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  1. Hi there, received a no from Barclaycard, this is my draft reply any thoughts Ta for looking
  2. I have been making regular agreed payments to clear an overdraft at HBOS for over two years. HBOS transferred the debt to Blair Oliver Scott (BOS) who then transferred it to BLS. On this transfer BOS wrote to me stating that the arrangements for payments would continue in the same way. BLS also wrote confirming this. In January BLS said they had not received the Dec payment. On presenting the next payment to the HBOS branch they told me the account I was paying into had been closed and they refused to take my payment and returned the payment I had made in December. On contact
  3. Hi, I'm a tenant in a 2 bedroom flat in Stoke Newington, which I share with one other tenant. I decided to move out of the property and gave my one month's notice on 31 July. I found someone to take over the tenancy and the agency (Felicity J Lord) sent us the change of sharer paperwork, which we signed and sent back yesterday (28 August). The new tenant has paid £245 in fees to the agency, and has also paid me my share of the deposit and the first month's rent. The new tenancy was due to start this Saturday - 3 days' time. However, today I heard from the agency that the landlady has refu
  4. my car recently developed a fault see picture attached , i took it to BMW and they wanted £650 to repair on top of the £100 i just paid to have a diagnostic . so i thought i would go see my friend that owns his own garage , so he rang bmw to confirm this could be done and they told him yes a second hand part can be put in and it will all be ok . so he fitted it , but couldn't turn the light , this can only be done by bmw , even though they told him he could do it . so i decided to get rid of the car , i got the service coming up the mot , it needs 4 new tyres and various other thing
  5. Hi, My sister had PPI on a loan and credit card with HSBC. She applied to HSBC for her PPI (£1,800 for the loan and £1,500) for the credit card) i.e. a refund of the loans plus premium. She has just received a letter awarding her £2,100 for the loan but rejecting the credit card stating that she had a 30 day cooling off period and that it was clearly visable on her statement every month. The letter asks her if she wants to accpet this to sign at the bottom for the cash. My questions are: Are HSBC correct in saying no to a refund of the credit card PPI? If no, on what
  6. I have been with Santander for over 4 years now and have a current account with a debit card cheque book and overdraft facility and have run my account with no problems never been overdrawn ,never had a letter from the bank in fact when I contacted them they stated that they could see nothing wrong with the way my account has been run. But last November I requested a new cheque book and I was told that I was not entitled to have one due to the underwriters . I stating that since I opened my account nothing in my financial life had changed as they where made fully aware of my financial history
  7. Read the ad: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270860318788?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_5000wt_1235
  8. Hi, Hoping for some clarification and / or advice please History My husband was off sick but on full pay so making NI contributions from Nov 10, on half pay from April 11 and no pay from Sept 11. He applied and after an appeal was successful in receiving ESA which finished in May 12. He has now applied for JSA but has been refused because he has not paid enough Class 1 National Insurance Contributions - they used tax years ending 5th April 2009 and 5th April 2010 to assess his claim. We are going to seek an explanation but want to be sure we fully understand this
  9. I booked a courier through Shiply to pickup a sofa I had bought on Ebay . Shiply charged me £29.99 and took a deposit for the courier of £24.93 The courier did not show up, did not notify me before or after he failed to make collection, could not give any date for a subsequent collection. The seller got so fed up she refunded my Paypal transaction. I contacted Shiply and asked for a refund as the service I paid for was never delivered. They refused to return both their fee and the deposit. Instead they offered a credit for my next transaction with them. I would never use
  10. Help! I got a ticket somewhere in Worthing and clearly someone pulled it off the windscreen (or the wind got it, I've no idea) this was a while ago and I've since moved and changed my car, the first I knew about this was a bailiffs letter appearing at my new address! no NTO beforehand, nothing. . so I appealed using the directions on the government site with an out of time witness statement and declaration explaining clearly what happened and apologising for causing a problem, I thought this would be pretty straightforward and I had no problems with paying the or
  11. Hi I recently applied for a taxi badge licence , I passed the medical and the theory , but when it came to sending over my badge I received a letter starting I need to go to a tribunal and explain my criminal record and driving fines and penalties. At the tribunal I explained about my speeding fine an SP30 and an IN10 which came up to 9 points and my criminal convictions one of which I was 17 , I am now 28! They sent me out of the room and only took 3 mins to decide I shouldn't have the license and that I was an unfit and untrustworthy candidate to hold the licence of which I feel cheated
  12. I have just recieved a letter after 8 weeks from barclays to say my ppi claim has been refused on the grounds it was submitted by post and as a result they are not able to uphold my complaint. I was paying about £10 a month for at least 5 years . What steps can i take now ?
  13. I have been fighting a ticket I received by Harrow Council for parking in a resident bay without displaying a valid permit even though I had a visitors permit which had fallen back from the dashboard out of visibility. I wasn't able to attend my Patas hearing as I forgot all about it because my father was in hospital for emergency surgery. so the outcome was decided in my absence and the appeal was refused (i ahve attached the decision). apparently even though i had a permit, i am not exempt from paying just because it fell off. this does nto seem fair - is there anything i can
  14. Hello everybody, sorry to bother you but I need help! In 2007 I took a loan with a PPI for 5 years in Lloyds. I would not take the PPI but I was told that I have to otherwise I have no chance to get the loan, I was not given full details of the insurance policy and I didnt understand the terminology and conditions at all /I got lost after few words/. So I did because I urgently needed money. 2 years later I took another one /now without PPI but with a huge interest as a price for it!/ and paid out the first loan. The bank took all PPI for themselves! Now I am claiming my
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