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Found 80 results

  1. Can anyone offer advice please: I received a PCN Charge Certificate on 25/7/14, but the letter is dated 18/7/14. I have not received any previous communication. I sent an immediate email stating I had not received the original charge notice allowing me 28 days to appeal or 14 days to pay the discounted amounted. i requested they re-issue the original notice giving me my right of appeal and right to pay at the discounted amount. I received a standard response stating they have checked camera evidence (i didn't appeal it or ask them to) and are satisfied the PCN was given correctly. ( I didn't state any objections to the Notice in my email, only that I had not received any previous communication.) The letter also states the letter was posted to me first class and not returned undelivered. Unless the contrary is proved! How can I prove I didn't get sent a letter!!!?? Surely they must prove that the letter was delivered? Can anyone offer advice as the letter also states that the since they sent this Charge Certificate I have 14 days to pay the amount of £195, and that at this stage the council do not have to consider any further representations that are received and it is now too late to appeal to the Traffic Adjudicator. Can anyone offer any advice? many thanks DEC
  2. Last week I received a letter from BC regarding a "debt" I have with EE for £350~ The letter threatens court action and tries to scare me with added court and solicitor fees if I don't pay. This is my first "debt" so I'm quite new to this whole process. This debt has arisen from a miscommunication made between Carphone Warehouse and EE that resulted in the cancellation of my mobile contract against my will. As such, I don't believe I owe any money. So far I've told Fredrickson (around February) the story and they suspended harassment for a while and have come back to me saying the debts are in order and will be pursued once more. They did not provide any evidence of debts. What are your suggestions as I'm utterly clueless as to how to proceed.
  3. After a lot of forum searching, the general gist seems to be ignoring is old news, and now the thing to do is an official appeal with the independent company I forgot the name of! Which is it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story- The other month, I parked in a disabled bay with a valid badge. Because of my mobility scooter, I have a long vehicle. I overlapped the path in front of the bay by about 2 foot (only other option was the block the road). This path is about 20 foot wide so it caused no problems. Bollards are about 4 foot from the parking bays to stop you ramming the shops. So of course I get an invoice for not parking within a marked bay. I had no idea I had agreed to this contract. As far as I remember, the only contract was a small sign at the top of a pole as I exited the car park. I had to stop in the middle of the road, get out the car and strain my eyes to read it. I don't think there was a contract erected anywhere near the disabled parking bays (which is discriminatory - I'm not going to park next to the shops, then walk all the way to the back of the car park to see the sign before walking back to the shop!!). Plus any idiot could see I had to park as I did so as not to block the road, and I did not cause any inconvenience or expense to any other party. Although I realise that on private land disabled bays mean didleysquat anyway. However It was a free car park, I did not stop anyone else from parking / visiting, and I did not leave the area. So where exactly is this £100 calculated from? Here the letters and sign [ATTACH=CONFIG]46539[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46538[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46537[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46536[/ATTACH] http://imageshack.us/a/img196/8162/bhbt.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img849/2162/btev.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img4/5528/cn97.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img62/6205/6jqg.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also my letter states that I only had 28 days to appeal (as printed on the invoice) and that time has now expired. I'm sure that can't be right. So should I still ignore now I have my letter? I took photos of the car but I'm trying to be anonymous here don't want to be admitting guilt to anything, despite me being not guilty!! So should I just continue chuckling to myself and ignore this farce, or should I appeal? I've never been to court before, but I would enjoy having a fun day out at there expense as I would certainly be counterclaiming. The glue used on their invoice seems to have permanently marked my windscreen!! And I will have to take a taxi to court as I can't risk another ticket parking outside court in the same manner.
  4. Problem is, that they are vouchers to use on the underground, and are only valid for 6 months. My annual travel card expires in 8 months, thus these vouchers are useless to me. Is it possible to reject them and demand a cheque?
