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  1. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice on this thread. Myself, my 2 children, my sister her 2 children and my mum all stayed at parkdean (Shurdale). it was supposed to be 4 nights but was only there for 2. We were in a 3 bedroom van. The first night we had no sleep due to the caravan behind us. The caravan behind was full of teenagers (No adult supervision). They were swearing shouting and screaming till 2am. We tried to call security repeatedly but could not get through. Myself and my sister went out to ask them to keep the noise down twice, but this did not help matters. The next morning, we visited reception to let them know what had happened, they said they would investigate, we went about our day. I popped back into reception on our way back to the caravan to make sure the matter was dealt with and we wouldn’t have a repeat of the night before. I was assured this would not happen. We got back to the caravan where we started to make dinner when suddenly a few loud bangs were heard. I then realised that things were being thrown at the caravan. My mum and sister went straight to reception to tell the staff what had happened. They came to the caravan where the staff witnessed a fire extinguisher just outside the caravan which must have been what was thrown. We did not feel safe and would have all driven home there and then except we had shared a bottle of wine so did not want to drive in case we were over the limit. They agreed to move us to a different caravan but only had a two-bedroom available, we decided to suffer a tight squeeze and I said it would be fine as long as a travel cot was brought for us to use, we were promised this would be fine and the security guard would bring it for us. We got to the 2 bedroom caravan about 6pm and I did notice there was some ant powder around the bathroom. Not ideal but I understand ants can sometimes be a problem. I continued to contact security until 9.30pm for the travel cot, He finally said he couldn’t find one so instead I asked for extra duvets and pillows and was going to try and make a safe place for my sister’s baby to sleep. I slept in the living on the pull-out bed with my 2 children 8 and 4 years old. I was woken up a 3am with ants crawling all over me I then spent the rest of the early hours of the morning on ant watch stopping any ants from crawling over my children. It was vile! The floor was moving! I have video evidence on this. My mum and sister woke up at 6am and we made our way home immediately. Reception did not open till 9 and we weren’t waiting around in the caravan till then. 9am I rang the reception desk at parkdean and asked to speak to the manager. I explained what had happened and he promised we would get a full refund. I wasn’t expecting anything less. I checked my bank account 3 weeks later and the money had not been refunded. I rang the reception again and was told by the same manager that we wouldn’t be getting the refund as we had damaged the caravan. Honestly, I was gobsmacked! I asked what damage and for proof that I have never been given. I asked why no one had contacted me to tell me this and he had no answer. I rang customer services and started a new complaint. went through the whole story again, I was told I would hear from them in 7-10 days. After 10 days rang them back and was told the case had been resolved and closed. No one had contacted us to tell us our refund had been refused, the staff at shurdale just closed the case. I was told that they would reopen the case as I wasn’t happy with the decision. I waited another 10 days and received a letter in the post from Shurdales general manager again they stated they wouldn’t refund. No justification given! sorry for the long story but I want to now hit them with a letter before action and I have no idea where to start? Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Any advice on this issue. Apparently I have been receiving a pension pay out from my previous employers pension scheme since 2005 when I was 60 and they have now written to me saying that I have been overpaid by £28,050.93 however they will only be recovering the last 6 years total of £9,068.24. They have proved it was their error but I was completely ignorant of this until it came to light on investigation 3 months ago. Is there any redress I can have in this case as with the loss of the income of £130 per month then to come to a repayment plan would leave me with little to live on. Would appreciate some advice on the way forward. Many thanks
  3. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
  4. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I stand. I bought a projector from Amazon recently. When it arrived it turns out its no use as its ultra short throw. No use to replace the one I had so I returned it as "not useful for intended purpose" Refund process was easy to initiate - ive returned stuff before and had no problem. However in this case they wanted to collect the item using Hermes. Hermes collected the item next day. (Which was Thursday). So far so good. Come the following Tuesday ive heard nothing back to say its been received. I can see from the tracking info that it shows as being collected but that's it. So I went to chat. The long and short was they apologised but said they generally need to have the item back as its a high value item. However, they said they would trigger a refund all the same and it would be processed within 48 hrs. 2 days later still nothing, so back onto chat. Basically they gave me the exact same patter. I pointed out they said the same thing 2 days earlier and promised then it would be resolved. And that I had the chat transcript of the conversation. After over an hour haggling with them I ended up no further forward. We need the item back and thats that. I took the barcode from the return label and checked the Hermes site. They say as of Sunday it was on its way back. But its friday now - and its still not back. I asked how long im meant to wait - and what happens in the event a week from now its still not back - what if the courier loses it for example. Apparently that never happens. (Which I guess explains why theres a "lost parcel" section on the hermes site. Surely I'm not meant to wait indefinitely ? I've used amazon a lot in the last few years, but one thing is certain - im not buying anything expensive on there again after this fiasco. