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  1. Hello, Sorry for the long wordy post. I recently paid a £500 deposit and signed a new vehicle hire contract for a Mini with Chilli Pack from Halliwell Jones. 3 days later they contacted me via phone to say that Mini had increased the price of the Chilli Pack and it's now roughly £1000 more expensive (this wasn't advertised on the Mini website). The sales rep said that there was nothing that they could do apart from try to find another car that's already been built with the old chilli pack. They managed to find one that had everything I wanted but was more expensive because it had heated seats. After some hesitation I agreed to this car but called back about 20 mins later to say that i was unsure about what to do. I tried to negotiate a better deal but they wouldn't budge and made out that I had already had as much discount as I was going to get etc. and i said that i needed to think about it. By this time they had already bought this car from another dealership. I told them over the phone that i was going to try and get a better deal from another dealer because i wasn't happy with it at all and that evening that's what I did. When I then asked Halliwell Jones for my deposit back they have refused on the grounds that i agreed to order the second car however, according to their terms and conditions the original agreement was cancelled when they could not fulfil it and the second agreement is classed as a distance selling one and because of this I have the right to cancel within 14 days and don't have to give a reason. Am I in the right here? Any help you can give will be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi there I am new to these forums so please do point me towards any previous threads that have dealt with my situation previously. I am 23 years old and have my own car insured in my own name (fully comp). In May 2015 my father took my car without my permission and was hit by another car. My father believed he was insured on my car but wasn't. When he realised this he admitted to the investigating police officer that he had taken the car without my permission (in my absence - I was at work) and also accepted that he did not have insurance to drive the car. He was charged and fined for driving without insurance but no further action was taken about the car being taken without my consent. Whilst the third party driver hit my dad rather than the other way around, my insurance company (Elephant) decided that because he had driven without insurance, they are not going to defend the claim. Elephant have now written to me and stated "unfortunately there is no evidence that the vehicle was taken without consent." They have also said that their Claims department will be in touch with me to recover costs from me that they pay out to the third party (as they have decided not to defend the claim). The 2 points therefore are that they don't believe the car was taken without my permission and want me to pay them their costs which will probably be in excess of £10,000 (including whiplash claims + vehicle repair etc). What can I do? I have so far responded to their letter to ask what specifically they consider "evidence" considering my statement and my father's admission that this is what happened, clearly doesn't seem to be enough. I have asked them to forward me the police report they have received. Any suggestions on how I should approach this? I certainly don't have £10,000+ available to pay out to Elephant. Neither does my father although he does jointly own a house. Any help welcome.
  3. Hi All, I strongly believe I am a victim of fraud and I have been cheated, and HSBC is doing nothing to help me. Chrono of events: Jan 13 - Placed order for one (1) iPad Air – Space Grey 32GB WIFI & Cellular, Paid £406.91, via VISA Debit card on HSBC website. Jan 27 - Cancelled order due to non delivery of the Ipad. Jan 30 - Refund was to be issued within 24 hours. Feb 12- Still no refund. Company said refund being processed. Feb 18 - Received Email notification that Company has ceased to trade Feb 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28 and Mar 3rd - Company has been informing me that funds have been released to them, my refund has been 'processed' and I should receive confirmation. Repeated empty promises after empty promises - but I have yet to receive anything until today. I called HSBC and they said because I had authorised the payment as a BILL PAYMENT on HSBC website, they will NOT issue a refund to me, and there is NOTHING they can do. I have complained to the FOS and lodged a complain with Action Fraud. I am running out of ideas. Please Help??? I really feel exasperated. I can't get a refund from this Company, and nor can I get a refund from my Bank. I am left empty pocket
  4. Afternoon, My colleagues son has crashed his car into a tree which has written the car off, there were no other parties were involved in the accident. He instantly phoned the insurance company and they offered him the full £3800 subject to him sending the v5 in to them. The vehicle is registered in his mothers name (same address as he lives at home) however he was the only person insured on the vehicle. Once he sent the V5 in with his mothers name on, they've now said that the insurance claim is void due to the V5 being in his mothers name and not his. Is there anything they can do with this? It seems pretty harsh to me! P.S... the insurance company in question is Markerstudy uk
