water and, sure enough, it failed to remain water-tight. This product was purchased (by debit card – sadly!) from anon-line retailer called eGlobal. The product is shipped from Hong Kong so does not come with a manufactures warranty,but did come with the retailers own 6 month warranty. The warranty itself all seems a bit vague,but it does have a section specifically referring to waterproof cameras, etc… (fromthe site) Special Note for Waterproof Cameras/Casings/Bags Damages due to impact, exceeding recommended depths, etc. would void the warranty.Please be advised that the warranty offered is strictly for the purchased item only. eGlobaL will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product. Full conditions: http://www.eglobaldigitalstore.co.uk/warranty-policy.html My friend has provided proof or purchase, but has been advised by them that they will not replace or repair, as it is not covered. This seems contradictory…. I know he has some rights, but I am not entirely sure what the best course of action is to take. We would obviously prefer to avoid the small claims court if possible. Any advice on an approach would be massively appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Please Help. I sold my soul to the devil 4 yrs ago when I purchased a Tumble Dryer from Perfect Home!! Believe me I was under no illusion as to their sky high interest rates ect but I had no other alternative as couldn't afford to buy one outright. Since then I have had 5 agreements with them (2 have been paid 3 ongoing). My problem is this: A month before Xmas my cooker broke so having no alternative I once again turned to Perfect Home. All was ok until I missed a payment last week! My weekly repayments are £42 so I now owe £104! This being 2 wks payments Plus £5 late fees ( I have not been informed that the late fees had gone up!!) I cannot afford to pay this all at once so offered to pay £60 today and get my account up to date next week. The man I spoke to said they couldn't do that as they had a new manager and a change of policy??! I spoke to said manager who said they could only take payment in full! Can they do this? He has threatened me with taking my goods so I told him to take me to court and he put the phone down! If anyone can help/advise i would be very grateful
  23. If anyone could offer some advice on employment rights/laws etc I work for company "A" on secondment into a clients offices. I notified the client that I was intending to leave my company at which point the secondment client looked for ways and means to keep me. A company called "B" provides contract staff to the secondment client and I had been asked by the client to speak with them so they can retain my services for the next 2 years. Up to this point it is pretty straight forward. Company "B" have a contract in place with Company "A" to supply them contract staff to outsource and have said there is an anti poaching clause in place which they cannot get out of. The contract is over a year old but has 3 years left to run. Company "B" did not approach me for a job I approached them on the advice of the client. My Company, Company "A" is now stopping me from leaving and have said they will prevent me from joining Company "B" at any costs. It is within the same industry doing the same job but with better benefits which Company "A" cannot provide and at the request of the client. Anyone able to offer any advice on this matter?
  24. Evening all, I am just after a bit of advice re BA. I was due to return home to Belfast with BA when they cancelled my flight. I managed to rebook onto a flight that was later on in the day. As a result of my flight being cancelled, when I returned back to Belfast, I had to pay an extra £25 as my car parking had run out. I emailed BA to see if I could claim back the £25, and they replied that if they cancel a flight, they are not liable for any extra costs the passenger may incur as a result of them cancelling a flight. Is anyone able to confirm if this is correct? As it does not seem fair that as a result of BA cancelling my flight, I am subsequently out of pocket. If it is of any help, while I was waiting at Heathrow, a member of staff told another passenger that due to adverse weather conditions, they had to cancel 15% of the flights, ours being one of them. I know it is only £25, but I am still a wee bit annoyed! Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
  25. My friend’s tenancy agreement ended at the end of June and she vacated the property, fulfilling all contractual obligations for professional cleaning and returning keys. The circa £800 deposit is held with the DPS and my friend has still not had any of it returned due to the landlord disputing £70. After my friend moved out the landlord claimed costs for sending 2 x letters @ £25. Unreasonably these letters were sent on consecutive days. One regarding rent being 3 days late (the first time rent was ever late and it was paid within that week). The second letter was because the landlord had tried to enter the property to show a new tenant, without permission, and the keys were in the other side of the locked door, which prevented her entering. The landlord also claims she needed to paint a coloured wall and was charging £20 for paint. The wall was this colour when the landlord purchased the property and painted by my friend with permission from the previous landlord. As background, the landlord purchased the property with my friend as a tenant last year and has been very difficult. My friend was a good tenant and left the property in excellent condition. However problems escalated towards the end of the agreement when the landlord began entering the property without permission and refusing to leave, culminating in my friend calling the police. Since this time the landlord has become increasingly hostile and made numerous threats to charge for various things which really have no standing. Due to this £70 dispute the landlord has refused to release any part of the undisputed deposit despite numerous requests over the last few weeks. The landlord refuses to enter into any dispute process using DPS and this is causing a lot of distress to my friend who is severely short of money and has a 1 year old daughter undergoing major surgery in the next couple of weeks. What options are there now for my friend to get her deposit back?
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