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Found 55 results

  1. Hi, I know that Debt Purchasers buy debts for a fraction of the price (maybe as little as 10p in the £) If for example I SAR the debt purchaser and discover that he has for example only paid £100 for a £1,000 debt and decides to go for a CCJ for the £1,000 where would I stand in defending the debt as £100 as this is what the purchaser has paid for it, not the original £1,000 My reasoning on this is that if the original creditor cant be bothered waiting for the debt to clear the purchaser has actually closed my account with the original creditor and opened a new account with the value he paid for the debt no matter what the CCA states as my agreement is with the original creditor not the purchaser Asking as I have two debts purchased and being chased for almost £8,000 but previously being paid to the original creditor via a DMP
  2. Hi I wonder if anyone could help My daughter was involved in a caravan fire (suspected arson) whilst working abroad this summer. She basically lost everything apart from the clothes she was standing in and her laptop and phone which were still one her lap when she woke up by the fire! She had travel insurance purchased through the company she worked for. A number of electrical items I had bought her over the last couple of years were lost (tablet, camera and ipod). I still have the the original emails sent from these companies when these items were purchased. I have printed these emails off but they are saying they want original receipts. I still have the boxes for two of the items and the only paperwork that came with them were paperwork for returns. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys After some advice really and ive seen a few threads linked to this site so thought i would give it a try In march 2012 i purchased a car for the sum of £6300 from a seller on ebay, he had good feedback etc. So the story goes Phoned the guy to check condition, mileage etc. asked if the car was hpi clear to which he replied yes. Didnt want to take his word for it as it was alot of money so carried out a hpi check at £20 showing the car to be clear of all checks including finance and insurance write off. Went to veiw the car and payed cash for it there and then, drove it back as the guy was still covered insurance wise. On tuesday this week whilst i was out a guy working for a company called northwest collections and recoveries droped an envelope through the door with a note to call him and a questionnaire. On wednesday i gave the guy a call and he explained to me that the car is on a hpi agreement with a previous owner. I informed him of the situation and that ive carried out a hpi etc with proof and he advised me to fill out the questionnaire and return it back with all the details and has said that i have done everyhting i could to check it was a clean car to buy so shouldnt have anything to worry about NWRC are working on behalf of a company called Bluestone credit managemnt who have bought the debt from santander group. Bluestone have refused to give me a copy of the finance agreement even with the name and address of the person the agreement is with. Where do i stand in regards to this? From what i understand as im an innocent purchaser and i have done everything i could to prove the car was free from debt before i purchased it, i have good title over the vehicle and the finance house cannot make a claim against me or the vehicle. As added strength i have since carried out an additional hpi check thorugh the RAC website that also states VIN and VRM clear from any history. Shall i return the questionnaire and return with both hpi checks and the bill of sale i got or should i seek further legal advice? Many thanks Steve
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum, I purchased a car from Renault in October 2010 on a 2 year contract hire. At the time I was 8 months pregnant and travelled to Chester in order to complete all of the paperwork. After being there all day and the Renault sales team having made a few mistakes, the car agreement was never signed. They then delivered the car to me whilst I was at hospital and the agreement was signed at the hospital. I have since been told that a Renault agreement signed off Renault premises is not valid. Could anyone shed some light on this, as I am due to give it back In October and if there is anything I can do, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone 3 weeks ago i brought a second hand car from car dealer in London. Everything seems to be ok, but on my way home (70 miles distance) oil pressure lamp start blinking. Also after pressing gas, sometimes car seems "choking". First I ignore that, because seller assure me that car is 100% ok. After a week i took it to garage and i spend 80 quid on oil change and engine flush, but it didn't solve the problem. Then i took it to kwik fit for diagnostics,when i came to collect, guy told me he found two errors (injector and some sensor) but also something seems to be wrong with engine because it dosen't work as is suppose to and co2 emission is way too high. But he said he didn't want to open it, because engine seems to be recently repaired by someone, and some nuts are misssing. According to him looks like someone done something on the engine but didn't finish. I contact trading standard to enquire about this situation and the advice me to contact trader, first by phone followed by recorded letter. Next day car start to be very loud so i took it to garage. Diagnose was: bearing pads (both sets) to replace, crankshaft grinding, injector faulty, connecting rod to replace. Est costs 1000 pounds. Also mechanic confirmed that engine was rebuilt, crankshaft was already grinded 2 times and it was done not so long time ago - silicon in some places was still soft. When i called trader he said he can only cover the labour, but i need to pay for the parts. I told him its not good enough and Im interested in return car to him and get full refund, or he need to cover those repairs at no costs to me. He said he can help me with that, and disconnect, so i wrote him and send a recorded letter. Now when car is almost fixed i get in touch with dealer again to ask him if he receive my letter. He confirmed and said, he can take care of repairs if i bring car to his place, i told him that i already start fixing car using my own money, and don't need that any more i want to look for repair costs refund. He said he is busy at the moment and ask me to call him back on monday (it was friday) So my question is: How to get refund from him for that repairs? because now he seems to change his mind after I already took care of repairs, so his offer is useless to me. My garage will provide me with full documentation of repairs - invoices, pictures of broken parts, and their opinion about condition of the car before repairs Whats my options? P.S: sorry for my English, I'm still learning
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