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  1. Hi I purchased a second hand car from a Vauxhall Dealer via bank transfer on 13/10/2016. Last week i had the reversing lights intermitantly staying on while driving and then on Thursday the battery exploded! The car was towed to the garage where i have asked for a full refund. They have said they have replaced the battery and cleaned the battery acid up. However when i have asked for a full refund as i have no faith the car will not have any damage from spraying battery acid they have refused but have offered me the next service free!! Can anyone please advised if i should be given a full refund as it is within 28 days of purchasing this vehicle?
  2. Hello. My second post, I think. I bought a matinee ticket to see Lisa Dwan at the Old Vic. I live in Yorkshire and bought an Advance Return train ticket to London - non-transferable, of course. About a week before the performance OV emailed me to say, without any explanation, that they had had to cancel this matinee and would be refunding my ticket shortly. I immediately emailed them to explain that they also owed me for my train ticket and why. They said - and this is core - they were not liable for any loss sustained by this cancellation other than the ticket money. "Pay up in full by four days' time or I'll see you in the County Court", I said." There will be no more discussion on this". They then said that "in this special case" they would refund my train fare too. "Some time soon". I told them - "You now have two days' to have that cheque in my hands or I'll see you in the CC." They paid without demur. The cheque was with me next day. BUT - had I not insisted, threatened, kept to a very tight timetable, in short if I'd not been bloody-minded, they'd have got away with this. Maybe this was a "special case". But if it wasn't, shouldn't it be better known by the public that all financial losses incurred by failure to fulfill a contract, in this case putting on a show in exchange for money, are to be borne by the party breaking said contract?
  3. The DVLA are [removed]! I bought a car,& taxed it for 6 months, but almost immediately decided I didn't like it so applied to get a tax refund and they are saying I'm not the registered keeper, because the dealer didn't send his part of the registration document back to DVLA... so where does this leave me...? I can't afford to throw £120 away... Is there a complaints procedure, please? TB
  4. Hi all, We are in a messy situation with Very which is stressing us out. An order was made at the beginning of the month and extra was paid for Saturday delivery. We stayed in Sat, no delivery and suddenly an email from the dreaded Yodel that an attempt was made. We have CCTV and can confirm no delivery was attempted. The only re-arrange delivery date they then offer is the following Saturday. We had a chat with Very online (live chat) to explain and they did the usual apologising before saying it will be delivered the next working day...guess what? nothing. Chat after chat, it was decided the following Sat it will be delivered. And...nothing. By now, our guests had come and gone so it was too late for these items so we cancelled the order. This is where it gets messy. Very will not cancel/refund unless the items are rejected. Yodel will not deliver because they cannot find our address (they've delivered many times before) We've been going round in circles for the past 2 weeks. Had enough and contacted the credit card company who have now stated the claims process. I was also considering small claims as the total value is around £150 and where I used this as a threat (happy to take out this threat), things started to somewhat move. Mysteriously, two of the three items appeared to be shoved under our gates which meant the gates did not open for about 10 minutes as the sensors were blocked. Yodel state 2 were delivered with signature. We never signed it (both at work and again CCTV to show this) The third box? Who knows where it is but Very still will not cancel until the 2 boxes are now collected and the third is delivered with us rejecting it. So where do we stand? Will credit card company say 2 have been delivered they cannot help? I have no space in the house for 2 large boxes to be stored, can I leave them outside? I did not sign for them, as far as I am concerned I do not know what they are This has cost us a lot in time off work to get in-touch with Very ,Yodel - waiting for deliveries that do not show up and we're now going to be paying interest soon on the amount given we can't pay it off while we're waiting for it to be refunded (as we'll be in debit once the refund is issued) Very has been completely useless as have Yodel Thanks in advance!
  5. HMRC made an error in my 2016/7 tax code which resulted in a large overpayment of tax on my pension in October 2016. HMRC have admitted their mistake and issued a new, correct, code. Who is responsible for repaying me? My pension provider or HMRC?