  5. Up until last year I was insured as a driving instructor and had my own car and paid my own insurance and accumulated 6 no claims years from the insurers. I had decided not to continue as an ADI and looked elsewhere for insurance. I received my NCD and uploaded it to the new insurers who refuse to accept it as it was earned, they say, on a commercial vehicle. I have phoned my previous insurers and they said they have never had a problem like mine, and suggested I give permission for the new insurer to call them. The insurers I have now have said I can alter my policy on line (have tried with no success)I want to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and look elsewhere now, for which they will charge me a fee of £25 as the policy began on 2/1/2016 and charge me for the days of insurance on a daily rate. Quote me unhappy !! Any advice appreciated. The insurers I have are the same Aviva
  6. Between 1st-7th April a number of payments were taken from my debit card, to a company I have never heard of. I contacted barclays who put me through to the fraud team, who said I could open a dispute. I had to wait for forms, and as soon as they recieved them I would get a refund. When the forms arrived I took them into my local branch and asked them to fax them for me, so that they couldn't get 'lost' or anything. I then contacted the fraud department and was told that now I had to wait 10 working days for a refund. 3 days after that I recieved a letter stating it would now be TWENTY working days before I got a refund. I called the bank back and was told it would be 10 and the letter was wrong. 10 working days came and went so I called again, to be told it would be a further 10 working days as I had been informed it would be twenty, not ten (!) At this point I was fairly ****ed off tbh. I contacted the FOS who informed me that I should have received an instant refund when reporting the fraud. They also told me however that I had to follow the banks internal complaints procedure before I could put in a complaint with the FOS. So I put in a complaint. I was then contacted by someone who told me that it would be a 2 more days but for the incorrect information I had been given..he would credit my account with fifty quid as a 'goodwill gesture'. 2 days went, then I recieved another letter telling me my case had been passed to the 'complex investigations team' and would take ANOTHER 20 working days. I was foaming by this point. Called them back and they said to ignore that letter as it was wrong (again). I asked how long this 'investigation' was going to take, and now the timescale didn't exist at all. I was told it 'usually' takes 20 working days but could take much longer. I tried to register another complaint about again being given wrong info by many different staff members, but I was told that as I had accepted a 'goodwill gesture' payment nothing could be done! I hung up the phone in a rage at this point. Probably not the most mature thing to do but I really feel its taking the mick. When I calmed down a bit, a few days later I called again. And was told a letter had been sent to me I received the letter the next say stating that my complaint would not be upheld as fraud investigations take time and not every one is the same, and also stating that they are following FCA rules by withholding my refund for nearly 6 weeks. I was then taken into hospital so I have not contacted them again, nor have they sent me any letters or given me a refund. What can I do now? The barclays complaints department will not even entertain my complaint,. so I can't get a 'final response' letter which is what the FOS said they needed. I am out a large amount of money (to me) and barclays appears to be enjoying messing me around. Its really true when they say bad things come in 3s..had problems with brighthouse, fraud on my bank, and a hospital stay all within a few months of each other
  7. Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. it was thanks to you guys on CAG that turned my life around in 2005/6 and stopped my stupid spending/credit splurge. I sent the prove it letters to my creditors and that was that. they screamed, shouted and yelled. threatened allsorts, but I stood firm and in the end the debts have fallen off my file. so they can 'nanas for it now. (still get the occasional letter asking me to contact them to discuss payment terms - yeah right) but anyways - hi everyone! I posted this on the Facebook group, and after a few replies and digging a bit , it was suggested I post it on the main forum pages for more thorough advice. So here goes. Once the date passed for the debts I talked about above to drop off my file, I got on to Experian and Equifax and got hold of my file. at the time. I thought to myself. heck. that'll be enough. Sure enough. I was debt free (in the eyes of my file anyway) so I left it alone. Few years ago (2012 ish) me and the OH decided we needed a loan to wrap up a few debts that she'd got before we met and to make life a bit easier. I'd been knocked out of the work market by a broken ankle that didn't heal properly and was on DLA at the time. She got refused as we'd had a few problems in the while I was off. So I thought. let's use my nice fresh credit file! result (ok so we embellished the application forms to make it look like I was earning) - refused I put the