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Found 114 results

  1. Hi When my Dad's boiler broke, he called a company from the phone book and the engineer they sent told him he needed a complete replacement of the boiler and quoted him £2600. He charged him £1000 deposit and said he'd be back the next morning to replace the boiler. The same evening, we found another gas fitter who came over that evening and found the problem was with one part and replaced it and serviced the boiler for £370 in total. So the original engineer mislead my father into believing the boiler needed replacing and he didn't do any work. I'm not sure what the best approach is to get the deposit back from the original engineer. The Consumer Contract Regulations stated there should be a 14 day cooling off period where services can be cancelled. There's a template letter for this over on the which website. There is also the The Consumer Protection Regulations which gives consumers 90 days to "unwind" a contract and claim the money back. This seems to be the better option as it is specific to traders misleading their customers. Does anyone have experience of claiming back from traders using this method? Is there a template to use for this? Many thanks
  2. Hello all, I've spent the last couple of hours reading various threads and I have learnt a great deal. However, I need some advice and opinions from you good people. I was involved in a non-fault accident last month. At a four way junction, I was travelling straight ahead and the third party was travelling the opposite way indicating to turn right. At the centre of the junction, where the third party should have stopped and waited for me to clear his path, he did not and hit my car on the front drivers side corner. Dashcam is installed in my car, shows the accident clearly. Also shows a satnav obscuring the third party view of the road quite clearly! Third party is a taxi driver driving a taxi and told me that his vehicle was also fitted with a dashcam. The third party admitted liability the moment he stepped out of the vehicle, although, I'm quite aware this verbal acceptance doesn't mean anything. Police were called as my car was not able to move, so they had to make the area safe until my car could be recovered. Fast forwards to this last week. My car was deemed a total loss, my insurance and GAP insurance have agreed a price and currently I am waiting for the money to enter my account from both companies. Now to the matter of my excess which has been deducted from my settlement payment. My insurance company has informed me that the third party/his insurance has not responded in any way to accept liability for the accident and that I will need to use their recommended legal service (Carpenters Solicitors) to reclaim my excess. My question is, at this moment in time as I have not accepted any help from Carpenters Solicitors, although, they have been instructed by my insurance company to contact me, do I have to use them? Or am I better to try and reclaim the excess by myself by approaching a local solicitors? The only reason this thought has crossed my mind is after reading numerous negative reviews for Carpenters Solicitors. There are two amounts I wish to claim for: My excess and £80 for my private numberplate to be transferred from the old car to the new car. I'll be very thankful for any advice and opinions.
  3. My Dad is 75 years old and in a conversation with him the other day he told me that Nat West were closing his account. He said it was one of those where he paid a monthly fee but never got anything out of it, he said he'd never used any services that it offered and when I asked how long he'd had it and why he'd taken it, he said that he'd had it probably 20 years (although his memory is a little hazy) and he said he hadn't asked for it, they just told him he was getting it.....I want to try to claim back his monthly PBA fees, should I start with a SAR request and take it from there? If so, which SAR letter do I use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone I am in the process of complaining to payday loans for a bit of a reclaim on extortionate interest/ charges and fees by payday loan companies i started using these companies back in 2011 the problem is that i have limited knowledge of loans i took out- i know the companies- but was crazy back then and just borrowed all the time and have no real records of what i had from where Can i just ask the PDL companies for a breakdown? Do they have to give it to me Thanks for the help
  5. Hi Can someone give me some advice regarding a letter I received this week. It started last week when I sent a letter away asking for a refund of charges made to my account over the last 6 or 7 years, within a week I received a letter regarding another matter linked to my account informing me of a refund I was due. In the letter I received they had included some figures and said my account was to be paid off in full and the extra money that I was due was to be sent out to me by cheque in the next couple of weeks. This as you can imagine is a pleasant surprise but I was also wondering if the figures they are quoting are correct and that I am receiving the correct amount of money due to me. The company in question are ( london & scottish) who were taken over by a firm called .. this is who I received the letter from. I also downloaded a document relating to ( London & Scottish : In Administration) which I am finding quite difficult to understand fully, the way I am reading it I reckon I would be due more than the figure they have quoted. I was wondering if I could pm one of the forums administrators with the info I have at present for himself/herself to have a look at their conveiniance. thanks
