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  1. Just went to switch my ps4 on and blue light came up and switched off , it seems it will be related to the power brick . my question being is since it is only two months can I request them to replace rather than repair / it was argos by the way
  2. I have just signed forms to purchased a used car from a dealership and have paid a small deposit. Returning home I have found the exact same car (can see the registration plate) for cheaper on the dealer’s website and advertised even cheaper on Auto Trader. At the dealership I went through price negotiations with the dealer and he said that he has reduced the original price by a few hundred, but even the final price we settled on is higher than the online sites. The dealer told me there was no way he could go any lower Do I have a case to complain and do they need to honour the onlin
  3. I have a £12.5k debt to Nationwide that was sold to MKDP. On 30th September 2015 the debt will be statute barred however on 27th November 2013 MKDP issued a claim in court to which I put in a defence - to do with exorbitant charges I think but I can't remember now. I have not heard anything since does this mean that the debt is fixed for them to come back anytime or will it be barred on 30th September 2015 if I hear nothing from them. Now that Hoist have hold it of it I doubt it will get that far would it be better to contact them
  4. Saturday purchased car via right car supermarket sold as a 1.4 fiesta advised it was a cheap insurance car also cheap tax. on talking with my insurers they told me the car I was registering was in fact a 1.6 fiesta the insurance on this vehicle would not be lower.contacted the company asked for an explanation they said they could not give me one as I had been told the correct details and told the insurance company the wrong ones as the finance for the car was completed nothing they could do. So I must pick the car upon Thursday as arranged. telling them that the details I gave my insur
  5. Hi, at the end of March my elderly parents (85 & 80) visited a caravan show. They saw a mini camper van for sale and my father was quite interested. He had a vision of being able to use it to take my mother, who has terminal cancer for days out. The van was on sale for £23,999. My parents looked around the rest of the show and on their way back as they were approaching the stand were they saw the above mentioned van the salesman had sign with a reduced price of £19,995. In parents words "he told us he was reducing it for the show" My father was attracted by this and signed up to purchase t
  6. I was sold an un-roadworthy vehicle by a trader masquerading as a private seller. I've sought to contact the trader by email, phone and mail but he has failed to respond to any communication. The car trader is based in Scotland, while I reside in England. As the sale took place in Scotland, does anyone know if am I obliged to proceed through the Scottish sheriff court system? The England and Wales system is available online, while in Scotland one physically has to file papers in the sheriff court as I understand. Thanks in advance for any thoughts
  7. Hi all, My girlfriend has today purchased a car and completed an HPI check after paying the full amount (yes I know not great...) the HPI check shows that there is outstanding PCP finance from when the car was originally built. I spoke to the garage (Lookers Used Cars in Bristol) and they have assured me that they will get this removed and that the HPI check will be clear. They also mentioned that they "put" 3 months of finance on to the car when it is purchased and this has been removed. Can someone just confirm if this is correct? How could a garage end up with
  8. Hello I purchased a Motorcycle last sunday the 8th which was from a gumtree ad so basically private. The bike was description didn't mention any issues. On my way to see the bike the Private seller mentioned a problem with the starter motor but he would consider £150 of the cost of the bike which was £950 so basically £800. So i took the bike of which i had no knowledge of how it should run or how much the fault would be to get fixed etc. I took it to a bike mechanic near my work to look at the described fault and it wasn't as he said it was something else. Which the mechanic t
  9. I recently purchased a bed and (under bed) drawers for £599 plus £20 delivery as a package from 'rustic roots furniture' It arrived (a few weeks late) and to our disappointment the general workmanship was far below our expectations, and with numerous faults. * Panels not finishing flush, particularity bad and noticeable on the foot board. * Very rough finish to all surfaces. Some panels of noticeably low quality wood. * Drawers panels are split where handles attached. * Inadequate/under sized metal brackets included. * Requires a lot more assembly than anticipated, its left t
  10. Hi I have two old credit card accounts with MBNA which have been sold to Arrow Global . I had no joy from Arrow with a CCA request for both account so i did a SAR to MBNA. Neither account had PPI but both will have incurred charges along the way . In the SAR pack i can see no documentation for the transfer or sale of the account to Arrow. Must this be in the pack for Arrow to chase me for the debt . As they are old accounts 2001 and 2004 i have included the CCA in the SAR pack for anyone able to quantify them . I currently pay both accounts £1pcm still to MBNA for the
  11. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can provide me with some advice regarding an issue I have with an online vendor. The company sells bespoke canvasses where you specify what is printed on the canvass. The one I ordered for example was for my mothers 80th birthday and had her date of birth, names of grandkids etc. We had struggled to find a suitable gift for my mother and this seemed ideal especially as we were running out of time and the website stated the following regarding delivery: "We have 2 shipping options you can select from at Checkout. The first is St
  12. Hi All, This seems to be a bit of a complex one to me but hoping you guys can clear up what steps to take next if any. Purchased a BMW from a private seller 2 months ago also in Scotland for market value at £5600 and paid cash. The ad was on auto trader and as such I did a mobile car check to make sure it was not stolen or writen off etc. The seller had owned the car for over 3 years after purchasing it from someone down south in England near Carlisle in I believe 2011 from documentation. It was owned by that person in Carlile for what appears to be just under 2 years.
