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Found 510 results

  1. Hi I have received a claim for part only of monies due for a 4 year old debt. I have requested the usual CCA's etc as per reading other threads so can anyone help me now please? I obviously need to do something on line but Im not sure if I need to extend the date or whether I do the defense? If I do the defense what should I put? Thanks
  2. Hi, just wondered if someone might be able to help with something please. Contacted by former housemate who says that Eon are chasing after a very large bill relating to the period of 2005 to 2010 for the facility for using a pre-pay meter in a house we once lived in. We actually lived there from 2004 to 2005. And I don't think my housemate informed them that we moved, so as far as I am aware they kept us (or just him) on their books until someone 'took over' supply to the house. They have called and apparently seemed very eager to sort out the problem by clearing us from the account by asking us for proof of our tenancy agreements around that time. My ex-housemate does believe that they are interested in helping us and he says that we should cooperate to the most utmost by providing our tenancy agreements to clear our name. However, I mentioned whether it was worth asking them for proof of contract, as without it they could not chase us. I proposed this as they might use the tenancy agreements to support an argument for placing liability on us on the basis that the contract was a rolling contract (I assume it was - don't have a copy, not does the ex-housemate). But my ex-housemate said we shouldn't mess about by doing that, as they could employ investigators and still saddle us with the bill. He also thinks that historic acceptance to pay the meter charges in 2004 to 2005 demonstrates that a contract existed. Just wondered what the views were of others here, as I would like to take the course that ensures I don't have to pay a penny for when I wasn't living there. But don't want to make things easier for them to pin liability on us, if that is their real intention.
  3. was due a one off payment from tax credits but nothing of course i bank with one of the worst banks ever!! RBS ! , my tax credits had changed and sent a one off payment but i haven not received the letter and now im being told by the bank (bear in mind i have argued with them for the last few days) that because they cant see the payment on there system they wont issue us any money! this payment was due in money but nothing ive contacted tax credits and there is nothing they can do im now £202 down and the bank say suffer i cant change banks either as i have a bad credit rating
  4. Hi all, short story is I parked outside of a shop in a bicycle lane which had no "no-parking" signs and did not have any double yellow lines. I was unable to find a parking space and was only running a very quick errand. i was in the shop for no longer than 3 minutes, in fact my parking ticket states I arrived at 12:28 and left at 12:25 the same day... not quite sure how I managed that without a time machine! Anywho they are now requesting £60 from me, which I believe to be ridiculous! All advice is welcome as I have zero intention of paying this company...
  5. Hi Guys I was walking around in Primark with a friend, and this was a genuine silly mistake, but i had put a pair of jeans on my bag - IN FULL VIEW, i wasnt attempting to shoplift but had placed it there as me and my friend were considering to buy it later on. Anyway, i had forgotten that it was on my bag and i had walked out the shop. Before i knew it, security had taken us upstairs and searched our bags and called in the police - who had given us a warning and banned us from primark. On the 16th of June i had received a letter from the RLP demanding £174.94, and i'm pretty scared. I'm only 17, but my parents are willing to pay the fine - although after reading the posts on here i am trying to convince them not to pay. My friend has also received the same letter asking for the same amount. Can you get back to me as soon as possible, i need your help!!
  6. Received hubby's SAR from Barclays today, giving exactly the 6 years of info. Do you think it's worth writing to ask for older stuff or do you think that's it? Not quite far enough back to get old loan details
  7. Hi, Im really sorry if this is in the wrong place ! I hope to help my son. He sold his car to some guy, he paid 50% of the money and said he would pay the rest by the end of May at the latest. This has not happened.He has now stopped answering all calls from my son & he is ignoring the text. He has got a receipt with all the details on & signed by both party's. Lucky my son did keep hold of the log book and knows exactly where he lives. Do you know what i am LEGALLY allowed to do ? Thank You
  8. Here is the story (numbers are rounded) Yorkshire water billed us for about £600 for year 2012-2013. £300 due in April, £300 due in October. April instalment bill by some reason was not paid. Now they filed money claim for £725, (£600 plus £70 legal fee plus £55 court fee. The same one went to Mrs. Readalot.) Aprently we are whooping 2 month late with the first payment. My actions so far. - Called them and notified them that Mrs. Readalot is not anymore a leaseholder or owner of the property in question (lease was changed long time ago and it is in my name only), they have changed their records accordingly. - Filed acknowledgement of service and defence in name of Mrs Readalot, the defence is along the lines that she is not leaseholder of the property and not liable for the bills. - Filed acknowledgement of service in my name. Now is the most interesting part.. . I called them (call is recorded) tried to negotiate a quick and amicable settlement but they refused to even discuss it and the party line was "you need to file admission form and send it to yorkshire water". Some quotes from that conversation: - "Have you received the paperwork from the court yet" - Me: "Yes I have" - "Well you need to fill the admission form and send to ourselves" - "This is the process that you need to follow" .. - Me: "I want to reach a repayment agreement" - "No you cannot do it now, we've reached the court stage" - "You need to fill the paperwork from the court and send it back to US" - You can fill in the court forms with repayment offer and send it to us and we will look into it and if we accept we will add 40£ to your account. - Me: What 40£ are for. - 40£ will be added for the judgement. Then CCJ will be on your record. - Me: "Please do not try to mislead me" - "I am not trying to mislead you. If you not make payment in full within 14 days you will have a CCJ entered onto your account, onto your credit file" ... - Me: "This is wrong, this should not be like that, what you are telling me is not