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Found 553 results

  1. Just a quick question I recently received a refund from the HMRC for a overpayment of Tax, the amount was for £207 and covered the period between 06/04/16 to 05/04/17, does anybody on the forum know if this is taken into account by the DWP when it comes to payment of Universal Credit?. I have had a look on the internet but I can't find any clear information on this, so I hope you can help?. Many Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I have accepted an offer from a refund plus interest from wonga. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the refund and put the money in my bank account? Thanks Paul
  3. HI I am after some advice for my parents please. A few months ago, they decided to purchase a mobile home and paid over a deposit of £3,000 to secure this property. They stipulated that they wanted a 6ft fence built around the property because of their dog, anything smaller than this, the dog would be able to jump over. The person who sells these mobile homes stated that they would only be able to have a fence around the back of the mobile home which they were fine with and agreed to. The seller has since backtracked and has stated that they are not allowed to have a 6ft fence and can only be a maximum of 4ft. This isn't good enough and my parents have stated this to them. At the time of handing over the deposit, he did not, at any point say that the 6ft fence would not be allowed and proceeded with handing over the deposit of £3,000. The seller knew from the outset that they needed a 6ft fence for their dog and had said many a time that if they were not able to have this then they would not proceed with the purchase of said property. At no time did the seller say "no, this is not something we can offer". There are have been various arguments over this and my parents have since pulled out of the purchase of this property. They have signed a contract where it does state that the deposit is non refundable should the sale not go ahead. However, we are of the view that we could go down the route of mis-interpretation/false selling if that is something worth pursuing? We have written to the seller and he has denied misleading my parents and is refusing to return the deposit - less than a week after my parents pulled out from the purchase he has resold the property with a further £3,000 deposit! Is there anything we could do, how do we reply to the letter? I can happily post up the documentation, but would need to do it when I am back in work on Monday minus the personal information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jo
  4. Hey guys, was wondering if you could give me some advice on whether I've handled a used car situation, as after putting it off as much as possible, I've been given no other choice but to take a car dealer to court 8th December, me and my girlfriend traded in her Corsa for £400, for a Polo plus £500 cash (£900) total. The dealer checked her car, and had access to it for about 4-5 hours. I test drove one car, which broke down straight away, then test drove a similar but more expensive one, but only at 30mph up and down the local road. I refused the £50 Mot offered (Had 4 months left), as I have a very trustworthy garage that I wanted to take it to. As soon as money changed hands, the car cut out when I drove it out, to which the dealer said it was just because the car was parked on a slope and it's just the petrol and would be fine after putting some petrol in it. despite driving 15 mins back to my home, and putting in £10 petrol, the car kept cutting out, whenever going over speed bumps the car would make awful scraping sounds. when I took it to my garage they said there were two minor problems and an oil leak from the sump pan. They said the dealer illegally sold me the car, and that they would have to fix these problems straight away. Dealer argued the case, but eventually accepted that they needed fixing, and booked me into his local garage. 5 days later i took it to his garage, and when the work was done the mechanic denied that he was even told to look at the sump pan, and that he wouldn't look at that until the dealer gave the go ahead (he did fix the 2 minor problems again, contacted dealer, who reluctantly said he would book it in, to which was another 5 days away. When car was taken to garage, he kept it for a few days, and finally rang us to pick it up, but it was still cutting out while driving. due to it being Christmas, it took just under 2 weeks to get it checked by my garage (5th January) to which they said that it wasn't fixed, and that I need to take it back. Again contacted seller who arranged it for the 9th (a day after a month of having the car). On the day I was unwell and my girlfriend didnt feel safe driving the car, I text to cancel, but then the dealer started ignoring us. I tried ringing but no avail. i gave it a few days and then text him again to say that I wasn't happy with the car and would like a full refund. No response. spoke to citizens advice, who said send him a recorded letter. Which I did. But again no response, i text him saying if i dont hear back I will take it to court. Thats when he finally responded saying that it's my fault for buying a used car, and that he won't be giving me a refund and that I can take him to court but to let him know in advance. There's been a lot of back and forth between me and him, but the only thing he's willing to offer is £400 refund as he says the Corsa I traded in had a Head Gasket problem and it's cost him £480 to fix, even though I was not aware of this problem, and he had ample time to check and reject the trade in on the day. He's also listed the car without saying that he's fixed it, but is saying he's fixed pads and discs, which he never mentioned to me. I offered that he could have the Corsa for free, but the minimum I would've taken was my £500 cash back, to which he declined. Now I've applied for small claims court and am claiming over £1200 as I've had to keep the car insured and taxed to keep it on the road as I have no where else to store it I was debating whether to claim for traveling costs, as the car was bought to travel to football matches but I've had to get multiple coaches and trains on the day Do I have a good chance of winning?
