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Found 114 results

  1. Just wondering actually with all the news about people claiming for misselling of PPI. I had a PC with Perfect Homes over 3 years, which I was told I needed to take out TAD. Can I put in for a reclaim of this money? Many thanks
  2. Hi! I am in a DMP with Payplan with credit card and bank debts going back some years. I believe it is now possible to claim back unfair excessive charges from credit card companies but can this still be done when those creditors are in a DMP? (For one, they may wonder how I can afford a £10 fee for a SAR). One of my DMP creditors is Natwest (bank loan, overdraft and credit card). Could I try to claim unfair charges for all 3? Also, what's best to do, SAR or CCA? an I do these without involving Payplan? Sorry for so many questions but I'm just learning about this process and I find it confusing so any foolproof answers will be greatly appreciated! If I can wipe off some of the old charges that will at least reduce the overall amount I owe.
  3. Hi... so I don't know if this is the right area but I couldn't find the unsecured loan section. I paid (I know... stupid idea) Unsecuredloancompany.net a broker fee in Feb 2010, and going through all my records I've just remembered this. They didn't find me a lender however at that time I had a hundred and one things happening at once so I never even thought about claiming a refund. I know it's a long long time ago, but what are the chances of getting that refund, and does anyone know the best way about it? Thanks for any advice
  4. I would really appreciate some advice on whether I'm actually entitled to reclaim the premiums I paid out for this product. I've always been self-employed; when I took up a mortgage with HSBC in 2001 I was sold a Mortgage Protection Plan with Critical Illness Benefit plus a Mortgage Repayment Protector policy. I understand that the MPP with CIB is a form of life cover so that probably wasn't missold, but would the MRP have paid out to a self employed person? Does anyone have experience of this product and the self employed? Many thanks.
  5. Well I have joined this wonderful site and downloaded the SAR so I can ask Citibank for my PPI back that they owe me. I have filled in all the relevant information and sent it off via next day special delivery, £5.90 it cost plus the £10 cheque that I included so they will receive it tomorrow before 1pm. Lets hope I get a reply soon.... I had the finance loan with them back in 2004 to buy a Citroen car through the Citroen garage and I was told that I had to have the PPI through Citibank otherwise they would not let me have the finance...Yea right....If only I knew then what I know now. I started paying them back the loan in June 2004 and then got a loan in December 2005 from Nationwide building society to pay back Citibank back as the personal loan I got from Nationwide had a lower rate of interest. So I paid the loan plus the PPI and also the interest. I was wondering if I am entitled to the interest back as well as the PPI? Can anyone shed any light on this. Many thanks for reading and will keep you updated...
  6. Hi, I have been spurred into action into investigating PPI payments that I made with Cahoot around in 1999-2001. I recall making these payments and after a couple of years realising that they were useless and cancelling them. Am I too late to claim a mis-sell? I was actually self-employed at the time so there was a definite case for it. I don't have any details of the accounts and have completed an SAR from here to get all my data. I hope me having moved since doesn't complicate things too much. whilst I was at it I recalled having major problems with Cahoot. I had a credit card and was in financial trouble so had maxed the card out. I was making minimum payments, but I got caught in a vicious circle where I went over the limit, they charged me, I made my minimum payment and then the charge would be applied to the account, taking me over again and incurring a further charge. This went on for about a year before I was able to pay enough off the card to prevent the charges taking my account over the limit. Is there a case for unfair charging? I have to admit, I was very naive and my business was doing badly and in retrospect I could have negotiated something with them, but at the time I saw no way out and stayed trapped in the cycle and easily paid hundreds of pounds in charges. Lots of questions. I hope someone can help.
  7. Hi all, As some of you may know I've decided to set up a DMP with CCCS to help sort out my financial situation. I was told my some CAG members that claiming PPI back may be possible. I have loan with NR that I took out 2006, it was done mainly via the internet and post although I think I spoke to someone once or twice on the telephone. I took PPI as in was intimated that it was the best way to go and possibly may improve my chances of getting the loan. It was added to the total loan amount and APR was added at 8.9%, can post up a copy of the agreement if that helps (I'd rather not if i can avoid it). I enquired about two years ago about cancelling the PPI (I wanted to use it to bring the outstanding loan amount down) and was told in no uncertain terms that I could only do that by either repaying the loan in full or renegotiating the loan with NR (and as they no longer offered unsecured loans I figured that was a non starter). So can I claim my PPI back and if I can what do i need to do to start it off?
