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  1. Hi, after some advice please!! My 19yr old son has paid Drive Dynamics £740 for a weeks intensive driving course. When we rang and booked it we explained he was going onto Basic training with the RAF in a matter of a couple of weeks and we needed to get it booked in before that, we were told this was not a problem, He paid in full and was told his instructor would be in touch within 5 working days, on the 6th day I rang up, was told they had left a voice mail with the instructor and he would contact us ASAP, I rang a further 2 times to be told the same, on the last call I said I would like a refund as there would not be time to do the course, the chap on the phone said give me 24hrs and Ill have it sorted. after 24hrs we rang again and said enough was enough we wanted a refund, which he was told that was fine and it would be sorted, that day he got the 1st call from the instructors saying he had been away for a month and they shouldn't have been taking bookings for him in that time, said he could offer a weeks lesson in 2 weeks time but had no idea when he could take his test. My son has 10 wks basic training, followed by a min of 10mths trade training, he can't arrange lessons now., we then rang back 2 weeks later as he had been told it would take this long to 'go through'. I have spent hours so far on the phone to this company to be passed around or just not answered, eventually I got through and was told he was not getting a refund and no-one had said he could have one. after another 2 days of numerous calls someone eventually said we would not get one without emailing the company to get a ticket number, which we did we have explained the whole situation to them, but have had a reply saying as they found us an instructor within 2 weeks, and my son did not cancel within the 2 week cool off period we will not get any money back. They have suggested we just take the lesson with them, He cant and he also doesn't want to as they never arrange anything so he doesn't trust he will even get a lesson!! my arguments is that I don't think they 'found' us an instructor as they never made any contact with the instructor within the 2 weeks they have to find one or full refund will be given, also how could we use our 2 week cool off as we didn't know they had messed up for 26 days when we finally got an answer! I have been told to send a registered letter to them stating they have breach their contract, I have emailed them 3 times since the last email to ask for the address to send it to as they claim my dispute is with the instructor and not them, but get no response, I am slowly going insane! feel so guilty as I hassled my son to do this and he spent his hard earned money to be ripped off by they company So any help on how I put a letter together that might shift their butts?!! many thanks Hana
  2. Good Afternoon all, Having been a keen reader for many years now, only now do I feel the courage to take on these ghastly payday loan companies which left me in such disarray in late 2012 and early 2013. To provide a bit of context, I got myself in a bit of trouble gambling (which I have not touched since 2014), was on anxiety medication from 2012 to 2014 and often found myself taking out payday loans to make sure I got through and able to pay for my rent, council tax, travel and living costs. I often was scrabbling around, pawning items, going to pawnbrokers and also applying online. I have been following everyone's advise (it's most appreciated) and have reached out to all the Payday loan companies asking them for all my statements during that period of time. Everything has been paid off (I fortunately got approved a personal loan from Nationwide in July 2013) While I am waiting for every payday loan company to respond, I also trawled through all my accounts and estimated the total amount of loans that I took out in a period of a year. Please note that this is just rough figures, a lot of the time I took money out in person, then deposited into my account. 1st Stop Pay Day - £1500 Bonga - £1600 Cash Converters - £3000 Dosh Express - £700 Early Payday Loans - £160 Microlend - £300 Moneyshop - £1000 PDUK - £1000 Wonga - £1400 Wizzcash - £1140 Several of these companies all performed credit checks so should have been able to see my spending/loans but approved me nevertheless. Would you classify this as irresponsible lending? Too many times did I have to roll over or take out another loan simply to pay another one off. When I got my personal loan through, I paid the pending ones back: 90, 139, 185, 195, 333, 366, 366, 520, 317, 200, 500, 1000 (cash converters extortionate personal loan of 568%!!) which amounts to me having 4200 of loans with extortionate rates. At the rates, 1000 of payday loan - 300£ interest? So I was paying £1200 a month in interest alone. I was earning 1600 a month from work... Please advise if I have a case to put forth to either the companies themselves or should I refer this to the Financial Ombudsmen? Furthermore, is there a chance that I can get these removed from my credit file? I was not aware that these types of credit agreements would stay? No one told me that they would, i was ok with the credit search but I'm not too happy about the black mark on these. Many thanks for your help, Appleguy
  3. I made the mistake of ordering a sewing machine online without checking the company's credentials beforehand. Got carried away with a bargain (more fool me). It turns out they've been on BBC Watchdog and Rogue Traders in the past and haven't changed their ways since. I immediately cancelled my order - same day and my request went ignored. They sent me an email saying they were processing my order. I reiterated that I wished to cancel. They sent me a dispatch notification saying they'll deliver the item Exress delivery. They did email me back when I stated that I refuse to be liable for delivery charges or admin charges as I cancelled 2 days before they sent it out. They said they had upgraded the machine from an ex-showroom model to a brand new one but they'd try and cancel the delivery and get back to me shortly. I have no doubt they said that to try and get me to accept the delivery and from what I've read on other reviews/forum posts that would be a big mistake! I refused the delivery and now they won't engage with me at all. All of my 'Support Forum' posts have been closed without response. I've opened a dispute with the credit card company but I'm not sure it falls within their remit - I didn't take delivery, they did try to deliver, the item wasn't damaged, they didn't charge my card fraudulently ... So where do I stand? It's been 12 days since I placed and cancelled the order. 7 days since I refused delivery and 3 days since they received the item back at their premises. (I have tracking proof). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
  4. Need guidance: Purchased the following three days ago, from a store: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/phones-broadband-and-sat-nav/broadband/mobile-broadband/ee-osprey-2-mini-pay-monthly-mobile-wifi-10132535-pdt.html Personal Hotspot Device - £9.99 + 30 day (rolling) data contract (I choose the 32gb tarrif - £28pm). At purchase - I had to put my debit card in the pay machine to pay twice - 1st - £9.99 for the device, 2nd - for the 30 day rolling data contract validation (£5). I've been using both for the last three days (The device box & the separate data sim were both sealed when we left the store). I opened and used both. I want to return and get a refund for the device + as much as possible for the contract. I have friends that have warned me 'not to trust this high street retailer - and to understand that they 'game' customers to avoid refunds as much as possible'. What are my consumer rights - and how should I approach this to get back as much as possible? My sincere thanks to any and all that help and contribute. Libertas
  5. I used booking.com to book a hotel near Frankfurt for two nights in October this year, 12 Oct. and 10 Oct. I paid in full using a credit card for both nights. I have requested a cancellation and have been informed that I will forfeit the full price. An email has been sent to me requesting that I confirm either acceptance of this or do not cancel my booking. I have a notion that despite the fact I did not insure my booking, I am entitled to a refund, on the grounds that they have ample time to find another 'punter' and that they have had the use of my cash for 3 months now. Is this the case and if so what legislation can I quote back to booking.com/ hotel.