  6. Hi all, just wondering if you could advise my chances of getting a refund and if it's worth fighting for. my OH had a total fitness membership, 12 month from about June/July 15. In Sept 15 he got a new job working on the borders in Calais so obviously couldn't use not only our local gym but any total fitness gym in the UK. He called them and had his account put on hold for the max time. He then called them again at the end and told them he was still there and would still be unable to use the gym. At this point he was put through to head office and they said they would cancel the membership if he could provide his contract of employment as proof. We couldn't find the contract between home in the UK or France and the amount owed built up to the point he was forced to call and make a payment arrangement last month of 2 x £90 payments. He paid 1 last month and had 1 £90 payment outstanding. Today we have been contacted by a debt collection agency C.A.R.S requesting payment. We told them we already had an agreement in place and they said they would look into it. The membership would have expired in June(ish) and my OH has recently left his job and returned home. During the move we've managed to find his contract of employment so today I forwarded it onto them to prove he has been there since Sept 15 and requested a refund. I've had a reply from head office today saying the membership has been cancelled with immediate effect. I then pushed about the refund and her response was: Unfortunately no money can be refunded, however your membership has been cancelled with immediate effect and your remaining balance has been waivered as a gesture of goodwill. Is there anything we can do about this? He hasnt used the gym since sept 15. If we had the contract we wouldn't have had to pay the £90 last month. But now we have they won't give it us back. We only paid to avoid debt collection agencies because we felt like we had no choice. We haven't recieved any services so feels unfair to have had to pay it and be unable to get it back? Have we got any hope or just count ourselves lucky that we don't have to pay the final £90? I don't know why she is saying the membership has been cancelled as the contract would have ended in june anyway. Thanks!
  7. Purchased from and on line market place , worn for less than a month . Complaint rejected by seller ( based in UK). suggested reconsider , silence ....
  8. Hi all I was hoping someone could work out a rough idea of the refund amount on the following loans or tell me how to do it, the complaint is upheld by my adjudicator and I am waiting for final confirmation from PDUK. I can't get my head round what I have paid, some figures are in brackets and there is Interest deferral, deposit, repayments !! I don't know what i am supposed to be adding up here ! Any help would be appreciated 10 January 2011 Interest | Deposit £100.00 £500.00 10 January 2011 Principal | Deposit £400.00 £500.00 15 February 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £400.00 15 February 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £500.00 15 February 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £500.00 15 February 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £500.00 15 February 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £500.00 15 March 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £400.00 15 March 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £500.00 15 March 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £500.00 15 March 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £500.00 15 March 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £500.00 15 April 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £600.00 15 April 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £600.00 15 April 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £600.00 15 April 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £600.00 15 April 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £500.00 13 May 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £400.00 13 May 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £500.00 13 May 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £500.00 13 May 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £500.00 13 May 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £500.00 15 June 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £600.00 15 June 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £600.00 15 June 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £600.00 15 June 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £600.00 15 June 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £500.00 15 July 2011 Principal | Deferral (£300.00) £600.00 15 July 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £600.00 15 July 2011 Principal | Deferral £400.00 £600.00 15 July 2011 Interest | Deferral £100.00 £600.00 15 July 2011 Principal | Repayment (£100.00) £500.00 15 August 2011 Principal | Deferral (£240.00) £585.00 15 August 2011 Interest | Deferral (£100.00) £585.00 15 August 2011 Principal | Deferral £340.00 £585.00 15 August 2011 Interest | Deferral £85.00 £585.00 15 August 2011 Principal | Repayment (£160.00) £425.00 15 September 2011 Principal | Deferral £280.00 £495.00 15 September 2011 Interest | Deferral £70.00 £495.00 15 September 2011 Interest | Deferral (£85.00) £495.00 15 September 2011 Principal | Deferral (£195.00) £495.00 15 September 2011 Principal | Repayment (£145.00) £350.00 14 October 2011 Principal | Deferral (£160.00) £407.50 14 October 2011 Interest | Deferral (£70.00) £407.50 14 October 2011 Principal | Deferral £230.00 £407.50 14 October 2011 Interest | Deferral £57.50 £407.50 14 October 2011 Principal | Repayment (£120.00) £287.50 31 October 2011 