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  1. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the correct place to post but will give it a try. My Mum and Dad run a family business that I also work at, in September we were working in Blackpool for a couple of days. A few weeks later we received a speeding fine through the post from Cardiff central ticket office. No photo was attached just the notice form. My Mum replied saying yes that was our van reg ect but we wanted to see the photo just to make sure it was us and to identify who as driving at the time (me or my farther) We received a reply saying we must provide details of the two possible drivers but still no photo. My Mum replied with the details of the drivers but stated again without a photo we could not confirm who was driving. Then we received a letter saying we had failed to provide details of the driver and the matter may go to court. My Mum sent a message again saying who the two possible drivers were and to send the photo and we can easily confirm the driver. We heard nothing more until a court notice come through in December with the photo attached. Rang the central ticket office tried to explain what had gone on , but said we should just fill out the court form the court has to deal with it. She said just to put what has happened on the sheet and they will see its a mistake and will return to the ticket office. Now my Mum hasn't kept any of the correspondence with the ticket office as she didn't believe she has done anything wrong, we received a letter from the courts at Cardiff saying we must attend a hearing there on February. Now my questions are Do we have to travel to Cardiff just for the hearing or can we have it changed to our local court. Any one got any ideas how we can defend this as they genuinely didn't send a photo until we received the court papers I sent a sar from the library to the central ticket office to just get the info they hold on my Dad hoping for copies of the letters my Mum sent, they have refused saying we need to prove identification but my dad did sign the form Thanks in advance for any help Jay
  2. Hi I purchased a sofa from SCS back in 2012. The sofa delivered was faulty and after months off arguing we agreed to get a replacement sofa. Ordered January 2013 delivered May 2013. At end of june this year the springs gave way on the sofa and i called to claim under 10 yr warranty. I was told I had to pay £75 to get someone to inspect(as per T&cs)and if it was a manufacturing defect it will be repaired so arranged for July 15th . The Upholstery technician assessed the sofa and we got a letter on 25th july confirming the necessary parts were ordered taking 5-7 weeks. We waited 8 weeks and called to be told they will arrive 3rd october making it 10 weeks. I tried to pre book appointment for repair but i was told no. I had to call again on 4th october they confirmed the part was in then told me 3-4 weeks before they can come to repair. i was not happy and asked for a callback from a manager. no call back so i contacted Consumer rights. I have put it in writing to the CEO of SCS and requested a refund under the sale of goods act1979 to which i got a cheeky letter back stating it was not a manufacturing defect but general wear and tear but made the desicion to assist in a repair and to contact to arrange a repair within 21 days or they are closing the case. HELP where do i go now as i checked and the are not registered with the furniture ombusman:-x:-x:-x
  3. I purchased a used car last week on Monday and realized the car doesn't hold coolant whilst parked on my drive. After contacting the car dealer he offered to topup the coolant which I said I did and didn't work, none was left on the expansion tank after a couple days. Yesterday I sent the letters to reject the car and arranged a transport to take the car tomorrow but the car dealer has told me today he won't take the car back and he won't be responsible for any damages on the car on his site. What can I do..!
  4. Died on me last week, took it into the local branch. They can't do anything. Called up the hotline, gave them my Mum's Tesco Visa Clubcard number, she gave them it, I gave them it again. Told me three days ago they would get back to me with as decision. I don't hear back, so I call them up today and they are now saying again that they can't find the details on the system and that they need proof of purchase, and can't do anything without that. Item was bought for Xmas nearly two years ago so it's just over a year and a half old. I've tried quoting the sale of goods act 1979. I also have a keyboard which I bought with it that I can no longer use for anything, which I have the receipt for. What do I do next? Trading standards? The HUDL2 was discontinued last year after loads were returned with battery problems. I have had intermittent problems with the battery since day 1 pretty much, but the issue resolved itself. Now it's a handy doorstopper. Support for the Android OS also stopped about a year ago. I think I should be entitled to a full refund, let alone a repair. But they are not even offering to repair it. A refund would probably cost them less than to repair it as well.