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I purchased two baby pushchairs on Amazon from two separate retailers last March 2017. Both prams developed faults after 6 months, which was documented in emails to the manufacturer Cosatto, who told me each time how I could make the repairs myself. I didn´t make the repairs as, after subsequent faults appearing, I went back to the retailers on Amazon (Babyland Fife Ltd and Online4Baby, who say after 4 months they are no longer liable for the warranty or a refund, and that I have to take it up with the manufacturer. The man. (Cosatto) say explicitly, that they have nothing to do with it, it´s a transaction between me and the seller. I have been going round in circles about this between the retailer and Amazon since May 23rd. Finally, Amazon said they could do nothing as the products are older than 120 days. What is the best thing to do please?
  6. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  7. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  8. Hello all I am finally sitting down to deal with my SAR for PPi claim. I was all organised and have my cards with account number to send SAR however cards have vanished.... Now I no longer have account/card numbers what changes do I need to do to SAR when I am missing these details? I followed one of the ads on CAG which lead me to a company that does searches for you - Is it better for me to do it this way? Will them running this check effect my credit rating / will they need to run searches. Tired and old ! OSW
  9. Hi All, Can someone let me know what my chances of getting a refund from these PDL is? All the loans were repaid, except my last ever one with Payday Express which remains unpaid as a default on my credit file. I have read elsewhere that proving affordability is key, but in the case of PDUK/Express despite them being smaller/less loans - can I expect them to atleast write-off/remove the default on the basis, my credit file was trashed, my income was circa £1000k p/m at the time and I had numerous other loans out with both their sister company and other PDL? I have issued the template letter to all four companies, but none have yet to respond. QuickQuid: Payday Express/PDUK: Still waiting on Express to send a statement, but PDUK and Payday Express amounts to 7 loans from sister/same companies also during the same time period I was borrowing from QQ. Circa £800 interest from 2012. Wonga: Statement received, corroborates my own bank statements - sent the template letter but no response as of yet.
  10. Writing about my late father's pension fund. My mother just received a letter from a pension company who wrote they made a mistake and owe my late father £1500. He closed the account 20y ago I have successfully claimed compound interest against late payment charges on some credit cards - so I am just wondering if we can claim compound interest on this £1500. Any thoughts??
  11. Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking to get some advice on a dispute my parents are having. They paid (by cheque) to have new Soffits and Fascia’s fitted by a company called EnviroTherm based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. https://www.envirothermgroup.com/ My parents received a phone call out of the blue from a salesman who had provided a quote for the work 2/3 years ago saying he had moved company (to EnviroTherm) and asking to visit them to provide a new quote as he felt his new company would be cheaper. His new company (EnviroTherm) were more expensive until he phoned his manager and knocked around £1,000 off the price bringing the total price down to £2,375. I know this is a sales tactic but unfortunately they fell for it. My parents paid a 50% deposit which was £1,187.50. The deposit was only refundable within 14 days but EnviroTherm contacted my parents after 14 days had passed demanding an extra £1,500 for scaffolding. My parents stated that they would not pay the extra money and if the work couldn't be carried out for the agreed price they wanted their money back. EnviroTherm initially argued that their request was after the 14 days but when my parents argued the fact that the agreed price had been changed after the 14 days EnviroTherm agreed to refund their deposit. The process of getting EnviroTherm to agree to refund the deposit took many phone calls to speak to the manager who was always in a meeting or out of the office. One day my mum was even advised in the morning that he was in a meeting and later that day that he wasn't in work that day. Eventually, after many phone calls and many false claims to have posted a cheque EnviroTherm did send a cheque to my parents last Wednesday (25th April) which they received the next day and paid into the bank on Friday. Today my parents have been advised that the cheque has been cancelled by the company. The company have answered my mum's phone call today and claimed they are looking into the situation. They asked for her bank details but she didn't give these as she doesn't trust the company and instead demanded a new cheque. She's currently waiting to hear back. We're not hopeful of getting this resolved as my research into the company has highlighted that it is owned by a Jason David Rowan or Lord Jason David Rowan who was the owner of EnergySave who featured on Rogue Traders for their pressurised selling similar to that used on my parents but also much worse as well as their racism. I'm looking for advice on what legal step to take? I've read about a letter before action, is that the next step to take? I feel that they need to put something in writing the company as most of her communication has been over the phone. Any help or advice would be gratefully received!