  6. Hi I apologise in advance if I do anything wrong. I have never posted or written a post before. On the 13th April 2016 shopping with my children, I used a Natwest Cash machine to withdraw money. I checked the receipt as I was paid a redundancy payment and was due to pay the majority for a deposit on a new property I was in the process of purchasing. I had been very careful not to spend much money as the deposit was due on the Friday. I was horrified when I looked at the receipt, the balance available was almost £6000 lower than it should of been. I immediately returned home and called the bank. I discussed my query with a Customer Service Advisor then onto the Fraud Department, Online Bankng and Complaints. I spent over two hours passed around. The fraud team told me a refund would be in my bank within 5 days, Online Banking Fraud team informed me that they had identified that someone had been trying to log into my account from an unknown device several times over the previous 48 hours and also confirmed that my money would be refunded as it was clear I was a victim of fraud. After speaking the various departments over the phone I still felt really concerned and distressed as I didn't feel confident that my money would be refunded in time to pay the deposit and this would result in losing a house I had my heart set on. The information from all the Natwest Staff was inconsistent and now I realise it was also inaccurate. I decided to go into my local Branch and speak to the Manager as I had been advised that the bank should of refunded the £6000 immediately whilst they investigate. I sat with the Branch Manger and explained my situation, The Branch Manager seemed very understanding spent over an hour ringing various departments, looking at my account and trying to find out why the bank had told me a refund would take 5 days and not an immediate refund. I was so upset and distressed as I had taken redundancy from my previous employer and this was to secure the purchase of my first home for my family and I felt that this was not going to be refunded in time and not one of the advisors seemed to care. The Branch Manager had experienced poor customer service herself from the various departments. Eventually the Branch Manager informed me that I had not been refunded as the transactions were still pending and that these had to clear before a refund could be issued. The manager did inform me that the transactions were to a company abroad and it was evident that I had been a victim of fraud. The Manager offered to put a temporary credit in my account but could not cover the full amount for the deposit. I was given a letter from the Branch Manager sympathising with my situation, confirming that I had been a victim of fraud and CLEARLY stating that £6000 would be refunded into my account in 5 days time. I declined the offer of a temp credit and I advised that I would request an extension for my deposit as I could use the letter to prove that I would have the money in 5 days and that I had been a victim of fraud. I went to the solicitor and provided the letter as proof and an extension was agreed among the parties involved as my Solicitor had confirmed that he had seen an official letter. I waited the 5 days and checked my account and no refund, I left it till the following day and rang the bank to query why the money was not in my bank. I spoke to a rude, arrogant man who abruptly stated 'your not having a refund' I was mortified and just assumed he had made a mistake. He told me the bank had made a decision not to refund, a letter was in the post and that my account was going to be closed. I was so upset and informed him that the Branch Manager had confirmed the refund, the advisors I had spoken to has also told me a refund would be paid in 5 days. The advisors words to me where 'the letter means nothing you may as well put it in the bin' He went on to tell me that a Branch Manager has no authority to make this decision and only the fraud team could make these decisions. I was under the assumption that a Branch Manager was a person of authority and was someone who could deal with issues such as mine. I told him that the letter was an official letter and that my Solicitor had accepted it as evidence for an extension on the sale of my new home. 'put it in the bin' I had worked myself into such a state crying and totally powerless. I couldn't believe it. From there on I have contacted the complaints team, made a formal complaint, a spokesman said wrote an article about my situation and also contacted the bank on my behalf but still no refund. I have complained to the CEO and the Executive Team Manger responded and advised one of his team would be looking into my case. I rang the Exec Manager and discussed my issue. He appeared to be really sympathetic and genuinely sounded as if he knew it was the Banks mistake. I felt optimistic but within a few days I received a final response letter from the exec team identical to the response from the Complaints team and advising that the decision would not be overturned and they agreed with the Complaint Handler. I had sent a response picking out all the mistakes they had made. They had identified transactions made several months prior that appeared to be a similar merchant. The amount was completely different and nowhere near the large amounts that had been made during this fraud. I had been in hospital with Sepsis for 10 weeks throughout Novemeber and all through Christimas and it was not until I returned home I recognised unauthorised transactions on my account. I queried these but did not request a refund as I had concerns that a 17 year old male I had fostered for a year may have been involved. I could not prove this so felt very restricted to confronting him. I also did not want to involve the Police as it might have had nothing to do with him. I explained this to the Complaints Handler and also informed her that I had not asked for the previous 'fraud concerns' to be refunded. I had queried it as fraud but when the transaction details were provided I left it as that. This had no similarities to the transactions made on this occasion the current fraud was £6000 over 24 hour period. The complaint team response clearly states that 'I had been either involved in authorising the transactions or had been careless with my details' They refused to provide any evidence or details of how they made this decision and told me they were not required to as it was part of the NatWest fraud , security AND INVESTIGATION procedures which they did not have to disclose. As explained their decision was clearly due to other transactions on my account, not identical and in the complaint response the information was incorrect. It was evident that this was what the handler had based her assumption on. The letter then stated that the Branch Manager had acted in good faith when writing the letter and this was written based on information I had provided. I almost choked. Are you being serious. If I went into a branch and told the Manager I had just won a million would she write a letter and confirm this information? NO. The Branch Manager is paid to make responsible and accurate decisions and as a senior member of staff are we really supposed to believe they would provide confirmation of a refund simply because a customer says so. The complaint letter provided no evidence to back up this statement but is clearly stating that I am lying and the Managers word is what they accept as true. There was no other information in the complaint response and the points I had made in my complaint had not been addressed such as the FCA principles and the lending standards board guidelines they had failed to adhere to. All Ignored and the excuse they provided for not being able to provide any factual evidence or hard copies of anything related was due to the fraud and security processes they could not breech this and these processes could not be discussed with customers. I feel I have exhausted all avenues with the Bank and the Bank has won. They are just refusing with no proof, not even a reason but I feel powerless. I contacted the FSA who advised that the bank had not followed various principles and guidelines and that I should take this to the Ombudsman. I am aware that the Ombudsman is a length process and from the information I have read on your site and several others the ombudsman seem to side with the Banks and are not required to follow the FSA guidelines. I had considered just going to the Small Claims Court. To be honest it is not as important to me now, I have lost the house I had been in the process of purchasing and as the Branch Managers Letter appeared sincere and I trusted the Banks Branch Manager I went ahead with land searches and now solicitors fees I have paid and all for nothing. I am angry upset and feeling really low at the moment. I have lost money and the house and feel devastated that over half of the money I received as redundancy has just been stolen and there is nothing I can do, Its heart breaking. If anyone has any advice or ideas that they think may help I would be very grateful as at the moment I have given up.