  5. To put it bluntly Councils have been saying to people faced with homelessness that you will have the same issues as the street homeless have now so are not more vulnerable. Also because you have these issues before you become homeless there will be no risk soi we do not have to help you. Judge says [naughty word]! http://nearlylegal.co.uk/blog/2015/05/vulnerability-a-fresh-start/
  6. Hi cags I hired web design company to design my e-commerce store. I have discussed every thing about design time was set for 4 to 5 weeks . Design was not what we discussed specially product pages. They offered to add 30 products and will show me how add ,edit product how to operate site which they never did. 50% deposit was paid and remaining 50% will be payable before go live. once web site gone live i realize issues product image was showing up half awful on mobiles view and tablets. they required remaining balance before the can do any work . I needed go live just don't want create any argue so paid the balance in line that any changes required they will and i have emailed from them to prove . Since they got the money ignorance start no answer my phone calls . so i requested them to provide me admin login details so i can do myself or pay somewhere else to do the work. They refused me admin login details and set up as a user only Stating that they don't give out admin login details their explanation was that you can change what you like and some thing go wrong you will blame on us . its nearly month now this game is going on . last thursday i emailed them that you are leaving with no option to take legal action, their response was go to court and we will take this email as pre-court letter. website is ready to go live . IN their contract i own the website, design ,content after full payment .its wordpress e-commerce and i own the domain myself. They knows that i wanted go live so playing games and causing me potential financial loss . What is my options are? Take legal action against them, and pay some one else to website from scratch and claim the cost from them plus compensations They have no legal right to take my website hostage. when there is no dispute. I am running out from options. any advice will appreciated thanks
  7. Hi, My partner has had an agreement with IDEM services for a repayment plan of 95 pounds. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons in January. She has been without work for 2 years and now she must accept early retirement as she is no longer capable of working. We wrote to idem and her other creditors asking to reduce the figures to a token 5 pounds of which all but idem agreed. I will fill out and income/expenditure form for her to send, as now I am the only earner in the house and so am responsible for all expenses. is there anything I can do in order to get them to drop their figures or see sense, ultimately she will never realise the conculsion fo these debts as she is no longer in a position to earn money outside of her pension.
  8. Hi All, I've just got off the phone to my dentist after wanting to book an appointment, only to be told I can not have any appointments as there is an outstanding bill of £28 from 2009! This is the first time I have been told of any such outstanding debt with the dentist. The receptionist has stated that the reason for the outstanding bill is due to myself being charged the wrong Band after treatment. I was charged (and paid for) band 1, but they have stated I should have been charged band 2. Can they refuse appointment and any treatments based upon their clerical error, especially without having no contact of the debt and the age of the debt being 2009?
  9. Hi, Can someone please help me, My local council (Sefton) has passed my council tax arrears over to the bailiffs there are a few years worth as I got myself in a pickle as I work on a zero hour contract, totals around 4k they are refusing to speak to me and negotiate until I make a payment they want there fees £567 before negotiating, they just keep refusing to speak to me. I phoned the council who said they should be negotiating with me but there is nothing they can do and they wont recall it, I just dont know what to do now. Thanks
  10. In 2013 I had to give up work due to chronic ill health, I notified HMRC of my changed circumstances and my tax credits claim ended. Around six months later, I received a letter from HMRC stating I had been over paid by £3,500. I called them and after explaining my circumstances they agreed to suspend repayment, they didn't say for how long, just to expect further contact in future. I have since heard nothing from them. About a month ago, out of the blue I received a letter from a debt collector agency called LCS demanding repayment, I contacted HMRC and on asking why they had not contacted me directly, I was told it was normal practice to pass debt over to a DCA who would then pass it back to them on receiving proof of inability to pay and I could expect this to happen each year. After receiving a further two threatening letters from LCS, the last being a “notice of further action” I again contacted HMRC. This time they claimed to have contacted me a number of times and as I had failed to respond they had put recovery in the hands of LCS. They flatly refused to deal with me saying I must deal only with LCS. I have read posts on here advising never to contact a DCA. I'm confused and anxious as to what I can to do if HMRC refuse to deal with it. I'm very worried about this debt and its beginning to affect my already poor health. I hope someone can advise me on the best course of action.