  5. Hi all, Bit of background... .i live on a new build housing estate which has allocated parking/parking permit scheme. Homeguard, trading as 14 Services (not sure what the other 13 are, but making my life a misery seems to be no.1) were brought in to manage the parking. In the last 18 months i have had no less than 30 tickets for parking without a valid permit. I would add at this point that i have not used anyones space, or parked in an unsafe manner... ..my property does not have an allocated bay so i tuck my car out of the way where it is not obstructing anyone. I've had numerous correspondence relating to these tickets, which based on the advice contained here i have ignored. These have included Notice to Keeper letters, solicitors letters and collection agents letters. Just before Christmas i recieved court papers, and filed a defence based on research here. The basis of my defence was that Homeguard had not proven right of litigation on behalf of the landowner, that the damages requested (some £900) were a punitive damage and not pre liquidated damages as there is no cost to park on the estate, and that they had not provided evidence that they were pursuing me as driver, not registered keeper (i indicated that i was not the driver and that, as i'm not required by law to provide further details i have elected not to do so). I have had today a response to defence almost an inch thick prepared by Gladstones solicitors denying my defence on all points. It appendages their contract with the landowner which states that they are authorised to take all action neccessary to recover amounts related to tickets issued so they do have right of litigation.. ..so thats that as far as that defence is concerned i guess. Other appendages include copies of the tickets and notice to keepers etc, and a letter from a 3rd party company which is who Homeguard are ACTUALLY contracted to, who is in turn contracted to the land owner. This letter is prejudicial in that it goes into details not factually relevant to the claim and implies that my vehicle has caused problems with access for emergency services. ...which is absolutely false!). They have indicated on the court papers that they would allow mediation, and i have the option for this too but i don't see that it will achieve anything. They are claiming the right to pursue me as keeper, and for the full sum allegedly owed and not amounting to a claim for damages under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 para.4 which defines a parking charge as being: (a) in the case of a relevant obligation arising under the terms of a relevant contract, means a sum in the nature of a fee or charge, and (b) in the case of a relevant obligation arising as a result of trespass or other tort, means a sum in the nature of damages. They are relying on case law to support this - Export Credits Guarantee Department and Universal Oil Products Co and Others (1983) which found: 'A sum of money payable under a contract which is not triggered by a breach of contract falls outside the penalties jurisdiction.' Now to my laymans eyes, it would seem that they are claiming that as there is no breach of contract, they are free to claim damages? But surely there is an implied contract being entered into by parking on the scheme, and failing to adhere to its terms (not displaying a valid permit) is by nature a breach of contract? i've gone as far as i can with this under my own steam, and as i cant afford to engage a solicitor i'm looking for any assistance you knowledgable people can afford me on how to proceed. If its a non starter then so be it, but i'd hate to not go down fighting. Thanks in advance, L
  6. Apologies if this should be elsewhere or anything, I'm new here. Hoping someone can help me. The other day I recieved a letter through the post from a company called excel saying I owed 157 pound for an unpaid parking fine for Swansea Council. I knew nothing about this, haven't had the ticket or a Notice to Owner letter. I understand I can fill in a TE7 form but wanted some advice on what would happen and if it's worth doing as I understand most get turned down and I don't want to incur the cost of a court action to lose that too. If I do the TE7 and it's not successful, will it go back to the original cost or so the £80 baliff charge still count? And can they add anymore in the meantime that it's being considered. Thanks.