  7. Hi All I am hoping that somebody can answer this for me please? A few years back we claimed PPI refund from Welcome Finance via the FSCS. We were awarded around £8000 which was, as expected offset against the loan balance. I am sure that I have read somewhere that whilst they have a right to set off the PPI refund element, the 8% interest element should have been refunded directly? I am now unable to find anything to back this up, and am wondering whether I dreamt that I read this? Would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks
  8. Waitrose Online Shopping:- Do they give a stuff about your refund for an unsuitable returned item? I think not and you won't get a refund easily if my experience is anything to go by. Is this Company Policy or is it the Store Manager who can't or won't manage? I made an online order which arrived in early February, an item was substituted I was offered 2 salmon fillets instead of the 4 that I had ordered. I refused the substitution as we are a multi person family, the driver told me I would get the substituted item credited back within 7 days, (£5.99). This did not happen, I contacted Customer Services via email, (I always do everything in writing as phone calls are easily forgotten), they said the refund would happen within a further 7 working days and they would contact the local store. Another 7 days; nothing! I again contacted Customer Services (the same agent) by email they said they had contacted the store who would credit my card withion 5 to 7 days and the Store would email me confirming that. Guess what? Nothing! So, one month from the initial order delivery, I made copies of my order, my emails and my card account and went out of my way to the Store and explained the issue to a Customer Services Supervisor who then refunded me the £5.99 in cash, plus £15.01 for my expenses, i.e. paper ink, diesel and my time with a "Sorry" She took all of the paperwork from me and said I would probably get a phone call from her manager to find out more. Have you guessed? No I didn't! I honestly believe that if I had not chased them, I would have had £5.99 appropriated from me with the apparent intention of permanently depriving me of it. There has been more than a little negligence in that way they have dealt with my money but at what level? So to date I have been refunded my costs, (barely) and a verbal sorry from a supervisor, nothing else. What did I expect? At least a verbal or written apology and explanation from the Manager as to why the Store failed me. So, no more online shopping because I can not trust Waitrose to do the honest thing without a fight or the right thing in hindsight. Can you? There are other supermarkets out there.
  9. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I am just looking for a little reassurance that I am doing the right thing really. I have been in debt since 2012 with payday loans, to say they have ruined my life is an understatement, I know I have responsibility for this, but as you all know, desperate times call for desperate measures. I have emailed in complaints currently, to Sunny, Wonga, MyJar, QuickQuick, WageDay Advance AND MoneyBox247. During the years of 2012 – 2016, i took out so many loans with them all, the main ones being Wonga, QuickQuid and MoneyBox247. It go so bad, at one point i nearly had to go into bankruptcy, but was saved by my family with a £26,000 loan in 2014, so it does show me paying back a loan or two early, but as I stated in the emails, it wasn’t because I was able, it was because of the above. I am just looking for opinion really, do you think I stand any kind of chance? I just hope I’m not wasting my or their time with it. 247 MoneyBox. 5th March 2013 – £110 borrowed – £141 paid back 27th March 2013 – £185 borrowed – £262 paid back 1st May 2013 – £300 borrowed – £439 paid back 28th May 2013 – £480 borrowed – £692 paid back 15th June 2013 – £80 borrowed – £156 paid back 10th July 2013 – £300 borrowed – £404 paid back 26th July 2013 – £100 borrowed – £171 paid back 30th July 2013 – £480 borrowed – £692 paid back 5th August 2013 – £400 borrowed – £551 paid back 7th September 2013 – £300 borrowed – £412 paid back 12th September 2013 – £100 borrowed – £133 paid back 20th September 2013 – £480 borrowed – £698 paid back 22nd January 2014 – £125 borrowed – £211 paid back April 2014 Loan – 30th May 2014 – Extended current loan – Paying back £671 on 27th June 2014 After this loan, I had to take a big helping hand from family in the form of a £26,000 loan as from all of the loans the previous year and up to May 2014, I was in serious financial troubles and close to bankruptcy, so this stopped me lending from June 2014 – January 2015. 26th January 2015 – £200 borrowed – £252 paid back 13th February 2015 – £150 borrowed – £168 paid back 9th March 2015 – £400 borrowed – £473 paid back 2nd April 2015 – £380 borrowed – £468 paid back 20th May 2015 – £125 borrowed – £167 paid back 10th June 2015 – £150 borrowed – £170 paid back 9th July 2015 – £150 borrowed – £177 paid back 29th July 2015 – £384 borrowed – £479 paid back 3rd September 2015 – £300 borrowed – £367 paid back 22nd September 2015 – £80 borrowed – £104 paid back 30th September 2015 – £400 borrowed – £499 paid back 31st December 2015 – £411 borrowed – £509 paid back 7th January 2016 – £200 borrowed – £286 paid back 18th January 2016 – £300 borrowed – £403 paid back 12th February 2016 – £300 borrowed – £417 paid back Wonga – This is by far the worst. 2nd February 2012 – NEW LOAN £100 – £132 29th February 2012 – NEW LOAN £250 – £333.62 9th March 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £75 – £325 Total – £431 to pay back. 11th March 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £70 – £395 Total – £521 29th March 2012 – £580 NEW LOAN – £771 to be paid back. 4th April 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back 9th April 2012 – Topped up previous loan £100 – £201 Total – £261 to pay back. 25th April 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £251 Total – £319.40 to pay back. 2nd May 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back. 6th May 2012 – Topped up previous loan £250 – £350 Total – £453 to pay back. 7th May 2012 – Topped up previous loan £200 – £550 Total – £711 to pay back. 2nd June 2012 – £250 NEW LOAN – £374 to pay back. Had to pay late – Received late payment email on 29th June 2012. 9th July 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back. 27th July 2012 – £790 NEW LOAN – £1077 to pay back. 29th July 2012 – Had to contact WONGA as unable to meet repayments and had to set up a repayment arrangement. I was making payments of £269.00 for four months, last payment was made on 30th November 2012. Immediately after this repayment plan finished, I was still in big financial difficulty, which my credit check and affordability checks would have shown, also the fact that only a few months prior i just finished a repayment arrangement, I don’t feel I should have been leant to. I was desperate, how ever Wonga should of known better. 