  6. Hi Having read through the Barclays thread on credit card reclaims I'm looking for similar experiences from Lloyds caggers, and not come across any so far, only PPI and bank charge reclaim. is that because recently there have not been any successful credit card reclaims with Lloyds:???:
  7. I was wondering whether someone might be able to help me. I put in a request for my previous 6 years of statements in order to claim my bank charges back in 2009. I still have the statements and would like to put in a claim as I still fit the category of 'financial hardship'. However, I was wondering if these statements can still be used as proof of charges as after speaking to them today, the bank currently has no records of my account (they only keep 6 years). I also have over 150 pages to send (!) will this be accepted? I closed the account down around 2009. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can someone help please? I'm trying to reclaim unfair credit card charges from 1/8/2004 - 1/2/2006. No joy writing direct complained to FSA and no joy again. FSA say (i) it's outside the 6 year rule and (ii) that I should have complained when I got the statements. I said that (i) I was relying on s.32 of the Limitation Act because I didn't know about it and (ii) they were unfair. FSA guy didn't know what this was and maintained what he previously said. Now thinking about court action. I found the FSA a bit lacking in knowledge unfortunately. Any advice please?
  9. Hi I took out a 10,000 loan with Kensington in 2006, but after falling into arrears my property was repossessed in 2012. Recently I have contacted them to reclaim the charges after getting a SAR from them. They have refuted my claims. Although they have offered £100 back from a total of £3,600. I'm not sure where to go from here. The charges were Returned Cheque/DD Monthly Arrears Management fee First Solicitor's letter Court fee Field agent's fee Solicitor's costs Notice of default fee Property insurance Deeds release fee Now they have a DCA working to reclaim the debt, which had risen to £15,000. However they offered a discount on this to £11,000 if paid in full. The property is long gone, but I can't afford that in full. Advice welcome!
  10. Hi all, Wanting to try to reclaim PPI (and possibly late payment / exceeding limit charges?) for my girlfriend and confused about exactly how to do it? Have just tried to look around the forum but there are so many links and reems of information and I am not sure exactly what to do. is there a simple step by step guide relating to the below?..... Have been sat on a lot of this info since 2012 when we sent SAR requests - with the intention being to try and sort out her credit rating (due to previous defaults entered relating to the accounts below). We haven't followed up on all of this quickly as just been too confused and stressed with other financial worries - and just want to try and sort everything now. Have recently come to realise that PPI/charges may be reclaimable... .looked into it for a while and then lost all the information due to computer being stolen, and then just haven't followed up. From the paper notes/SAR info I can state the following: 3 Accounts 2 with Barclays - got SAR information August 2012. 1 - Barclayloan 2001-2002. Was paid off fully. Statement shows an "Insurance Premium" of £45 - which I've noted was "added to loan value" (via previous research on this forum?). Have noted £45 charge + circa £55 interest claimable" Must have been a spreadsheet/calculator I used? Not sure which or how to do this now? Calculate it on a spreadsheet + interest - write this into a letter and claim 2 - Barclaycard - defaulted Jan 2005. Passed to HFO services. circa £3000 balance. She ended up giving in to threatening letters and phonecalls and paid a total of around £600 to HFO services over a few months. Hence won't be stat barred until 2018. However - no CCA provided, HFO services seem to have had all sorts of issues....advised on here this is "deadlocked?" - not received letters for over a year. Statements received in SAR show PPI totalling around £170 was charged. Another £25ish was charged for some sort of "CVR accidental death" thing.. ..and then another £160 of exceeding limit and late payment charges was added - £20 per time. (All of this over about 8 months). I have made a note stating "circa "£340 charges + £250 interest recalaimable??" Assume using a calculator on here? Is this a case of calculating/adding up charges on the statement - working out interest somehow - then sending this with a letter as a claim? 3 - Natwest Credit Card. Balance defaulted Jan 2009. Last payment few months prior. Stat barred now, no contact for over a year. We wrote and asked for SAR info August 2012, but Natwest replied saying they had a different address and require proof of address and the SAR resubmitting. Did get some info back in response to S78 which shows PPI was included on the account though - but don't have full statements to see how much. Assume need to resend SAR now, get statement then.....not sure what to do next? Use a spreadsheet to calculate a £ figure and then put it into a letter? Thank you for any help or pointing in right direction!