refusal down to income, but it didn't help our financial problems. So out came the payday loans. Soon we were borrowing from one to pay the other. And then my DLA stopped despite me not being able to work. I wasn't eligible for benefits as the OH was earning too much. so we spiralled. I've ended up with 4 defaults on my file again. and the OH had a handful too. So here comes the kicker. being the 'old hand' at the debt game that I am, the DCA can't frighten me. They keep hitting a dead end with their threato-grams So I decided recently, out of curiosity, to sign up for Noddle, since I could get my credit file for free. Of course, this would be the first time I've ever had my credit file from Callcredit. I get my gile and what do I find? In July 2011, 1st Credit created a link between me and someone else with the same forename, surname and DOB as me, but they are from Romford Essex. I'm from Sheffield - lived here all my life. never lived anywhere else. The difference is, my middle initial is L and this guy's is P on my file now is this other guys: Full name, Address DOB Mortgage and Mortgage account details + history His personal bank account A CCJ he received in January 2011 So no wonder I couldn't get credit. I've asked Callcredit to remove the address, name and accounts but they have so far refused citing that there is a proven link. I've sent a rather strongly worded email suggesting that I could report them to the ICO for a breach, not sure if that is right so what now? any suggestions? (sorry for the long rambling post!)
  8. I'm a secure tenant in a property. I've recently contacted the landlord asking if they will give permission to let me build a conservatory. But they are refusing to give it! They say its because it will cause more expense if they need to do any maintenance however there is nothing to maintain above where it would be as everything is plastic and maintenance free. It states in my tenancy agreement that I can make improvements to the property as long as I get the correct planning permission etc. but I don't need it as its within the alowed limit and the are not allowed to unreasonably withhold consent but they are! Anyone help please!!
  9. we have ordered a sofa from scs and my wife has now had her hours cut at work so we have decided to cancel. we have been informed that we are not allowed to cancel the order, we were not informed of the no cancelation policy when we ordered the £2,600 sofa, surly this can't be right
  10. Me and my ex have been renting a flat for just over a year, we have a child and have recently split up. When it was clear the relationship couldn't be saved I put in notice to end the tenancy agreement (It's a big expensive place that I didn't want to continue with on my own and she wouldn't be able to afford), she was asked to confirm which she did and we were given a moving out date. She confirmed she had arranged to move in with family with our child until she was able to arrange a place, I know that this is fact as I actually double checked and confirmed everything was in place to ensure both would be sorted when the flat was gone. She's now gone to the council in an attempt to obtain a council house and has been advised by them to not leave the property, even after our agreement has ended and the flat has supposed to be handed back. They'll then sort her a place when she has been evicted. This obviously isn't on. My guess is I can wave goodbye to my deposit if she goes through with this which in the grand scheme of things I'm a bit annoyed about but it isn't the end of the world. I'm more worried about if I could be taken to court for failing to leave the property (although I will have left) or if I could be liable for any rent she may tot up or anything along those lines? Will they take legal costs etc out of the deposit? Could I be blacklisted anywhere? Thank you!
  11. We ordered around 20 items (each with multiple parts) from a small online retailer. We didn't open the box to fit the parts until around 3 weeks after the order was received. It was at this time that we noticed that one of the items had a missing part to it. We called the retailer who supposedly 'remembered' checking all the items and was adamant that the part was definitely not missing upon dispatch. After much arguing, we sent the item in question back to the retailer and asked for a replacement to be sent out, this time with all parts included. Two weeks later we called up to say that we still haven't received the replacement item. We were told that there is nothing the retailer can do. We were hung up on twice (upon calling back we were told "it was a bad line"), accused of lying (not quite that directly) and that all parts were definitely included, fobbed off that the 'director' will not send out a replacement item and that their supplier refuse to send out a replacement part. Apparently our only option is to re-purchase the item again. Now, the item in question costs peanuts, a missing part was more of an inconvenience than anything. It's mind boggling that the retailer refuses to take a 'hit' on such a low cost item. However, their despicable customer service has irritated us beyond belief and on shear principle I want to go out of my way to get this sorted. So far we have only (tried) to have telephone conversations and stupidly sent the item back without proof of postage. What should we now do (other than leave poor online reviews)?