1st December 2012 – £250 NEW LOAN – to be paid back. 6th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £298 Total – £397 to be paid back. 7th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £348 Total – £465 to be paid back. 7th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £398 Total – £532 to be paid back. 8th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £121 – £519 Total – £685 to be paid back. 6th January 2013 – £50 NEW LOAN – £69 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £120 – £170 Total – £219 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £220 Total – £285 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £270 Total – £352 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £330 Total – £418 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £380 Total – £485 to be paid back. 29th January 2013 – NEW LOAN £570 – £745 to be paid back. 31st January 2013 – Had to contact Wonga again to inform them of my financial problems, and needing to set up a repayment arrangement again. In arrangement from 31st January – 4th June 2013. 10th June 2013 – I applied for a new loan, and Wonga again re borrowed to me. I find this very responsible, when I have been in to repayment arrangements previous to this now, along with a very worrying lending pattern. 10th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £400 – £481 to be paid back. 12th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £120 – £146 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN £98 – £115 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £110 – £145 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £53 – £65 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £61 – £75 to be paid back 28th June – I again had to email Wonga and inform them of my financial problems to set up once again, a third repayment arrangement. I was in this arrangement from 28th June 2013 – 28th October 2013 paying £120 back each month. 1st July 2013 – I finished my arrangement in June, and again was allowed to re borrow from Wonga. 1st July 2013 – NEW LOAN – £449 – £595 to be paid back. 25th July 2013 – NEW LOAN £220 – £239 to be paid back. 14th August 2013 – NEW LOAN £552 – £646 to be paid back. 19th February 2014 – NEW LOAN £106 – £125 to be paid back. February / March – A loan of around £1000 was taken out, I am unable to find confirmation of this in emails, but 30th March – £1353.40 was due in one single payment to which I had to change the promise to pay day on and extend from the end of February. 23rd March 2014- I AGAIN had to contact Wonga in regards to setting up ANOTHER repayment plan due to being in financial troubles – THIS IS MY FOURTH REPAYMENT ARRANGEMENT WITH WONGA IN TWO YEARS. 28th April 2014 – 28th January 2015 Arrangement – I was paying back £156 per month 27th September 2014 – I was emailed like many millions of others, to be told my most current and recent loan, was included in their affordability issues – No others! Just this one! And the remainder of my balance was wiped off, totaling 4 x £156 payments that i had left to make. Again, after having 4 repayment arranges with Wonga – They allowed me to borrow again. 13th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £250 – £283 to be paid back. 15th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £100 – £114 to be paid back. 15th December 2014 – Top up of previous loan – £100 – Total to be paid back £437 28th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £250 – £312 to be paid back. 3rd January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £100 – £120 to be paid back 3rd January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £100 – £479 to be paid back. 4th January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £94 – £591 to be paid back. 12th February 2015 – NEW LOAN £150 – £168 to be paid back. 17th February 2015 – NEW LOAN £100 – £108 to be paid back. 2nd March 2015 – NEW LOAN £350 – £420 to be paid back. 22nd March 2015 – Had to set up ANOTHER REPAYMENT ARRANGEMENT! This my 5th in total in the space of 2012 – 2015. I finished paying off my loans on the 3rd July 2015. Quick Quid – Is a very similar store to Wonga, including two repayment arrangements and with them being told i was in financial problems, and they re borrowed again. I am very sad about it all, but I know you have all been in the same boat, and will not judge. I appreciate anything you can help with. It has only been a week, so I am sure it is a long road ahead, but out of curiousity, I do wonder if my story may have any hope. Thanks so much, Lillyx
  10. I recently, (well almost a month ago now), purchased a laptop (Acer Aspire) on Currys online site, cost £179.99. The item was collected from store on the 29th March. Due to the colour not being as advertised I returned the item unused and repackaged with cellophane still attached. ..so still brand new. The date now is 26th April and I still have not received my refund. As follows here is my timeline of events/calls to Currys; 30.3.16—Returned the laptop to store, a lady called Elaine said the item would be picked up tomorrow via DPD (ref. no. given) and then I would be refunded within 3-5 days. 9. 4 16—Rang Currys customer service line. Spoke to Stuart, he said that the lady in store should not have said the money would be refunded so quick but the item would be collected from store. Once the item has been confirmed that they had received it I would receive an email and then refunded in 3-5 days. Stuart said none of this had been done ie. No confirmation of item received. He said he would email transit/hub team. 11.4.16—Spoke to a Sami. When I explained the situation Sami said that they had received a few of these items (due to the incorrect advertised colour). I was on hold as Sami spoke to ‘whoever’ and now confirmed that she was organising a BACS refund and would generate a complaint on my behalf. An email confirming this would be sent to me once she had completed this...the refund would be today. None of this happened. 15.4.16—Spoke to Chris. After reading the case notes he placed me on hold and spoke to (?) to find out more details. Chris said the transit team were unable to locate the item but he would send an email to them requesting a response. Chris recommended that I call Tuesday (19th April) if I still had no email from depot/transit team or a refund. No email, no refund. 19.4.16—Spoke to Ross. Item now classed as an item ‘Lost in Transit’. Apparently a man called Paulo who works for the Online Team is investigating the case. The case was put forward on the 12th April and I would receive an email in 24 hrs regarding progress/outcome. Ross stated that the item had been returned to the depot but there was ‘physical damage’ and an investigation was taking place. It could take a week to investigate. I stressed that Currys has had the item since 30th March and was received with no damage hence this was not my problem. Ross suggested that I would receive an email in 24 hours. I asked to speak to Paulo, after time on hold Ross had spoken to Dean in Online Team services and said Paulo was not available but he had emailed the ‘Lost in Transit’ team and once he had received a response I would receive an email. No email, no refund. 