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Found 554 results

  1. Dear all, I have parked on 30th of March 2017 in Napier Parking in Milton Keynes and after carrying out the first transaction I saw no ticket coming out of the machine to display on my dashboard. Straight away and to make sure I paid, I made a second attempt and to my surprise I received two tickets, which means I have been charged twice. I didn't hesitate to e-mail Napier parking with pictures of my tickets and all I have received as a response is that it was my fault for not looking properly for the first ticket as according to them the machine was working perfectly, and no refund will be made. It was an all day price of £8, so I ended up paying £16. I feel ripped off and have already raised it with BPA (British Parking Association), but I am open to any advice. Thank you, Veganfluff
  2. Hi I have really complicated situation where santander are refusing to return some money. My santander bank account has had money taken out from it by a building company to the tune of £4100 and building suppliers company to the tune of £2800. We reported this to santander they came back to us saying the transactions are genuine due to them matching the email address used to one used with a different company. the problem is that we never used this email address in the past we found out the email address used was the one used by one of our tenants in the past we have a record of a few communications from them using it We have informed the police and obtained the crime ref number. the Bank are still refusing to return the money again confirming they believe its a genuine transactions. We have contacted the building company and they refuse to return the money saying we have to take matter the to court to get it settled. Due to this incident we are in big financial trouble. Account completely wiped off and we have been left with no money I have two little kids age 4 and we have been left without any money to support them. We contacted the bank a number saying we did not use this card the bank refuse to listen and repeating state the same thing again and has closed the case and the decision has been made on the account. Due to this stress our family are completely broken down. I have to contact food bank for food. we contacted the bank asking if this was not fraud, as they say the transactions are genu, can we not claim the money back under debit card chargeback scheme as we did not receive any service from these companies, but bank advisor refuse to do that. Can some one please help us out about this matter or freelance solicitor to look into this matter we need serious help. .. Please
  3. Received an email from a friend of mine, as follows:- “Well....what do you think about this...in the post was a letter from Scottish Power. They inform me I have an outstanding credit with them (£13.83) which they have now paid into my bank.....I closed my Scottish Power account in October 2013 !! ....”
  4. Hi all, Long story, which I will try to keep short for you! I purchased a Humax Freeview recorder for £199 in Jan 2016 on my debit card. Over time it developed lots of faults, such as random crashes, missed programs, freezing and even not turning on. After researching the product online, I decided to take it for a refund - Lots of similar stories from other users. This was within a year of purchasing it. The girl on the till wouldn't refund to my debit card as the card I used to purchase it had been reported lost/stolen. I was made to take a refund onto a gift card, which I reluctantly accepted, thinking I'd buy another freeview box from them anyway. After reviewing the options, I decided on a £400 TV instead. Bought the TV and the picture quality was awful, with vertical banding (dark black lines) particularly on one side of the screen and generally poor quality image quality when compared to the 10 year old TV it was replacing! I took this TV back and swapped for another of the same - this one also produced a poor quality image, I got in touch with Argos via their live chat feature on their website today. The girl I was chatting to called the store that I got the TV from (FastTrack) originally and she came back saying they would refund £200 cash and £200 to my new debit card as long as I could provide the long card number and expiry date. I printed the chat transcript, called my bank to get these details and took the card number, the transcript and all my receipts into the store for my refund. They denied ever saying this to the girl at the customer service centre and said that they cannot refund to my card without the card, which I explained was impossible as it was reported lost/stolen! They wouldn't do it with a printed bank statement showing the original transaction either. They also said the store has final say on the matter and gave me an 0345 number for head office, which I called tonight only to be told I have to email head office as they were "only customer service, so we don't have the authority to override the store's decision". No phone number for head office apparently?! Has this happened to anyone here and where do I stand? I don't want to keep buying "blind" at Argos and would prefer to take my money elsewhere - somewhere I can actually see the TV in action before purchasing. Thanks very much in advance for any advice you're able to give before I write to Argos Head Office tomorrow Looking at their returns and refunds policy suggests the following can be used as a proof of purchase. All of which I can produce. WHAT COUNTS AS PROOF OF PURCHASE? Any of these: Till/kiosk receipt confirmation email e-receipt your order number If you can’t find one of the above, don’t worry. We should be able to sort everything out if you have: your card/bank statement the email address used to buy your item Hmm. Surely, as I can provide all the above (bar the stolen/lost payment card) proves I am the person who purchased the Freeview box to start with, so why are they not prepared to refund me?