  11. Hello Again All, I was bankrupt - discharged in April 2010. All the creditors have deleted their entries from my credit record except O2 who have an end of December 2010, instead of April 2010. I provided their Complaints Review Service person with a copy of my bankruptcy and discharge letter. They are demanding to see a full copy of my Statement of Affairs (presumably from 2010), stating that they have never received this. They state that they will not delete or amend any entry on my credit record without the Statement of Affairs. Surely O2 are not entitled to a copy? I remember sending this to the Official Receiver. Any thoughts as to how I should proceed would be welcome. Perhaps the email address of the CEO, if anyone has this? Thanks. AvengingAngel xxxxx
  12. Hi, not sure if i have a case on this but thats why im asking I bought some trainers around 9 months ago from Kicks.com who are based in Germany. Some of the rubber started coming away on the back of the trainer so i sent them back. Although 9 months old they had rarely been worn so were in excellent condition. I'm normally very happy to accept store credit but in this case i've been looking at their site daily for about a month now and have not able to find anything i like in my size. Im a right fussy git when it comes to trainers. I emailed them numerous times over this period politely asking for a refund explaining the above but they have refused. As of last week they are now ignoring my emails. I just rang them today and they are sticking to their guns. Am i entitled to a full refund to my debit card at all? Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi, I am new user, I need some help with dreams who are refusing to repair my bed. I purchased a Titanium tv bed from dreams i have complain to the shop that the mattress doesn't fitted the bed and my pillows keep falling down the back of the bed i was told this so i can change the bedding. However, last month the slats broken at the end of the bed and side rail broken contacted dreams they sent out an independent assessor who couldn't even lift the mattress up off the bed my husband had to help him took a couple of pictures and send a letter a week later saying it the fault of customer he said it was heavy downward impact or pressure to cause this damage and said customer said they only lying on the bed but i i also sit on the end of the bed. The mattress to the bed very heavy i cannot pick it and have difficulty puting bedding on the bed. The slats on the bed are thin and not strong enough for the mattress and the mattress move to the bottom of the bed as there a big gap at the to of the bed. The bed is just one year old with 10 years warranty and i paid# 3,317.00 on a loan can you help me as i cannot sleep on my side of the bed.
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me... In August 2015 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 on eBay from what seemed to be a trustworthy "phone company" with very good reviews. I received the phone exactly as described, brand new and sealed and factory unlocked. I have been on a Sim-only contract with Vodafone for a long time and I immediately began using the Sim in the new phone with no problems at all for the next 6 months or so. However, in February 2016 the phone suddenly lost all network coverage and after a few confusing phone calls with Vodafone (which also involved me sending the phone to Samsung to be tested) I finally discovered it had been blacklisted due to having been reported as stolen. Vodafone recommended that I try to get a refund from the seller on eBay or approach PayPal to open a dispute. I soon discovered that the seller had disappeared from eBay (hardly surprising if he knew what he was doing...!) and after explaining the problem to eBay they told me that PayPal should be able to help. However, I have been back and forth with PayPal over the issue and they are point blank refusing to help me due to the fact that the transaction was back in August and it was outside of their specified time cap on opening a case. I understand that this is their policy but I feel that in a situation like this there should be some sort of loophole as how was I to know that I was buying a stolen phone, especially as it was working fine until it was blacklisted!! I have spoken to CACs and trading standards regarding the matter but they simply insisted I keep on at PayPal and that without the seller's home address there's not much that can be done?! I am out of pocket of £380 and the phone is completely useless to me, and at the same time the seller of this phone (and I would guess countless other phones) is getting away with making money from stolen goods. Thank you for any suggestions!