21.4.16—Spoke to Macauley. Case notes said that the depot was emailed on the 15th April by Paulo requesting lost item. Unsure why I was told item received but damaged as this was not the case. Macauley then spoke to ‘the team manager’ . Macauley was now emailing Paulo as case logged on the 12th April and they have confirmed it was collected in store on the 30th March but apparently wasn’t so was resent for. Arrived with them on 1st April. Outlined the ‘receiving goods on a pallet’ process and it has to be manually looked for. Macauley repeated that he had spoken to a Paulo and would have to wait up to 14 days, however, he would personally make sure that it get resolved for me. ..Paulo not available at this point. Said to call Tuesday as then 14 days had expired and would refund the money. This would then take 3-5 days based on my Bank. Macauley would be in touch with me...he then changed his mind and said the 14 days would be up on Saturday. Macauley said I could call back and ask for him personally as it wasn’t fair speaking to different people. No email, no refund. 25.4.16. Unable to put me through to Macauley, spoke to Steven. Notes on system last logged as Christopher. No details of a call last Friday (21st April). Steven to contact Lost in Transit (LIT) team to find out what is happening, they would then call me. I explained 14 day time had expired so refund is required regardless of investigation. Steven attempted to end the call and said LIT team would contact me in 24 hours.. .Steven now said the LIT team would take up to 21 days to investigate. Would not transfer me to the LIT team. I asked Steven to confirm that there was no records of a conversation I had last Friday, he confirmed that no records showed this took place. Steven would email Macauley and LIT team to contact me or him which they would normally do in 24 hours . I gave him my mobile number. No one contacted me. 26.4.16— Notes on the system at 2.37pm still no response from the LIT Team, he has spoken to his Manager John and Back-up Support team therefore refund will be processed. Could take 3-5 working days. Customer Service said he would still need to establish where the item is, either still in store (he to contact the store), or lost in transit as their team had not produced the information, but this would not effect the refund...today. Call Tuesday 3rd May as 5 days up, (would have been Monday but for the Bank Holiday) if no refund. I finished by asking if there was an evidence of an email been sent to me throughout this process , “no not at all” was the reply with no notifications of emails sent. Question now is what do I do next if there is no refund next Tuesday?
  11. If you buy an item online and pay with Paypal they have a promotion where if you change your mind they will pay the return shipping costs. It runs to the 31st August and can be used 4 times up to a value of £15 each time. You need to opt in and it appears to be valid for all Paypal users. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns Terms and conditions: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns/general-conditions
  12. I have been told that I don’t need to pay business rates and I would like to find out whether it is in fact the case. I have a shop with empty living accommodation above. I have to pay 150% council tax for the domestic part as no-one lives in it along with standard business rates. The rateable value is approx. £3000. Someone else with a similar property he said that he had been advised that refunds don't apply to semi-commercial properties. Does anyone have any firm knowledge of this and can advise on what would be involved in obtaining any refund? I'd like to be armed with some facts when I approach the local council about it.
  13. Good Morning I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct section. Long story short - my brother purchased a sofa from an online retailer, it was delivered cash on collection, couch was in 'boxes' - when opened the couch was badly damaged. Damage was reported within 5 minutes of delivery, the company ignored and blocked calls from my brother and have refused to do anything about it. We contacted them from a different number and managed to speak with someone who initially offered a refund less delivery (I quoted DSR - as this wasn't a return of unwanted, it was return of faulty) and they then backtracked and said the couch was 'shown' to the customer and they had damaged it. Fast forward a few well worded text messages back and forth - we get an angry call from who I presume was a manager or director - at 1st saying he'd refund, then maniacally changing his mind mid way and saying 'you haven't got a purchase order or invoice, you haven't got a leg to stand on - you haven't got any proof you bought it from us' - which I managed to record Now he's taunting my brother, he has made a few promised to collect and given several times - one at 1:30am and to wait up. He waited up and nothing happened. I am at a loss as to what to do - I have contacted Citizens Advice (as they have to hand over to trading standards) - but haven't had a response. Here is an email I have sent to citizens advice - it goes into a bit more detail, maybe a little ranty... My brother purchased a sofa from Luxuy Living Limited - which we discovered on Facebook. Their web address is: ll-uk.co.uk They arranged contact through one of the mobile phone numbers listed on the website, and delivery was made on Saturday 2nd April. Upon delivery, cash was paid. The sofas came in 'boxes'. The delivery agent briefly broke apart a section of one of the boxes to point at fixings to explain how they clasp together. All seemed well, the drive left and the couch was 'unboxed'. We discovered damage immediately to one of the couches - and made contact to all of the mobile numbers on the website. This was literally within 5 minutes of delivery happening. After being unable to speak with them, we sent some text messages which were not responded to - and further attempts to call were unsuccessful. My brother called me to speak about the problem - and I attempted to call and was able to get a response. It would seem they blocked calls from his number. I'm a little more savvy and wrote a number of constructive texts explaining their obligation as a business - and have received a number of responses. Initially they said they'd refund minus delivery costs of £70 - which I explained was in breach of DSR as we are not 'cancelling' the order because we don't want it, we are returning because it's faulty. After I challenged this, they claimed the couch was unboxed and shown to the customer - and the damage had been caused by them. I challenged this and asked if they had anything signed or any photos to show this - as it's unlikely that they'd cause a manufacturing defect within 5 minutes of delivery. A few more texts back and forth and they made a promise to refund on Sunday 3rd. They waited in all day on the 3rd - nothing happened. By now we'd been back and forth with texts - and received a phone call from an angry gentleman who I believe was the business owner - we recorded the last minute or so of the conversation. He said he'd sort it, and it would happen later on Sunday night or Monday morning, then in the same breathe told us that we didn't have a leg to stand on because we didn't have a purchase order or an invoice. After explaining we have phone records and a raft of text messages discussing the sale and refund from a number listed on his website - he laughed and said he'd change numbers. We have screenshotted data from his website. We are getting absolutely nowhere and this company has behaved despicably.