  12. I booked a hotel last week on Hotels.com. I found it a lot cheaper on another website, filled out the online form for a price guarantee and Hotels.com responded and confirmed they would match it. I was told that I should pay the hotel directly and then within 72 hours after check out I would be refunded.. I did all of this, on day of check out I contacted them and they said to wait a little longer. They then said that they would not do the price match as they could not verify it, I said I am not accepting that etc. They said they would but they said that my details are not matching (email or telephone number that I booked with). I am 100% sure that I booked with the details I have given them, plus I have email confirmations of my reservation going directly to my email that I have given, along with my phone number. They have told me that they cannot do anything without the correct details. I have provided screenshots etc but they are not having it. I think that hotels.com have changed my details so that I can not benefit from the price guarantee. Any idea what I should do? It is quite a bit of money that I am due back! Thanks!
  13. A friend has received payment from MBNA for a miss-sold PPI policy. The advice slip attached to the cheque invites a telephone call to their offices, should there be any queries. This in spite of a notification letter, received some weeks earlier, stating that “This is our final response to the complaint” and referring the recipient to the Ombudsman Service, should the refund not be deemed satisfactory. If MBNA are granting telephone queries, would they not similarly accept written queries? Secondly, I have attached MBNA’s calculations by which they arrived at their refund and would be grateful if someone, with more experience than I, would be kind enough to examine those and give us the benefit of their advice. The credit card was provided circa ten years ago and has been steadily operating with a constant debt just shy of £3000, since then, with only minimum payments being made, each month (if that helps). Thank you. MBNA_PPI-Responce1of2_EDIT.pdf MBNA_PPI-ChequeAdviceEDIT.pdf MBNA_PPI-Responce2of2_EDIT.pdf
  14. Hi, I had an account with Natwest, which was shut down about 6 years ago. At the time, I had my Overdraft of £1800 (all owed), a loan for £1000 (£897 remaining), and one for £5000 (£3976 remaining). Due to my financial issues due to illness, I'd had to live off what little credit I had, and after a few months of being unable to keep above the maximum 1800 Overdraft (frequently going to £2000 when bills hit) my account was closed Following this, I was taken to court and something (I forget the technical term now, sorry) was put on my house so that when sold, my outstanding debt to Natwest would be paid out of any monies I received. We have since sold the house to a housing agency (again, lost it due to ill health and financial issues) and NAtwest received nothing because the mortgage was not fully paid off. Following this, Natwest sent debt collectors. MY wife was had by Shoosmiths (for similar level of debt) I think mine were Cabot financial (They currently take £2 a month from me, but I'm sure they said it was passed on however I've received no new paperwork) the debt is now with a debt collector. This morning I got a letter from RBS, regarding my Natwest loan, to tell me that I'm due over £800 in refunds Which will be paid into my account if it is still active, otherwise I will receive a cheque. MY account was closed, I do still get statements every 6 months about what is still outstanding. Will my refund get paid to these account, despite being closed, or will I get it? As if I receive it, I'm quite happy with my current £2/month arrangement and don't wish to just send them nearly a grand, when I've got other bills that are slightly behind now (council tax, water, TV, gas) that I would like to clear off, and I could do that with the payout, and still have a little bit over to help at christmas. As I paid these bills at a time when I owed them nothing, and I was not given a real option of not paying (I was flat out told I had to have it or I'd be refused). To me, they took money they should not have had. it should definitely all be paid back to me, for me to do with as I please. I realise they won't see it that way though, but just wondered if anyone else in a similar situation has had this happen, and received the cheque? As they only send me updates every 6 months, I wont find out now until March, as I got my update 3 weeks ago. :\ So I'm hoping someone here can help me a little sooner.
