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Found 60 results

  1. hi all just wondering if anyone can offer some advice re my mother in laws pension credit application basically back in june my father in law suffered a severe stroke which has left him partially paralysed and unable to speak,he has gone into full time residential care and unfortunately my mother in law has now lost his pension and some of his dla money so we were advised to apply for pension credit for her when i first enquired i was told a representative of the benefits agency could visit her and sort everything out but basically she is elderly has just suffered all the stress of the stroke and its aftermath and doesnt handle/understand interviews or officialdom very well !! i told the guy this and he said dont worry then just apply online so we did that but she then got a call again requesting an interview and although she agreed without really realising what was happening,she then cancelled as it was scheduled for the same day as an important operation for her husband.the lady who she spoke to was very off about the cancellation and seemed to suggest they could not process her application without the interview so my question is do you have to be interviewed at home in regards to a pension credit application or can you refuse this? has anyone got a draft letter i may use to find out the situation and to decline said interviews requesting the application proceed as a postal one only? many thanks for any help and advice
  2. Hi All, My wife is insured with VW Insurance underwritten by Allianz, she was given one years free insurance when she bought a new car last year and she renewed it automatically. She is an airline stewardess and was reporting for duty at 7pm last night at Heathrow. We use her car mainly as it can take dogs and children, our only other car is an Audi TT which is impractical for the purpose. Normally I drop her off at the airport at the fast drop so I have use of her car as I'm a named driver, otherwise her car sits in a car park for 5 days 9 days etc, completely pointless. However last night I happened to be at the airport at a works function and had a hotel room booked, she was on her way to my hotel to have a coffee and hand me the car as I was obviously not coming home, I would drop her at the kerbside as usual and whizz off to my Christmas meal. Unfortunately she collided with the rear of another car coming off the M25 AT 1750, the car being damaged and undrivable. The insurance adviser has informed us her cover is social,domestic, and leisure and does not include commuting so they would not be covering it. No she never checked it and has learnt the hard way. HOWEVER - She was not driving it to work , she was bringing it to me so I had it for the 5 days she was away, the hotel is 20 mins from our house, I've sent them the hotel bill, my check in time etc etc. Normally I would have taken her in and dropped her off but couldn't as was in the hotel. Because ultimately she left home to go to work they didnt care about the details and said it was commuting. I replied that as she only goes to work 3 times a month as she's part time, I have the car to stop it sitting dead in a car park for ages, and certainly last night she was not commuting to work, she was delivering it unusually to me as I was in a Heathrow hotel. So having paid to get the car moved to a body shop I'm in limbo. Can they define this as commuting, her car sitting at a hotel unconnected to work then driven by me to drop kerbside? To me they are refusing on a technical point, it did not happen near the work car park it was miles away, I am angry, she is shaken and what if any are my legal avenues. Any help greatly appreciated by us both. Thanks Stu
  3. As title, just got SAR info back from Argos and not sure which spreadsheet to use, assuming interest at 29.9% is a bit bloody steep
  4. Hello, Well the annual SLC hell arrived - deferment. I sent everything off in good time, recorded delivery, email, fax and also telephoned as every year they deny receipt so thought this year would be extra careful. I'm self employed and like many people at the moment, I on paper made a small loss overall in the previous tax year. I thought at least I don't have to pay the SLC. But no. They have rejected the application to defer on the basis that "the law states you need a minimum of XX per week to live on" and stating they will not defer my loans! I've communicated in writing that, as I am below the threshold for repayment, there are no payments due and I have no further information to give them. Now threatening legal action and accuring arrears at a scary rate. I've tried to complain to the Financial Ombudsman, who have so far in three months failed to respond at all. I'm actually considering letting them take me to court for the alleged arrears as I think there is a very good chance that they would loose on the basis that I am below the income threshold and also they have treated me unfairly and breached the CCA, I have a chance to have the loans written off. Any advice please? I would rather resolve but they are adamant that they will not defer on the basis of my tax return, accepted by the Tax office! Getting quite stressful really. Many thanks.