  12. Hi, It's been a while, but I'm back in hope for some advice for my mum. My mum purchased a washing machine form John Lewis 2 years ago, with an offer of 2 yrs Warranty provided by John Lewis, and another 3 years provided by Siemens. She contacted Siemens (as she had to) specifically requesting a printed copy of the extended warranty. She reluctantly provided them with my email (as she was bullied by person on the phone), but specifically stated she wanted a copy in the post. Needless to say a copy was sent by email, which was I was not able to open, so she called again and re-requested a postal copy. Whislt on the phone the operator pretended she was actually printing it from her desk (whilst my mum was on hold for many minutes on a help line, costing her money unessarily). The girl assured mum it was I also placed into the out postal tray, there and then! Mum mum didn't complain about this inappropriate behaviour, she just wanted a copy of the warranty. Needless to say, it never arrived, and it was duly forgotten an extende warranty was not provided. Roll on one year (last year), and I helped mum write a letter to Siemens chasing this warrantee. No reply, and once again it was forgotten about. Roll on to a month ago, a sales pitch arrived from John Lewis attempting to sell an extended waranty! So I helped mum write 2 formal complain letters to both John Lewis & Siemens. We asked john lewis to assist in contacting Siemens to get a copy of the warranty. No reply from Siemens, but basically john lewis have fobbed her off. They claim Siemens will not talk with them, (data protection!) advised my mum to contact Siemens (clearly they didn't read the complaints letter which provided full history of the attempts made), and completely dismissed any responsibility of helping provide a copy of this warranty. The letter also advised my mum to print it out from the email - she's in her 70's and specifically requested a postal version as she is not a silver surfer. I knew john lewis customer service had gone downhill, but I was not expecting such a dismissive response. My questions for help are in relation to how much responsibility have john lewis to assist in providing the warranty. Mum purchased the machine from them as it was part of the sale. Whilst I understand it is provided by Siemens, ( and all relevant information was provided as required) I believe as the retailer should john lewis help us a little more? Many thanks Me_too I forgot, all calls were recorded too, but seem irrelevant if Siemens do not respond.
  13. My son rents out a property via an estate agent, despite repeated requests they are not releasing the rent. They have held this cash for 22 days now, blaming everything from money laundering to slow bacs payments. What can he do to make them pay the rent into his account.
  14. I applied for 18+ Oyster Photocard after being told by a member of staff that I am eligible since I am on a part-time course lasting over 14 weeks. After making the application, and it being rejected, I have found that I have to be in receipt of an NHS grant or receiving financial help from my education establishment. I have attached the webpage that I went through to make my application. I have also included the part of the terms and conditions that is relevant to me. My argument is that the webpage does not state any requirements for NHS funding, it only requires for the course to be eligible. Another argument is that the terms and conditions are confusing, namely the bullet points after either. Correct me if I'm wrong but after an either statement, and cannot be used. Such as: either A and (B or C), in this case A should not have come after either and should have been with the original set of bullet points either (A and B) or C, then in which was A and B do not need to be separate statements but could have been in the same bullet point. I understand this can be confusing and I might not have a valid argument, but any help is much appreciated. I don't see why someone in receipt of grants and financial help gets to reap the benefits of this scheme but not someone like me who is working hard to put myself through education, barely earning £8,000, most of which goes towards tuitions.