  15. Hello All, I wonder if you can help. I bought a bed from Dreams 2 years ago. It's an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. The second time they failed Dreams sent an independent assessor to see if the bed was faulty and he told me the mattress I had been sold was too heavy for the pistons and that's why they kept failing. He said that as I had been sent the regular pistons by Dreams for him to fit he would fit them that day but that if they failed again to ask for the heavy duty pistons which would be better and last. The pistons failed again last month (December 2012) and I contacted Dreams - to cut a long story short they are saying they don't have any heavy duty pistons for that bed but have offered me a replacement bed of a different style - I would have accepted that however they do not have an alternative style in brown leather - only black leather and cream leather - which will not go with the brown leather bedroom chair I have bought. I asked if they could replace just the mattress for a lighter one as this may solve they issue but they have refused and said that the mattress isn't faulty so they are not obliged to exchange it. My arguement is that the mattress is too heavy for the bedstead and I don't want to take a different colour bedstead but they are insisting that is all they will offer me. Has anyone had similar problems with Dreams or can anyone please advise me how to proceed. Ideally I would just like a refund ( I paid £1,200 for the bedstead and mattress) and then I can buy something suitable elsewhere as they don't have any brown leather bedsteads to replace this one. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me P
  16. Hi, after some advice please!! My 19yr old son has paid Drive Dynamics £740 for a weeks intensive driving course. When we rang and booked it we explained he was going onto Basic training with the RAF in a matter of a couple of weeks and we needed to get it booked in before that, we were told this was not a problem, He paid in full and was told his instructor would be in touch within 5 working days, on the 6th day I rang up, was told they had left a voice mail with the instructor and he would contact us ASAP, I rang a further 2 times to be told the same, on the last call I said I would like a refund as there would not be time to do the course, the chap on the phone said give me 24hrs and Ill have it sorted. after 24hrs we rang again and said enough was enough we wanted a refund, which he was told that was fine and it would be sorted, that day he got the 1st call from the instructors saying he had been away for a month and they shouldn't have been taking bookings for him in that time, said he could offer a weeks lesson in 2 weeks time but had no idea when he could take his test. My son has 10 wks basic training, followed by a min of 10mths trade training, he can't arrange lessons now., we then rang back 2 weeks later as he had been told it would take this long to 'go through'. I have spent hours so far on the phone to this company to be passed around or just not answered, eventually I got through and was told he was not getting a refund and no-one had said he could have one. after another 2 days of numerous calls someone eventually said we would not get one without emailing the company to get a ticket number, which we did we have explained the whole situation to them, but have had a reply saying as they found us an instructor within 2 weeks, and my son did not cancel within the 2 week cool off period we will not get any money back. They have suggested we just take the lesson with them, He cant and he also doesn't want to as they never arrange anything so he doesn't trust he will even get a lesson!! my arguments is that I don't think they 'found' us an instructor as they never made any contact with the instructor within the 2 weeks they have to find one or full refund will be given, also how could we use our 2 week cool off as we didn't know they had messed up for 26 days when we finally got an answer! I have been told to send a registered letter to them stating they have breach their contract, I have emailed them 3 times since the last email to ask for the address to send it to as they claim my dispute is with the instructor and not them, but get no response, I am slowly going insane! feel so guilty as I hassled my son to do this and he spent his hard earned money to be ripped off by they company So any help on how I put a letter together that might shift their butts?!! many thanks Hana
