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  1. I was due to have an operation at my local hospital and was to present myself at the specified ward at 7:30 am on a Monday morning. The Saturday before my operation I came down with a bad case of the dreaded Flu so I telephoned the hospital reception to speak to someone on the ward dealing with my operation but was informed that said ward was not open over the weekends so I couldn't be put through. However the receptionist was able to put me through to a different ward so that I could at very least ask that ward nurse if my cold would jeopardise my operation Monday morning. Sh
  2. Hi I am so angry with knowhow and would like advice as to what legal action i can now take against these people. I have sent 5 emails - no reply, numerous telephone calls some lasting for more than an hour and still no answers. I have had a laptop since 2006 and at the same time took out the PC performance insurance policy, paying a regular payment of £9.99 a month without fail for over 6 years now, a total of over £7.000. i had sent my laptop off for repair several times during september and october 2012, each time it came back with the same fault or sometimes a different
  3. Hi, I am not sure if anyone can help with this. My husband was forced by Barclays Bank back in 1992 to take out a Business Loan or be shut down. He had to take out a loan for £7,000 over 7 years. On seeing all this about the PPI etc I had a look at the old paperwork, found the statements from this loan and low and behold this insurance is on the loan. It was a one off payment added on at the start of the loan. We have tried to claim the PPI back and have been turned down 3 times, because they cannot find the Policy. Well we can prove we had the loan, we h
  4. Hi there, I am hoping to find out where I stand on this. We pay for my sons swimming lessons in blocks of 10, and pay 2 weeks in advance. They have a no refund policy if children are ill during the 10 week block and have to miss lessons. During this block of lessons my son had an ear infection and his ear drum burst. He has been advised by his Dr that he can not swim for up to 8 weeks. He has already missed the last lesson before Christmas and yesterday. Yesterday was pay week at swimming and we rang them up for some advice, we were told that if we didn't pay yesterday for the lessons th
  5. hi i would like some help with the situation i am having with the know how investigations team il explain i have a laptop and support agreement with pc world/currys and recently i had an accident where i fell down the stairs i contacted pc world where they said to bring it into store and they will see what can be done so i left it in there capable hands on the 5th oct 12 i got a letter back saying this. "we have carried out an inspection and in the opinion of our engineer the damage seen is inconsistant with the reported explanation and/or the damage exceeds what w
  6. Placed order at tesco.com yesterday for 54 bottles of Coke (2lt bottles) they have it on deal 3 for £3 plus delivery it worked out 58.50 minus £10 voucher for first groceries shopping I had to pay £48.50. Booked slot between 12 pm - 1 pm for today. Waiting between those hours and no sing of the driver, so after 2 pm loggoed into account on tesco website and next to my order it says it was delivered. Contacted tesco by on-line form and just had the phone call from them saying that they canceled the order because of stock shortage and because items are too heavy to deliver. Why do they sell
  7. Hi all I applied for a loan with cfo last week , gave my bank card details ect , was told via website and phone had been approved but following day recieved an e-mail saying i hadnt been accepted . my concern is , i get payed in 2 weeks , and no money has been taken from my account yet ( basically no money in there ) but will they try and take money out despite the fact i waas turned down for a loan ? thanks for any help Kh41
  8. Hi there I would be grateful for advice dealing with these parasites minicredit. I took out a £100 loan which I knew I would be able to repay on my payday which i told them was 28th September. Technically we should get paid on the last working day of the month but often it hits our accounts the day before. I have 2 current accounts one for credits/spending and one for household bills. I am trying to pay off my overdraft on the one account so that I can close it as Lloyds tsb have started charging for the overdraft which used to be free, in addition to the the £25 a month account fee. I arrange
  9. Hi! I'm new to all this. I have received a reply from Santander regarding PPI paid on a Debenhams account. They are refusing to refund the PPI payments. They have enclosed a copy of the account application dated Feb 2002 showing my signature at the "Protect Your Account" section. The shop assistant did not discuss PPI with me at the time and it clearly shows that she has marked "X" where she wanted me to complete the form and where she wanted me to sign. It's the usual story that we are all so familiar with now "If you open an account today you will get 20% off you
  10. What a couple of days! My husband and I have separated. The house insurance was in his name with DL. He spoke to DL explained the situation and they told him that I would have to ring up, start a new policy and they would then cancel the old policy. So I telephoned them yesterday. They told me that as I was taking out a new policy, there would be no cancellation charge for the existing policy. So we went through all of the questions. We had a claim on the policy in June of this year due to a burst pipe, which DL were very good with at the time. Anyway the lady said she had to pass the
  11. I have recently applied for house insurance and had it refused because I gave a wrong date regarding a previous claim. It was originally accepted and the payment taken then they did their CLUE check and found that the date on the claim that I disclosed didn't match the date on the system. I was not given any opportunity to check the information before they sent a letter of refusal. The date they have is correct and the date I gave them was a genuine mistake, I never tried to hide the claim, which was for £509 and my second only claim in 15 years. The problem I now have is that the refusal
  12. My parents took out a loan in 1996 and were told they HAD to take PPI with it. They were both sold individual single premium policies that were entirely useless to them. We went through the entire process and were told we had to contact the Finance and Leasing Association when all else failed. We were told "Tough luck, there were no laws then to stop them ripping you off and they did, nothing we can do." My father was self employed, my mother only worked part time. We sent them the original copies of the paperwork they asked for and when we asked for them back,
  13. Hi guys Today we found a car we wanted £12,800 it was Audi A3 in White 59 plate Went to apply for a Santander Loan tonight for £10,500 as i have the rest. I have a good credit history paid a previous Santander Loan off for 4 years without missing a payment this was for £6500. I was shocked when i was declined tonight i have a £30.00 a month contract with Virgin Mobile never missed a payment taken out a Washing Maching, Ipad, and 50 Inch Tv on Finace all paid up apart from the Ipad taken them all out on a buy now pay 9 months later with comet. Paid the TV and washi
