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Found 13 results

  1. Good morning, I need some help and advice. I took out two loans before Christmas, one with Quick Quid for £300 and one with Lending Stream for £400. I have paid one payment back to Quick Quid of £44 and I have paid two payments to LS - £153 and £212 but there is still a balance of over £400 outstanding. I am currently signed off sick from work and awaiting an operation so I am on SSP. I cannot afford to repay at the rate they want - the next LS payment due is for over £200!! I contacted my bank yesterday and cancelled the CPA. They told me that if either company took any money from my accoun
  2. I cancelled a direct debit with Quick quid on a loan due with them.I simply cannot afford to pay it back but will do so once an affordable repayment plan is in place. My worry is can they still access my bank account any withdraw funds even though the direct debit is now cancelled and they don't have my debit card number?? Any advice please would be very helpful.
  3. Hello, I'm writing to QuickQuid to try and arrange a repayment plan for my loan, however after reading this website for a while I have some questions and I was wondering if someone could read my E-Mail to give any constructive criticism. Why should I E-Mail QuickQuid rather than phone them? Is it appropriate to call them to make the arrangements and then E-Mail them to confirm? Is there any law, bill or statute I should quote if they disagree with my plan? Or anything else I should say to assist my request?
  4. Hi, I'll post properly about my own little PDL mess in a moment, just frantically searching for a template... I've seen it somewhere - QQ phoned me at work today. The only number for my work is a shared line - I never answer it, it goes through to the enquiries office. Can I request they remove that number from their databases? Having a small panic attack.
  5. Hi all, I stupidly took out a QQ loan back in February this year. I believed I had paid it and since then my bank account had been closed as it was a joint account with an ex partner. I moved in with my grandparents for a while as I was paying off a lot of debt, anyway long story short my Grandad called and said ARC have rang me. I had no idea who they were so I stupidly rang them. I have now been told if I dont pay up within the next so many days I will be issued with a CCJ, I simply dont have the money to pay at the moment and have not received any letters from the ACR to say I h
  6. Hi All, I've gotten myself into a right mess with WONGA, Quick Quid,Tooth Fairy & PayDay UK. I started with one and then it spiralled out of control and now I'm in a position where I'm struggling to make ends meet and I''m literally borrowing to pay for rent and utilities. In total I owe just over £2,000. I've decided that I've had enough of all of this so I came on here looking for advice & thanks to all of you I put together the following letter to all of the above companies as my repayment date is next week: WONGA: Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in ref
  7. I have an agreement with quick quid with a outstanding balance of £447. I emailed them to explain that due to xmas/new year payment date changes i would not be able to repay the full amount and could I arrange a repayment over 3 months? No reply to the email but they have taken £217 out of my bank without explaining what it is for or even asking for that matter. The card they used was cancelled after it was snapped by a over keen atm machine. Yet the bank payed out on it? The downside is that now as a family of 5 we have no money for shopping or petrol for me to get to work. They have
  8. Hi all...Im new to this so please bare with me.....I had a payday loan with the dreaded Quick Quid all was fine until I had a bit of an personal issue and couldnt afford to pay my loan in full the amount to pay was around the £1500 mark. I contacted QQ and explained the situation and they agreed to split the balance over 4 equal payments. I payed the first two months fine but then my car imploded (Timing Belt) and I couldnt affort the full paymnet the next month. I expalined my situation to QQ and asked if I could either delay or re-arrange the amounts so id pay less this month/more next or e
  9. Hey, I’m new to this forum so please bare with me! I’ve been reading the forums for about a week now and have gathered a lot of useful information, but thought that it was about time I bit the bullet and posted about my own problems. I, like many others on the site have fallen into the payday trap. Looking around the forum it’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there that’s gotten into this mess and that alone has made me feel a little better and spurred me to take control of my finances. I first used a payday loan company last year to pay some unexpected bills, and paid i
  10. My circumstances have changed and i can not afford to pay these and continue rolling them over. I really need quite a lot of help and advice please, any will be greatly appreciated. I owe lending stream £415, but seem to be paying them back about £600 a month. I owe quick quid about £400, but pay back £250-£300 a month in interest and fees. I owe cash genie £100, and pay back £30 a month, every month. My main worries are them contacting my work, even if i have already contacted them first. Is there a standard notice that i can send them that means they cannot contact my work plac
  11. Hi, just wondering before i either report my card stolen or not if anyone has successsfully entered into a repayment plan with QQ and it went as planned! I received the email confirmation below but scared incase they just empty my account at the first try. This is a confirmation that you have entered into a pre-default payment plan detailed below. £212.18__________due 15/12/2010 £212.18__________due 14/1/2011 £_212.18_________due 15/2/2011 £_212.21_________due 15/3/2011 Please be sure the funds are available. This arrangement cannot be cancelled. Not honou
  12. I am so far doing okay on sorting out these paydays but still having a couple of problems: Txtloan and PUK - they have agreed to my repayment of £50 mthly QuickQuid - have agreed to pay it off in 4 installments which isnt ideal but cant be arsed with the hassle so i am paying Wonga - are not budging on my repayment offer and have sent me letters from Barker & Lowe threatening legal action Payday Express - have still not agreed but now asking for income/expenditure Lending Stream - ive paid them £50 allready but still have not confirmed repayment Can someone tell me how to d
  13. Does anyone know if these two companies have an agreement? I've had a couple of letters from Provident, and a doorstep call this evening saying that they had bought the debt from Quick Quid and can now offer for me to pay Quick Quid by paying Provident weekly as they now own the debt..?? I am currently in the process of going bankrupt so basically told the man to leave, but find it strange how this has happened...
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