  17. The following is a short extract from a press report in today's Daily Telegraph regarding the Reverend Paul Nicolson's forthcoming court appearance at Tottenham Magistrates Court: By the end of next week, Paul Nicolson could be facing prison and bankruptcy – an unexpected turn of events for an 84-year-old retired vicar who has never previously been in this type of trouble. On 15 June, he will appear at Tottenham magistrates court in north London for non-payment of council tax since 2013: he owes £2,831.42. Meanwhile, he must decide what to do about the £47,000 in costs awarded against him last month after he lost, in the high court, a case he brought against Haringey council over the level of court charges imposed on residents for non-payment of council tax. It is all a great deal of money that he doesn’t have, but he appears to be delighted at the potential scandal that the imprisonment of a retired vicar could stir up, and the useful attention that his case could bring to a little-understood aspect of welfare reform. “I am really not in the slightest bit afraid of prison,” Nicolson says. He is looking forward to his court appearance, where he will have the opportunity to explain why he has decided not to pay his bills. “One of the joys of refusing to pay,” he says, is that there is a “wonderful opportunity” to tell the story of why the 2013 abolition of a centralised council tax benefit has had such catastrophic consequences for hundreds of thousands of people. Tottenham’s magistrates would be wise to steel themselves for Nicolson’s 10 o’clock appearance in the dock, because his arguments are likely to be delivered with the mesmerisingly stern precision of a 1940s BBC newsreader. A group of protesters are due to gather outside the court in support of his campaign. http://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/jun/08/vicar-dibley-paul-nicolson-council-tax-refusing-benefit-cuts-jail-prison?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Scoop
  18. Hi Guys, My 20 year old daughter's Ex asked her to obtain a washing machine, though a Catalogue in her name, as a birthday present for his mum. They were living together at the time, had been for a while and he intended to pay for it in full, but needed a short time to raise the funds so doing it this way allowed him that time. The item was duly delivered and installed at his mothers address. Shortly after this was all arranged their relationaship broke down. He promised to continue to pay for the machine and in fact made payments to the cataloague in order to show willing. However, these payments never showed on the catalogue account and when challenged he claimed problems with his bank or that the money had been taken from his bank but wasn't showing on her account and the bank was investigating. This is all she has on this catalogue and only took it out to be able to order the machine She doesn't earn a great deal and has struggled to make the payments herself, so consequently they have begun debt recovery with her. She has repeatedly asked him to pay and he has refused, blocked all communication from her and avoids her in the street. The machine remains at his mothers and she is happily using it knowing her son has caused this distress and hardship to my daughter. So I need advice as to how I can help her go about taking action against him, to recover the money owed, so she can pass this onto the catalogue company and clear the debt?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm really not sure where to put this on the forum but thought here might be best. My sister-in-law is currently having massive financial problems at the minute - she was unexpectedly laid off from work, had to give up her home and move back in with her mum. She has a car on finance which she is now trying to hand back because there is no way she can afford to keep it. Long story short, she hasn't made a payment to the finance company - Black Horse - for around 10 months now. She has written to them about 6 times and telephoned them around 2 dozen times. When she calls they tell her someone will phone her back but they never do and she has never had a single response to any of her 6 letters. All 6 letters were sent recorded delivery and they were all received. She is practically begging them to come and collect the vehicle and yet she can't get any response from them whatsoever. The problem she has now, and it is becoming urgent, is that her mum is moving house in the next couple of weeks and so the car needs moving. It is SORN'd and not insured at present and her mum is moving to a flat with no off road parking. She has told Black Horse that she is moving soon and that the vehicle needs to be gone but they are completely ignoring her letters. The only letters she is receiving is one a month informing her that she has been charged a £12 default fee for not paying that month's payment. She hasn't even received any letters demanding payment for the past ten months. If it wasn't for the monthly default charge letters, it would be as if Black Horse didn't even care that they aren't currently being paid. It's a very strange situation. Can anybody recommend a next step? Could she write to them one last time informing them that if they don't reply this time that she will be moving house, leaving the car behind and informing the DVLA that she is no longer the registered keeper? Or is that just wishful thinking?