  5. Hello. I had some loans with Wonga. I wrote formal complaint and after 7 weeks I get a letter from them. I'm due to refund. Now I live outside the UK and don't have bank anymore. I have sent them my nominee (friend) bank details and now they are saying that they can't transfer money to someone else. Is that correct? They are asking my bank account details in my country, but the thing is that I have some troubles with that. I had a small refund from them few months ago (technical problems as they called it) and it went to my friends account without any problems. I had the same situation with HMRC and it went well. Any thoughts?
  6. I had a bit of a battle as I think I narrowly missed being a victim of the 'refund spoof' but because I fought hard and won my appeal against the buyer who initially opened and won a 'Returns Case', I successfully got it reversed and they sent me the following message and I'm not sure how to interpret: ""We've reviewed your concerns and have reversed the outcome of the case. You don't need to take any additional action to reimburse eBay for the refund paid to the buyer, and eBay will make no further attempts to seek reimbursement from you. Because we decided in your favor, this case, any feedback left, and all detailed seller ratings left, will not affect your seller performance. In addition, any feedback left for this transaction will be removed. If you have other questions, please contact us. You can reach us by going to the eBay website and clicking "Help & Contact" in the upper right corner and then selecting "Contact eBay." Thanks, eBay""" Exactly what do they mean by their first line as they did actually return back to my account funds equal to the value of the sale - and if they are not coming back to me for reimbursement, who is going to pay the buyer who has since returned the item to the delivery company for insurance reasons but only AFTER ebay reversed it's decision against them? And if ebay isn't going to come back to me to take the refund and I can't refund because the option has gone since they've closed the case, How comes the buyer's out of pocket as this doesn't sit well with me either All really confusing. Although to be fair to ebay and the buyer - the buyer was acting rather 'oddily' as if they knew exactly how to play the Refund spoof and thankfully I followed the advice of others and checked with ebay at every aspect and I believe ebay did say they would be investigating the buyer further as they felt something was not right either. If anyone could shed some light on how ebay works once a Returns Case has been reversed and what their first line actually means, I'd be less confused Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Today I needed to cancel order on floor panels that had value of around £2000 there was nothing wrong with them, well beside the fact I found similar quality panels for half of the price so it was obvious I would need to cancel my order with Carpetright as I'm not made of money just like most of the population. I went to the store with my order confirmation where I paid for the panels with cash(the panels were supposed to be delivered next week) I told the manager of the store I wish to cancel my order and that's where all of it starts. I've been told that I can cancel but I will be charged 20-25% of the order value which added to over £400 just for the cancellation and the explanation for this was the panels were ordered specially for me(Special Order) and the store wont be able to sell them now. I was rather unsatisfied with the fact and said this is too much which was countered with the response that even offering 25% charge is a sign of good will as the store has right to refuse cancellation. I would like to add that they failed to show me any term and conditions that stated charge of 25% but only a short snippet from a leaflet that says I can only amend order within 24 hours. After few minutes of arguments and call to regional manager by the shop manager they offered me a check for £1800 which I accepted as I felt I had no options left.( it will be sent by post within 7 days) My question is was actions of the store justifiable? Did they have the right to charge that much? Is there anything else I can do? Do I have right to a full refund? I can understand paying for handling but the price they came up with was ludicrous.