true " - "This is the process" - Me: "You are lying to me, in my face" ... - Me: "All I want is to settle this matter amicably out of court" - "Unfortunately , if you cannot pay the balance within 14 days, because the court paper have been issued, the CCJ will be entered and you need to make an offer of payment via the court papers" ... - "That's the paperwork that you have received, if you do not pay the full balance within 14 days the judgement will be entered and you will have that black mark on your credit file for 6 years" - "Well, it is a lie.." ... - "You need to send us repayment offer.. if we accept the offer there will be 40£ added to your account and confirmation will be send to yourself..." - Me: "But what will happen with the ongoing money claim then?" - "It will go ahead and you will have CCJ on your credit file for 6 years" ... - "Because you cannot pay in full the only way [to deal with this] is to admit on the admission form and send it to us" - Me: "or defend" - "Sorry? " - Me: "I can admit or defend, is it true" - "Can you repeat this please?" - Me: "I can admit the claim or defend the claim" ... - "You do not have to attend court, all you have to do. The court has already been done, the court has already been done without you being there" - Me: "The court has already been done without me being there already?" [ WTF!? ] - Me: "Are you saying the judgement has been entered without me?" - "The judgement has not been entered yet, we need you to fill the paperwork and send it back to us and once it has been received the judgement will be entered" ... - Me: "do you understand that you are intentionally trying to mislead me." - "I am not intentionally trying to mislead you , I am just advising you on what the process is" - Me: "I do not want your legal advise, you are advising me incorrectly, you are lying in my face and only back off when I confront you. And this conversation is being recorded, transcript of this conversation will go to court to show unfair relationship between us and your breach of OFT guidelines and there will be a claim to OFT. I do not want any of that, I just want to settle this matter out of court now and you are telling me that 'no way'" ... - "You have not responded to our letters... It is not until now that the judgement have been entered that you are trying to contact us" - Me: "The judgement have been entered!?" - "Yes. the judgement have been entered. Now. Whether you admit that claim or you defend that claim. That judgement will strill be entered and you will have that mark on your credit file for 6 years. The easiest way to deal with it would be to admit the claim" - Me: "The judgement will be entered!?" - "Yes.The judgement will be entered..." - Me: "You are confusing me. Will be entered or have been entered? Which one is it?" - "the judgement will be entered if you admit the claim. If you didn't admit the claim and send the admission form then the judgement will still be entered by default. So either way, whether you respond to that letter or not you are still going to have a judgement going agains you and CCJ issued on your credit file. The easiest way to deal with would be send us the addmission form and set an arrangement...so CCJ now is unavoidable but if once you pay your balance in full we will send you a letter of satisfaction which you can present to court and your CCJ will be marked as satisfied" - Me: "haha.. this is so much going to OFT guys... this record is going to OFT to show them how you mislead your customers .. you are telling me outright lies, you are telling me outright lies right now! You lied to me on multiply occasion, when I confront you, you back off a little bit and then keep telling me lies. This is ridiculous" - "We sent you letter we made you aware of the situation..." - Me: "and then when I contact you, you bamboozle me with waffle!" .. - Me: "Well I am calling you now trying to reach a settlement of this matter" - "It has got to a point of no return now" - Me: "Point of no return, ha.." .. There is some more of that but other party sounds very tired and I let her go. If you are still here, it seems I will defend the claim potentially arguing "unfair relationship". Also the water bills insane (we have no meter), I will be requesting them to set up a meter which should reduce the charges in half (based on our consumption in previous house) This will make the claimed money wildly inaccurate. Also since one defendant on the claim is obviously no liable, she will be claiming legal fees. Will see if I can settle this matter the day before court for half the price. Any advise and suggestions are very welcome.
  9. Hi all, I posted two SAR requests on 17/4/2012, one to MBNA and one to Barclaycard. Last week I received one from MBNA, so far I have received an acknowledgement from Barclaycard almost 4 weeks ago but still no information. Are they outside the 40 day period now or is it 40 working days they are allowed? Thanks
  10. Hi, Looking for some help as I was shocked and dismayed to receive a rather threatening letter today. Apparently I'm being threatened with "legal proceedings." Over 18 months ago, I decided to take a a course in personal training. It's a gym based course where you are trained to be a professional personal trainer and the course is offered by a company called Lifetime. Within 3 months of signing up (and having only been to one 5 day module out of many on the course), a couple of things happened that made me leave the training: I was made unemployed (so I had zero disposable income) and I decided that I wasn't going to continue with the course. I immediately informed Lifetime of this and was told in email that this was fine. However, every 3-6 months, I received either a letter or a number of phone calls about an "outstanding balance." Obviously, I told them I was no longer a member of the course, I was no longer taking their training or using their facilities, etc etc etc. During the last correspondence, I politely asked them to double check that they've removed my name and details from their database, so that this mistake won't happen again. During this exchange, I also have written proof (through email) of them saying that it was a mistake and that they'd happily take me off their database. Fast forward to today, and apparently I'm being threatened with "legal proceedings" for an outstanding balance on my account! I can publish the letter here if it will help? It's short and sweet and sums up by saying that "we have no alternative other than to begin legal proceedings within 7 days of receipt of this letter." It sounds like a classic scare-tactic letter, but I want to know what my rights are and exactly what the best response to something like this is? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards,
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