  5. Hello - 5 months ago I had a new composite door / frame set fitted by a supposedly reputable company . Long story short they made a terrible mess and the door was faulty , damaged and the fitters damaged the door and my property whilst fitting .They also took my old door and frame away as they had to smash it out trying to get it out . I never signed the job off and complained straight away . The company sent the 'fitting company' manager to assess the door and he agreed it was terrible and verbally said that we would get a new door and fittings ( that were also damaged ) but not a frame . I was annoyed about this as they come as a factory calibrated set and also the removal of the frames would cause damage and scratches to the frame which was not what we ordered ie a brand new door . We asked for a full replacement of the door set and that was refused .We then noticed further damage to the brickwork under the door that was just placed back and never reported to us .We have since asked for a refund / been refused and had to go the bank for section 75 claim .After legal wrangling with the bank ( suppliers of the interest free credit) the company now wants to 'cancel' the contract and says we have 30 days to get a replacement door and we have to inform them to collect the door so we will be left without our perfectly good old door - a large hole and damaged brickwork ! Do we have any rights to 'restore' us back to the way it was before the work was done - can they legally come and remove the door if they cancel the contract ? Have we any legal redress for the fact we have to get another fitter and get the damaged brickwork mended ?
  6. Dear Forum members, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I need some help/advice re dealings with a large bathroom supply company. They prepared some drawings for me and my wife for several bathrooms we needed. They were having a sale, and the salesperson said that if I put down some money, they would hold their sale prices for us after the sale. I put down £3000.00 on my credit card as a goodwill gesture and to secure the offer she had made. Later she gave us a quotation with a list of products they hoped I’d buy from them. My wife told the salesperson that she didn’t particularly like the selection of products made for us, and we would look into alternatives. She went to work on it and decided the drawings prepared weren’t to our taste and we went back to her own drawings done before we visited said company. The selections of products likewise, we could get better prices anyway from other local suppliers and on the internet. We had made no orders or purchases, or agreed any items. The salesperson wrote several emails asking for a deposit which we didn’t respond to as there was nothing on the quotation we wanted to order. My wife informed the salesperson we were changing the designs. There was no good reason to stick with this company for designs or product supply, so I notified the salesperson I would like my money refunded. The salesperson refused and said that on the back of their quotation were Terms and Conditions and they weren’t going to refund my money (I understand from this that they consider that I was/am in a contract with them). This was the first I had noticed of their T&Cs, and they had not been pointed out to me/us or even referred to in the meetings - but I hadn’t placed any order anyway, nor have I signed anything. Their T&Cs state that “no order submitted by the buyer shall be deemed to be accepted by the seller unless and until confirmed in writing by the seller”. The T&Cs also state: “Quotations are subject to withdrawal at any time before receipt of an unqualified order and shall be deemed to be withdrawn unless accepted within 30 days of their date”. The quote was in July 2016 and I still haven’t accepted it or ordered anything from the quote, or from the company. Further: "The Buyer may not cancel the Contract without the consent of the Seller which, if given, shall be deemed to be on the express condition that the buyer shall pay the seller for all reasonable loss, damage, claims or actions arising out of such cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing”. Have I unwittingly entered in to a Contract without accepting the quotation, without having ordered any goods, without having signed anything and without having been shown the T&Cs (although they were printed on the back of the quotation)? Am I in a position to get my money back from them, or will I have to order goods to the value of the £3000.00 I am in credit with them? Am I under any legal obligations under these T&Cs or under any other consumer legislation?