  8. Hi last month I was looking to purchase a new computer. I went to the CurrysPCworld website and found a machine that was suitable. Trouble was they were out of stock. Still browsing their website, I discovered they had my machine on their business website, but I had to join as a business retailer. I used my brother Business name. I joined up. I then ordered the computer and paid £1.119.58. A few days later, I received the computer, and carefully installed it after reading the manual. As I switched it on, I get an error message saying no signal on the monitor. I tried everything possible to get it to work. I even put another working monitor on it with same message. I even purchased a new DVI lead from Amazon thing it may well be a faulty lead. This was waste of money and got same message. I then contacted Currys PCworld support emails 4 times and all said message was was invalid. I found another email, and this was delivered. I then got a reply saying sorry, but need to check my leads and to pause on reboot and tell them errors on the screen. How can I read the details without a display Doughnuts. This went on for a few days, and then I get a message saying I need to get in touch with the Manufacturer FUJITSU. I told them I could not contact them as I'm totally deaf. I then told them to sort it out, and gave them 7 days to respond. No contact, so I asked them for a full refund and they can pick it up. We exchanged emails and it was obvious they will not be refunding me. I then got a message to say an engineer from PCworld will be coming to change the video card. I've refused this, and rejected the offer and just want a refund. I need a computer urgent and had to get a bank load to buy another. PC world say its a manufacturer and not there's Please can anybody give me some advice bearing in mind its a business Account Purchase Thanks Ray
  9. Hi all, I sold a very expensive figurine on eBay and sent the item to the seller very well packed first class next day. Two days later the seller requested a full refund stating the item had been damaged in transit. I requested photos of the damage which showed the packing box (shipper) squashed on one corner, the box inside with the figurine inside appeared to have a cut along the corner running up the side of the box. When I received the item back the damage to the box of the figurine appeared inconsistent with the damage shown to the box that housed the figurine. What I mean bear with me on this, The shipping box was squashed on one corner, however the figurines box had no sign of being squashed and looked like it had been cut. The figurine box was wrapped in bubble wrap at least 5 or 6 times and I am guessing when the buyer tried to remove the bubble wrap say with scissors he has cut the box. Do I have any right to claim the buyer has damaged the item and will eBay see the obvious inconsistency? I have the photos he originally sent as do eBay!
  10. Hello All, I signed up with a GYM and within the gym also signed up with a personal trainer. I signed up for 20 sessions for 500£ and over the course of time, I used them all. During this time, I made friends with the personal trainer and he asked if I would like to sign up for another 20 and I was happy to. He asked if I could pay him cash as that would save him money and I did. For the first payment that I made in his bank account, I had received a acknowledgement on email but not for the second cash payment. There was no written agreement signed or emailed in either case. When I signed up, I mentioned to him and I might be changing house and in that case, would like to cancel mid way if I move too far and he said, Yes we can work out and he will refund me the money for unused sessions. After this, I got busy with work and travel and was off training for 2 months. I also suffered a ligament injury and a wrist injury. I consulted the GP who were not very helpful and just advised rest. I did another session with the PT and he said we can work around the injury but after the session, I felt pain. I saw a private physio who has advised against any heavy workouts and only Yoga for now for basic stretches for atleast 3 months which is recovery period. I requested my PT for cancellation of this arrangement and refund and he flatly refused saying these are no refund sessions and he offered 5 extra sessions which I cannot take. Please guide how to action further, I asked my physio as well and he said it is common curtsy for PT to return for unused sessions and in this scenario I am unable to use the sessions for an unknown period of time due to injury. I haven't moved house yet but I am moving in next 10 days All my exchanges with PT have been on text messages so far and I told him that I am not happy but I will not go to social media as it will be bad for his business and also told him he has never mentioned to me conditions of these sessions in writting or orally and his website also doesnt mention them. Since then he has taken his website also down. I am going to loose 500£ over 1 session which I have taken so far Thanks in advance.