  20. Just some advice needed here, I know ideally I should ask my sister to come here and make the post. A car in a Salisbury's car park was reversing and almost knocked someone over, before hitting the front of my sisters car. The person then refused to give any details and drove off. My sister has pictures of the woman and her car, and has got her reg number. It has been reported to the police as a hit and run. The damage is a split front bumper on my sisters car. Nothing too major. The advice I am looking for is will this affect her premiums if she made a claim though the insurance of the other car (using askmid.com)? I know she needs to inform her own insurance company, but that shouldn't affect her making a claim should it? Thanks
  21. I'll try to keep this as short as possible... I took out finance for a car with Moneybarn back in November 2015, amount borrowed 9k, amount to repay 16k (roughly), £280 per month. In January 2016 I lost one of the two jobs I held, reducing my income dramatically. I fell behind on January's payment and contacted Moneybarn within a day or so of the money being returned from my bank account. I spoke to a lady and explained my current financial situation, I asked her if it would be possible to help me through this temporary bump in the road. I was asked to fill out an affordability form, however, far from helping me, I was instead told that I was deemed unable to afford my monthly repayments (which I already knew) despite my numerous requests for a temporary lower payment plan, which I was happy to pay interest on, she refused. I received an arrears notice shortly after, and swiftly paid it. In February the same thing happened, my repayment for the end of the month was once again returned due to lack of finances. I didn't want to just ignore this, so I once again contacted Moneybarn customer services and spoke to a very arrogant gentleman. I explained my situation and pleaded for a lower repayment amount until such time I find a second job again. Despite this, he was adamant that this would not be possible, and pressured me into agreeing upon three "exit options". He vaguely described what each option meant, and when asked to send me this in writing - so I could carefully consider each option - I was told this was not possible. He told me I have 20 days to find second employment and provide proof of my affordability for the original £280 per month. I said I would do my best, however, a month later and I am now two months into arrears (Febuary & March) and I still only have one job as I have been unable to find second employment so far. After my last phone call to Moneybarn Customer services in which I was spoken too in a very arrogant manner and felt pressured into agreeing something which I didn't fully understand without being able to properly read the details - I decided against contacting them via telephone. I instead wrote a letter on March 15th to Moneybarn's head office, detailing my current situation and requesting that my account be frozen until such time we can agree upon a fair outcome. Exactly one month later I received nothing in reply from them, so I decided to email them instead attaching my original letter. In response to this I received an email saying "Sorry we cannot discuss this matter via email, your account has been passed onto our Asset Management department, please call our customer service number" even though, I quite clear stated that I did not feel comfortable discussing this over the telephone and wanted written information where I can carefully read and consider what is being said to me. I once again requested for a postal address for their Asset Management department, in response, my request for an address was completely ignored and I was instead told their next action is to appoint recovery agents to come and take my car, and if I would like to discuss this to call their customer services... So far they have ignored my original letter, ignored my requests for written information of what is being said, and avoided helping me in every possible way. Despite their tag line of being "committed to working with customers to resolve any issues". I don't quite know what to do next, or what options are left for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  22. INSURANE COMPANY Refusing to provide any details of a claimant on my policy Refusing to provide the same to police obstructing an investigation Refusing to provide the same to allow customer to obtain quotes from other insurers Increasing a premium by 30% when renewal notice states the driver has passed their driving test but they list them as a Provisional Licence in error. My daughter needs urgent advice, she was involved in a very minor accident 10 months ago, a driver was indicating to turn right on a very wide main road, and traffic was flowing on the inside, just as she approached without any warning he swerved to the left blocking her path, she assumed he had changed his mind and was going to park on the left so she changed course at the last moment to pass him on the outside, keeping to her side of the road, however, what he was doing was attempting a complete u-turn causing my daughter to hit him, it was unavoidable, no indication and short notice. The man was quiet intimidating, my daughter has never been in an accident before so was very shocked and upset, he demanded she sign a piece of paper admitting liability saying the damage was £1000, she refused but gave him her full details, she phoned her mother who was close by, she arrived and the other driver left swiftly without providing any details at all, we didn’t even have his registration in all the confusion. My daughter reported the accident to her insurers straight away but due to shock and being upset she did not give a complete accurate account, she said she was not sure who was at fault as she has never been in an accident before, just he pulled across her path, he then said he indicated left and she just said yes, when in fact she meant right. My daughter reported the accident to the police and they advised the other driver had already committed an offence by not providing his details at the scene, they said should he make a claim your insurer will have his details so can you pass them to police to be investigated, they said if he was driving illegally it would be a win situation for her. We heard no more from my insurer for some time, then a letter saying on the evidence they have they will have to admit liability unless any further evidence comes within 14 days. I sent several URGENT emails to the insurer asking then NOT to settle that the police wanted to