  7. I bought a used car 10 days ago 14/1/2017 from a trade dealership that was advertised on Auto trader, the description claimed the car was in excellent condition. I was also told the car has been fully inspected by the AA (which having contacted the AA have realised this was a lie and they are investigating). I carried out a full advance inspection on the car with the RAC (20/1/2017) days after purchase, which came back saying essential repairs required urgently for the car to be considered road worthy and the inspector recommended I return the car. I took the car back to the dealer on 20/1/2017 exercising the short term right to rejection, the dealer refused and asked for the RAC report and then to inspect the car then decide if he wants to give a refund. I have sent the report and letter before action recorded signed delivery and got the signature in pdf form from royal mail today. But have had no response from the dealership today. The dealership is registered with companies house. Is there anything else I can do in this situation or anyone else to report to to get my money back? *also the sales agreement says i bought 3 month warranty with the car but i haven't received any documents on this, when i asked the dealer about 3 days after purchasing the car he said its still being processed. *I paid by card, visa, so i will look at chargeback scheme too.
  8. https://cdn.ampproject.org/c/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/38688757
  9. https://cdn.ampproject.org/c/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/38688757
  10. Hi folks Long story but hopefully I will keep it as short as possible. On 24th November 2016 I purchased a Whiteknight Dishwasher from co-op electrical, it was delivered on the 26th November, all was going well till the 4th January 2017 when it stopped draining and warning light was flashing and bleeping, I looked at manual and fault code was "Overflow - Some elements of dishwasher leaks" I called co-op electrical who said I should talk to whiteknight to arrange a service engineer to call. I called whiteknight who said that their own engineers don't cover my post code area but they would get in touch with a partner who will be in touch with me within 24hrs. 24hrs passed without a call I called them back, they apologized and said they would email engineer again and tell him to get in touch with me to arrange visit. Another 24hrs passed and no engineer called, I telephoned again and was told that a visit was booked for the next day and they would get engineer to call and confirm visit. As per usual no call to confirm visit and no engineer showed up. At 17.30 I called whiteknight again and was told engineer had to 18.00 to make a visit. Told them if no-one appeared I would be calling them back at 18.00. At 17.55 engineer called and said he had just been told about job and he would not be able to attend till the next morning at 9.30, I said this would be fine. Next morning engineer arrived and took dishwasher apart had a quick look around inside machine, switched it on and said he will be back in an hour once it had finished its cycle. He had only been out the house five minutes when the dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor. We switched off machine and waited for engineer to come back, told him what had happened and he said he was not quite sure what the problem was, said he could change pump but didn't know if that would fix fault, he then said he was going to speak to his boss, left the house and has not come back, dishwasher is still lying in bits in my kitchen and conservatory. Next day I called whiteknight to find out what was happening and they told me that the engineer had reported to them that we had refused a repair, told whiteknight that this was a lie. I have now been on the phone several times, since engineer visit, to whitekight and co-op electrical and all they say is we are looking into and someone will call you back within 24hrs which never happens. After all the problems we have had can I now reject the dishwasher, as I have gave them a chance of repair, and ask for a refund or a replacement. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. Cheers.