  14. Hello everybody, I recently purchased a guitar effects pedal from a store over the internet via PayPal. I sent it back the next day during the cool-off period. The shipping in the online ad states free delivery. They have refunded me the cost of the item minus £6.99 for postage. I did a quick web search and came up with: The Office of Fair Trading; “The OFT’s view is that the normal postage and packing charges for the delivery, but not the return, of distance sales purchases must always be refunded in addition to the cost of the goods when orders are cancelled during the cooling-off period.” From Out-law.com: “Online shopping customers who send back goods straight away must not be charged for their delivery, Europe's top court has said. Consumers can be required to pay the cost of returning the goods but should be refunded every other cost, it said. 15 Apr 2010” “The UK's Distance Selling Regulations govern this right and consumer regulator the Office of Fair Trading has previously ruled that refunds must include the cost of postage or delivery of goods.” I contacted the store with this information and they sent me the following reply: "Thank you for your email and I do appreciate your point of view If you change your mind, you can return your purchase in its original condition within 14 days to us for a full refund minus any costs incurred for the initial dispatching using our express courier and any costs incurred by -------- for the returning of the order. Please note that shipping discounts are removed if your full return or partial return takes your order below the free delivery threshold (this only applies for items that have been sent). Orders which have received discounted shipping (for example, free next day shipping) will have to cover the initial express courier dispatching, normally £6.99. The fact that you received free shipping is because we applied a shipping discount to your order and paid this shipping as a goodwill gesture. We do not ship item via any standard (normal) delivery options and ship everything using express next day service therefore we are entitled to recoup any delivery costs from the refund. I am afraid that the £6.99 deduction is correct and does not breach any consumer rights. So, are they correct to deduct the postage or not? I would be very grateful for any answers to help me resolve this. Thanking you all in advance, Nigel
  15. Hi everyone, My previous contract with Vodafone ended last December. But they took out the monthly payment in January and February. I contacted the customer services on 19/02. It was distressful to wait to get through to one of their staff. Anyway, they said I would be refunded in 5 days. But it was not true. On 01/03, I had to call again. Another long waiting. They said the same thing. But again, never received even a penny. Now I searched their web site for a complaint procedure and wrote a letter to their customer relations manager on 08/03. But not surprised, no replay at all. I am totally at a loss. Definitely they do not care about calls or letters from their customers. If I take this case to Ombudsman Services Communications, then will I finally get their attention? What should I do? I wish any of you could give me a good advice. Cheers, Dae
  16. Britain’s most senior police officer has been accused of attempting to shift blame on to victims of online fraud after he suggested consumers should not be refunded by banks if they fail to protect themselves from cybercrime. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said customers who had fallen foul of online fraudsters were being “rewarded for bad behaviour” instead of incentivised to update anti-virus software and improve passwords. His comments in the Times come as police brace themselves for an expected surge in overall crime figures when cybercrime estimates are included in official statistics for the first time in July. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/mar/24/dont-refund-online-victims-met-chief-tells-banks
  17. Last month on about the 18th we phoned a caravan site to make a booking for 2 weeks and paid a deposit of £40 a week so £80 total. We paid the deposit by debit card. We never heard any further from them earlier this week I chased it up with them by email asking for confirmation of booking. the reply I got was asking me if the deposit had left my account. I replied in the affirmative that the funds had been taken on the 18th. They replied that I had a booking. I emailed back asking them to confirm the dates which they then did by email. They never sent us a brochure or anything about their T & Cs although the T & Cs are on their website. You cannot do a booking over the Internet and have to phone them. As we were in the area 3 days ago, we called in to view the site and inquire about the dog walk which we thought was next to the site, it is not and is a bit of a way to go to get to a walk. Secondly we overlooked that the reason why the site was a bit cheaper in July because the electric is metered seperately. Most other sites include it in the cost of the pitch. The main reason for wanting to cancel is the fact that the dog walk is not nearby as indicated and is nto associated with the site at all. Also they were very vague about where to walk the dogs. Do you think I have any chance of a refund if we cancel?
  18. On 14th March, I received a letter from Nat West Fraud department asking me to check the recent transactions on my credit card. I hadn't used the card for the best part of a year so I was immediately concerned by the letter and sure enough I logged into my account and found two transactions (19th Feb & 26th Feb) which I didn't recognise and which totaled just over £3600. There was also a £12 charge added by Natwest as an over limit fee since the transactions took the total above my credit limit. I immediately contacted the Fraud Dept using the information on the letter, and confirmed both the transactions as fraudulent, at that point I was also told of another attempted transaction on 3rd March which they had blocked and which had triggered them sending the letter, I hadn't made that one either. They then confirmed that they now had all of the details that they needed and that the transactions would be refunded within 5 days, they also mentioned sending a letter to me to sign in order to confirm the details. As of typing this, I haven't had a refund, nor had the letter which they wanted me to sign and return. On 18th March, a Direct Debit was taken out of my Bank Account to cover the £3600+ balance on my Natwest Credit Card, despite them being reported as Fraudulent 4 days earlier. I found an article online which said that although investigating the actual card fraud may take a "reasonable" amount of time, interest shouldn't be charged and payment shouldn't be requested by the card issuer until proof of liability was determined and provided. However Natwest decided to cheerfully take their payment, clearing the balance on 18th March, before any conclusion has been reached and whilst the investigation is clearly still ongoing. I contacted the Executive Office stating that it was two weeks since the fraud was reported and making an official complaint regarding the balance on the card being settled prior to any investigation being concluded, and telling them that I wanted the £3600 restoring to my Bank Account whilst the matter is still under investigation. This was met with a reply from the Executive Office, stating that my complaint had been received, apologising for me being mislead in relation to the amount of time I was told that it would take to investigate and refund the transactions and stating that it would probably take a further ten days for them to now investigate my complaint. Needless to say, the £3600 hasn't been refunded to my Bank Account, and that point has been entirely ignored. So my first question, is it ok for them to collect payment for Fraudulent Transactions from me after they have been reported and before any investigation has been concluded?, advice from other sources suggest that it isn't and that I should continue to pursue the refund, but where can I go to with the complaint next?, i've already complained to the Exec Office and I believe that the Ombudsman won't investigate until Natwest address my official complaint, and reply to it, which they effectively have eight weeks to do. I don't really care how long it takes them to investigate the transactions, provided they remain just a balance on the card statement, its the fact that i'm now £3600 out of pocket for card payments which I didn't make whilst Natwest drag their heels investigating the fraud, and now, also address my complaint. I've also reported it to Action Fraud and passed on the Crime Number to Natwest on my complaint to the Exec Office.