  5. Last year I was trying to sort my finances out and noticed Barclaycard were taking insurance money every month. I thought this was my I.D. protection insurance which is only meant to come out once a year, so I phoned them. The person on the end of the phone told me it was meant to come out every month, I told him I was told when I got the I.D. insurance that it would only be paid yearly, after about five minutes of insisting it comes out ever month he finally told me it wasn’t the I.D. Insurance it was P.P.I. At the time I had no idea what this was and asked him to explain it and after hearing what it was I told him to cancel it as I never asked for it or even wanted it. I was then told someone would contact me about why it was being paid without my knowledge. I did asked how long had they been taking it and was told since I opened the card account in 2001. No one contacted me and I forgot about the whole thing until a year later when someone asked me at work if I sorted it out. Phoning them back up I was again told I’ll be contacted about it, around a month later I got a questionnaire form about why I think I was mis-sold P.P.I which I filled out and sent back. I then got a later stating I would have a decision by 11th November 2012. Having heard nothing I phoned them yesterday 22nd November and was told a letter was sent dated 16th but they would resend it as it never arrived. The person then told me it stated they refused my claim and said there was an eight page reason as to why but it was pretty much their standard response (his words), he stated it said that it is Barclaycard’s policy to explain everything to their customers regarding the P.P.I. and they can find no reason to suggest that all aspects were not fully discussed with me, therefore they will not uphold my complaint. As I said at the start the first I knew I had P.P.I. was in 2011, I never asked for it or indeed even knew what P.P.I. was until last year when I phoned them up. I have a stable job that I’ve been in for fourteen years and have no reason to think I would lose the job so again have no reason for P.P.I. Could anyone here give me any advice on what I do now to reclaim my money? Thanks in advance, James
  6. A question for a friend who was a private cab driver with local firm. He had an accident 12 months ago when a motor cycle hit the side of his vehicle. No serious injuries to him of motor cyclist. Taxi driver received 3 points and £100 fine. That put 6 points on his license. He packed private hire in last week due to lack of earnings with company. He was offered a collar on hackney carriage, but insurance company refused to insure him as they say the accident cost them £22,000.00 3 points are due to come off his license in February. Question is "Are they within their rights to refuse insurance?" He hasn't lapsed on his payements as it was a company block payment. 6 points on a license isn't the crime of the century (3 for speeding). I have told him to complain in writing and tell them if it isn't resolved to his satisfaction write to the Insurance Ombudsman. Basically they are stopping him from working, are they allowed to treat anyone this way? After all why do we pay insurance?
  7. Sorry, I resolved this problem. Don't know how to delete thread though Sorry again for any inconvenience.
  8. Just got a refusal from MBNA on a submitted claim. Copy of letter below: Dear....... Thank you for your letter dated ******* regarding the Payment Protection Insurance on th9is account. Our records show that payment protection was applied to your account at your request on ****** The application form you completed offered you an option to tick the box to purchase payment protection insurance. This option to tick the box would have made it clear to you that you could choose whether or not to make the purchase. Given that you you ticked the box I am satisfied that you actively chose to purchase payment protection insurance and understood that it was optional when you did so. At the time the payment protection was added to your account you were eligible for the cover. When you opted to for purchase of payment protection cover we did not offer any advice about the policy and provided you with information only. In other words yours was a non advised sale. Having reviewed the information you have provided, our processors and the disclosures which we made to you at the time, we are satisfied that you had sufficient information to make your own evaluation of and decision about the product on offer. On this basis I regret to inform you that I am unable to uphold your complaint or issue a refund of the premiums paid Blah blah blah. I'm now sending a SAR to them for a copy of all documentation. I'm guessing the above is a standard refusal letter. From my own memory this was taken out when I was self employed so either the T & C's weren't clear or perhaps the application only had a short version of the full T & C's which would not necessarily be sufficient to make a complete evaluation of the policy conditions. Is there any history on this sort of thing that could be useful and is there anything useful that you may feel I have missed out that I could use in further representation
  9. Hi guys, Hope this is posted in right part of forum if not please move. Basically the story is myself and my dad had 3 deals with t-mobile, my fathers deal ran out this january and mine in march. Anyways my father sent a registered letter to them in November giving them notice that we'd not be renewing the current deals when they run out. He wrote all three numbers and there expiry dates. So a week or so later we received a letter that only acknowledged one number my dads one that was running out in January. I think they generally like to play the fool.... Anyways on the letter it said 'sorry to see you go' and such like and asked us to call them to confirm we are the accountholders. When my dad called the person on the phone said that my deals that ran out in March would be expire in April. My dad no they don't as a year before we was told it expired in march 2012. Sheer lies from T-Mobile yet again. My dad put the phone down as he was getting no where with this person. We paid off the remaining months and that was that. We refused to pay anymore as our deal had ran out. All of the deals were agreed over the phone by they way. Yet no one ever said it would roll over, nor did they say April. They sent 2 maybe 3 bills since and last week i received a letter from debt collecting company Buchanan Clark and Wells asking for £154. Now my father told them that t-mobile were given a letter and a phone call. They went away until today and they sent a letter asking us to call them. My father did and they said T-Mobile received a letter but they never received a phone call confirming. T-mobile have barred my number which is fine. I have a new sim card... Looks like likely were going to court, i don't know if we have a leg to stand on personally. They seem to be making it up as they go along. My father does have a receipt of the registered letter. On the first letter from the debt collectors it's basically saying T-Mobile will allow us back once we pay. I mean we don't want another contract with your damn company. It's like being held hostage... I used the phone to text someone in April on the 11th, they said the deal runs out on 12th of April. We say March, Only reason i sent a text is i thought i had credit on my phone. As i said they have no barred calls to the number. Honestly guys have no clue what to do, do we have any chance of winning against these bullies? and how?. We really need some guidance.. I don't think my dad should of flung letters away but they seem utterly stupid anytime you talk to them it's sheer rudeness and 'no, but no, yeah but no'. So my father gave up trying to explain this to them. My worry is we end up wrapped into another deal with this lot of jokers.. Thanks in advance..
  10. I applied for an SAR from a DCA they sent me the papers which I recieved. I recently moved and unfortunately lost these papers. As I need them I made another SAR enclosing £10, however they have now refused to supply me with anything stating they have already done this. Is this right? Or do they have to comply with the SAR once?
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