investigate him and can we have all the details, all emails to several department were ignored, I tried phoning being on hold for 27 minutes until my battery went dead. I sent another email setting all this out, it was then taken up as a complaint of poor service and we were given £40. I managed to get them on the telephone and they said they had to admit 3rd party liability, they said it had nothing to do with the police and they were not allowed to provide and details to me or the police due to the Data Protection Act, I passed this information to the police, we heard no more from anyone and assumed the claim had been withdrawn. My daughter has now received her Insurance Renewal Notice and has lost her 2 years NCB, costing her several hundred pounds more, she paid for her own repairs to avoid losing her NCB, she noticed there were some errors on it, it said Provisional Licence, under it stated date passed driving test which was wrong it was 6 month earlier. I advised my daughter I would make a formal complaint on her behalf to the insurers; however, she would need to phone them to make sure she has insurance in the meantime and point out the errors in case it reduced the premium, I advised not to go into the complaint as they would not be in a position to resolve it. My daughter phoned them today, said she wanted to pay on instalments instead of yearly, and pointed out she had passed her driving test 6 months prior to the date stated and made it clear she had a full driving licence for over 2 years, so not provisional, they said they would need to recalculate the premium and it came out £300 more, my daughter said that was crazy you are already insuring me as driving with a full licence so what’s the difference now, and I have lost my NCB due to them not investigating her accident, she asked for details of the claim, my daughter said we had already drafted a formal complaint so best deal with it that way. The insurer insisted she wanted to look into the problem, however, we went around in circles and she only repeated what had been said before regarding the DPA; I took over the call and asked how is my daughter able to get a quote from another insurer if you are refusing to provide any details of her claim? All she kept saying was I know where you are coming from, and I can look into it for you, I said you cant if you wont release the details, I said we were getting no where and wanted to end the call. Within minutes she was back on the phone to me saying she had spoke to claims and they have said its NOT settled yet (some 10 months on) and it may be joint liability, I asked why it had taken so long and why have we not been informed, she said something about emails were not coming to us, I said you have 2 email address for us and a postal address, its unacceptable, the lady was insistent I speak with claims now as they might have the answers, when I said ok, she said but they will only talk to your daughter not you. They would know from the very first call (recorded) after the accident they could run circles around my daughter and put words in her mouth, I said NO, please ask claims to put everything in writing and we will respond after seeking advice, she refused to do this and virtually begged me to let my daughter to talk to the claims department, I said we must at this stage have it in writing, if it was a simple matter why is it still ongoing after 10 months. My daughter will have no insurance in 2 days. Can an insurance company operate in this fashion; they must owe their customers a duty of care, and allow them to get quotes from other companies. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Bernie
  23. Hi. I took a loan out with Avantcredit August 2015.. stupid idea! I pay 125 a month and the balance has only gone down by £300! The interest is so bloody high.. my own fault I know, but I had an urgent need for it and my credit wasn't the best so I was unable to get any better deals.. my credit union have agreed to clear this loan for me (I will pay my credit union monthly which MUCH less interest) however they will only make payments on my behalf via BACS/Bank transfer. Advantcredit are being difficult saying they won't give me their account number or sort code to pay with. . is there anything I can do to get around this? Would a complaint to the ombudsman do anything? I spoke to a lady from Advantcredit last week who said she didn't think it would be a problem. Then this week everything has changed and apparently they won't be giving the details to me? I feel as though they are placing barriers deliberately to inhibit me from paying this off early (and saving myself thousands in interest) Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  24. I'm currently advising a friend on council tax issues. She is 62, works 12 hours a week as a cleaner and earns £450 a month. Sutton Council have decided she owes them for three years back council tax, despite the fact that they have NOT correctly assessed her benefit liability for those years, assuming incorrectly that her monthly earnings were weekly earnings. They have two liability orders for past years and she was visited by a bailiff who entered the sheltered accommodation where we both live (she has a small flat downstairs from me). The bailiff levied on a tv (3 year old 32 inch Toshiba which I lent her when her old tv died) and a dvd player, the resale price of these would no even begin to cover his fees. She is paying them £30 a month on top of the £26 she was paying the council. The council have now decided she is to pay them £48 a month for the remainder of last years (up to 31st March this year) bill and for the coming bill - so in total out of her £450 salary she is paying the council £85. We went to see them today and the lady told us that they cannot get the debt back from the bailiff - she gave us the name of the person to write to so a letter will be done by the end of this week. The council also refuse to accept that an attachment of earnings on her current salary is an 'acceptable expense' along with employees liability insurance so are working on her GROSS salary of £450 rather than the NET salary of about £400. I've advised my friend (who is now in contact with Stepchange) to go for a DRO and take all the council tax bills, including the one due in a coup;e of days time into it. The attachment of earnings is for an alleged DWP overpayment from 2001/2002....which again needs a bit more specialist help than I can give her. Any advise as to what to put in the council tax letter re legislation allowing them to get the debts back from the council and reassess them would be helpfu.
