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  1. our application for discretionary housing was refused, as they say 100 a week on petrol is too much, 195 pcm on hp for car is too much, and that 50 for my disabled childrens things etc equipment, clothes, shoes and nappies and wipes etc. I did provide evidence to show the car is used everyday partner world 35 miles away and used for school run and childs physio sessions, they told to me that we can cut down on petrol and pay less on arrears on utilities (pay 21 on elec and 11 on gas and 25 on water) they also said i should reduce spends on food bill as it is 200 a week for a family of 6.
  2. This will be the fourth, or fifth time its happened, i cant remember now. Just got off the phone to someone in DWP who said I didnt score enough points and wanted to put me through to someone in the Jobseekers Allowance department to make a new claim for JSA. Having a feeling that I would be turned down for ESA (again), i went to the Job Center just after lunch (its usually quiet in the local JC about 1pm) and asked to speak to a claims advisor or someone from the Disability area. Sat down with her, explained my conditions and she simply said "appeal...there is no way you would be able
  3. Hi, I put a PPI claim in to the FOS on behalf of my husband October 2010,at the time he was still managing to pay his CC and loan, however it all went belly up in April this year and as I have heard nothing for months from the FOS I'm wondering where it will leave this claim when the HSBC take action against him which from the letters received yesterday could be soon Ro
  4. Hi, I have CCA'd AMEX re a very old card (had been paying token payments of £1 for over 4 years but can't really afford to pay all token payments as on IB so I stopped a few months ago) and I thought that I should CCA all of the CC's to buy myself some time. It was a formal request with £1 PO. Today I received a response, AMEX have returned the fee, and provided a copy of the app form, a bad and barely legible one, with a set of terms of when the card was started in 1999 (unsure if they are a true copy). They have referred me to look back at previous statements for balances
  5. Hi There, I was wondering what further action I can take against what I regard as an unfair parking charge issued by parkingeye, or if I should just pay up. In summary, I was parked at an Aldi car park for 2hours 14 minutes when it was 2 hours free parking. I had returned well before the 2 hour time limit but was unable to get into my car as some idiot had parked that close I couldnt get into the drivers side. So I went into Aldi and told them what was going on, which they basically said there was nothing they could do as it was a car park for local shoppers and would have to
  6. Hi I owe JDW £1117 and Simply B £627 I have been paying of an agreed £10.00 every 28 days. Due to a small sum of money that my husband got I wss able to offer them £1000 over both accs £600 to JDW and £400.00 to SB I let then know that this was a one off offer and would they accept as full and final payment. I got a call today and they have rejected this offer even though its over 1/2 the amount they say I owe. I am waiting for them to write to me as they refused to give a sum of money they would accept over the phone I have told them that there is no more money and tha
  7. so, i broke my back in a really bad car accident in November 2013. i was in hospital for over 4 weeks lying flat on my back which was followed by 2 months of wearing a back brace 24/7. during this time my partner, friends and family had to do EVERYTHING for me. i couldn't get to the toilet myself, i couldn't dress myself, sit/lie down or stand myself and i couldn't shower or bathe. i had to learn to walk again, regain strength in every part of my body, attend physio, hospital & doctors appointments and jump through hoops to keep up with all of the forms and stupid repetative questi
  8. Partner bought a bedding set (duvet cover and pillowcases) in Debenhams yesterday afternoon, got it home, took it out of the packaging (which had been unsealed in store anyway to test the material), realised it was the wrong size, so we took it back to our local store (different to one it was bought in). This was within a space of around four hours, the bedding had been out of the package but not put on. We were refused a refund due to the packing being unsealed due to "health and hygiene reasons", the manager maintained that it was covered in the exceptions to the returns policy, despite
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me some advice? My daughter has an Arriva M ticket app which she uses to buy a monthly ticket on her phone. In December the app was upgraded, when she bought her new ticket at the end of December the app kept crashing, she tried to buy her ticket 4 times without success, however when she checked her bank account the next day the money had been taken each time at £73.80! We've been fighting with Arriva ever since, provided authorisation codes from the bank, bank statements to show the money has been taken out, her last 4 of her bank
  10. Hi, i may be in the wrong not sure, i made a payment agreement with wonga last month to pay my outstanding balance in installments spread over 3 months, i was 5 days late today by the time i called them, they had added a fine and interest from the last agreement, so from £550 it has gone upto £711, i refused to pay £711 and asked them to reverse it back to £550 and carry on with the original payment agreement of the 3 equally spread payments, which they refused... i have had to ask a friend to lend me the money to pay the (£550) 3 payments and he refuses to give me anymore, which i cant blame
  11. Hi, I was on here some months ago (Jun '13) trying to make a PPI claim from a secured loan/mortgage taken out in 2002, £10k + £1.6k PPI with GE Money. The account went into arrears in it's lifetime but last year it was paid off. So charge has been removed from Property. GE Money refused our complaint, saying that Greenhill Finance introduced the loan. Greenhill Finance response on 28/06/13 was that the mortgage was arranged with I group loans ltd. They then go on to say the loan was pre 2005 so no FOS remit etc. because I felt we had hit a brickwall I attempted to instr
  12. Hi all, My father has been refused Attendance Allowance, so I want to appeal - what's the steps to do this with AA, and any tips to help the appeal/reconsideration go in his favour? (he's completely housebound and the only time he gets out the house is for dr appointments and when I go to visit twice a year - he lives in Dorset, I live in London. He also has lots of health problems.) Thanks for your advice
  13. ***post deleted** New boss called me back and said she would allow me to have 1 day a week holiday for 1st 6 week... Thanks to all who read/replied x
  14. Hello all, After suffering an accident at work over a year ago (dislocated jaw) I have had severe TMJ disorder since. I am receiving treatment under my Dentist, with regular check ups with my Doctor. I have records at the Hospital for my TMJ disorder and may be referred to the Hospital for possible operations on my Jaw. Long story short, I got 0 points at ATOS, and my tribunal hearing was completely refused. In the letter I received this morning, it stats that they understand I have a "Jaw problem" but that's it. Basically, the advice from my Doctor is null.