Principal | Deferral (£142.50) £337.50 31 October 2011 Interest | Deferral (£57.50) £337.50 31 October 2011 Interest | Deferral £50.00 £337.50 31 October 2011 Principal | Deferral £200.00 £337.50 31 October 2011 Principal | Repayment (£87.50) £250.00 30 November 2011 Principal | Repayment (£80.00) £170.00 30 November 2011 Interest | Deferral £42.50 £212.50 30 November 2011 Principal | Deferral £170.00 £212.50 30 November 2011 Principal | Deferral (£120.00) £212.50 30 November 2011 Interest | Deferral (£50.00) £212.50 30 December 2011 Principal | Deferral (£97.50) £247.50 30 December 2011 Interest | Deferral (£42.50) £247.50 30 December 2011 Interest | Deferral £35.00 £247.50 30 December 2011 Principal | Deferral £140.00 £247.50 30 December 2011 Principal | Repayment (£72.50) £175.00 31 January 2012 Principal | Repayment (£65.00) £110.00 31 January 2012 Principal | Deferral (£75.00) £137.50 31 January 2012 Interest | Deferral (£35.00) £137.50 31 January 2012 Principal | Deferral £110.00 £137.50 31 January 2012 Interest | Deferral £27.50 £137.50 02 February 2012 Principal | Repayment (£110.00) £0.00 02 February 2012 Interest | Repayment (£27.50) £0.00 02 February 2012 Principal | Deposit £420.00 £525.00 02 February 2012 Interest | Deposit £105.00 £525.00 29 February 2012 Principal | Deferral (£315.00) £630.00 29 February 2012 Interest | Deferral (£105.00) £630.00 29 February 2012 Principal | Deferral £420.00 £630.00 29 February 2012 Interest | Deferral £105.00 £630.00 29 February 2012 Principal | Repayment (£105.00) £525.00 30 March 2012 Principal | Deferral (£315.00) £630.00 30 March 2012 Interest | Deferral (£105.00) £630.00 30 March 2012 Interest | Deferral £105.00 £630.00 30 March 2012 Principal | Deferral £420.00 £630.00 30 March 2012 Principal | Repayment (£105.00) £525.00 13 April 2012 Principal | Repayment (£420.00) £0.00 13 April 2012 Interest | Repayment (£105.00) £0.00
  9. Hi all Hoping you may be able to help me, I was stupidly heavily in debt in 2011 with 16 different payday loan companies (all clear and debt free since then) , I am now in the process of emailing them all regarding irresponsible lending, so far I have had generic responses but nothing further at the moment. I have received this from 247 moneybox and would like some advice on how to respond - not shocked with the response to be honest! Dear.... Hope that you are well. Please find below a copy of our complaints procedure. We are aware that there are many forums and templated letters available on the internet to exploit any previous credit commitments under the wholly subjective banner of affordability. We have seen some legitimate claims upheld in the press such as with the lender Cash Genie. However, to compare our actions with their reported behaviour is inappropriate. We are confident that the required assessments were carried out prior to the advance of all loans. We have had relatively few instances where customers have ultimately look to take recourse with the Financial Ombudsman Service and our record there is good as we are able to substantiate fully the information on which lending decisions were based. Our relationship was based on responsible lending in addition to responsible borrowing. We provided you with all the facts about our product and the charges and costs involved. We treated you as a rational individual able to make a credible decision as to whether to borrow or not. For our part of the relationship we acted on the information available to us at the time and the prevailing regulations and guidance at the time. I am your personal account manager and would be happy to discuss any of the above with you over the phone. I am available on 0207 183 8078 between 08:30 and 18:00 Monday to Friday. If you would prefer, please do feel free to provide a number and time at which I can reach you directly. Kind regards, Shahan Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk 247Moneybox 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU Complaints Procedure Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to 247Moneybox. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are dissatisfied with our service in anyway. We hope that it never comes to this, however should you wish to make a formal complaint in writing, please address your letter to: Customer Services Department 247Moneybox 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU If you have a complaint, please write to our Customer Services Department at the address set out above, e-mail us at Upon receipt of your complaint we will do our best to resolve your complaint by the end of the next business day. If we can't do this, we will send you a prompt written acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days and tell you who is dealing with it. In addition, we will provide you with a copy of our complaints procedure. If we need to investigate your complaint further to respond fully, we will tell you and keep you regularly updated. We will send you our final response as soon as possible but within eight weeks of receiving your complaint. Our final response will explain that you will have ultimate recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you remain dissatisfied. We will enclose a leaflet (or provide a link to information) from the Financial Ombudsman Service with our final response to assist you if you decide to pursue this further course of action. If looking to do so, you will need to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months of receiving our final response. If you want to make a complaint to our trade association (BCCA), their contact details can be found at the end of this procedure. Our trade association will liaise with us to ensure your complaint is investigated fully and a response is sent out to you.