  15. Hi, looking for some help please. Me and my wife purchased a Peugeot 207 on the 29/1/18 from a New and Used car dealer in Saxmundum near Ipswich .It was advertised on ebay as spares or repair so we contacted them to find out what problems it had, the dealer said we just put that on the advert as it has no warranty and selling on behalf of a customer, but it just needs 2 new tyres! After having the car for a few days we noticed something odd when accelerating from a cold start, the revs appear to drop for a second or so then go back to normal. We took the car back to the dealer and they said they could not find anything wrong as ECU did not show any errors ! After a another week we took it back telling them it was dangerous to move off from junctions if revs die, they still said nothing wrong and even blamed our driving as it has a electric clutch, but they replaced a hose as said was slightly split, but appear to make no difference. We now find it has a gearbox oil leak, we took it in on the 31/03/18 to have this repaired, on collection the dealer said he thought it was the clutch housing so they put mastic around it to stop the leak, he said may not last and would cost £500 to fix. Of course the oil leak is still present and have now lost patience with them and asking for a full refund which he has refused and said any further work will be chargeable. I plan to send the letter below with photos of the oil leak: Complaint about faulty goods On 29/01/2018 we purchased and took delivery of a used Peugeot 207 Registration ..... from you. We paid a total of £1000.00 on a debit card for the vehicle. We now find the vehicle has the following faults: Gear box oil leak and oil leak from engine, also revs drop when accelerating, more severe when cold engine. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 dealers must supplier goods fit for purpose and satisfactory quality. As there was a problem with the vehicle when we bought it, you are therefore in breach of contract. The vehicle was taken to yourselves on the 03/02/18 to fix the bad running when cold and on the 31/03/18 to fix the oil leak, but you have not been able to rectify either problem. We are now legally entitled to reject the vehicle and to be reimbursed for its full purchase price of £1000.00.I look forward to receiving this amount onto the debit card account that was used for the purchase within the next 14 days. I have attached photos of the oil leaks in support of my claim. The vehicle is now no longer in use. Please respond within 14 days of receiving this letter. Would it be best to send it by post or email it, i would need to email the photos of course. I have attached advert. Many Thanks CarAdvert.pdf
  16. Today I received a letter from Arrow Global saying they have reviewed my account and I am due a refund of over £800. They say to ring to arrange the process of the refund. It is an 0333 number so I am considering ringing to find out what it relates to as, as far as I know I have not had dealings with Arrow although over the years I am aware that my debts have been transferred to other agencies . I know there have been lots of threads relating to Arrow and similar DCAs contacting people about debt collection but nothing mentions refunds. I am not sure if it is a [problem] but if at some point I have overpaid I would like to get the money back. Has anyone had any experience of this?
  17. Hello chaps, I am afraid I got myself in a situation. I will skip the emotional stuff and try to be factual. I managed to develop an online shopping addiction, which resulted in high volume of returns to the stores hence security started watching me. I was detained on exiting a TKMaxx store on allegations of a theft (worth 35 quid) and fraud for replacing price tags on 2 items. Never had incidents or a CR before. I was given a 12-months store ban and the police was called to take details but still waiting for a voluntary interview date. I was told that the theft was not too bad, but the fraud bit is more serious. I am still deliberating between admitting and denying but a solicitor said it all depends on evidence, which will only be known at the police station. However, there is an additional problem with returning the existing purchases. I still have a number of items (receipts in date) to be returned as well as a few internet orders still unopened. I usually return the orders to a store, which is free. Returning by post will cost me quite a lot but I am not prohibited from doing so. However, I am trying to work out how on earth do I get refund for items bought in stores if I am not allowed to enter the stores? My OH is refusing to get involved fearing to be seen as a co-offender and I am too embarrassed to ask friends. Any idea what can I do??? We are talking a substantial sum here, not pennies, so letting it go is not an option for me. If I change my appearance and go into a different store, will my credit card get flagged up during transactions and I will be detained, or will the till get a call from security asking to put aside all returned merchandise for later inspection? In any case, there will be a breach of a ban, and that in itself is another offence? What on earth do I do???