  19. I have tried searching on this thread to see if someone else has posted this query before but have not been able to find anything. So apologies if this issue has been raised before. I recently made a complaint for the mis selling of PPI on my mothers Barclaycard which she had between 1998-2011. Now barclays has written to us with a final decision letter stating they are upholding the complaint and have offered £768.41 as a refund. I know that this is nowhere near enough the money my mother is entitled to as in the early 00s she was using the credit card like nobody's business and did actually run into a lot of debt because of this, but thankfully that has been payed off. On the final decision letter barclays have stated that they have been unable to accurately calculate the refund because their investigation has been unable to find any record of the premiums she paid. So they have used an average value for the premiums paid based on someone who was sold a comparable policy. They have said they are happy to to recalculate the refund if she is unhappy with it. How would I go about proving that this refund a lot less that what my mother is owed. I have read up on SARs is it true the banks can only go back 6 years for any statements? My mother herself has not kept any statements for the card. How can I go about disputing this offer if i have no proof of the payments made? Also I didn't get a chance to read the final response letter from Barclays until a week later but by then they already put the money into my mums account, does this mean that barclays see this as acceptance of the refund and the case has been closed? Any help regarding this would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  20. Over 180,000 customers of credit card firm NewDay, will be refunded over £4 million after the firm admitted it unfairly charged customers. NewDay provides a mixture of store cards and credit cards for the likes of Debenhams, House of Fraser, Topshop and Topman, as well as credit cards for the likes of Aqua and Marbles, which are typically used by those with a poor credit score. About 3% of customers are due redress of £20 each on average after the company found that default fees and other charges triggered additional charges If you're due a refund you don't need to take any action, as New Day will be writing to you directly over the next two to three months. http://www.moneywise.co.uk/news/2016-03-24/provider-behind-debenhams-and-topshop-store-cards-to-refund-180000-customers
  21. Hello Everyone, I am new to this website so please bear with me if I am babbling on..aplogies in advance I recently stumbled accross my old Woolwich Opeplan mortgage statements from 2000, noticed Add Ins in the narrative and made a quick call to Barclays to see if this was PPI. The gentleman on the phone took the account number and replied "the bad news is No this was PPI on the mortgage however the good news is you did have it on a Barclaycard taken out in 1998" I was a little taken back but didn't let on, he proceeded to gie me the policy number and the last four digits of the card, advised me to fill out the questionnaire online and wait for a reply. A few days later I received a letter confirming no PPI on Mortgage and a second letter advising me that my claim was being investigated for the Barclaycard and I would hear within 4 weeks. Two weeks later and I got an estimated refund of £2056 I am very happy with that, although I am worried that I should ask for more details regarding the card, I cannot for the life of me remember applying for the card. ..I know i was working all the hours up the city but surely i should be able to remember this?! The letter says that they have estimated the refund amount as they have no records of any premiums that I paid, this has been calculated over 85 months, plus interest plus 8%... Any suggestions to what I reply back to them please Thank you
  22. Hi all I have a question regarding irresponsible lending. I had a massive amount of loans from 2011- 2014 with them. I tried getting my full my previous loans from the site however. I have checked my email account for all confirmed payment emails. £294.51 on Fri Mar 25 2011 £338.64 on Fri Aug 26 2011 £186.17 on Tue Sep 27 2011 £254.14 on Thu Oct 27 2011 £74.54 on Fri Dec 23 2011 £432.64 on Sun Feb 26 2012 £383.84 on Tue Mar 27 2012 £298.34 on Fri Apr 27 2012 £176.97 on Sat May 26 2012 £305.90 on Wed Jun 27 2012 £404.59 on Fri Sep 28 2012 £1377.68 on Sat Jan 26 2013 £198.15 on Wed Jun 26 2013 £726.60 on Fri Jul 26 2013 £551.16 on Mon Aug 26 2013. £1276.99 on Sat Oct 26 2013. £1297.10 on Wed Nov 27 2013 £1052.27 on Fri Dec 20 2013. £1357.43 on Fri Jan 24 2014 £581.33 on Wed Feb 26 2014 £1164.50 on Tue Feb 26 2013 £122.15 on Mon May 27 2013 £1357.43 ON Fri Jan 24 2014. £112.89 ON jan 24 2014 £581.33 on Wed Feb 26 2014 Total = 14907.29] I have just sat down and worked this all out I am and really angry with my self for being so stupid. this is a base figure but I seriously need some advice on how to claim back from Wonga and irresponsible lending to me. my loans rolled over for multiple months and I did email them at one stating I was having financial difficulties I have email references etc - I borrowed the funds from my family to clear down. Things just spiralled out of control. I have a young family and these things just kept on piling and piling on. I finally managed to escape them. How ever I feel my circumstances were never considered and my account was never reviewed fully. I tried to apply for one again in just after the one in feb 2014 when I was struggling but I think Wonga had finally reviewed my case and deemed that it had gone against responsible lending and refused me. Can anyone give a step by step procedure.