  8. Hi, I need some advice on the possibility of getting a refund for payments taken by the Child Support Agency. It has recently come to light that my ex partner had made a claim under a pseudonym comprised of her middle name and her mothers maiden name. My case goes back to 2002 where i was contacted by the CSA for maintenance payments for my child that i was already looking after and paying towards. It caused a huge row between me and my ex and i made sure that i complied with the CSA as much i could and i was assured that i would receive my money back should it found that i was fulfilling my duties as a father financially. This went on for some time and i was being stung for the maximum rate applicable for a few months up until i was made redundant. I had gone through a couple of different jobs over the next two years after losing my job where this all started and they never had the chance to catch up with me and to be honest, i was glad that i hadn't had to deal with them. Anyway, late last year they got in touch with me stating i owed them a little over £2000 and that they wanted to know my work status. I replied to them that i didn't owe anything like that and that, if anything, they owed me for money that wasn't even due. They sent me the details of whom the money was supposed to be paid to and i couldn't believe it when i read that the claimant on file was in fact my ex but she was using her middle name and the maiden name of her mother. In fact, the only truthful thing on the paperwork i had received was her date of birth, my sons name and his date of birth. I replied to them telling them that i had no knowledge of whom the name of the parent was, other than it was a combination of her middle name and mothers maiden name, and that the only correct piece of information on the paperwork was my sons name and d.o.b. I even informed them that even though me and my ex had split, i was still living in the home up until my son was 8 or 9 years old and that i was paying bills in the house as normal. It may also be worth mentioning that she was also benefit cheating and was claiming as living as a single parent. The realisation of how far this could have gone had only hit home when i was reading the paperwork that had been sent by the CSA. Since giving the CSA this information i have heard nothing from them since February this year. In fact, as far as i know they haven't even bothered to investigate my ex and the fraudulent claims that she made against me and the benefit. My question is, what is the likelihood of reclaiming the money that was taken by the CSA, from the CSA, for something that was untrue and what can i do to stop them from pursuing me? I'm not even sure that i could report my ex to the police for fraud and whether it would even be investigated. I'd like to get my money back and actually use it for my sons benefit. Especially now that he's going to start college this year.
  9. Hi All, I would like to start claiming back bank charges from a closed A&L account. I now have all the details after getting back all my data from Santander via a SAR. I understand from reading around the bank charges issue here on CAG, that I will need to put together a letter explaining why (my reason being based on Financial Hardship and unforseen changes in my income and outgoings), a budget sheet showing my income and expenditure and a Schedule of Charges. Can someone point me in the right direction for a SOC, budget sheet and template letter for reclaiming bank charges, pretty please? Also what are the banking code rules applicable in my case? Thanks in advance BP
  10. Hi, I am trying to reclaim PPI from welcome finance and have written to my local office was a SAR and £10 cheque to cover the standard fee for releasing this information. Its been 3 weeks and welcome have written back to me saying that they aknowledge my cheque payment and have banked it however they cannot give me any information as they need to prove my ID and need a copy of my passport? This seems a little strange and is this a delaying tactic or are they being genuine ? may I ask what the best way to proceed with them? Thanks Scott
  11. Hi my wife is a teacher who has recently reduced her hours for about 18 months (Dropping one afternoon, ie 2 hrs per week) She took a drop in salary, which she understood, but the local authority have now come back to her, now that she has gone back to full time, to say that they should also have reduced her TLR (management allowance) by the same percentage. Her union thinks not as the TLR is a spot payment and not a percentage of her salary. The local authority are adamant that the school should not pay it, ie my wife should repay it. However, if they did not explain this to her in the first place, how could my wife have made an informed decision about reducing her hours and can they now enforce this retrospectively when they didn't stipluate it in the first place? Thanks
  12. Hi all I hope that this is in the right place. Here goes: I foolishly got a credit card with Capital 1 in 2008 . This was while my business was prospering, but things got a little tight when the credit crunch started to squeeze the market that I'm in . Anyway, I defaulted on the repayments for the £200 debt and due to the charges, the debt was finally sold to Lowells with a balance of £483.70p. After some letter ping pong with Lowells, it is getting to the point where I think I might have to make an offer of payment to them, but I wanted to know whether it would be realistic to try and reclaim the charges back from Cap 1 in order to help me pay the debt to Lowells. If anyone thinks that this is a plan, I would also like to know how to calculate the amount to claim back from Cap 1. Thanks in advance. JJ
  13. Hi there, I ordered some goods from a company called BabyTime in Welling, Kent who have since gone bankrupt and I only found this out at the weekend. Payment was made to them two days after I placed my order (money taken from account on 25th Jan) and the money went straight into their business account. I don't know when they went bankrupt but I only found out at the weekend, the last piece of correspondence I had from them was 3rd Feb informing me my order would be pushed through on a priority basis... I want to know how I can get back the money I paid for the goods I ordered as it was a lot of money and I have a new born baby I need to look after, I can't afford to lose over £200. I would really appreciate any help/advise anyone can give me. Thanks
  14. Hi my insurers are Esure and back on the 16th November 2009 a lorry switched lanes and clipped the passenger side of my car and drove off damaging my car with £1100 damage. I finally have a court date set for 26th October 2010. I have had my car repaired at £450 excess and now the court require a further £75. I want to know if I should continue down the small claims court route or should I just give up at this stage and call it a day. I have captured a poor quality image of the lorry driving away and managed to record its registration number. I feel compelled to go to court as I was 100% in the right. I am worried that the judge will go down the 50/50 route and i will get nothing. any help with this would be much appreciated. Many thanks
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