  11. Hi Has anyone received a letter from capquest informing them that they over paid by £230 and they are refunding it. Debt was paid off some time ago. Is this a [problem]
  12. Any advice anyone could give on this matter, I would be incredibly grateful. I have wanted a signet ring for some time, and my girlfriend said she wanted to buy it for me for Christmas. So that I got the exact ring that I wanted, I was tasked with purchasing it . I got in contact with a jewellery company based in London (we'll call LJC), and asked for the dimensions of two of the rings displayed on their website, and also asked for photos of these rings being worn on the finger. The two rings I enquired about varied in size (ring 1 was larger in face size), weight (ring 2 was a 'chunkier' ring), and price (ring 2 was around £80 more expensive). The jewellers responded with the dimensions of each ring, and pictures of what they said was ring 2 being worn. They said that ring 2 had a face size that was too large to be worn on the little finger, and was more suited to be worn on the middle finger. As the ring in the pictures (what I was told was ring 2) was exactly what I wanted, I purchased it (5th December 2016). It arrived four days later. I opened the package and saw the ring briefly, before I put it back in the box and took it to a local jeweller to be engraved (the jewellers I bought it from did not offer engraving). The ring came back from the jewellers a week later (just before Christmas), and it was wrapped and put away until Christmas day. After opening the ring on Christmas day and I started to wear it, it soon became obvious that the ring that I had been sent was not the same as the ring in the picture that I had been emailed, despite them supposedly being the same ring. The ring that I have been sent has a larger face size (it looks a bit too large to be worn on the little finger) and (more importantly) the depth of the face/table of the ring, is significantly thinner (the rink is not as chunky, and looks a little 'flat'). I now have a problem. I have spent over £400 on this ring, and it is not what I wanted. The ring is too large (in face size) to be worn on the little finger and is not as chunky as I had wanted. I am not happy with the ring and do not wear it. If I had noticed that the ring was different, I would have immediately sent it back for a refund. However, the differences were not immediately noticeable upon first inspection; it took some wearing and looking at it for me to realise the differences. It has now been engraved, and since the time since purchase is over 28 days, I cannot return it for a refund. Do I have any rights to a refund on this product? The retailer has provided me with clearly incorrect product information (in the form of the ring dimensions and the pictures), and I believe that they have therefore breached the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However, as stated above, it has been over a month since purchase and the ring has been customised. Any advice anyone could offer on this, I would be incredibly grateful. Many thanks.
  13. I was thinking of watching a movie the other night and went on blink box added it to my account and then realised that I had already seen it. I asked to cancel the movie without having watched any of it, they know that. They have offered me what I think is the worst refund I have been offered!! And for a virtual product!! They want me to choose another movie of the same value within seven days or the credit will expire and my money will be gone!! I have contacted visa debit and they have told me that there is nothing they can do, but do I have any options when it comes to my UK consumer rights? It seems like a very poor refund!?
  14. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this as I am really confused. I contacted TV licensing on 10th October to inform them my sister had recently passed away. As she had paid for her license up tol April 2017 they said they would issue a refund. I was advised a scanned copy of the death cert with an email would be sufficient which I sent on 10th Oct. My sister did not leave a will but I have been dealing with her financial affairs. On the 12th October I received an email saying that they could not accept an electronic copy so I sent a letter on 14th October together with a copy of the death certificate. I emailed them again to chase this on 10th Nov as I had heard nothing back and got the following reply: Having checked our records I can see that we received your letter on 1 November 2016. I can advise you that we've issued an executors letter for you to complete and return which you should receive within 10 working days. I emailed them again on 18th November to chase executors letter and asked why I was not sent this in the first instance abd received the following: I can confirm that the executor letter was sent to you on 11 November 2016, I must advise you that it can take up to 10 working days to receive it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I still have not received the executors letter from them so I emailed them again on 29th November to express my dissatisfaction and requested information about making a formal complaint and have not heard anything since. I read somewhere that they do not give refunds and I was just wondering if this is true.
  15. zebra1950

    Tax Refund Error

    Hi I am new to these forums and would appreciate some much needed advice, because in May of this year (2016) I got a letter from the HMRC saying that I was entitled to a tax refund of £2500 as I had applied for the married mans allowance, which I duly accepted, but then I got a letter this morning 19/11/16 stating that I owed them £2300, which I was totally shocked by, as I strongly believed that I had been awarded the rebate and it had been backdated, as I dont really understand tax affairs, I am going to strongly appeal against this as I feel the HMRC are the ones responsible for this error, and failing that I will take it to the financial ombudsman, but can anyone tell me what are my chances of a successful appeal
  16. Hi I purchased a sofa from SCS back in 2012. The sofa delivered was faulty and after months off arguing we agreed to get a replacement sofa. Ordered January 2013 delivered May 2013. At end of june this year the springs gave way on the sofa and i called to claim under 10 yr warranty. I was told I had to pay £75 to get someone to inspect(as per T&cs)and if it was a manufacturing defect it will be repaired so arranged for July 15th . The Upholstery technician assessed the sofa and we got a letter on 25th july confirming the necessary parts were ordered taking 5-7 weeks. We waited 8 weeks and called to be told they will arrive 3rd october making it 10 weeks. I tried to pre book appointment for repair but i was told no. I had to call again on 4th october they confirmed the part was in then told me 3-4 weeks before they can come to repair. i was not happy and asked for a callback from a manager. no call back so i contacted Consumer rights. I have put it in writing to the CEO of SCS and requested a refund under the sale of goods act1979 to which i got a cheeky letter back stating it was not a manufacturing defect but general wear and tear but made the desicion to assist in a repair and to contact to arrange a repair within 21 days or they are closing the case. HELP where do i go now as i checked and the are not registered with the furniture ombusman:-x:-x:-x
  17. I ordered 5 items from the online store called ChoiceFurniureSuperstore at the end of October and paid using PayPal. I then cancelled 3 of the items 2 days later and received acknowledgment of the cancellation. The 2 items I wanted have been delivered but after 23 days, including reminders from me, I have not received the refund (over £300) for the cancelled items. How long do I have to wait? Is there a legal limit to the length of time they can withhold my money? What's the next step if they continue to not pay?