  7. just got home from having a puncture on my mobility scooter lol, and came home to find that Vanqis are having a bop now ffs lol.... i sent in all required information to them recorded delivery ( i have proof of delivery and signature) disputed the excessive charges currently (£400)+ i do have repayment option plan and they have now said they will respond to my complaints for refund within 56 days, so using this snippet of info if i now get a DCA write to me i wait 56 days or near enough to reply
  8. Hi Recieved a Default Notice dated 22nd Feb 2010 from Halifax giving a remedy date of 15th March 2010 BUT halifax sent a Termination notice on the 8th March 2010 to state they have terminated the account. Not sure if a default has gone onto my credit file. How to I go about getting closure on this account once and for all, I want to add that the agreement itself is not enforceable. Could I possibly take halifax to court and get them to: 1 write off the debt 2 stop them from selling this on 3 remove the entry from any credit files 4 Claim £1000 compensation (inavlid default entry) 5 Claim damages for unlawfull rescission of contract What should my next steps be, I can feel a donation on the way to CAG here....especially if I get point 4 above 8) Thanks
  9. Please help me - I have received a statutory demand from Connaught / 1st credit for an unpaid loan I had with Lloyds TSB in 2007 - Apparently the outstanding balance is £7700. - I have contacted them but they say they will accept nothing less than £3500 in a lump sum and the rest over 12 months, otherwise they will force me to sell the family home (Its on a joint mortgage with my partner) There is no way I can afford to pay that and have sent them an income/expenditure form to illustrate this. I was made redundant in January and can only offer a token payment until I get work (I have interviews coming up) I have approx £500 due soon which I have also offered them. - They have not replied I have two young children and cannot face the thought of them losing their home ( I have even contemplated the unthinkable - as the house is in joint names and my partner would automatically become sole owner on my passing) I am willing to pay I just do not have the means at present. I have contributed to a private pension scheme and have also contacted them about the possibility of cashing this in, but I may have to wait 3 weeks for this information. Please help, Are Connaughts under any obligation to be reasonable? Will the court take into consideration the fact that I am trying to reach an agreement? I have not slept for nearly a week and have never felt so desperate and helpless in my life. Any advice would be invaluable to me
  10. Hoping someone can help me. In December I received 2 parking tickets for the same contravention on different dates (being parked with 1 or more wheels on any part of the urban road other than the carriageway (footpath parking) Really angry as I had to park in that spot due to carrying out a job (kitchen and extension) and have heavy tools/materials to carry to and from. Within 30 minutes of being on the job I get distracted by beeping outside. When I go outside there is a bus there trying to get through and tells me 'to move my f**king van' (charming) There is a bus route down the same road that comes every 20 minutes so decided to park slightly tucked in with my wheels just on the kerbstone to avoid this happening again. On the 28th December I receive 2 PCN's (lovely Christmas present!) But......... When looking closely at the PCN I noticed that they have stated; Date Issued Posted; 24/12/2013 Date of Service; 26/12/2013 Further into the letter it also states; Please note the Date of Serviced has been calculated for you being 2 working days after the date of posting, as sent by 1st class post unless you can prove otherwise. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I am certain that Christmas Day (25/12/2013) and Boxing Day (26/12/2013) are not classed as working days?? Therefore do I have a chance to appeal on the fact they haven't actually calculated it correctly?? Any help would be great!!
  11. Hello there, I have been on the site before asking about RLP and the advice you all gave was very helpful. However I recieved a letter from RLPwhich I thought wouldnt even arrive... My parents told me I got a letter and watched me open it. I was so scared I ripped it up infront of them and said it was junk. However my dad got suspious and went in the bin to find scraps of the letter and he found that is was a letter for "suing". Breif of the insident: I was caught shoplifting in primark about 2 months ago, NO police were contacted, nor my parents, i was just told I would get a fine. I later came here for legal advive and to just ignor letters and that RLP have no legal obligation or proof. I persisted to tell him it was rubbishd said my ftiend got one last year in college. He believed that it was a [problem] due to him finding a P.O box on the letter, saying if it was a legit company it wouldnt have one. My problem now is I really want to stop an other lettet coming as I remember reading something about the 12th of August so im guessing thats when the nexr one will arrive I have no intention of paying up as its been adviced not to by you guys My dad said the next one that arrives hes gunna open it himself and take it to the police. I am guilty of my actions however no police were called in the first place so what shall I do? I have spoke to my dad numerous of times and told him i got legal help with it and to just ignore the letters but he started going on about "harrasment" I have been loosing a lot of sleep due to this mess and my anxiety had bern worse than ever, how can I make the letters stop before it gets out of hand? Im begging for someone to help me. 1- how can I stop the RLP letters 2- what will happen if my dad DOES take it to the police 3- Does anyone anywhere have any proof that I did it? Please help me as soon as possible Im gettibg really really worried, i keep thinking it will be okay but I've gone insain with bad thoughts about it all... Btw I'm 17 years old... Thankyou for your time reading... H x
  12. Good evening one and all. My wife has received a Statutory Demand from Lowells. The letter was dated the 1st of August, it was hand delivered on the 19th of August, and it states that there is an 18 day time limit before bankruptcy proceeding are started. What laws have they broken? I have researched this as best as I can. The Insolvency Service document linked below states "...The person or company that receives the demand has 21 days to settle the debt or..." Also the OFT guidance for debt collectors has many examples of unfair practices but I haven't seen this dating fiddle mentioned. Can you point me to guidance / law that refers to this please? I want to get a letter in the post tomorrow morning if possible. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http:/www.insolvency.gov.uk/pdfs/guidanceleafletspdf/statdemand.pdf http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/consultations/OFT664Rev_Debt_collection_g1.pdf Thanks. Mike.
