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  1. Hi , i have a hire purchase agreement with black horse, i have paid 22 out of 48 payments and i am looking to hand the car back to start Fresh. There is a baloon payment at the end of the term to keep the car but i want a new one now, i was told i could hand this back at the halfway (24month) point but upon read my documents it says it can be handed back once i have paid £14,775 which wont be untill november. Can i still terminate at 24month point or will i be liable to make up the difference to 14,775 ? Also Any suggestions of how to get out of contract appart from trade in as i would st
  2. Having bidded on a cycle on eBay I was really pleased that i'd won it. I messaged the seller to inform him that I would pay for the bike in a couple of days as I told him I was away. He, in the meantime, asked me if I could pay which I duly did two days after. The bike was over 300 miles away so I asked him if I could arrange collection in the next couple of weeks once I had arranged a way of collecting it. The bike cost £300. The original purchase was on 11/3/13 Payment date: 14/3/13 Through PayPal On the 18/3/13 I was e/mailed by the seller asking me if I'd got his mess
  3. I wasn't sure where to post this. I wonder if anybody can please advise me. Last year my husband took out a purchase lease hire financial agreement from Volkswagon commercial vehicles for a van for work. The van was from Lo cost vans. Its the type of agreement that you pay monthly to lease and then at the end there is a balloon payment that you owe them. Anyway, the van kept breaking down and he had to miss work for numerous days at a time. After a lot of arguing with Lo cost vans, they agreed to change the van. The original van was also a bit small for my husbands work nee
  4. Hi, I viewed a used Citroen on Tuesday, and paid a £500 deposit by credit card. The deal was that if I paid in full by the end of the month (Thurs) they would prep the car ready for me by the following week, Tuesday (5 March) was suggested and I agreed. I emailed the (main) dealer on Wednesday with some concerns about the car, and told them that to get everything right I would be happy to wait and extra day and collect on Wed 6th. (a few minor bits of trim were missing/broken & I wanted them fixed) Had no reply to that, but Thurs I was duly phoned, told their email was not workin
  5. Hi All, I was a sole trader for some years until I had to close the business, In the first year of trading I took out hire purchase on an item, I kept up with re-payments for some time and then fell behind, what makes things worse is that I left the item at a hotel I was working at, the item was never seen again, I never told the HP company this. I buried my head and tried to pay the monthly installments and then had then reduced and now I can not a pay them at all. The HP Company are now going to apply to the courts to recover the goods, which I do not have, c
  6. Hello, For now I'd rather not mention the name of this site, I just want to ask what is your opinion on this story? I bought the following products from this site, here's the product description: "A Bowens Illumtran Flash Slide Copier, with Nixon film camera, this item is used and untested" Product image has a resolution of 199x132, so you can only barely get an idea about the condition of this product. You can view picture here: www dot gthdirect dot com/flashcopier/DSC_0020.JPG Here is their disclaimer: "These goods being auctioned are second hand, unless stated otherwise
  7. Hi, could you advise me, yesterday morning my car was clamped by Task Enforcement Bailiff between 5am and 8am. When I left my home in the morning and saw the clamp I called the number on the warning notice and advised the bailiff I would return in the afternoon from university with the money to pay pcn ( congestion charge). The bailiff however advised he wanted full amount of 856.42 ( debt was 200.44!) to which I repeated I would have 200 by the end of the day. I also advised the car is on hire purchase. When I returned home last night, the car was no longer there, to which I called the bai
  8. Good Evening all. Yesterday I purchased a sencond hand car from a Dealership. A second hand Fiesta Zetec (2000) for a run around. On the test drive all went well & the car looked in good condition. After purchasing the car, the salesman & myself drove to the Post Office to tax it, on the way it started stalling and running abit rough. He said it had been laying idle for a few days and just needed a run out. Having little mechanical experience I accepted his suggestion. After a 20 mile journey home, I tried starting the car again, it didnt want to know, finally I got it started and
  9. Hi, my Dad purchased a static caravan in October 2012. He purchased it for £37,000 with £16,000 of their own funds and the balance on a Hire Purchase agreement with Black Horse. Black Horse being the finance company that the caravan site dealt with. In January he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is now looking to sell the caravan as they will need the funds for more important purposes. The Black Horse agreement states that one third of the loan needs to be paid before the caravan can be sold. However, the sales chap at the caravan site who sold them
  10. Hi. Im new here! I was just looking to see peoples views/knowledge regarding hire pur hase contracts. Ill start at the beggining of my story! I bought a car on hire purchase but the agreement was in a friends name but i was always the registered keeper from when the car left the showroom. My friend made no payments and the direct debits came from my account. I fell behind in payments as i lost my job. . which resulted in them clamping my car on private property and parking over my drive. They said theyd called the police and i had to hand over the keys. Rel
  11. I need advice purchased flights on lin to Australia have a confirmation receipt and have booked all accomodation and flights in australia now being told there was a mistake and I have to pay £540 extra to get the etickets what are my rights
  12. Hi guys, my very first post here so feel free to wade in with any comments or suggestions.. I purchased a persommin new build in june and paid for the turf to be laid in the back garden. I was told it was very recent so stay off it for a month. Two months later the grass looked good but the ground underneath was so wet and spongy that simply walking on it leaves deep dents. I asked the landscapers to look and they said "yep, you need a land drain, it's boggy". So I took this up with the persimmon site manager who got really irrate and said the landscapers had no ri
  13. Hi, Can anyone help with this ? Purchased a watch of an online auction (bidspotter) it had very little information on the description. Anyway, cut the story short I won the bid it arrived and it is not working eg faulty. I have obviously complained, and was duly told read our t&c's NO REFUND. Surely my statutory rights apply, as they did not state it was in a faulty condition ? The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.