  18. Hi, Please can anyone help me with this: I have just had the 3rd (yes third) gearbox installed in my car, this gearbox has now failed after less than 24 hours and 50 miles! The story: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty Car: Make MG, Model MG6 (petrol) Gearbox number 1: This is the original gearbox: noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to dealer in March 2016 to complain about gearbox (and other warranty faults), they drove car and agreed with me about gearbox. Manufacturer agreed to replace gearbox and new gearbox arrived at end of April. I couldn't leave car with the dealer at this time as I was on standby to work abroad for a number of weeks. Gearbox number 2: Finally got gearbox replaced at beginning of June. New gearbox was worse! Not only does it crunch in 4th but it also whines (like an old mini) in 2nd. Car returned at beginning of July to look at again, dealer agrees it is not correct but "doesn't know what manufacturer will say as it's out of warranty". Told them "don't care fault occurred in warranty period an has not been resolved - actually made worse". Manufacturer eventually agrees to send an engineer from the factory to look at my car who came last week. Manufacturer has agreed that the new gearbox is faulty but they will only supply a replacement 'box if I don't complain about it crunching in 4th as this is a "characteristic of the car". This is not entirely true as I have driven one of the loan cars with same gearbox and it does not crunch however the other loan car did, however there is a lot on the internet about failing gearboxes, crunching, stiff changes etc etc. The gearbox obviously has an inherent design flaw. Gearbox number 3: The third gearbox was installed 15/16th of this month (i.e. picked up yesterday), this has failed within 24 hours and 50 miles, jammed in second - so car now unusable. This happened first thing this morning This morning: Called finance company: told them I wish to reject car for refund under sale of good act and consumer credit act, they said they will talk to the dealer and 'get back to me' and that their procedures can take 8 weeks). I have told them I'm not interested in their time scale, I now do not have a drivable car, asked them for an address where I can serve notice of intended court action. Told me that I need to provide burden of proof, I told them this has been fixed under warranty so I have no paper work (dealer has never given me paper work for warranty repairs) - the car is sitting immobile on my drive if they want to inspect. Called dealer: spoke to the MD, he says it's not acceptable, can they collect car and give me a loan car. I can't arrange collection today or tomorrow as am too busy at work. Thing is I don't want this fixed now, too many attempts at a fundamental fault, I have no confidence whatsoever now. What I would like help with: I would like to claim from the dealer and finance company as they are jointly and severable liable - under sale of good act and consumer credit act - refund and cancel loan agreement. The fault apparently can not be fixed, actually each gearbox is worse. This is a major fault. Could someone point me in the direction of a letter template, and how to handle the court claim - I need to move urgently with this, I am currently having to borrow my wife's car - I can not get to work otherwise. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, I received letter from Arrow global debt, I was shocked to see that it was a refund letter. I thought it was a debt letter, when I phoned, I found out that I had over paid a debt, in 2014 to west scot, the amount to be refunded £325.72 and additional good will interest of £15.74 = £341.46. I received this letter on 15th August 2016, first I checked it out Arrow global, because I never heard of them before. I phoned, I was asked did I want the money put into my account or send by cheque,. I requested a cheque. then I was told there was a backlog to receive this cheque. I have waited 11 weeks, I phoned again, then got told there was no back log. I emailed them on the 29th October asking if this can be resolved. I asked how many more months do I have to wait before the cheque is sent out. I got no answer, I phoned, I was told they sent out a letter on 31st October, that I should have received it. I asked what the letter says, they told me that it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get the cheque. this will take up to 12 of December. I now beginning to not believe them, I think, they are no going to send out any cheque. is there away I can get round this?
