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  1. Hi everyone, this is on behalf of my partner. Got "caught" by an inspector, but is unsure whether the Oyster reader (at the station, or the inspectors) is at fault; also, the inspector failed to issue the penalty notice, we think deliberately - he certainly took his time. Got a £50 demand .. appealed on line but was refused, got a standard reply and a futher £50 demand. Here are the details entered on line .. I have an Oyster card. On this occasion, I was under the impression I had touched in at XXXX. I either touched in at XXXX and it did not regist
  2. Ok my daughter in-law tried to make a payment to her door stop loan agent(provident) she has missed her for a couple of weeks told her to try to give her something even if its only a couple of pound a week till they can get back on track. She only had £3 she could give her today(She had received a letter from provident say she could make a token payment of a pound per week just now) agent refused said it would have to be £5 or nothing this agent has also been holding on to the payment book and has refused to had it over unless she can get a guarantee of £5 min a week. Now as far as I'
  3. hello guys I have recently had a very bad experience whilst trying to sell a car I would be grateful for some advice a few months ago an immediate family member wanted to sell her vehicle. vehicle was advertised on autotrader. To cut a long story short, the potential buyer, pushed me, grabbed the keys, and drove off in my vehicle. and the person who dropped him off drove off behind him. as usual, 3 months later, insurance company have come back stating the claim has been rejected on 2 grounds 1. I am not a named driver 2. theft by deception so now my family memb
  4. Hi there, I am having a bit of an issue with my employer, basically I was on the wrong tax code and so was mistakenly taxed an excess of about £1000. I spoke to HMRC and they informed me they had told the company that they had to refund me as a tax refund. Despite my tax amount accrued dropping on my next pay slip the company are refusing any knowledge of it and despite calling hmrc and sending a letter I haven't heard anything from the letter and they told me something about it potentially being too late. I have sinced been dismissed after raising grievances about this (within the 2 year
  5. Does this sound right, where do i stand. I saw a job advert going for 'self employed cleaners required, must drive and have own transport and have some experience' I meet all of the above criteria, was speaking to employer (or not as would be self employed), getting on fine, then was rejected just because i am a man. Sexist springs to mind Is their anything i can do or just accept it, i have it in writing that i was refused just because i am a man.
  6. Hi all I have had a Barclaycard ppi claim refused after 2 attempts so have decided to issue a court claim via moneyclaim online. T he issue that I have is in regards to what interest rate I can charge for the claim. The ppi premiums were for 22 months back in 2003 and the card apr was 29.9%. Am I only able to charge 29.9% interest on the court claim for the period that the ppi premiums were deducted, i.e until the end of the 22 months or can I charge the 29.9% up until I issue the court claim. Or would it be 29.9% for the 22 months and the 8% from the start of the p
  7. This might sound bazaar but it is an unusual scenario - not sure if I am posting in the correct thread so admin please feel free to move at your discretion. I have approached the Co-operative bank recently for a loan to consolidate my credit cards to achieve a lower rate interest in order to be debt free within 3 years. However, my husband is in receipt of State Pension & Pension Credit and this is paid as a couple. Unfortunately, the bank have said that unless I can prove how much of those benefits are mine, they are unable to offer my loan due to lack of income In my own right, I
  8. Hi, I recently requested a CCA from HSBC for my credit card. They answered with "I regret the bank is unable to act upon your instructions for documents under Section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for the following reason. .Missing signature " I thought i had read on a different thread that i did not need to sign it? Advice please
  9. I currently work as a web editor employed in a department that is undergoing consultations pertaining to a potential restructuring that could take effect in a month's time. I've been in this role for four years. They've sold this restructuring as only a "proposal"; one that will be subject to our input as they try to refine a new system that everyone can "agree" to. So far the process hasn't resembled anything close to democracy (as one would expect) so when it inevitably goes ahead my job will be disestablished within about 6 months or so. There are three web related roles in the new str
  10. I am a foster carer and when I began fostering over 3 years ago I took out a new home buildings and contents insurance policy with Nationwide. I specifically told the guy who sold it to me over the phone that I was a foster carer and needed suitable insurance to cover me for potential damage by foster children. He said this policy would be fine. I have been paying it for nearly 4 years and not made any claims but yesterday one of the young people that I foster caused considerable damage to my house during an outburst of temper, including a broken window and internal doors. I called the insuran
  11. Hi. I've been trying to claim PPI refund on a barclaycard I had in the early 90's. I SAR'd them and got a copy of the original application form. I put the reasons down as it was not sufficiently explained to me and that my employer at the time had a sick pay scheme so it was useless. They refused my claim on the grounds that they couldn't confirm the sick pay scheme (the company ceased trading some time ago so they wouldn't be able to) and that as it was an application form they say I must have taken it out in branch so the PPI would have been explained. I countered their arguement as at the t
  12. Hello I have been told I am not allowed to sign on to JSA, could anyone help me or clarify? I was let go at the end of December, I filled out the application online and got an appointment at my local office. I got there and we went through the application and she said I couldn't go any further as I live with my girlfriend's parents (and obviously my girlfriend) - she asked if we shared a bedroom or not too. Because my girlfriend works full time, I am apparently ineligible. We aren't married, been together about 12 months now. Not sure what to do, my money is drying up...