  15. Banks are refusing to pay compensation to card fraud victims based on nothing more than a "hunch", while others are forced to wait longer than four weeks to get their money back. An investigation by Which? showed that banks are “inconsistent” when it comes to handling fraud claims. Worryingly, banks appear to be refusing compensation to genuine fraud victims. The FOS said that while it had seen some improvements, in many cases banks have based their decisions “on a hunch”, without conducting a full investigation. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/bank-accounts/11869596/Banks-refusing-to-repay-card-fraud-victims-based-on-a-hunch.html
  16. Hi, First post here, but lurking for a few weeks! Brief outline: I have issued a claim for compensation against a car dealer. The notice has been served. After about ten days, they filed an acknowledgement of service (I know this doesn't mean anything specific will happen), but they have also notified the court of a change of address. Is it likely that they have changed the 'contact' address so that if it came down to it, they would not have the bailiff in their showroom, and / or, the address is that of say their accountants, so that a bailiff cannot either remove any property as it doesn't belong to the defendant, or there's nothing of value in the registered office? Thanks
  17. Hello, As experienced by other Hastings Direct customers on here, Hastings are refusing to allow me to buy my car back as part of a settlement on my written off car. They have agreed to release the car back to me, but only in order for me to conduct an independent valuation of the vehicle, insisting that a buy back option is still not possible. The car does require quite some work, but I am adamant that I want to buy the car back. The sentimental value of the car is huge, and I am utterly furious that I am not being offered any option to retain the car. This has been a heartbreaking episode thus far, and me nor my family wish to see the car go. My little girl is distraught. Any help from similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards.
  18. I decided after many years being with my Bank to re-claim all my bank charges over a period of years!! today i received a call from my bank in regards with what i was asking for, the lady on the phone sounded quite vague and then by saying that they could only refund me partially my charges for 6 months??? So then i refused it and i told her to put it in writing what she had offered me,i told her i disagreed with her offer and i will be taking this further. Can anyone advise what i need to do now? thanks
  19. Afternoon all, been a while but I have a new problem, my wife has cancelled her old contract with Orange as it was too expensive, she had 3 phones on it one for herself and two for the kids, the final settlement figure from Orange came through higher than expected on enquiry she has been told that it was due to charges being added for itemised billing, which she had never agreed to and has taken up with them in the past, sent a SAR to orange which they have sent back and said she has to fill in thier own SAR form, in the meantime they have passed the account to Red Castle Recoveries, she has filled out the SAR form and I have printed off a new SAR letter for her to send them to and also a letter for Red Castle pointing out this account is in dispute and also attaching a letter telling them that their threats of doorstep collection will be reported to the FCA, anything else I can do, she is willing to settle the account in full once she can get a figure which does not include charges for services not requested, regards Purp
  20. Hi, After some advice (as are most people here I guess!) We paid in full for the services of a photographer for our wedding, in August 2015. Due to personal circumstances we've cancelled the whole day, therefore we don't need a photographer any more! I called (and emailed) her to inform her of the cancellation, only to be told she "couldn't take that much of a loss, Ill give you 100% of your money back if I get another booking on that day" So in other words she's keeping all £800 we gave her! a £200 deposit was agreed to secure the date, there is no mention of this being 'non-refundable' We didn't sign a contract, however we received the following in writing after paying the deposit' 'Deposit for wedding photography to be taken at venueX, on date X. To include all photographs & Album X. Total £200 bank transfer, received with thanks" How can we get her money back? We were more than willing to forfeit the £200 even though there was no non-refundable statement, but we cant just throw £800 away Many thanks Rich
  21. Hello all I'm self employed, and got into difficulty last December with my mortgage (due to ill health which effected my eyesight) Won't pretend I didn't do a bit of burying my head in the sand also!! The last few weeks, I've been able to get back to work full time, and now have the money to pay my mortgage arrears in full, and can keep up to date in the future. However, my lender wont accept payment from me until they hear from their head office, and charges are being added daily. Also the repossession hearing is next monday, and I'm out of my mind with worry. What, if anything, can I do? Help! Thanks for your time