  25. Hi there, I'm having a lot of trouble with Vodafone refusing to refund or replace my phone, and I'm worried I'm going to end up having to take them to court. I have no idea how to do this, or if I really have a case, but I will give you all the details and I really hope you can help. I'll bullet point it to try make it easier to understand fully. Thanks for your time. .I bought a Vodafone Smart Prime 6 for my Girlfriends Mum for Christmas - Purchased on 10/12/15 for £75 .I paid for an unlocking code so I could use the phone on other networks. .The phone turned out to be faulty (resetting itself every 5 minutes) .I took the phone back for repair .I received a replacement phone as the repair was "unfixable" .I attempted to buy an unlocking code for the replacement phone .The phone can't be unlocked, unlike the original - In fact the unlocking team claim the phone is already unlocked, despite me sending them photographic proof that it wasn't. .I took the phone to the Vodafone store, they say they can't refund or replace it as it's past the 14 day deadline. .I believe I am owed a full refund/replacement. .I explain to them my statutory rights that I believe apply to this situation: "Subsection (3) applies to a contract to supply goods if before the contract is made the consumer makes known to the trader (expressly or by implication) any particular purpose for which the consumer is contracting for the goods." .I have an email sent by a Vodafone Technical Advisor saying (excuse his spelling): "PLEASE HELP AS IF THIS ISNT CORRCTED THEN WHAT WILL WE DO AS CUSTOMER IT OUT OF THE 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE AS THAT WAS THE CONDITION HE BOUGHT IT THAT HE COULD HAVE IT UNLOCKED WHICH HE DID WITH THE FIRST PHONE BEFORE THE EXCHANGE" .I believe that this states I bought the phone under the condition that I would be able to unlock it - please note this email was sent recently, so after I bought the phone, however I have in writing that the phone was sold to me under the condition that I would be able to unlock it from a Vodafone Rep, so I'm hoping this will count as "before the contract is made" anyway - Please advise! . Finally my rights state: "A consumer who has the right to a price reduction and the final right to reject may only exercise one (not both), and may only do so in one of these situations— (a)after one repair or one replacement, the goods do not conform to the contract" This has led me to the conclusion that the replacement phone I now have does not conform to the original contract, and I am therefore entitled to a refund or replacement .The Assistant Manager refused to help in anyway saying I could talk to the Vodafone On-line (not in store) team, and if they couldn't help my only course would be through legal action. So I have no idea what to do from here. Do you think I have a case that would stand up in court. I think so, but I would appreciate as much advice as possible. I will be calling the on-line team tomorrow on my day off, but I doubt they will help, so my only form of refund or replacement would be via small claims court, unless an On-line Vodafone Rep can help Thanks for reading, and I really hope someone can help. Ewan. UPDATE: I have just spoken to a Vodafone rep on-line who told me I can contact the returns team and get a refund, but ive been on hold for them for 2 hours so I'm not sure if anything is going to happen. Now I've been told I can have a refund, do they have to honour this?
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