  10. Hi, I was taken to Court by NPower about 2 years ago for a utilities debt of around £750.00, i was allowed to pay it off in 3 monthly payments which i did, a couple of months ago i got a letter and a refund of £282.00 and an apology for the delay in spotting that i had been overcharged. the annoying thing is, that if the original debt had been £282.00 less i could have borrowed the money to pay it off and avoid getting a CCJ. Can a CCJ be removed if the company later realises they made a mistake? thanks
  11. johnnyboy44

    DLC refund

    Hi I have recieved a couple of letters from DLC stating i have made an overpayment and i am entitled to a refund. I did pay off an old debt several years ago but have no idea if the ref number is anything to do with that. Are they a reputable company or is it a [problem]? Any help will be much appreciated many thanks JB
  12. Hi all After being nagged by loads of people, I finally gave in and applied for PPI last Friday (6 days). 1, Filled in Barclays ppi complain online (not who I intended to claim from) duh thought it was Barclaycard 2. Called Barclaycard after realising my error (2 Barclaycard and 2 EGG claims Long and short of it, received a letter from Barclaycard (2 refused Barclaycard but the 2 Egg cards PPIs found) Barclays now tells me that I have 2 current accounts and my current account has a 2 PPIs on them. Got a text today (Barclays) telling me that they paid money in to my account. WHO IS 'TATE CAMDEN'? Did they deal with Barclays Addition or Barclaycard. Can you help me?
  13. Tens of thousands of people will receive refunds, plus interest, for charges incorrectly applied to student current accounts held with RBS and NatWest between 2002 and 2016. The RBS Group, which RBS and NatWest are both part of, says it has written to affected customers. The two banks offered interest-free overdrafts on their student current accounts. However, some people had the option to increase their arranged overdraft limit, in exchange for interest being charged on these higher balances. But following a business review this year, the RBS Group discovered this went against the terms and conditions of the account, which said students would not be charged interest on any authorised overdrafts. As such, it is refunding any interest it charged on these authorised overdrafts, plus interest. http://www.moneywise.co.uk/news/2016-08-25/thousands-due-refund-after-rbs-student-account-error
  14. In mid July i sent a parcel via Parcel2Go. Have used them before and had no probs. This time i was sending a child's fancy dress costume back to a company as we had bought it but it hadn't fit, so it was a simple return. The item cost £30 (which we would be getting a refund for once returned). The courier fees were £4.02 (i did not chose to pay for the extra compensation cover - as i refuse to pay compensation to cover myself against the company not doing what i am paying them for). It was using My Hermes (via Parcels2Go). A week later we were contacted by Parcels2Go to say that the packaging was damaged, what should they do. I asked them to continue with delivery as hopefully the item wouldn't be damaged. We let the company we were returning the item to know that the packaging has been damaged and to inspect the item before signing for it, and to reject it if the item was no good. A few weeks later we had still not heard more. I asked on Parcel2Go live chat and again reiterated that i want the delivery to be attempted. Nothing further happened for a few days (i was following the tracking info online). I contacted them again via live chat and they confirmed that the item had been lost and to initiate a claim. I raised the claim for £34.04. Only £4.04 has been refunded. They are rejecting my claim for the cost of the lost item (£30) as i did not take out their extra insurance. I have spoken to them via live chat today to complain. I was told that they were not liable for the lost item as i did not take out their additional insurance. I asked to escalate and spoke to someone else via live chat who reiterated the same thing. I asked for their full complaints procedure and was given an email address which they say is the last step in the complaints procedure and they will issue a final decision (and they have reiterated a few times that they will 'just say the same thing that i have been already told'). Although it is only £30, i am willing to stand up for my rights and demand compensation for them losing my property. They have referred to Ts&Cs 6.7 "If we are liable to you for any reason, we shall (subject always to clause 7) only be liable to refund to you the cost paid for the Service(s), unless you have purchased compensation cover for your Consignment from us. " Can i have anyone's thoughts on their liability to compensate me for lost goods in this situation?
  15. I've received a letter saying around £100 plus another £80 of compensatory interest is to be refunded to my account reflecting a mistake in charging overdraft interest to my student account which I opened in 1998. I called the remediation operations as directed by the letter to sort out at least the charges, but the representative I spoke to wasn't able to help much, but she said that this should represent all interest charged to the account. It doesn't match up with even my last 6 years of statements, which total ten times this much, plus several charges. I've previously claimed my penalty charges back from natwest, but did not get into the interest as it seemed too complicated at the time (c.2006/7) I can only easily get statements going back 6 years through online banking, and although I have a ton of historic statements from my previous claim, I don't have anything from 2006-2009. Anyone had a similar letter? Can I get statements beyond 6 years old?