  18. Hi, I wonder if some can help. I am posting this on behalf of our elderly neighbours 1 is 92 and the other is 85 (wife). The elderly man has been in hospital twice for operations on his eye and has ben looking for a TV that better audio quality than he has before. He spoke a salesman on the phone who came out to his house and demonstrated a TV but he would not leave the demo set with overnight. My neighbour paid a deposit of £320 to order a Bang & Olufsen TV and a blu-ray player at a total cost of £3,200. The TV arrived some 10 days later and was setup on 5th April 2018, he paid the remaining balance on the 5th April by cheque .He had only had the set for one night and was unhappy with the sound. He told me he wanted to return it so I said I would help, I was advised by the citizens advice consumer help line to quote my cooling off period of 14 days to return the product and claim a full refund. I sent this email off last week and was told that the customer had signed a terms of trade document stating he would not be able to claim a refund and as such they will not take back the television. He sent me a scan of the document but I cannot read it because the picture is too small , I have today sent an email requesting they send by post a copy of this document as I don't want to stress my elderly neighbour anymore than I need to. Can anyone help with where I stand? I did send the intention to return goods email and had confirmation it was received and understood I was told the director makes decisions on refunds at his own discretion he said no refund would be given. I feel a little out of my depth with this as I thought I was doing a good deed but don't know who else to ask apart from a solicitor maybe and they aren't cheap Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Andy
  19. Looking for advice on getting a £500 refund for a deposit on a used car. On July 2018 I visited a second hand car dealer to purchase a used BMW that was for sale on its forecourt. I had a test drive we agreed to purchase the car for £11,000. The salesman filled in a part exchange form. I was trading in a CAT D car and at the time I didn't tell him that it was a CAT D. I understand that I was not under any obligation to do so. They inspected the car and they offered me £4500 for the trade in. There was a tick box on the form that asked if the car was in insurance write off. This wasn't ticked by the salesman amongst other things some of the boxes they should have filled in were not filled in. Additionally one of the terms was that deposits were not refundable. I signed the form. I told him that I would not be able to pick the car up for three weeks when I would take delivery and pay the balance. During the 3 weeks they continued to advertise the car for sale. One the day of picking the car up I called the garage and asked if it was ready to pick up. They told me yes. About 5 minutes later they called to say that they had done a check on my trade in and couldn't accept it as it was an insurance wrtite off and I would be better selling it privately. They had 3 weeks to do this and the unit price for them would have been at a lot lower price than I could get it for. I sold the car to a private buyer 2 days later. I called the garage to inform them that I had sold the car and also told them I was offering £10,500 on the car as there was no trade in. They did not accept the offer. I asked for my deposit back and was told they would not be giving it back. The car was advertised on the Autotrader for a further 6 months before it sold and the last price advertised was £10,450.
