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  1. Can anyone help. Due to depression and anxiety i was on esa, i was in the support group and allowed to do permitted work. I failed my assessment and have been taken off ESA. on all other occasions i have been told that permitted work will have to stop so that is what i did this time. I am now being refused full jsa because i stopped the permitted work. I did ask what i should do about permitted work when they told me i could not claim esa anymore but no one seemed to know so that is why i finished as that had been the case before.
  2. I qualified to become a driving intructor in 2012 and in Oct 2015 I gave my ADI badge back to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) as I was no longer teaching due to being in a full time job. The DSA sent me a letter to confirm they received my ADI badge in Oct 2015 also confirmed they removed my name off the Driving Instructors Register. The DSA said in a letter I had ..."12 months from the date your name was removed from the ADI register on 30th Oct2015 to re-register without taking the driving instructor qualifying exams..." So in late Oct 2016 a few days before the 12 months was co
  3. Hey all Looking for a bit of advice please. I bought a pre-owned Samsung galaxy tab 3 from GAME earlier this month (still have the box, receipt etc). After having no problems with it, the last few days it has started restarting itself randomly - this could happen after a few minutes of use or even after an hour. When it does restart itself, it turns itself off and cant be turned back on for 5mins or so. Anyway, to me it appears faulty and took it back to my local GAME store today but was told that as its an intermittent problem, I need to take it home and then video it when it ha
  4. Good morning! I have an interesting issue here. Last week a friend of mine came to a Post Office branch at Canning Town. There was already a small queue of just 3 people. It was Saturday. Closing time was 12:30. She came to the branch at 12:10. All she needed was to register her biometric details. The procedure normally takes around 4 minutes. But the staff of the Post Office refused to service her, because otherwise they would have to stay at work later than 12:30.. After several minutes of arguing my friend had to leave the branch, it was 12:20,
  5. Some time ago on renewing buildings insurance, when asked about state of repair, I mentioned to my insurer (and another company I had asked to quote) a long standing crack in a detached outbuilding (not the house) which I said was stable and showing no movement. They said they wanted more information before quoting for the renewal/cover, and that they would refer to their underwriters. Before either made a decision I actually obtained a better quote elsewhere (with full disclosure, obviously). I wrote to the two companies saying that was the case, and that I di
  6. Got a bit of an annoying issue with Royal Mail. Will try and keep this as brief as possible. I sent a parcel to friends in Germany containing some baby clothing for which I paid just over four pound to go as a small parcel (airmail). The parcel never arrived and six weeks after sending it out it came back to me, in a clear plastic bag from Royal Mail, my parcel was more or less obliterated, the shipping bag I used was totally shredded with the contents falling out. The address was no longer visible as that part of the mailing bag was totally ripped away. Only my return address was sti
  7. Hi I have Buildings and content insurance bought through Hastings Direct. In May 2016, we had a very large fire in our property which caused extensive damage costing upwards of £100k to repair. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it likely started in the washing machine (it wasn't on but was plugged in.) There had been no alterations to the wiring in the 10 months that we had owned the house. There is no suggestion of foul play. It is the first time I have made a claim in over 21 years of having home insurance. Hastings have now written to me to say that are refusing to invite m
  8. Hi Guys, Please can you help with some legal stuff . . . We use DPD regularly and suffice to say damages do occur, fairly infrequent in all honesty but when they do I expect them to honour the claim. The latest problem was a delivery to our customers customer, 2 boxes full of acrylic display products, these were well packed with bubblewrap, double wall cartons and various void fill to ensure no movement in the box . . . sadly x amount of the products were damaged, photos were taken and I put the claim in . . . Today i've received a knock back on the claim s
  9. I am a driver. The vehcile I drove today has a very very badly worn drivers seat. I have reported this via defect card 4 times since january. As I finished my shift today my lower back was hurting very badly. I asked for the accident book so I could enter the injury in the accident book. I was told it should not be entered into the accident book, but should do an occurance report instead. I was under the impression that all injuries at work can/should be put in accident book. Your thoughts?