  22. Hello Everyone, I have been suffering from a physical impairment, which occured a little over 12 months ago. I have difficulty walking and suffer chronic pain because of this. I am also having tests for other possible damage to my body, which could have serious consequences for my mobility in the future, if the tests show what the doctors are looking for. Nevertheless, the state I am in now is bad enough and I will be like this for the rest of my life. When this first occured, I was absent from work for 9 days. I could have been absent for longer but felt compelled to get on with things. There was then a period of 5 days and then 1 day a few months later for the same thing. When the pain flares up I simply cannot move without great difficulty. After the last 1 day absence, I was called in for a 'welfare meeting'. However, rather than see how I was doing, like the letter I received stated, it was more of a warning that if I am absent again for this condition I will be subject to disciplinary procedures and I should be looking at it "from their point of view". I was offered no support. They also wrote to my GP, with my permission, and I also received a copy. My GP confirmed everything that I had already told them. I made a Reasonable Adjustment Request, but HR said that I needed to submit a Flexible Working Request, which is not the same thing. I submitted the Flexible Working Request. I was called to a meeting to put my point across. I felt that if I was able to do my job from home during the pain flare-ups, then the company would not lose out and I would not lose out either. My request was denied on the grounds that it would cost the company too much money to provide a laptop and my manager would not be able to monitor me as I work. Why I need to be monitored is anyone's guess. I appealled the decision and said that I was told that this was the only way to make a Reasonable Adjustment Request and they should be looking at it as just that, not a flexible working request. Although, in hindsight, I feel that they may have wanted me to submit it as flexible working for their own purposes. I appealled and was invited to another meeting. This time I felt that the attack on me was harder than the last time. I was told that I should expect to be paid less if I worked some days from home, as I would have no travel expenses. I was also told to take annual leave if I cannot get into work! The company offers 4 weeks paid sickness, of which I have only used 1 day of this year, I do not feel it is right that I have to use my own annual leave if I am unable to get to the office. Again, I asked for support and received none. When the decision came through it was denied, as I knew it was going to be. They said that they do not agree with anything on the doctor's letter to them, nor do they agree with the doctor that I am now disabled. I use a walking aid to get around! Also, it was the same things as before; It would cost the company money and my manager cannot monitor me. the letter also told me that I will be invited to a meeting with HR to discuss my GP notes. I feel that they are setting me up for constructive dismissal, it is really upsetting me and I really don't want to go back into that place. They are making it extremely hard for me. I am trying to come up with solutions and they don't want to know. What can I do?
  23. This is a story that is getting a huge amount of media publicity ( a simple Google search of his name is all that is needed) The Reverend is in his 80’s and he is refusing to pay his council tax in order to highlight the plight of benefit claimants affected by the Benefit Cap and the abolition of Council Tax Benefit that he believes is destroying his community. These changes coming on top of the dreadful ‘bedroom tax”. His local authority (Haringey) has obtained a Liability Order order against him for over £1,000 to include “costs” of £125 and he has already appeared in court and advised the Magistrate that he is "willfully refusing" to pay his council tax and that if necessary; he will go to prison. Fifteen years ago Rev Paul Nicolson founded the Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K), to support debtors impoverished by the benefit system in court. He left Z2K earlier this year to run Taxpayers Against Poverty. There has been a great deal of publicity concerning the Reverend’s refusal to pay his council tax and interestingly, the Haringey Independent’s annual web figures released this week show that more than 2,200 people read the story via a link on Facebook making it their most read story for 2013. I assume that the publicity will ensure a good attendance on 6th January 2014 when the Reverend is appealing for anyone who has received a nasty letter from the council or threats from bailiffs to attend a public meeting on Tottenham. Details can be found on the Taxpayers Against Poverty website. http://www.taxpayersagainstpoverty.org.uk/council-tax-enforcement-bailiffs-cannot-pay/#more-930 PS: Reverend Nicolson was the original “Vicar of Dibley”. He is also a member of the Enforcement Law Reform Group. I have met him on many occasions over the past 6 or 7 years and he is passionate about the plight of impoverished debtors on benefits and has spent over 30 years assisting them.
  24. I was offered a house which was in dilapidated condition from the council. At the time an acquaintance tried to sort me out with a shared private let, rather than move into this house of horrors, but this fell through. The council deemed me intentionally homeless because of this. I was refused access to my housing officer and refused my right to make a complaint about the property, at the time when i had to make a decision. I had a couple of days time frame to make this decision. My appeal failed and i was to be cast onto the streets like a leper, but fortunately luck was on my side. An near impossible feat for an unemployed person in Edinburgh, i found a private let through an x-landlord i was with while i was at university here. So my question is, how long does this unusual punishment last if you are struck of by a council? Is that it for you? are you just left to die on the streets or maybe luckily find a prison cell? https://www.flickr.com/photos/124422960@N08/with/14339100655/ some pictures from a temporary accommodation dwelling courtesy of Edinburgh council and associated partners. A few of my holiday snaps heres the house i refused
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