  11. I bought a sink from an online retailer who told me that it would be delivered direct from the manufacturer, not a problem. The sink was received on the 17th May was opened and checked on the 18th. On close inspection there were scratches on it that would have noticed so emailed the retailer on the 18th May to reject it as damaged. 19th may they asked whether I wanted a refund or replacement - in the middle of a kitchen fit so had to but a replacement locally - said I wanted a refund. 20th May - images of damage requested. These were sent and acknowledged on the 22nd May. 23rd May told by retailer that the manufacturer were going to collect and would contact me in next few days. 29th May - I contacted the retailer to inform that no one had contacted me. 31st May - retailer confirms that the manufacturer are chasing the courier re collection 2nd June - I contacted retailer with the following - This is getting ridiculous now. It is over a week since you told me that Rangemaster were going to arrange collection. This is something that should take a couple of days at most. As the retailer my contract is with you so, not Rangemaster (the fact it was delivered direct is irrelevant) so can you arrange collection forthwith. I will give you a further 3 working days (until 7th June) to do this or I will look to take this further. 5th June - email from retailer to say that they only seem to have this problem with the particular manufacturer and have chased it again. 5th June - email from retailer to confirm that they have spoken to the manufacturer and collection is confirmed for the 19th June. 5th June - I emailed - Thanks for the update however I must say that I cannot believe that they could not get it collected prior to the 19th June. That is nearly a month since I reported the damage to you. I could get this packaged and dispatched the next day so can't see why they are taking so long. This is large item taking up space which we are constantly having to move to get to other things. I will also need to know the time of the collection as I cannot wait in all day due to work commitments. 6th June - reply form retailer - Good morning, I know it’s ridiculous! We have spoken to rep about this to see if they can make this any better. 8th June - voice mail from manufacturer asking to contact them. 9th June - called manufacturer who confirmed that collection would be on the 19th June to which I asked why so long and pointed out I could get it collected today - they did not have an answer and told me to contact the retailer. I told them it is a major inconvenience as I am having a lot of work done at the moment and the box is constantly having to be moved as it in the way. I know my contract is with the retailer but I think it is a joke that it will be over a month since rejection to collection and I would guess another week or 2 for the refund to be processed - probably have to argue about the P&P fees as well!! What are my options or my next course of action.
  12. My contract with Virgin Media was terminated on the 4th May due to the fact that they broke contract by way of serious issues with my broadband which they admitted they had trouble fixing and gave me permission to leave without charge or penalty. I've received my final bill to say I am owed a refund of around £15. I was told initially it was to be refunded within 14 days of cancelled contract. Its now over 14 days and I've not receive the monies due. Any advice please.
  13. Hi all, One of our distributors suddenly declared they went into administration overnight, we have a refund due from them but they're offered a credit against their current stock. Is there a way i can ask for the money back rather than the credit? They said a refund cant happen due to them being in administration but i thought that works both ways with giving me credit. Just making sure they're not having me on. Thank you
  14. I hope this is the correct section of the forum for such a post. Last year my son was travelling daily on a Kings Ferry coach, from his home to university. The coach company axed the service in 2016 and he still had unused "trips" on his annual ticket. He applied for a refund a number of weeks later (being bogged down in exams and projects); the company responded and said it would take a while to locate his details because "the computer data was being dismantled" (???). Over the past year a number of emails have been sent to KF, plus phone calls, but there has never been a refund. A recent posted letter has also gone unanswered. We are talking about £80-£100 outstanding. Any thoughts? or are we now facing a costly battle to recover a "small" amount of money?
  15. Hi All, This is my first time posting on here, thanks for taking the time to read my post, any advice is gratefully received. About 2 months ago, I bought some bath panels from an online shop as part of a project to renovate my bathroom. After my personal circumstances changed, I was no longer able to follow through on this project and made the decision to return the panels within the 30 day period stated on their website. I followed their returns process to the letter. 2 weeks later and several unanswered emails and calls later, there is no sign of a refund, despite a recorded receipt of the items. The items themselves are not an insignificant amount of money either at £155. With no response from the vendor, what options do I have at my disposal? Thanks
  16. I recently received a letter from my argos store card stating that they have refunded me for overpayment of fees.Are they within their rights to take the outstanding money owed to me off my card balance? I was owed a three figure payment and ended up with a cheque for £7 once they paid off my balance