  15. So long story short, I had two bad accidents in a day. I first dropped my laptop in the kitchen and the screen ended up breaking. Then while backing up my data my little brother spilled juice over it and the hard drive ended up failing then after that it wouldn't even turn on :/ I sent it in for repair and they gave it back to me today with a letter simply saying they consider the damage to not be covered by our Service Agreement. I'm suppose to write back to the Claims Investigation Department. What say do I have in this? Should I get someone to inspect my laptop so they can also b
  16. Hi all first time poster.. My credit card account dates back to 2002 I have been paying a monthly PPI premium any time this credit card was in debt. After reading a lot of success stories of people reclaiming their PPI I phoned Halifax and started a complaint 30 days ago. They told me to fill out the FOS questionnaire which I sent back leading to my claim being declined. In the FOS questionnaire I wrote I felt pressured into taking the policy and they didn't explain the terms and conditions clearly to me. The official letter response said I applied for PPI over the
  17. So, I complained to Halifax a few weeks ago, they 'refused' my complaint. I wrote to the FOS, who contacted Halifax on my behalf. Halifax told them that they were going to make me an offer within eight weeks (eight weeks is tomorrow). I can see in my Credit Card account (being handled by Capquest, but still visible in my Halifax online banking) that they have credited a sum to my account. I don't have a breakdown of what this sum is, but it was ever-so-slightly more than I was expecting. My question is; given that I had to take this to the FOS and their intervention resulted in Halif
  18. Hi everyone! I'm desperate for some help and advice! I have just been refused car insurance because apparently I had an accident 2 years ago and received a £9000 payout. This never happened and I have not made a single claim in the 10 years I have been driving. The company I'm trying to get insured with can't tell me any details about the claim - they say I'll need to speak to the company that insured me at the time. I have absolutely no idea who this is - I change every year! Can anybody give me some advise on who I can contact regarding this? The odd thing is that I had no issues getti
  19. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me. I had an RBS Classic credit card that I opened in 1999 and closed in 2009. I wanted to find out if I had PPI on the card so I raised a SAR. It was returned in the first instance saying that I had given them insufficient information, I had given them the last four digits of the card, dates the card was opened and closed, my full address that the card was registered to and my name. The letter sent back said that without dates that the account ran for and without an account number they couldn't help. I called the SAR team and a
  20. I requested the security cctv footage on a friend and myself from a major supermarket under the freedom of information act (he had started to go into a diabetic coma and they claimed he was drunk) and they have refused to furnish it. I am aware at one time there was a maximum fee of £10 and it could take up to 40 days. Is there anything I can do?
  21. Hi I'm looking for some advice over a somewhat complicated issue. My daughter attended a local gymnastics academy and I bought her a club leotard which was needed for a display, she wore the item approximately 6 times for an hour at a time when I noticed stitching on the shoulder seam was faulty, I returned the item to the academy 7 weeks ago and was told at the time that they had issues with other leotards and it was being dealt with by the manufacturer. Since that time my daughter has decided to leave the academy to concentrate on her other sports I contacted t
  22. Hi guys, Any advice on this one? Basically this relates to 4 credit cards and would never have taken out the PPI if I had known, was just told to sign 'here & here' to accept the card. I'm guessing the next step would be to request the CCA's? Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hi My son received a parking ticket, which I presume he didnt pay. He has moved house a lot and the notice must have gone to a previous address - didnt notify the dvla until last week when it was changed. Bailiffs called this morning. Demanded 300 plus there and then. Bailiff returns 30 minutes later and demands 691 pds as truck is on its way. Mu son offered the 300 there and then but the bailiff refused. Is this legal. thanks
  24. hello, I have looked all through the advice from Which, CAB etc. Just wanted to make sure I'm right! Took delivery of a mattress this week (ordered online with a CC). Ten mins after driver left I removed the outer polythene cover to discover a dirty brown rip in fabric. Immediately rang company who were non apologetic, they asked for photos for proof. They subsequently agreed to an exchange only as I forfeited right to a refund by signing for it:roll:. I think this is incorrect as I have reasonable time to examine it surely. It still has the second polythene cover on and has not been move
  25. I bought an item from a UK shop online. I changed my mind, around 10 hours after I purchased I sent them an email informing them I'd like to cancel. They dispatched anyway, and I refused delivery when the courier arrived. Only after 3 emails did they refund, but almost £50 less than the item cost (The item was £160, they only refunded £110) I sent a letter advising them that the DSR's apply and that they cannot charge restocking fees and that they must refund the original postage. I was under the impression that as I never took delivery, I should receive a full refund.
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