  20. Hi all! I’ll try make this as concise as possible! A friend of mine sold an item (an old instrument) on gumtree valued at £3000. A buyer came forward asking various questions about the instrument all of which were answered honestly and to the best of her and my own knowledge. None of the information contained within the article was misleading or mis-informative. After answering all the questions the buyer said he would need to come and view the item prior to purchase to which he was explicitly told no problem come whenever you like. Then he sent another message later that evening saying he would like to make an offer of 2750 which was fine and my friend accepted. He then said he would like the item dropped off at his father in laws work which was also done straight away. After he eventually got the item (3 weeks has now passed) he has come saying he’d like a refund as he believes the instrument was over priced for what it is and he isn’t happy with it claiming some parts of it have been replaced or refurbished. As a professional musician I tried the instrument prior to selling and it was in full working order. As the instrument was very old and neither myself or my friend were the original owner we did not make comment on the originality of the pieces or their history as it is often impossible to tell. All we did was provide a surplus of photographs as part of the ad and answer all questions honestly without misrepresenting any information about the item. The buyer has repeatedly messaged threatening involvement from his solicitors should I be worried? He was given the right to come and view the item but he chose not to and I have proof of this in text messages. None of the information was false and no details of the instrument were misrepresented. My friend has since spent the money on a trip to go travelling hence the reason for me writing this message, the buyer only has my contact details. The buyer also messaged claiming he had the instrument valued at £2250 would I be willing to refund the difference, something I’m also not keen on doing as I’m starting to believe he only bought the item to sell on for a larger profit and thus the question of originality is the source of his frustration. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated should I entertain a refund or the threat of legal action? Cheers Concernedseller
  21. Hi All Really appreciate your help on this. I have googled and I don't think there is anything we can do, but thought I'd check here. My mother had a quote for £2700 for some building work. She Emailed the builder and he set a date to start work. She had a reply saying it was confirmed etc. They sent numerous communications. Then she had a reply from the builder on a fake Email address that looked just like his asking for £900 payment to secure the date. She checked his references etc and it all seemed okay. 2 weeks later the builder called her asking for payment to get the scaffolding started. Obviously she thought she had paid. She hadn't. The bank investigated and the fraudulent account now has no money in it so they say she has lost it and it she was at fault. I told her to ask the bank in writing how long the account was open, how many frauds occurred and when was the first one. I heard you can complain based on the bank not closing the fake account in a timely manner. Anything else you would recommend? Thanks D
  22. I am a non-resident parent who has been paying maintenance via the CSA for years. I was aware that my agreement would be ending and fully expected to start a new agreement and continue paying for my non-resident daughter. My question is, as no-one seems to be able to answer it at present, if my agreement with the CSA ended on 13 February why should I have paid a full months worth of money to them in February? My new agreement with CMS starts on 14 February (some valentine lol) so technically I will end up paying twice for the second half of February. Now as this money is for my daughter this wouldn't be a problem but 1 her mum has aways made things difficult for me and 2 when I needed assistance from the CSA many years back they well and truly shafted me. So my thoughts are I want my money back? Is this going to be likely or possible? Thanks, Rich
  23. Just had two of these emails pop up in my in box: The email claims to be from Support @ tvlicensing.co.uk, but a brief look at the email headers reveals that it was sent from a French IP address assigned to Orange.fr. As TVL do not have an email address for myself, it is obviously a phishing attempt. Do NOT click on the link and never, ever enter any personal information.
  24. At the beginning of February I went to Grand Canaria for a winter break . The problem was I forgot one of my prescription medications. My son immediately packed the missing medication ( a control for high blood pressure ) in a jiffy bag and went to local post office and asked for quickest method to get the package to me , telling the clerk exactly what was in the package . The Post Office counter clerk suggested Parcel Force Global Express for the sum of £47 ( for a small jiffy bag ! ) He duly filled in the dispatch form clearly marking it “medication “ The package was accepted , and the clerk said the package should arrive in 48 hrs ( posted on Monday , arriving Wednesday morning ) At no time was any mention made of possible delays due to customs etc . Following tracking ,I saw the package arrive at the “clearance depot “ Wednesday morning , and there it sat , until it was eventually delivered to the hotel the following Monday , whilst I might add still showing in transit ,even when we arrived home a week later , it was still in transit ! though I had possession of the package As you might expect we submitted a claim for refund , and as you might expect it was refused . Citing , A/ Medication excluded B/ not their fault , customs delay The only time medication is mentioned in exclusions , is under perishable goods , the medication has a shelf life of over 2 years . I repeat , no mention was made of any possible delay due to customs and content of package Simply , do I send a LBA , giving them ie Parcel Force AND their agent the Post Office 14 days to cough up , or without further reference to them , go to small claims procedure ?
  25. I saw a film last week and did not like it at all. Left half way through the film and the theatre refused to refund me stating I had sat through more than 50% of the picture. I want to just go back and get my refund with BC. Any idea where to begin?
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