  20. Hi, I'm new here so thought I'd just dive right in with my situation and see if there's anybody here that may be able to lend some advice. So over the past 2 years I'd say, I've collected up some payday loan debts to which all the remaining ones are now on small repayment plans of £1-£5 a month as I'm a student at university. At some points during taking our these loans I have had summer jobs and reborrowed from lenders with the same details even tho I wasn't in work at the time I claimed I was in order to ensure I would receive the loan. As I took out some of the most recent loans (Payday UK and Mr Lender) in particular, the other loans were already on smaller repayments plans and my credit score was horrific. So the creditors I owe too are as follows: Mr Lender £332 Piggybank £577 Wageday Advance £142 Balmoral Financial £435 Payday UK £435 Safetynetcredit £244 Satsuma Loans/ Moorecroft debt collection £128.24 Some of these I have had for over a year now but I was in a stage where I was going through a gambling problem and suffering with some mental health issues (both are currently going well as of now), and was in a rut where I would be lending straight after paying off a previous loan or lending to pay off other loans companies, so I feel as though this tied in with my old gambling habits during the time of my mental health issues as well as being an unemployed student that there is some irresponsible lending occurring and that more checks should have been put in place by this loans companies? My only worry is, is that I have them all on small repayment programme's now that the company may cancel them and demand all the repayment (which I can't afford) at once. Or that the fact on some of the applications I had lied about being employed or did not mention that I was to use the money on gambling its my fault not theres. I'm really not sure at all about this or where I should take it/ what to do with it but its a problem thats been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now and feel like its time I tried to see if there was anything I could do. Thanks in advance for anybody who has any advice for me. Charlie.
  21. Hello all, I recently purchased a used car from Arnold Clark and went with a one-year AutoCare warranty because it seemed like a good idea at the time. No finance involved. Was just browsing this site and see that the overwhelming advice is not to bother with AutoCare, so I've just checked the T's & C's to see if/how I can go about cancelling it. As a new member I can't post a link, but they can be found by googling "arnold clark autocare warranty in detail", choosing the first result, and clicking the link on that page which says "download our Autocare policy document". Once in that document, the "Your right of cancellation" section is on page 10. It starts by saying that "no full or partial refund of the price paid for the warranty will be made", but then later says that "on receipt of your notice of cancellation we will refund the warranty cost, unless you have made a claim under your warranty". I don't understand this. If I send a letter requesting cancellation to the specified address, will the amount that I paid be refunded or not? Thanks in advance. Any other advice or things to bear in mind when doing this will also be appreciated. Recorded delivery for the letter, for example
  22. Apologies for the length, but I wish to give as full a picture as possible. According to TVL it is possible to obtain a refund for the last 3 months of a TV licence, if that licence is no longer required. As a renter (sub-letting), I held a TV licence for the period 1st Dec 15 to 30th November 16. All official documentation for the property, council tax, tenancy agreement, utility bills etc, were in the name of my landlord/the leaseholder. On the 1st Sept 16, I signed a joint tenancy agreement at a new address, which was already covered by a TV licence. Subsequently, I transfered the TV licence to my new address via the TV licencing website. As there was still 3 months to run on the licence, I informed TVL, via their website, that the property I was now living at was covered by a TV licence and requested a refund. As I have been paying for the TV licence by direct debit, I have also prepaid 5 months of the TV licence fee for the*period 1st Dec 16 to 30th Nov 17. I advised TVL that I required a refund for these months also. The first reply from TVL is below: “Thank you for asking about a refund on a TV Licence. * In cases such as your own, a refund can only be given on the remaining unused quarters of a TV Licence (i.e. where there are 3 full months left to run), and only if the licence is not going to be needed again before it expires. ** If you can supply evidence of when you left your previous property, please forward this for my attention so I can reconsider your refund request.* Examples of the evidence could be photocopies of: * .*The completion date when you sold the property; or * .