  11. Husband and I were sold a Platinum joint account in November 2008, having previously had a Classic account. From memory, we had been invited to see our bank manager for a review, and were sold the new account on the basis that the overdraft interest was lower and the package benefits were worth much more than they would cost us. At the time, we already had AA cover (as noted in the paperwork the bank manager signed at the review) and explained that, with two children, 3 and 8 months, we hadn't travelled abroad for over 4 years and had no plans to. We have never registered our mobile phones. Shortly after the account was upgraded, the package fee increased from £12 to £17 a month - I can't find any notification of this (but it's possible it's been lost over the years). My husband has used the AA cover, but bearing in mind we already had cover at a cost of £120, this one benefit equates to a cost of £204 per year - definitely not a saving! Do we have a case for mis-selling, given the benefits were of no use to us - or does the fact we used the AA negate any claim?
  12. I have had a thread on the Financial Legal Issues forum regarding a debt owed by my boyfriend to Vanquis which was bought by Lowell in 2010. Link below, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?416410-Lowell-BW-Court-Claim-old-vanqius-card-debt-Help-Please I have had some great help from members of CAG. Someone has suggested that we claim the PPI and Charges back from Vanquis at the Compound Interest Rate which is 24.9% instead of just claiming statutory interest of 8%. I have no idea on how to go about this and would like some help in reclaiming this money as it will wipe out the debt to Lowell and they will end up owing my boyfriend money!!
  13. Have a family member who has just finished Brighthouse agreement. There are many late charges and can someone point me to the details about Insurance too so I can do a reclaim
  14. Hi all I need advice please my dad had an agreement with barclays partner finance for nearly 3 years cleared it a week ago i noticed from random letters he has racked up a few charges such as failed dd and late payment when he was having some difficulties, my dad has just retired and i am looking to claim some money back for him looking for advice on how i do this i would need a statement off them first with all the detailed charges i know that but what letter do i need any help would be appreciated as my dad has just retired and in ill health at 72 i am doing everything i can to help him as he has worked all his life and never claimed a penny back on anything thanks in advance
  15. In simple I set up an ad hoc business collection with RM, they failed to collect when promised, failed to collect the next day and again on the third day. At which point I asked for a refund. 14 days later and no refund has been received, no contact of any type either regarding the refund or to apologise for the lack of collection or an explanation from them and to rub salt in the wound £20 of call charges to a premium number. Had they come and collected I would of accepted these and learnt from the mistake but as we stand I am the best part of £40 out of pocket and pretty annoyed. I have slowly moved to couriers for all but international shipping over the last year with a pretty good success rate but there was about 100 orders and my car was in for repair so I figured this a good option. I guess what I'm asking is do I have any grounds for reclaiming those call costs?, Im going to email them about the non refund for non collection but won't be ringing them again.