  10. Hi , Im helping my mother deal with an old Barclaycard. We sent a SAR request a week ago to this address: The data Controller , Barclays Bank Plc One Churchill Place London E14 5 HP. She today received the letter back, with a Royal Mail sticker on with `refused box ticked`. Is that the wrong address or are they being obstructive???? Any advice appreciated, Thanks
  11. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately
  12. Hi all, I claimed tax credits as my computer repair business is bringing in less and less each year due to increased used of smartphones and tablets. I got a letter from "B&C Compliance Operations HMRC" asking for proof that the business is serious and that I make a regular income and an intention to make profit, ect. Since this letter stated they do not accept electronic or USB/CD i was limited on what I could provide so I simply sent a couple of my most up-to-date flyers as well as my business website/email address. A few weeks later I get a response saying that they don't
  13. Hi all! I made a half hearted PPI claim v Barclaycard circa 2 years ago. As I did not escalate then I was under the impression that I could not go to the FOS now. On another ( MSE) site mentions that I CAN go to the FOS but only if I complain to BC again first.. any thoughts? Thanks
  14. Hi all Not sure which sub category this should go in so here I am in the general retail area. I bought a replacement seal for my oven door. This was direct via the Hotpoint spare parts department, bought over the phone. I gave the oven model number to the operator who advised the correct part and took payment. On receipt of the item I've found that it is very similar to the original part (but not the same) but does not fit the oven. I've called Hotpoint four times to try and resolve the issue, they are excruciatingly difficult to deal with. They are r
  15. my son recently made an ESA about 4 weeks ago only to find out that his claim was refused because he apparently claimed for a similar problem before and was signed off by ATOS so had to claim JSA. He has been without any income since the 18th August no letter was sent and now he has to wait until JSA is accepted. What I would like to know is there any financial help he can get to tie him over until his claim has been sorted out as I cannot help him because I have a very limited amount myself. Please can anyone advise what he can do for now and also will they or can they backdate his
  16. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and
  17. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate some advice on my current situation. Long story short I have attempted to VT my HP agreement with Marsh they have refused on the basis they have already terminated the agreement. Here is a timeline of what has happened so far February 2014 - Agreement started through Carcraft/All in One Finance November 2014 - Payment missed 1st December 2014 - Notice of Arrears received December 2014 - Marsh agreed to a repayment plan to bring the account up to date 5th January 2015 - Default Notice received
  18. I would like some advise please? I am a landlord of a freehold property and was issued a parking charge for parking in the communal car park. I never received correspondence that UKPC was going to be managing the communal car park. My tenant later informed me he had not received any correspondence also about UKPC managing the car park and so had received parking charges for 3 consecutive days but was going to ignore the charges as he was a tenant and was within his rights to use the car park. I decided to appeal the parking charge unlike him, however POPLA ha
  19. My friend and I were traveling to Crete Rethymon on the 21st of June 2015 with Jet2 from Glasgow airport. We were meant to return with them on the 28th of June 2015 to Glasgow airport. We bought 4 miniature bottles of vodka at duty free. When we were on our flight, my friend opened one of the miniature, one of the cabin crew said that we were not allowed to consume it on the flight. We apologised and handed the miniatures to the cabin crew to be locked away until we departed our flight. We were then asked if we would like drinks from the trolly, we ordered food and some alcoholic beverage
  20. Hi, during 2015 I was at University at Brighton and decided to get a gym membership. I went to a few gyms checking prices and commitments and when I went to LA Fitness the guy that eventually signed me up (obviously trying to make a sale) lied to me, he stated that if I moved out of Brighton (which I obviously would do, as Uni does end) that it'd be fine and my account could be closed no hassle. He stated that all I had to do was be 8 miles from THAT PARTICULAR gym. Well I moved back home to Southampton, and went to cancel my membership stating that "yes, I had moved over 8 miles from the
  21. Hi everyone. This is the letter I have sent to one of my suppliers. What do to when a supplier from abroad refuses to refund for a manufacturing issues on the item bought. 05 October 2015 Dear Mr. X, Request full refund Order N 6513 dated May 2015 23rd + invoice 29617 + 30 EUR for storing. I am writing to you to make official request of full refund for the purchase of the Scooter model H300 I have bought for my customer Mr. X X. As you were previously made aware of, the scooter was received by the customer with manufacturing issues such brakes not perfectly working, speedomet
  22. Hi, After applying for a payday loan, I got through to the final stage of the process - where the loan was confirmed and I would next hear from the company when the money had been deposited. 'My account' page on their website showed the loan as 'approved', but the application was still 'pending'. I had to speak to the company on the phone to confirm financial details before the money would be available. Following this telephone conversion I was informed that the loan would have to be declined. 'My account' page on the website now shows that I do not have any current or outstand
  23. Hello, Firstly, I live in flats with my own space. We have a Right to manage arrangement with a compnay that deals with our day to day. We had problems with the old company and used RTM to remove ourselves from their management. Thought i'd say as it may or may not be relevant. I went on holiday for the few days and took my permit out for my dad to use while i was away. I got back and forgot to put it back on display. I got a ticket for ' not displaying a valid permit '. They now want £50.00 which has now doubled because of a failed appeal. I checked in the forum and sent an appeal
  24. My friend who is in the middle of divorce has been refused 3 mortgages due to her husband late payments of their mortgage over the last few years, which has affected her credit rating. She now has two weeks to vacate her property with her son and look for another one. She is unable to afford the landlords extortionate rental prices and will be in effect homeless. Is there anything she can do??
  25. I have submitted reclaim for missold PPI to Yorkshire Building Society they have responded to advise that they refuse claim on the grounds that throughout their investigation they found no evidence to suggest they acted inappropriately or improperly in any way either when arranging MPI cover at the outset or since. They have although found evidence to suggest that we were aware of the policy existing. We were told at the outset of applying for our mortgage that we would have to take endowment and payment protection insurance for our mortgage application to be looked on favoura
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