  17. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  18. Hi, I brought 2 sofas from Furniture Village on 20th December 2015 for the total price of £1000, they were on offer after being ordered by another customer and rejected on delivery due to a colour difference. We paid by debit card on the day but didn’t take delivery until the 5th January 2016, at the time we had a complete house refurbishment so stored them until early March 2016, 5 years’ warranty was standard then, now 10 years. In July 2016, we noticed the stitching coming apart on 2 seat cushions and on the sofas fame (one sofa), we called Furniture Village and asked the procedure for repair’s. We were informed that even though they still stocked the model type, they no longer dealt with the manufacturer therefore couldn’t offer a repair or replacement, they did however offer a credit note to the value of the purchase price, they also offered a refund to the purchase price. I advised Furniture Village that we had the sofas coated for stain protection (cost approx. £200) and my wife had brought some ridiculously expensive cushions / accessories to match the sofas (£180) I had receipts for everything, therefore taking a refund would leave me out of pocket nearly £400. I was asked to email my thoughts and what options I would like to take over the next few days. I asked on the phone and in a following email if they had experienced any problems (advised, no problems), I requested a replacement, if that was not able to be done I requested a goodwill refund of £600 to allow me to get the 2 cushions repaired, I also noted that if the £600 was refunded I would take responsibility for future repairs to that sofa, I included pictures of the cushions. A few days later I received a call from their customer complaints manager who advised that she had spoken with the manager of the store and was unable to offer a refund of £600, they would offer a goodwill refund of £400 due to the fact they could not replace the sofas or repair them. We had 2 companies come to look at the sofas and with quotes more than double the original purchase price no repair had been done, roll on to February 2017 both sofas are ready for the skip. All 4 seat cushions have split / come unstitched, I don’t mean a little gap, two of them have come apart by at least a foot in length, you can’t turn them over as the stitching has come apart both top and bottom, the other breaks are between 3 – 7 inches. Also, the rear back cushions which aren’t attached to the frame and just lent on have also come apart (3 out of 4, so both sofas and again by 4 – 8 inch breaks on the seem). Also, the stitching on both frames have started to become undone, showing the frame. I phone Furniture Village in January and explained that this was unacceptable, you might be able to excuse one as a manufacturing problem but two? and with every cushion coming undone in a year, I requested they pick up the sofas and offer the refund, I would have to swallow the protection and extra accessories costs. I was asked to send in pictures, I sent them and waited a week, I called back and was advised the matter had been passed to complaints they would call me in 72 hours, I waited 2 weeks, again I called them…. here we are late April, I have been told that I agreed to a fall and final settlement of £400 (I didn’t), I advised I had the email with my offer to them, this was rejected and they advised that head office had agreed that they have no liability, I had effectively waived my warranty. I mentioned that the goodwill payment was for two cushions on one sofa, and now all cushions across both are faulty as well as the frame, the fault had been identified in the first 6 months, admittedly we are now over 12 months, 2 months of that was trying to get a reply! Furniture Village would not offer any further assistance and mentioned I could speak to the furniture ombudsman, I could find the details online. Thoughts?
  19. Hi, I've been in a long running saga with Idealworld over a faulty Xhose. I owned it for 2 years and 2months when it fell apart (the inner expanding sleeve parted from the fixing). There is no one that repairs these hoses I contacted IW and said I want a replacement and they said it's over a year old - bug off! I've tried Resolver to see it that would help (as it did when I used it on NatWest) and we had a dialog over 6 months where they offered me exactly 4/6 of the original price of£56 and then they went silent. A month ago I was told by ConsumerGAA (which is what you get instead of Trading Standards) to write to warn them that I would take them to the small claims court - the deadline has passed and nothing has happened now I either have to back off and right off the money or risk taking them to court and the debts that it could incur Thoughts?
  20. Hi All I have opened a claim for refund of Additions account fee's and have received a questionnaire to complete; which I would like some advice on how best to proceed. Here are some background details first: I first became aware of Package Bank Accounts last year when a colleague at work told me that he had reclaimed some money. I was shocked; having only ever banked with barclays for the last 24years I genuinely thought that I had to pay for my bank account and that the insurances etc. were free perks. I decided to pursue a claim myself; I only have statements from 2011 I did an SAR request on the internet in around May last year. After 45 days I had not heard or received anything I rang the number given on Barclays site; the telephone banking agent gave me a number to ring for the SAR team. I rang the number several times but it was a dud number. Made an appointment at the Bank, spoke to an advisor who gave me an SAR request form to fill in; I filled this in and sent it recorded delivery with my cheque for £10. They received the form but again after 45 Days nothing. At this point I gave up. In December