  14. I am not yet in arrears with Wonga but payment date looming. Have cancelled CPA and informed them of this and I have sent inc and expenditure but received the following reply: We really do appreciate your current difficulties, and the offer you have made, but we were looking for something higher. The size and number of payments you have suggested doesn't really work to help get you out of debt in a reasonable timeframe so we would urge you to reconsider this amount and get back to us with an improved offer. Please call our friendly collections team on 0844 842 9110, who will b
  15. Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Two years ago myself and my partner separated when I was pregnant, when he moved out he took the tv and the sofa. A few months later when my daughter was only a few days old, a tv licensing enforcement officer called, I was in bed at the time feeding the baby. I spoke to him through the window and asked him to call back, he posted a payment card through the door and left, then I recieved a court summons. On this summons he'd made a statement with a lot of lies eg. I'd said I owned a tv, I had watched tv that day etc. He had my nam
  16. Hi My partner has recently claimed for PPI for a loan she took out in 2002 with Lloyds. The loan was complicated, and her father was asked to take the loan out in his name on my partners behalf (with her paying the loan repayments into his bank account every month). T hey were also sold PPI on the loan in my partners name (her policy). We thought this was a little odd as the loan being in her fathers name, surely the PPI taken out in her name would not cover the loan. However she was told that without taking out this PPI, she would not be allowed the loan. My p
  17. So I had a call this morning from the job centre telling me that I got zero points on my medical and that I am likely to be refused ESA. I am devastated and don't know what to do. The man asked me if I had anything to say in my favour and I pointed to be honest I was probably so taken a back that I didn't make a good case for myself. I did point out that earlier this year I was placed in the Support Group under special circumstances and that my health was actually worse now. He said that it was now six months on from that time so things would have changed and that didn't apply any more. I agai
  18. Hi, I am posting on behalf of a friend. He had a major stroke (44 year's old) a few months ago, he applied for DLA, mobility and care (no professional helped him with the form,just me). He has been refused for both because his consultant and GP's letters enclosed contradict his original claim in the sense of his mobility and care needs...... Although, the consultant has confirmed he still have restricted/loss of sensation down one side, other than that she is saying he is making good progress..... In hindsight, i wished i hadnt help complete the forms and let a professional
  19. Just received a response from Halifax regarding the PPI claim that was made for my mortgage that was taken out. I was told that I had to take out TMPP or that the mortgage would be refused. The letter that we received was that we had taken out the personal TMPP which contains the Life Cover but apparently we didn't take out the PPI element of it. The letter also mentioned that "This is our final decision". Please could you advise me what my next step should be e.g. taking this to the Financial Ombudsman or accepting that the PPI element wasn't taken out. Thank you.
  20. Hi, We booked an Easyjet flight to Istanbul and were due to fly yesterday from Luton, however when we got to the airport and tried to check in our baggage we were sent to the easyjet counter. My wife is not an EU citizen but has a UK spouse visa, we had checked with the Turkish consulate before booking and they had confirmed that she could get a visa on arrival as I as a British passport holder would have to do anyway. Anyway the girl at the Easyjet counter and her colleague refused to let my wife board the plane. I tried explaining that she will get a visa on arrival as she ha
  21. hi new to posting on this site so not sure what to write but I am trying to sort out a claim for PPI on a halifax credit card basically I filled out the form and stated the reasons I was claiming was that I was entitled to full pay from my empler for 6 - 12 months if I had an accident or was of sick and that my husband could have helped with the payments I thought I was sold the insurance over the phone but the bank have written back saying that I applied in the bank (it was 1999) they have refused my claim based on the fact that I did not have any appropriate means to pay th
  22. Hi, I've just received a refusal from HSBC after I complained about mis-sold PPI. I initially complained about a loan which I took out in 2002 and stated how I now realise that I have been paying for insurance that I did not know I had taken out so could not have been explained to me or made clear. Their response was that I was given a Product information Pack and confirmed as the Personal Loan Protection Plan was optional, you had a period of 30 days in which you had the right to cancel the Personal Loan Protection Plan. Therefore, tey consider adequate steps wer
  23. My daughter is British, was born in the UK and went to school in the UK, and now is trying to go to drama school in the UK. This means getting a LOAN to pay for the fees, (not a grant, a loan), keeping in mind the course fees have just tripled. We've been living the last several years in the EU (Germany), and while here, she tried to apply for a loan in advance for the course she has been accepted on in London. The loan authorities said there was no problem, but she must apply when she has a permanent UK address. She moved to the UK, got a flat, then got a job, and applied again. The loa
  24. I phoned Halifax about 3 weeks ago and complained that I had been miss sold PPI ( to be honest I did not know if I had it because I had thrown paperwork out because it was from 1997 to 2006). I received a letter about 2 weeks ago saying they were looking into it. I have received a letter today ( confirming I dis have it) but they have rejected my claim under 'Optionality' and it says the following: I can confirm that it has never been a requirement to take out a PPI policy in order for a mortgage application to be accepted. In addition, taking out PPI would not have improved the chances of you
  25. Hello, new to here so hope someone can help me. I received my letter this morning telling me that i failed the interrogation and am fit for work. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for a number of years, and am currently on medication and attending counselling. I was also recently diagnosed with insomnia. I scored a big fat 0 . Does anyone know what the next steps are? I read somewhere a while go that you can 'demand' to be put back on the assessment phase rate whilst your appeal goes through. Does anyone know if that's true? Thanks for your help.
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