  13. Ok so a few weeks back I came home to find my car clamped...... They wouldn't say who they were, just sat in their van being arrogant. So I came in the house and my OH says they are bailiffs..... Me panics thinking what the heck for? So I ring the council tax and they say yes I owe £324.... From 2007?!?! So go outside and they then tell me who they are however the debt is not mine, and that if I get some proof the car is mine they'll remove clamp.... So get v5 and they say this is not proof of ownership. Anyways an hour later they tell me it's my partners debt for a previous
  14. I tried to get insurance from the cheapest quote on GoCompare.com, which was for £800 from "4 Young Drivers". I called them and quoted the reference number, to which the chap on the phone told me that the price on the website was just the "referral price" and that I would never get that price. Instead he said I would be paying around £1,600!!! (My last years insurance was £600!!) Having contacts in the travel industry, I know exactly how this works, and these insurance companies use compare websites to drive calls, then find any possible reason to come away from the advertised price
  15. My samsung reference number is ,,,,,,,, I bought my samsung tablet from argos in april 2013 and in january it developed in problem and i had to take it back to argos but they told me the only option i have is to call samsung which i did, i was told instructed to send it back with the self addressed envelope they sent to me few days later. I was told then that it would only take ten working days and if for any reason it could not be fixed they will replace it. However that was not the case because till this day which is over nine months sam
  16. Hi, I have asked barclaycard to recover money i paid to a company which stated that i had a "no quibbles 60 day money back guarantee". I was unhappy with the installed item and asked the merchant for a refund, the company stated that their "no quibbles" money back guarantee doesn't work like that. To cut a long story short barclaycard attempted a chargeback which was declined by the merchant bank. The merhcant produced a set of terms and conditions which were not there terms on their website at the time of my order. I managed to retrieve the previous terms with the help of an archive webs
  17. Hello All, My father's family visitor visa was refused on 01-Nov. Basically my father was in UK in May-27 and therefore his second visa starting from 01-Nov was refused because it is less than six months since his last departure from UK. I did not know about this rule. The visa officer further feels that he is trying to make UK a habitual abode. He is eligible to come to UK after 29-Nov as he will have completed six months out of UK. Now my concern is that the visa officer may refuse again thinking that my father is desperate to go to UK and therefore applied as soon as he
  18. Not sure if someone else has come across this But I am facing 2 HMRC Issues which shows their non professionalism and inadequacy: Issue One (1): Last year my Spouse was on Maternity for 1 year which included paid, Statuary and Unpaid 3 months of Maternity pay. Since it affected our overall income I rang up HMRC and requested them if we are eligible for any Benefits due but they did calculation based on previous year and said we do not qualify for any benefits as we earned over £32000 for previous year and requested us to call them back later. However few months after my son was bo
  19. Evening all, A lady has explained to me that her estranged husband had broadband from AOL in his name, but hasn't bothered to pay the bill... AOL have now cut off the broadband, she lives in a rural area and has asked BT for broadband but they have refused, is it possible that there is some kind of adverse marker on the line?? many thanks in advance
  20. Please Help. I sold my soul to the devil 4 yrs ago when I purchased a Tumble Dryer from Perfect Home!! Believe me I was under no illusion as to their sky high interest rates ect but I had no other alternative as couldn't afford to buy one outright. Since then I have had 5 agreements with them (2 have been paid 3 ongoing). My problem is this: A month before Xmas my cooker broke so having no alternative I once again turned to Perfect Home. All was ok until I missed a payment last week! My weekly repayments are £42 so I now owe £104! This being 2 wks payme
  21. I started renting the property in 2008, AST tenancy UK. During that time my landlord issued 3 section 21's (every time I complained or asked for work to be done!) then changed his mind when I was given an eviction order. Rent was paid in full. Deposit was never protected, when I challenged this in court he refunded my deposit and re issued s21 I received an eviction notice and an eviction date for March, however, in February my landlord emailed me and stated that I could remain in the property (he had done this before). I found out on the day of the eviction that he had not cancelled th
  22. Hi a Tomlin order agreed and signed by claiments solicitor and selves failed to be sealed by the courts and returned to claiments solicitor.They failed to rectify and return it as requested by the court for sealaing and remains as such.Monies were paid by us and our part of the agreement was kept to time scale stated,but claiment delayed on their part..No funds or nerves to carry on with dispute. Part of agreement from claiment is still outstanding. Solicitor handling this stated at that time if any part of agreement failed we would be entittled to our payment back. This was a civil cas
  23. I am a 53 year old woman.live alone, working 20 hours a week on minimum wage. get a small amount of tax credits ..Pay full council tax and only get £19 of my rent........after i then pay all my other bills and monthly bus fares I know i was definatly better off on benefits... However i need to work for my sanity Back to the original question I suffer with Restless leg syndrome and take Topamax and Zopiclone... Do i qualify for a perscription excemption certificate and if so how do i apply.. At the end of the month i have barely enough to eat let alone get my percription,but
  24. Hi everybody, After your expertise and great advice again please. Story so far..... Sent SAR to MBNA, successfully reclaimed PPI, all done and dusted within 2 weeks of receiving SAR. The charges, not so easy. Here is what I sent to MBNA in April COMPLAINT Dear Sir or Madam, Following media reports and an investigation into credit card charges by the Office of Fair Trading, which I have recently been made aware of, I now understand that the regime of fees which you have applied to this account in relation to late fees, and over limit charges, are unlawful at
  25. DHL attempted to deliver a package to me on 10 December 2013. I have refused this package because of late delivery. It will be of no longer use to me after 8 December (I have made it clear to the seller that I needed this item to arrive before 8 December however, he shipped it late). I knew the problem was from the seller and not DHL. I have opened a dispute for this Transaction with my bank and it has been successful and my monies returned after Aliexpress were very slow in settling the case. I have been sent a text message from DHL telling me the invoice amount i need to pay for VA
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