*Final water bill or end of tenancy, or rent agreements; or * .*Council tax bills showing the account has been closed or property is empty; or * .**Mail redirection confirmation letter from the post office; or * .*Any other documentary evidence which would confirm the date the licence was last needed. * When replying please quote the above reference and send any additional information or documents we have requested. * Thank you for taking the time to contact us and I look forward to hearing from you. * Yours sincerely Customer Services” As I was sub-letting, I could not provide evidence of the first three on the list, mail redirection was unnecessary and costly given I had manually updated my address with my bank, electoral roll etc. By return, I sent them a copy of the joint tenancy agreement for my new address, which shows both I and the TVL holder for my new address are joint tenants. The TVL responded as follows: “Thank you for your recent email regarding a refund for your TV Licence. * I understand you wish to claim a refund on your licence as you are covered by another licence at your address. * Documentation is required to support an application for a refund and this information can be found on the reverse of the application form. * Unfortunately, the evidence you have provided is insufficient to support your claim as it relates to your new address. We require evidence to show you have left your previous property. Please provide further evidence to support your claim. * Examples of the kind of evidence we are looking for could be photocopies/scanned copies of: • The completion date when you sold the property; or • All pages of a final utility bill, end of tenancy, or rent agreements; or • Council tax bills showing the account has been closed or you have vacated the property; or • Mail redirection confirmation letter from the post office; or • Any other documentary evidence on official letter headed paper which would confirm the date the licence was last needed. ** Once we have received this information we will be able to deal with your request. * When replying please quote the above reference. ******************************************************************************************* Thank you for taking the time to contact us and I look forward to hearing from you.” First of all, it appears TVL accept that I am living at a new address, and that I am claiming a refund because that new address already has a licence. However, they seem unwilling to accept that I have left my old address. I have since attempted to explain that I was subletting and do not have proof of leaving the property. I have also made the point to them, that their own email accepts I live at a new address and that my new address is also covered by a licence, the number of which I already provided to them several times. In the meantime, I have cancelled the direct debit, and requested details of the management as I am unsatisfied with the handling of the refund claim. Given that TVL are fixing on the issue of my old address, and seemingly overlooking any proof of my new address and the TV licence covering it, I expect to have to persist with the claim for longer. Hence my post here. Please could anyone offer any assistance as to how to proceed further and thank you for taking the time to read this!
  23. I received a form today from "together" (Blemain Finance) stating that I was due a refund for incorrectly added fees plus interest etc. They asked for bank details or confirmation of address to send a cheque, I vaguely remember Blemain finance but not what I had from them, could this be a way for them to confirm my details and then start proceedings against me for something I am unaware of? I did get into financial difficulties some years ago but have not heard anything and believe all outstanding matters were resolved, could this be a [problem]?
  24. Hi all Need some help Just received a PPI refund offer from Barclaycard. PPI began on 4th Nov 1999 and ended on 7th Nov 2000. The account is now closed. barclaycard dont have any statements etc from this time so have estimated the refund based on average figures. The offer below is based on "average amounts we would refund someone who was sold a comparable policy on a credit card held for a similar time period" Refund of Payments made for PPI cover charged on a comparable policy £240.55 Refund of interest charged on PPI Premiums charged on a comparable policy £126.28 Statutory Compensation £155.17 Income Tax Deduction £31.03 Total Refund £490.97 So, does that sound right? Or can i add interest? if I can, is it simple or compound? is it 8% or circa 24.9% which I think was the rate charged by Barclaycard. I have looked on the forums and googled this but have lots of differing answers and opinions but would really appreciate something definitive. I remember the card limit being £2500-2700 and I would have been close to that most months Thanks for the help Sausage
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