  14. Hi Any advice welcomed please. I took out a finance agreement to purchase car some 42 months ago there is still18 months to run. The car is not well and ideally I would like to be rid of it. The interest rate is also phenomenally high. I was desperate for a car at time I purchased and was grateful of any finance at the time. I was advised by a friend that if I had paid over 50% of agreement off I could cancel under the CCA 1974 s99. I have read the agreement and it states the car is the security and that the agreement is not cancellable under the CCA 1974.
  15. I purchased some goods over the internet in September, the retailer said that returns would be accepted within 30 days and collected at their expense. Three weeks later, I sent an email saying I wanted to return some of my order to be told that this was ok and they would let me know in the next few weeks when someone would be able to collect it. I enquired two weeks later to find out what was happening just to be told the same thing, so I waited another two weeks before phoning them up. Anyway after a lot of hassle they are now telling me that the order had been supplied by a 3r
  16. Hi all, I bought a TomTom Via 130 at the Gadget Show exhibition on Saturday as they had a good offer. Lifetime maps and got £40 for trading in my old TomTom ONE. Unfortunately, on Sunday, I discover that the battery is faulty as the unit won't charge at all. They are now asking that I return the item (via post to Scotland, I live in London) and they will then send me a new one under warranty. Firstly, I will send it Special Next Day so it will be insured, but who pays for that? Secondly, we leave for a road trip through Europe on Monday, so what happens if I don't have a n
  17. Despite the number of interest-free purchase and balance transfer deals on the market, the average purchase rate on credit cards has hit its highest peak for 18 months. The average credit card purchase rate, which dipped to 18.1pc a year ago, had risen to 18.9pc one month ago and today stands at 19.1pc. This is the highest it has been for 18 months, according to Moneyfacts.co.uk. Consumers taking advantage of the abundance of balance transfer and interest-free purchase deals on the market should be aware that the purchase rates are being pushed up by lenders needing to maintain these of
  18. Hello all I bought a Mondeo TDCi 2006 plate on 11 October this year with 77k, was also sold to me with 12 mths MOT and a full service history last done 2Oct. Spent £4300 on vehicle (£300 of this was cash/px deposit) It is on a Hire Purchase agreement over 3 years. Had car 2 days when noticed the fuel range after filling car was really low - at this point I called the seller who advised to "read an online forum" - great help. Called the Finance company a few days later to lodge this initial complaint with them, as the car was very noisy, and I was unhappy with it. They advis
  19. Hi all, I have a bit of a dilemma and I am hopeful that one of you may be able to give me some advice. To give you a very brief background, I have (and had) a lot of personal debt that pretty much all ages back to 2006 when a significant personal event changed my circumstances dramatically and led to a previously perfect credit slate being annihilated to the tune of around £40k, plus a house repossession and this situation with car finance. Since then, I have worked on and off and never got a grip of my finances to the extent that much of the debt has simply dropped off my
  20. i purchased some goods from an american site in may this year. they never arrived so i contacted the company who resent the goods. this happened nearly every month until september when i gave up and asked for a refund to my credit card company the american site said they had refunded the money to the credit card co.who have stated it has not been received it. I have spoken to the credit card company who states they cannot investigate as purchase was over 3 months ago. IS THIS CORRECT? Have i not repurchased the goods every time i was told they were being resent to me I am complete
  21. Recently on 26th September 2012 we purchased a vehicle on HP and duly signed the finance agreement known as a Conditional Sale Agreement regulated by Consumer Credit Act 1974. Within less than 24 hours the vehicle developed a serious fault and was malfunctioning. The dealer collected the vehicle and then handed it over to a franchise dealer as they were unable to rectify the fault. The franchise company is in the same situation and cannot rectify the fault either. According to the HP document we have a “Right of Withdrawal” which states the following;
  22. Hi this is my 1st post so please bear with me. I had a bad car accident a month ago with a foreign driver. My car has been written off and my insurance company have sent me the cheque. I thought as there was still money outstanding to Fortis lease that the car was on HP however the insurance co say there is no finance outstanding relating to the vehicle as they have checked. Recently received a statement from Fortis lease and it does say loan agreement etc and i cant find any paperwork that states it is HP. Sorry if im waffling. Fortis lease are expecting me to pay them everything that th
  23. Hi If a CCJ is granted on a Hire Purchase Agreement then does the CCJ then be passed as part of the assignment over to the purchaser? Also does the purchaser of the debt then become the legal owner of the car until the debt is paid? Thanks
  24. Hello everyone, i was hoping to get some sound advice regarding the purchased of a car which has now broken down. I apologise as this is likely to be a lengthy post. I purchased a used Kia from a main dealer (not a Kia dealer but a main dealer for a similar brand) in September 2011. The car had covered 40k and was 5 years old. The main dealer was over 300 miles from home however the car was exactly the specification we were after so we considered the journey worthwhile. The car was advertised with full service history and sold to be with 6 months road tax and a 12 month warra
  25. Hi all, Im trying to find out how to work out purchase interest. I want to eventually claim these charges back but dont know how to calculate them: Vanquis state my purchase interest is : 3.433% Vanquis state my cash interest is: 3.990% Im sending off a SAR to hopefully get all account statements for the whole of the account period. I do have an old account statement reading: Previous statement: 553.78 Total Payments £24.92 Cash Interest: 0.02 Purchase Interest: £13.84 How can I calculate the cash and purchase interest to come up with those figures? Not sure
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