I recieved the letter from Barclays saying Additions was being removed and offering the Fee Free Account; In January I went to the bank and cancelled the Tech and Travel pack. This spurred me to look at claiming again. I read on the internet that even with an SAR they only go back 6 Years; so I thought well I won't gain much from it anyway. Is this true that they only go back 6 years? this is what I know: I opened my current account with Barclays in March 1993 at the age of 21; this was my first current account and to this day is the only current account I have ever held. Through research I found that the Additions account wasn't introduced until 1996 I must initially have had a fee free account? I do not recall ever agreeing to the Additions account; I do not recall agreeing to iot being upgraded to Additions Plus. I do not recall agreeing to the cost of the account being hiked up over the years. As long as I can remember I have paid a fee; I definitely remember it being £6.50 a long long time ago it may have even been £5.00 but not sure of this. I remember it being Additions then Additions Plus; before I opted for the Fee Free account without the Tech or Travel pack in Jan this year the fee was £16.00. Over the years the fee increased; I rember it being £13.50 at one point. I think I may have had it from the beginning before Breakdown cover was included; I know I had CPP card protection and I have a vague recollection of having a tag to go on your keys incase you lost them? I suspect that my account was upgraded to Additions from my original fee free account without my knowledge. Initially I did not have an overdraft with the account; I asked for one at some point many years after I had opened the account somewhere between 2000-2005. I only asked for a small overdraft for emergencies only and it was only a small one I would have only wanted £100 and probably wouldn't have used it in the beginning. Maybe I was conned into having additions at this point; but I am sure I already had it. Regarding the insurances; I have only ever used the Breakdown cover and only once bcause I thought it was a free benefit to an account I had to pay for anyway. I have never had any expensive gadgets or a mobile worth insuring I have never used gadget insurance. I only holiday in the UK and would never use travel insurance. Over the latter years I have used my overdraft but again only because I thought it was a free perk to an account I had to pay for. If I had had a fee free account I would have managed my money differently and could have done without the overdraft. On January the 24th I this to file a claim: Packaged Bank Account Claim: Barclays Sort code or branch name: xx-xx-xx Existing complaint reference: N/A xxxxxxxxxxx I am writing to you as I believe the packaged bank account which I have had since some time after March 25th, 1993 was mis-sold/inappropriate for me. This is because... - I don’t remember ever agreeing to having this account. - I was upgraded without my knowledge Additional information: - The addressess that I have lived at whilst holding the packaged bank account are: xxxxxxxxxxxx I have no recollection of ever having opened a package bank account. I started banking with Barclays on 25/03/1993 when I opened a current account; I think that the reason for opening the account was that I needed an account to have my wages paid into. You are the only bank that I have ever banked with and this is the only current account that I ever held. At some point it seems, my current account became a packaged bank account but I do not remember ever agreeing to this; I remember along time ago on my statements paying a £6.50 account fee which has been risen over the years to £16.00 without my consent! I thought that this account fee on my statements was exactly what it stated; a fee for my account that I had to pay to have a current account; I did not know that the fee was for the additional benefits such as travel insurance, breakdown cover etc.. I thought that these came FREE with the account and that the account fee was for the account itself and NOT to pay for these benefits; which I never requested anyway. Upon receipt of your recent letter informing me that Additions is being removed and giving me the option of removing the benefits; I have cancelled the tech and travel packs and now have a fee free account whilst retaining my overdaft facility which is all I have ever required from my bank account. [removed template details - dx] Today I recieved a reply and a questionnaire to fill in. After researching on this site; I think that my strongest complaint is that Additions was applied to my account without my knowledge or approval rather than it being mis-sold. I think that this is reflected in my Complaint letter above. Reading the questionnaire: Section A asks for details of my Package Account. Section B asks - Am I complaining about the sale of the account. - If NO go straight to Section F Selecting NO here skips all of the questions in the questionnaire and takes me to Section F - any additional information Section G - Your declaration. End of Questionnaire. Should I select 'NO' in Section B and skip all the questions. Can anyone advise what additional Information I can give? Also If the question is asked of when I became aware that I could have a fee free account and could make a complaint; should I say December 2016 when I received the letter which is simpler ( But will they be suspiciouse of my earlier SAR requests and visit to the bank regarding them). Or should I be honest and say that I heard through a colleague early in 2016 ( They may ask why it took me so long to switch to a fee free account and to make a complaint - which was because I was waiting for my two SAR requests). Any advice on how to proceed with my claim will be gratefully accepted; I will keep an eye on my thread, respond to any replies and update my progress. If I am succesfull I will make a donation to the the forum in thanks. Thankyou in advance. Alice