  16. Hi all, I hope someone can give me some helpful information please I have a £5500 debt with MBNA which I am trying to pay off. I have incurred over the last year or so many charges for late payments of over credit limit fees (at £12 per time) . I read somewhere that you can possibly claim these charges back, and so if successfully will help continue to pay the debt. Has anyone heard or seen this happen before? And if so could anyone offer advice on how to start? Many thanks
  17. Evening all, I'm looking for advise on a statutory demand. Today I have had a letter through the door saying they have tried to serve a sta demand and will return on the 3rd Of October to attempt again, saying if I'm not in (which I won't be because I will be at work) they will post it and class this as served. Now I'm not sure what I should do next. I've not made any payment or acknowledged any debt for nearly 4 years but still quite a way from the 6 year limit. what should I do about the stat demand,
  18. Can you reclaim bank charges/ppi if you have been BR. ? some claim co called a mate yesterday saying he could claim ? Thank you
  19. I have a joint Halifax account with my ex which is still open but not used. I have highlighted £100's of charges in my statements (mostly missed DDs), going back to 2006. Can I reclaim these without his consent? If awarded a claim I would lodge the cheque in this account. Also, we separated 2 years ago, have 4 kids , and £1,000s in debt in credit cards (paying an agreed £50 per month) , and unsecured loans (which are in my name). He contributes nothing to the upbringing of his kids, and I am left to pay the mortgage and insurance etc. do I state these reasons of "Financial hardship"on my claim letter, or just claim that I believe these charges were "disproportionate"? any advice welcome.
  20. Hello Everyone, Back in March 2003 I purchased a car from YCC. Like other posts and threads that I have been reading on here, I had no option but to have the usual PPI, Mechanical Breakdown Cash Premium and GAP Insurance. Until recently I now know that I can possibly reclaim that money back, possibly with interest. I have read a few threads on here (mainly ukdarren's thread) but was a tad disheartened to see no confirmation from them whether they had a resolution (out of court settlement?) Especially seeing the stress that they went through for a year. I have also noticed that some of the experience persons on this site mention that they have helped many people reclaim their money back from DAF. Although I have yet to see threads where claimants have been successful (I probably missed them mind you!) Have all claimants had to go through the court process? Personally, I was in financial difficulty and YCC was the only way I could get a car. My credit rating was shot to pieces at the time. I purchased a Rover 218 16V Hatchback. I was told the car had the usual 125 point check by a qualified mechanic (etc, etc) Problem being, within 6 months of having the car, the head gasket blew, I contacted YCC and they told me my insurance did not cover that kind of fault. I had no choice but to cover the cost of repair out of my own pocket. This same fault happened to my car three times, on the third occasion I could not afford to cover the cost of repair, so my car sat rusting for 6 months until I sold it for scrap. Of course I had to make all of my payments over the 4 years of the contract that I took out with YCC. What was interesting, was when the head gasket blew for the second time and I took it to my local garage, the mechanic informed me that the head gasket was a manufacturing design fault on this car and that Rover had either discontinued this particular model or redesigned the head gasket. (Something about the aluminium was too weak to be used as a seal between the main engine casing and the head gasket) Now, it is my intention to look into when Rover either discontinued or redesigned this particular model that I bought from YCC. If it is the case that this happened prior to when I purchased this car, would I be in the position to claim back all monies back from YCC, seeing that they could have (possibly) sold me a duff car, knowing full well (possibly) that it would continually break down with the head gasket continually blowing? I had a continual nightmare with this car and spent a lot of money getting it repaired. I know I would probably have to prove that YCC sold me a car knowing that it was a discontinued model for those reasons previously mentioned. I also wondered how YCC worked out the finance charges. first of all, what it is it and how do they come to this figure? Can I claim that back, because for the hell of me, I cannot work out how they come to this figure (as at one point I thought it was the APR for the amount of the car for the 4 year contract) So far, I have written a SAR to DAF at the address in Bradford (with £10 cheque) requesting the usual. They replied back to me in just over a week, sending me my original credit agreement and weirdly, saying if I want a DSAR, I should write back to them requesting for one (weird, didn't I already ask for one? Delaying tactics?) My cheque was also returned. I intend to resend the letter back to DAF requesting the SAR that I originally asked