  13. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as
  14. I purchased a vehicle about 8 months ago from a private seller. It was a good deal but not a bargain. We starting communicating with the seller via the eBay advert and then proceeded to the sale take a large amount of cash with us which once viewed, proceeded to the clients bank and deposited it into her account. I did question about any finance at the time but the person seemed very trust worthy, had owned the vehicle for about 1 yr and advised their was a small amount of finance on the car but was paid off.... I didn't see any reason not to believe. Anyhow, from trying to later tra
  15. I purchased my Dell laptop in January 2012 for £450. It only lasted until October 2013, then the fan gave up. I know it only had a one year warranty but I remember reading somewhere about an item being fit for use? I took it back to the store and Know How repaired it at a cost to me of £94. The service was terrible and it must have cost me a fortune in telephone calls. They customer service is none existant. I wondered if its too late to claim back the cost of the repair. I'm assuming probably not as I've already paid, but thought it was
  16. Hi, I would really like some assistance with how to tackle a debt that has been pretty much dormant since 2008. The debt of just over £2500 has been purchased by 1st credit & they are chasing for payment. The last time I acknowledged the debt was n Oct 2008 as I claimed back the PPI which was offset against my arrears. As I live in Scotland so the statute barred time is 5 years so I have a few months to try stall. I have already received the credit agreement which looks to be all good with my signature & the terms on back. Also they sent statements of the pay
  17. Hi All, I purchase a 32" Tv from Tesco at a very good price just about £159 which is not a misprice by the way until it went out of stock, it was despatched for next day delivery however the TV failed to arrive. Yodel claimed it was left with my neighbor however the neighbor in question is hardly ever at home and I am the one who actually receives parcel for the said neighbor, but I check with the neighbor anyway and it was not there. I was home all day on the said day but I was sure there was no yodel driver about. Tesco are still investigating and I dread them coming back to me ask
  18. Hi All I am new to this site as I am urgently seek advice on a purchase I have just made on preloved. I am a sole trader who sells wedding dresses online. I have customers who buy in bulk from me so I source preloved/sample gowns to sell on to them. I recently purchased 40 wedding dresses from a lady on the preloved site and asked that all the dresses were modern styles and she confirmed and advised most were designer (which you would assume to be more expensive looking). When the dresses arrived, few are designer and they are all cheap looking and really awful. I contact
  19. Hi, I have a tmobile account. I went online to a third party mobile site because I needed a new laptop and my partner needs a new phone so I tried to put an order in for a new mobile contract that had a laptop as a sign up gift. When I clicked to complete the order the page said error and actually said "your order can not be processed at this time". I did not get any emails or anything, so I assumed the order had not gone through. I went else where and was all sorted but 5 days after trying to place the order a mobile was delivered by the company above. I have returned the mobile
  20. I purchased an HP Pavilion laptop for my daughter from Currys online in May 2011 for £379.99. It wouldn't have been my choice but that was the machine she wanted. 18 months later, there is a problem with the screen which has been traced back to a fault in the VGA connection to the Motherboard, which can't be repaired and necessitates the replacement of the Motherboard. We didn't purchase Currys extended warranty at the time of purchase due to its poor reputation. I have been advised by both the CAB and Aberdeen Trading Standards that although the manufacturers 12 month warranty has e
  21. Hi Guys After some advice really and ive seen a few threads linked to this site so thought i would give it a try In march 2012 i purchased a car for the sum of £6300 from a seller on EBAY, he had good feedback etc. So the story goes Phoned the guy to check condition, mileage etc. asked if the car was hpi clear to which he replied yes. Didnt want to take his word for it as it was alot of money so carried out a hpi check at £20 showing the car to be clear of all checks including finance and insurance write off. Went to veiw the car and payed cash for it there and then, drov
  22. Hello everybody, great forum. Im a newbie here so im sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have a potential serious problem. In August 2012, I purchased an Audi Q7 from a privateindividual from Derby. The car was advertised on Autotrader and EBay. I won thecar on eBay and went down to check it out. Everything checked out ok, the HPIreport was clean. I made arrangements to come and collect the car the followingweekend, when I had time to tax and insure the car for the way home. There was nothing wrong with the car and I paid £20,000 forit Cash. The seller
  23. We purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L auto with 60K on clock last Wednesday from a dealer. We drove it 60 miles home with no issue and everything worked okay. On checking it out, we noticed that the locking wheel nuts which are standard on the vehicle had been replaced with normal wheel nuts. IMHO the vehicle as no longer standard and had been modified. We contacted the dealer and they said they would get back to us, but never did so we contacted them again. It was agreed that we would purchased the locking wheel nuts and they would reimburse us. On Thursday we went out in and a
  24. Hi I am a little unclear on the rules around accounts and defaults. I have account which has been in dispute for a very long time with the credit company who kept passing the account from one DCA to another who then sent it back when I informed them of the dispute. Earlier this month the account was marked as satisfied with the credit reference agencies, and this week I received a letter from Lowell with the usual threatening tone. I have replied in the letter, and as well as stating that no debt is acknowledged I have also stated that no contract or agreement exists as I h
  25. Hi, I know that Debt Purchasers buy debts for a fraction of the price (maybe as little as 10p in the £) If for example I SAR the debt purchaser and discover that he has for example only paid £100 for a £1,000 debt and decides to go for a CCJ for the £1,000 where would I stand in defending the debt as £100 as this is what the purchaser has paid for it, not the original £1,000 My reasoning on this is that if the original creditor cant be bothered waiting for the debt to clear the purchaser has actually closed my account with the original creditor and opened a new acco
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