  23. Hello, War and piece - if you can't be bothered to read see the last two paragraphs. In June 2015 I bought a brand new Seat Ibiza from a Seat Dealer on PCP Finance (Dealer supplied Finance through VWFS). The main reason - I've always had older cars but I was fed up of the maintenance requirements and the time I had to take out for preventative repairs that older cars require. A new car was going to cost me more money, short term and long term; but the privilege of a new, reliable and care free vehicle outweighed any financial impact. This was clearly outlined to the salesman. Very early on in ownership I started experiencing issues with the car, please find a rough timeline below: 600 miles - Developed a light knocking sound 811 miles - x2 new front droplinks fitted under warranty. 1200 miles - Car started knocking again and suspension became very vocal. 1254 miles - x2 new steering arms fitted under warranty. On the drive home from having the steering arms replaced, The car felt 'off'. The steering wasn't as precise and seemed to tram line depending on the road surface and condition, the knocking had not been fixed. I made a phone call to the dealers expressing my concerns where I was advised to keep driving as the new steering arms will loosen up. 1600 miles - The symptoms were still the same and knocking remained. I rebooked the car in and asked for an inspection and alignment check. 1949 miles - Car was returned to the dealer and A Seat Master Tech test drove/inspected and found no issues, I was assured tracking had been fixed when the steering arms were replaced and had been double checked this time. Car only had a 1.6 mile test drive! 1983 miles - Car went to a local independent, I explained my issues and requested an inspection/second opinion only. Within 5 minutes on a Hunter alignment machine it was noted the front wheels were toe out. The car was not rectified (for the avoidance of doubt the car was untouched mechanically) and I have a print out as evidence of the issue. I was also advised that the suspension top mounts should be checked and is a known TPI on Seat Ibiza's. A detailed complaint was sent to the Dealer Complaint Manager via e-mail; stating I am ready to reject the car if they can't fix it. I was called by the service team asking to bring the car back in 2154 miles - The car was returned to the dealer where I was informed the Dealer does not have tracking equipment so the car was sent to an independent for tracking to be rectified. The car came back with a print out and the rear of the car was out of spec and was left out of spec. No other work was done by the dealer Although the cars steering feels better, the car still overreacts to road surface and has very vocal suspension. A further complaint was put into the Dealer via a reply to a customer satisfaction generic e-mail - I was advised the dealer principle would be in touch No response from the Dealer so I chased my complaint again I spoke to the Dealer Principle via phone call where I advised I have lost confidence in the car, in the dealer being able to rectify the issues and that I want to reject the car. We agreed the best option for all parties involved was to negotiate an amicable solution and get myself out of my current car and into an equivalent replacement - We discussed an equivalent spec Leon FR due to my lost faith in the Seat Ibiza. The Dealer Principle handed over to The Sales Manager and advised I'll receive a phone call with options. I received a phone call from Sales Manager stating he needed to get my Settlement Figure from VWFS before we can continue negotiations and to expect a phone call the following day. I called VWFS myself and obtained a settlement figure of £12,247.79 I failed to receive a phone call the followed day, so I chased The Sales Manager called me the next day and advised he values my car at £9,500 and as a result there is too much negative equity to begin negotiations and there was nothing more the Dealer can do. I advised I'll have to take this further with Seat UK and the Finance Company. Put in a complaint to VWFS and Seat HQ Phone then rang off the hook from the Dealer apologising and offered me deal where they took my current car, settled the finance then started a new agreement on a Leon FR. They planned on using my original £2,000 deposit on the Leon, however the Leon is an unsold but brand new MY15 model (current is MY16) Leon FR - subtle tech changes. I asked for 24 hours to think and was advised sales manager was off the following day but he would hand over to business manager Following day I accept the offer only to be told by the business manager I now need to put in another £2,000 deposit! Long story short - Brand new Seat on PCP finance, started with steering and suspension issues from 6 weeks / 600 miles. Dealers had the car back 4 times and the issue is still apparent. I'm negotiating with the dealer to get me out of this car and into another, but the offer the dealer has given me works out £2,112.81 more expensive, over a longer term for an older MY spec car than if I were to get my £2,000 Deposit back and go into a competitor dealer with a new order. I'd accept the deal without the extra £2,000 deposit and compromise by having the older MY car. But at this stage I feel I just want out. I want to hand the car back, cancel the finance and get my £2,000 deposit back to go elsewhere - I'm not interested in compensation or costs to date, just a clean slate. Help! What do I do and where do I go from here?
  24. Hello, Been following your forum on Wonga loans and wondering if any had any advice? My PDLs started back in 2011 and I have been reliant on them ever since. I have only used 1 lender wonga, during the years taken out over 50 loans. Only occasional during the years having a few months when not applied. A lot of loans taken were straight after repaying a previous, otherwise I couldn't of survived the month. ..and a few times were I couldn't afford to repay on time I rolled them over. I was surprised everytime I was acceptes as unfortunately my credit rating is in a terrible way. (Which I am hoping to try and sort) Surely 50 loans over this amount of time is irresponsible? Or I am wrong? Many thanks for any advice Oh and not a refund of loans lol....just on interest I repayed
  25. Hi there, I'm having a lot of trouble with Vodafone refusing to refund or replace my phone, and I'm worried I'm going to end up having to take them to court. I have no idea how to do this, or if I really have a case, but I will give you all the details and I really hope you can help. I'll bullet point it to try make it easier to understand fully. Thanks for your time. .I bought a Vodafone Smart Prime 6 for my Girlfriends Mum for Christmas - Purchased on 10/12/15 for £75 .I paid for an unlocking code so I could use the phone on other networks. .The phone turned out to be faulty (resetting itself every 5 minutes) .I took the phone back for repair .I received a replacement phone as the repair was "unfixable" .I attempted to buy an unlocking code for the replacement phone .The phone can't be unlocked, unlike the original - In fact the unlocking team claim the phone is already unlocked, despite me sending them photographic proof that it wasn't. .I took the phone to the Vodafone store, they say they can't refund or replace it as it's past the 14 day deadline. .I believe I am owed a full refund/replacement. .I explain to them my statutory rights that I believe apply to this situation: "Subsection (3) applies to a contract to supply goods if before the contract is made the consumer makes known to the trader (expressly or by implication) any particular purpose for which the consumer is contracting for the goods." .I have an email sent by a Vodafone Technical Advisor saying (excuse his spelling): "PLEASE HELP AS IF THIS ISNT CORRCTED THEN WHAT WILL WE DO AS CUSTOMER IT OUT OF THE 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE AS THAT WAS THE CONDITION HE BOUGHT IT THAT HE COULD HAVE IT UNLOCKED WHICH HE DID WITH THE FIRST PHONE BEFORE THE EXCHANGE" .I believe that this states I bought the phone under the condition that I would be able to unlock it - please note this email was sent recently, so after I bought the phone, however I have in writing that the phone was sold to me under the condition that I would be able to unlock it from a Vodafone Rep, so I'm hoping this will count as "before the contract is made" anyway - Please advise! . Finally my rights state: "A consumer who has the right to a price reduction and the final right to reject may only exercise one (not both), and may only do so in one of these situations— (a)after one repair or one replacement, the goods do not conform to the contract" This has led me to the conclusion that the replacement phone I now have does not conform to the original contract, and I am therefore entitled to a refund or replacement .The Assistant Manager refused to help in anyway saying I could talk to the Vodafone On-line (not in store) team, and if they couldn't help my only course would be through legal action. So I have no idea what to do from here. Do you think I have a case that would stand up in court. I think so, but I would appreciate as much advice as possible. I will be calling the on-line team tomorrow on my day off, but I doubt they will help, so my only form of refund or replacement would be via small claims court, unless an On-line Vodafone Rep can help Thanks for reading, and I really hope someone can help. Ewan. UPDATE: I have just spoken to a Vodafone rep on-line who told me I can contact the returns team and get a refund, but ive been on hold for them for 2 hours so I'm not sure if anything is going to happen. Now I've been told I can have a refund, do they have to honour this?
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