  13. My son took out a policy with Octagon by DD in Jan. He duly sent off his No Claim Bonus as asked, he had an accident 3 days ago and has been informed ny Octagon that they never recieved his NCB and therefore his insurance was cancelled! They said that they had sent him 2 texts but when he enquired as to which number they sent it to they actually had a digit wrong, therefore he never recieved the texts. The only post he ever recieved was stating that his DD had been set up succesfully. They also said that they had emailed him but yet AGAIN he recieved nothing to this effect. He is at breaking point. Please can someone shed some light on this. By looking at the thread it seems Octagon are constantly doing this. Also they promised to get back to him within 24 hours and he is still waiting. Surely they are breaching their contract by not replying to him in the stated time.
  14. Hello. I am pretty new here but I am looking for some advice. I have been browsing the forums and a lot of users on here seem to know the way the system works. So I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I was recently dismissed from my employment at a games retailer. The reason was for breakdown of trust and failure to comply with the staff handbook. To put the long story short. Where I used to work we were given hundred of promotional items and in our store it become common practice for some people to give away these items or sell them onto others. I am very aware this is personal gain from the goods and is against the rules. That is to why when the investigation came up I accepted all responsibility. Although the items are tiny and have no physical worth or value on their stockfile. They basically didnt like the fact I was earning something from giving away these codes and goodies. Like I said I accept responsibility for my actions and I shouldnt have however with all of the members of staff doing it I figured why not. I didnt name bomb anyone and I walked away with grace. They asked me what I had given away and sold and they came to a rough sum of £520 of personal gain in the 2 years I had been there (like I said I was honest and told them everything). After the investigation they offered me dismissal and then said they may send a Civil notice to reclaim money spent on hours investigating the case. That seemed fair. However through the door today I have been given a Civil Claim by Civil recovery Solutions asking for a total claim value of £1017.18 however I can settle early and pay £813.74. I did no way agree to pay an amount of that high value. Especially when the items which were given to me had zero stock value. (The items were given to us through our manager this is not a question of theft.) Police were not called in and I have had no confrontation with the police at all regarding the matter. I was expecting to pay for the hours which the investigation took place (no more than £150) But I assume they have wacked on the £520, and some crazy administration fee. They have asked if I deny Liability to get in contact within 14 days. I am aware that I could ignore the letter, or reply or maybe offer some kind of counter claim. But I am very lost with this and I am a little worried. I feel like they are treating me like a criminal. I can see what I did was wrong but with other staff influencing me that it was okay and it was a common thing I didnt think it would get this out of hand. Since my departure from the company 3 weeks ago I have found a new job although. I would really not like to pay a massive £1k charge for a bunch of stuff which was GIVEN to the staff. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Kind Regards
  15. Hi, its been a while since I have used this site but I need help urgently. I am actin on behalf of my mother on this matter. The basic scenario is, my mother has received an N1 and is the defendant. The POC are basicaly that "perpetual Yearly Rentcharge (chief rent)" have not been paid. There are several points to this, namely 1) The defendants Name on the N1 is incorrect- This is my mothers old married name, which was changed by depole. However, this is the name as it still appears on the land registry. 2) My mother has a deed of release from 2003 when she believes she bought out the chiefrent, and has had no communication from any company until a few months ago since that date requesting any monies. This new company is argueing that it "merely redeems there rent and not the overriding rent" Please can someone advise on how best to proceed, and what to do about the incorrect neame on the claim form. Many Thanks..... Sam
  16. Hi ,I am hoping someone has the answer for me to this. Me and hubby are currently going through the Income support/ESA transfer, and hubby has recieved a letter today for a medical next monday, and I am wanting to know if he does fail the medical can I claim jobseekers for myself,hubby and 2 kids?, as my hubby is too ill to work. I know he can appeal but we dont want all the worries of doing so, so if he does fail and I can claim jobseekers then I am more than happy with that
  17. Hi folks, I have spent some time today trying to understanding Statutory demands, having aparently recieved one hand deliverd last week. I just wonderd if there was a final consensus on how these things from hamptons should be handled, ie ignored, cca'd, apply to set aside etc. Below I will give brief details on this situation and would welcome any comments. cheers So some day last week I came home and found a brown envelope had been posted through, no post mark and only my name on it written in blue biro. Nothing else apart from the words "Private and confidential in" red. Inside lurked a letter and SD from Hamptons legal both dated early May, a good 3 weeks before it was actaully served?! Also inside with hamptons letter is a SD under section 268(1)(a) of the insolvency act 1986. Debt for liquidated sum payable immediately. by Hamptons on behalf of creditor Lowell portfolio l ltd. The sum demanded is for two different debts of which I recall not, both total around the 2k mark . But from what ive read hamptons add the debts up all the time? I'm in two minds wether I should send a CCA to hamptons and start work on a set aside defence or just ignore it as scare tactic? Whats the word these days? Also is the SD served as it was just posted through by hand no post marks no proof?