  21. Hello, I would like some advice regarding a faulty PC please. I bought a PC worth 1.5k from Aria which they custom built for me around 28 days ago. Some of the parts were from their stock and some of the parts they had to order from another retailer. I bought the PC and collected it on 23 March 2017 and after 5 days the screen went dead and the monitor was showing a blank screen, I took it back to Aria and it turned out that the graphics card was faulty so they replaced it. Now, today when using the PC some graphical artifacts appeared on the screen and the PC rebooted itself, now it turns on but the monitor only displays a blank screen. I have tried leaving it off for a while and when turning it on it power trips a few times and makes some beeping sounds and the monitor gets a signal but stays blank. I have emailed Aria to say that I am still within my 30 days and I want to reject the PC for a full refund. What are my rights regarding this? Thank you
  22. snowdragon

    Car Tax refund

    Hi just a quick question, does anyone know how long it takes to get refund from DVLA for car tax please? I just changed my car and have had the letter from them saying thanks for letting them know I no longer own the said car, I paid by direct debit each month for my car tax so do DVLA cancel it as just checked and no refund and it is showing the direct debit as active, it goes out on the first of every month They took the money out on the first for the old car but had no letter re a refund etc Thanks in advance Sandy xx
  23. Hi Cagger's I know I've been very dumb I know it, anyway I bought something from Bright house last year and I was told if I did not have contents insurance I would have to take out the OSC. In fact I was dumb again the same year and bought something else and was told exactly the same thing. It is my intention to pay these items off and no longer use bright house. but I have since learnt that you can cancell the OSC at any time and I have already drafted a letter using a template from this site. However, I am reading conflicting information about getting a refund for the OSC I have already paid. Is it possible to have this refunded and applied to my account to reduce the amount I owe? I was clearly missold these items as I now understand the line about having contents insurance is bull****. Thanks people
  24. Hi, Just wandering if someone can give me some help please? Purchased a vehicle (2011 plate) yesterday form a trader, advertised for £3695 (1 owner) but purchased for £3550 with 2 months warranty. Was told whilst inspecting the car that it was HPI clear and had no issues etc. After purchasing the car I drove it home and checked the MOT records to find it had been in MOT 3 times in 1 year (all passed according to GOV website). As a consequence my partner carried out a HPI check on the vehicle and the mileage details were flagged due to mileage reports as below: NAMA 23/06/14 = 7,451 RMI Mileage 17/04/14 = 7,176 RMI Mileage 29/05/13 = 6,388 RMI Mileage 22/05/12 = 2,209 BVRLA 8/6/11 = 9356 - 1 month after car was first used (24/05/11) I spoke to the garage 3 hours after purchasing it.. they provided me with a whatsapp number so I could send them images of the HPI check. After an exchange of conversations via phone they have today informed me the vehicle went through MOT 3 times in 1 year (2014) due to number plate changes. They also state they carried out a HPI check and 5 registers were clear (stolen, Finance, Security watch, Insurance write off, Condition inspected) and not to worry about the discrepancy in mileage as that was likely due to a fault/ typo. I'm very concerned about the car and its history and no longer want it as I feel it wasn't as described. I have not driven the car since I bought it home and it's still parked on my drive. It all seems very odd and would like to return it for a refund? Am I able to do so? I've also relooked at the advert the trader produced which states ' all cars are fully inspected prior to sale' but makes no mention of HPI clear, even though this is what I was informed at the time? Please help.
  25. I recently purchased a Flight on Opodo The reason I booked with Opodo was because it gave certain assurances that I would be able to cancel my flight and receive a refund if I booked though them. My trip was subject to change so I was shopping around for a flexible airline (for september) The first statement although not misleadign itself, did make me feel more comfortable about the booking: "Free cancellation on most routes and airlines" - now I agree this doesnt say ALL route and airlines, but its already put my mind a little at rest and made me feel comfortable to continue further The final nail in my coffin as it were is the statement on the following page: Trip Cancellation Insurance , a BIG bold blue box stating "Life is Unpredictable - dont lose your money if you need to cancel your trip" now there is a link to the full terms of the insurance, but given his bold statement and believing by purchasing this I wouldnt lose my money if i needed to cancel I went ahead and booked. Had this statement not been there I would not have continued with the purchase So correct me if I am wrong but Consumer Protection laws protect me from misleading statements, if a misleading statement is made which leads me to make a purchase I wouldnt otherwise have made then they are breaching the laws? Appreciate any help how to resolve this, Opodo keep fobbing me off to the insurer to make a claim when it is Opodo who own and operate the website and are solely responsible for the content published on it
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