  16. Got a bit of an annoying issue with Royal Mail. Will try and keep this as brief as possible. I sent a parcel to friends in Germany containing some baby clothing for which I paid just over four pound to go as a small parcel (airmail). The parcel never arrived and six weeks after sending it out it came back to me, in a clear plastic bag from Royal Mail, my parcel was more or less obliterated, the shipping bag I used was totally shredded with the contents falling out. The address was no longer visible as that part of the mailing bag was totally ripped away. Only my return address was still legible, so it was returned to me by what the enclosed apology letter says was Royal Mail’s lost mail centre. The contents although partly visible / fallen out were still undamaged, just a bit blackened from whatever caused the bag to be destroyed. (A machine ?) I managed to clean the contents (clothing ) but had to pay again to re-send them. I decided to make a claim against Royal Mail for the wasted postage costs for the first attempt to send the parcel. I submitted evidence of the destroyed packing and my proof of posting slip. Royal Mail then requested from me proof of value of the contents as otherwise apparently they couldn’t process my claim. I wrote back to them stating that I managed to salvage the contents and I didn’t have any receipts for the clothing as it wasn’t new and even if it had been I would not have kept the receipts. I couldn’t have anticipated that Royal Mail would destroy the parcel and then asking to see receipts for the contents to be honest. I told them I only wanted a refund for the wasted postage costs as they failed to deliver the parcel to Germany, which is what I paid for. They wrote to me today refusing any compensation / refund, because (I quote) “a postage refund is only available in the event of loss. In the event of damage to an item, we will look to compensate for the damaged iten, but still no potage refund is available.” They apologised for the inconvenience and that was it. I am not happy about this and would still like to pursue this as they charged me for a service they failed to carry out. What are my next options if any ?
  17. Hi, I have had a Monument credit card for about 15 years and have been paying PBP for most of this time. I actually cancelled it in 2010 when I realised that my balance was never coming down due to the amount I was paying in, what I assumed at the time was PPI (I just paid the minimum payment by DD each month). The card balance was always around £3000. I had a letter from Monument about 6 weeks ago advising that I may be due a refund of PBP and directing me to their website. I simply entered the details on the letter and that was that. Today I have received a letter from them, without admission of liability and as a gesture of goodwill, stating a total adjustment to my account of over £16k! I actually paid the card off and closed the account in January of this year (the balance was still around £2800!). I have tried all day to contact them but the line has been constantly busy. Does anyone know whether this seems a realistic figure - my limit on the card was approx £3500 and I hadn't used it for about the past 7 years. Thanks in advance.
  18. Afternoon all, just a quick one. After going through my ppi claim with Welcome back in March. I was told they can refund my some money but with the whole liquidation thing I kinda write it off. On Friday I got another letter saying they can finally pay the money in to my bank via bacs. I've filled it out and sending it tomorrow, just wondering on if anyone knew a time scale it can take to be put in the bank. Many thanks Gary
  19. Hi folks, Been caught up in the lowcost holidays collapse.. Paid initial deposit via Paypal. .which is linked to a RBS Mastercard. ..Paypal said will refund after 10 days. ..Now saying are in contact with administrators. ...Are deposit payments protected under paypal. ..I have had my Balance paid through Lloyds Visa Debit ..Refunded via chargeback. .But Paypal dragging there feet and I keep getting different answers off different operators when I phone.. ...Any help appreciated ..
  20. Hi, not sure if i have a case on this but thats why im asking I bought some trainers around 9 months ago from Kicks.com who are based in Germany. Some of the rubber started coming away on the back of the trainer so i sent them back. Although 9 months old they had rarely been worn so were in excellent condition. I'm normally very happy to accept store credit but in this case i've been looking at their site daily for about a month now and have not able to find anything i like in my size. Im a right fussy git when it comes to trainers. I emailed them numerous times over this period politely asking for a refund explaining the above but they have refused. As of last week they are now ignoring my emails. I just rang them today and they are sticking to their guns. Am i entitled to a full refund to my debit card at all? Thanks for reading.