  18. Well with a rent increase hanging over me since May 2012. Which apparently I can't afford (sort of true) as I'm on benefits and I apparently rejected by asking for a valid Section 13 notice in July 2012 as he hadn't server correct notice. There was a knock on my door Wednesday and my landlord with witness handed me the following. [ATTACH=CONFIG]44873[/ATTACH] Now I've had a look on Shelter and although a bit of a mess all the information for correct service is there. If somebody could double check for anything untoward before I take it to the Council it would be appreciated. Not looking to get out of it as we've had a good innings and no rent increase for 7 years. The other thing does anybody know the exact title of the department/person I need to see at the council? Also options with them for housing? My Council is Lambeth which as a single male with mental illness means I'm on a bit of a sticky wicket. Money for deposits, rent and moving isn't an issue. It's more a case of looking for somewhere (see bellow), losing my GP, Counselor and having fought for 3 /12 years for a psychiatric referral at St Thomas's Hospital which I'm currently waiting on an appointment for.... I don't really want to start again, since last May proved there be no affordable private housing within quite a distance. I get ESA WRAG, DLA mid rate care and low rate mobility. Can leave the flat twice on a good week, haven't been able to use public transport for 3 years and using the telephone can/does trigger panic attacks. I think my GP and counselor will support me but it's a question of what they can do and how to go about it? It took 8 visits in May 2012 to get to see somebody who knew somebody at an affiliated charity who offered to travel to places with me. After 3 days of constant phone calls (where the people calling could understand why I couldn't leave the house) plus the £50 each way by taxi to the nearest places they were offering. I couldn't cope and this fizzled out. So this is going to be interesting! I'm going to give Shelter and the charity from last time a bell later on this week. Then it's camping time in the Council offices next door. So help with who/what to ask for would be great.
  19. I yesterday recieved a letter from, 'Equita Certified Baliif's, ' saying that they had been instructed by the London Bourough of Lambeth in connection with the warrant of execution granted against you by the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court. I had no idea what this was about as I no longer live in London or have not worked in London for over a year. The letter did not state how much i owed nor did it state any details of the incident which they say I owe money for. I phoned, Equita and spoke to the person and gave them my reference number. He informed me that it was from an incident back in April 2012 where turned left down a street where a left turn was prohibited and now the amount to be paid was 215 pounds. I explained that this is the first I had of heard of it and had recieved no letters previously telling me of this. He gave me the reference number for the PCN and suggested that I take it up with the council. I have tried using the reference number he gave me on the councils online website to show photos/videos of the incident but it says that there is nothing found. After finishing the phone call i had a think and I do remember recieving a PCN to which I appealed but shortly after I moved house but notified the DVLA and got my vehicles address and details changed to my new address. I had a lot going o at the time and to be honest i completely forgot about the PCN until now (almost a year later). I assume that all of the letters and the warrant have all gone to my old address, which obviously I have never received and now I am getting a letter from the baliffs at my new address. Where do I stand on this because i have notified the DVLA of the change of address to my vehicle?? At the time of writing the appeal I was unsure of my new address and nothing about my move was finalised until after i had written the appeal letter, so I could not put my new address on it for them to send any letters to. I'm willing to pay the original fine but not pay all of the other fees as I did not know anything about it. I am going to phone the council later today but just wanted to know where i stand and if i have much chance of not paying these baliff fees? How can they expect me to pay this money if I have never heard anything about this?? Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  20. Please advice needed, once again i am back on this forum and now find myself with an eviction notice, we had a suspension of possession order granted at end of feb, however have only made 2 mortgage payments and two order payments to date...i know this is very bad and am now at my wits end with worry are as i think we going to lose our home for sure this time. reason for missed payments is due me haveing time off work at beginning of year with broken foot, although only part time the loss was felt. also we have also fell into the trap of payday loans 4 in total..i have now cancelled my cards after reading about them in other treads, and will sort them out later, hopefully with a payment arrangement something they dont want to agree to while they have access to my money. so with these unable to keep taking funds each month and my income coming in we will be able to maintain the mortgage and payment set by judge of 150.00 I have put proposal to Kensington sent wage slips and budget sheet, and also my stepfather offered to pay 2000 off as a gift but they wanted to see his bank statemnts he sent letter saying it was a gift but this was not enough and he will not let them see his bank statments..this was 3 weeks they refused his payment without this so he gone on holiday with the money. Icant blame him really as they wont accept it and there is no one else to ask. the arrears are just over 7000 now actually more than in february when we last went to court. i have letter saying i have 14 days to vacate, i just dont know what to do i feel sick and have my two grown up children i have to put brave face on who have no idea, one just gone to uni, and other ears 80 week so has nothing to help with eitherway..oh god am i going to make them homeless.. Please any advice will be appreceated..wont be on here till tomorrow have work later. i have attached a budget sheet also.
  21. Late last week, I recieved and NIP, from South Yorkshire Police For speeding on the M1, through roadworks. The NIP was not in my name, and the vehicle reg was not one I recognise Although the address was mine. I called South Yorks Police, and told them. No one of that name lives here or ever has. And that the vehicle reg is not one I recognise. They took my name, and said someone will call me back. I'm still waiting! I'm not going to call them. I've tried that once. Advise ??
  22. Recieved a letter today from DWP i will tell you what it says then maybe i will be able to get more advice. I AM CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION INTO ALLEGED CRIMINAL OFFENCES IN RELATION TO A BENEFIT CLAIM. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER WHICH I NEED TO DISCUSS WITH YOU URGENTLY. I called them to tell them i will attend the interview but obviously they wouldnt give me any clue to what it was about, im pregnant with twins at the minute due to be born in 4weeks and this is really stressing me out i would be greatful if anybody could help me. Thank you
  23. recieved a bus lane penalty charge notice. stating i recieved a letter last month but i did not recieve one. do i have any chance of appealling and winning. the fine was origionally £60 now it says because i did not pay within 14 days i need to pay £90 i did not recieve origional first charge notice. what should i do ? pay or fight for my rights.? advice please . i have uploaded the letter recieved.. http://postimage.org/image/51deut0bd/
  24. Having lost my job in March I have been struggling trying to work on a self employed basis and have so far managed to keep all my payments up to date. I had previously transfered 3 larger credit card debts to MBNA. While things have been tight I have been paying the £25 per month minimum payments. I have a credit account paid up in december and a bank loan ending early next year and my intention was to pay the money presently paying these 2 to MBNA. I have recieved my statement this month and my payment is £290, but £285 is interest. I intend ringing Monday to ask their help but having read other peoples experiences am not optimistic. All my other debts are managable and I know if I do a DMP I will have to include all my creditors. Has anyone had any success getting any help from MBNA? Thanks.
  25. Hi there I've only just come across this forum in the past week, I had my savings account arrested & have had £872.38 taken from me for council tax arrears. I missed the Charge For Payment as I wasn't around at the time. I've been served another Charge For Payment for £1073.40 & was wondering what I can do to stop another arrestment being made. I've read about various methods of applying for time to pay, but it's all new to me and I'm starting to panic! The original arrestment was a pain, but I had the money to cover it, now I don't have much! I am in full time employment so I could pay in instalments. The Charge is from Walker Love, acting on behalf of West Dunbartonshire Council. Thanks & please help!
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