for in the first letter (I sent 3 SAR letters to two of the DAF addresses and one to the Provident address) DAF in Bradford are the only ones to have replied to me incidentally. Problem being, I work abroad, so I am away for pretty much 9 weeks out of every 12 weeks. Although my other half would be happy to send letters etc on my behalf. Now I am in a position to write, print and sign, before scanning the letter and emailing that back to my other half to print, and then post. Would that be an issue do you think? Has anyone on this site used a claims firm to recover their money from YCC and been successful? If so, did the claim firm recover their costs from the other side, or did they deduct their share from what any claimant recovered back from DAF? I would be very grateful if any experienced persons on this fine website would be in a position to give me any guidance on the war and peace that I have written above! Lol! Kind Regards Wulfen40
  21. Could anyone point me in the right direction to try and reclaim package fees. We were sold this account to obtain a preferential rate on a loan but have not used the benefits otherwise. We have had the account since about 2000 - can claims go back that far and should I write to NatWest asking for all fees and charges on this account since the account was openend? Many thanks
  22. Hi I was mis-sold a Santander premium account in 2011. I was told i 'had' to swap my existing current account over to the premium account with a monthly fee of £20. I was told about the various insurances etc but i already had mobile phone and breakdown insurance at the time. I have written and complained to Santander who as expected have written back to me and said they won't uphold my complaint because their 'evidence' shows that i valued the account based on the following reasons: I never changed the account to an everyday account, they did. - I wasnt aware i could do this as i was told initially i had to take out the premium account and that was my only choice. That i 'chose' to upgrade- False, i was told i had to Santander have always had no monthly fee accounts available, information available on their website so therefore i should have checked! I was sent information on the account and could have said i didn't want it They can see from my account that i have travelled, that i have a mobile phone and a car so would have benefited from the insurance- I have these insurances elsewhere I have access to online banking so could see i was being charged a fee- I knew i was yes, that isn't the point. I was never told i could have an everyday account. They are clearly in the wrong otherwise why would they have swapped people over to an everyday account with no fee without even consulting us!? Basically they're trying to fob me off and make out there were other options available to me which was not explained when they sold me the account. I was told i had to take the account out. They arent prepared to take the complaint further and have advised that if i wish to take the matter further, i need to complain to the ombudsman. Anyone had any success reclaiming these charges yet? Thanks
  23. Hi guys Over the last 6 years I have paid for a Nat west gold account every month. When I took this account I was advised it would give so many benefits including phone insurance holiday cover also access to cheaper loans. I have never used any these. Accept for applying for a loan which I was turned doen. When I tried to cancel this fee I was told if I did I would have to repay my overdraft immediately. Is this correct or can I try and reclaim these fees/charges? As the last few weeks on social media there are companies claiming to do it for you. If I can how do I start the ball rolling? Any advice much appreciated as always Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, First off apologies as I do not have a UK keyboard as I am now an ex pat hence the format of GBP Please note I do have two other threads here re: Charges and have been advised to staret a thread for each I am about to make a claim for the charges imposed on me by Santander Credit Card although the charges are only GBP12 each. (can anyone confirm the GBP12 is acceptable please). The letter I have written but not yet posted ... Dear Sir or Madam, Ref: Account number: [xxxxxx] I would like to request a refund of all the default charges that have been applied to my account. Under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 charges must reflect administration costs and cannot be punitive. I believe that the attached details of charges are unlawful as they do not reflect the true cost of going into an unauthorised overdraft. You have taken GBPxxx.xx from me .I would like to request repayment of this sum plus GBPxxx.xx interesticon at xx.x% per annum Please repay this money in full. If this is not done, I will begin a claim against you for the full amount, plus interest and my costs. Yours faithfully, Is there any changes that I need to make to this letter, Many thanks in advance
  25. I am hearing radio ads about reclaiming if you are in or have been in a dmp. I wouldn't want to use any reclaiming company. any thoughts on what could be claimed and how to go about it
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