  21. Hi all, I have been trawling this forum and found loads of really helpful advice, so firstly I wanted to say thankyou! Between 2009 and 2012 I was trapped in a never ending cycle of debt with PDUK. I was borrowing £400 per month, and paying back £525 every single month, for about 3 years. During this time I was also borrowing from quick quid and a couple of others, but not to the same extent- only a couple of loans from each, nothing on the same scale. I honestly cant remember opening my account with PDUK- and I think the initial loan was for £100, but I know that after that I was never asked about my salalry or expenditure, I just clicked a link in an email and e-signed for another loan every month, often on the same day I had paid off the last loan. During the time I was borrowing, I also had credit cards and an overdraft, defaults every where, lost my job and developed a gambling problem. None of this was ever noticed by PDUK, as they never asked for a bank statement. Would I have grounds to claim back my interest? I defaulted on the last loan, and just ignored them and buried my head in the sand. I also lost my job, as I developed severe acute anxiety as a result of it all, which meant I had to move, so I didnt get any of their letters. Do I need to do an SAR or can I just ask them for a statement? Thanks in advance, J
  22. My girlfriend bought some hair extensions online but the colour did not match. They were sent back and a replacement was issued. However this was unsuitable also. The retailer quite clearly states on their website that refunds cannot be offered only a credit note. As they have nothing suitable as a replacement where does that leave my girlfriend? The replacement item by the way is unopened. I called on the retailer in person but they refused to make a refund.
  23. Borrowers whose monthly payments doubled when their lender increased the rate on their tracker mortgages are hoping a Court of Appeal ruling might allow them to claim back thousands of pounds. About 6,000 West Bromwich Building Society customers are expecting refunds after last week’s ruling that the lender was not justified in changing the rates for buy-to-let landlords on tracker mortgages. In December 2013 the lender increased the rates, despite the fact that the Bank of England’s leading Bank Rate, which tracker mortgages are typically expected to follow, had not changed at all. These borrowers will now receive a refund and be returned to the lower rate. The lender is expected to pay out £27.5m. But West Brom was not the only lender to increase rates for its tracker borrowers Thousands of customers of the Bank of Ireland, which provides mortgages sold by the Post Office, and Skipton and Manchester building societies were also affected when those lenders increased rates on their tracker or mortgages or other loans subject to rate caps. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/personal-banking/mortgages/after-6000-borrowers-get-mortgage-refund-could-you-be-due-money/
  24. I recently switched gas and electricity (together, dual fuel) suppliers. The switch completed a couple of weeks ago, on 13th May. I was on a fixed monthly DD tariff with my previous supplier, and my account had built up to be significantly in credit (should be over £400 after my final bill, going by my calculations). I provided meter readings to the new supplier on the switch over day, and I was told (by at least one of the suppliers) that the new supplier would forward these on to the old one, in order for the final bill to be raised. My online account with my previous supplier isn't showing any updates yet, I contacted them to be told that it takes up to 28 days from the switch to produce the final bill, and I'll be refunded sometime after that. Is this normal? Sounds like there's nothing I can do to speed it up. I did raise the issue of the relatively large credit on my account with the supplier some time ago, but they gave some waffle about how it could be wiped out by my next bill, even though my usage history didn't suggest that at all.
  25. Hello All, I wonder if you can help. I bought a bed from Dreams 2 years ago. It's an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. The second time they failed Dreams sent an independent assessor to see if the bed was faulty and he told me the mattress I had been sold was too heavy for the pistons and that's why they kept failing. He said that as I had been sent the regular pistons by Dreams for him to fit he would fit them that day but that if they failed again to ask for the heavy duty pistons which would be better and last. The pistons failed again last month (December 2012) and I contacted Dreams - to cut a long story short they are saying they don't have any heavy duty pistons for that bed but have offered me a replacement bed of a different style - I would have accepted that however they do not have an alternative style in brown leather - only black leather and cream leather - which will not go with the brown leather bedroom chair I have bought. I asked if they could replace just the mattress for a lighter one as this may solve they issue but they have refused and said that the mattress isn't faulty so they are not obliged to exchange it. My arguement is that the mattress is too heavy for the bedstead and I don't want to take a different colour bedstead but they are insisting that is all they will offer me. Has anyone had similar problems with Dreams or can anyone please advise me how to proceed. Ideally I would just like a refund ( I paid £1,200 for the bedstead and mattress) and then I can buy something suitable elsewhere as they don't have any brown leather bedsteads to replace this one. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me P
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