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  1. If you spend £3,000 on a credit card which is 0% for say 18 months and you have to make repayments of 1% per month which is £30, are you free to spend the £30 again interest free? I.E. does the £3,000 stay interest free for the whole 18 months even if you repay some of it then spend it again or does the amount interest free decrease as you make repayments...if you were making minimum repayments of £30 per month would it slowly come down 2,970, 2,940, 2910 ect.
  2. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to help me. My partner and I paid £5250 for a Nissan Navara pickup 54 plate just after Christmas. The vehicle is great for us as my partner is a gas engineer and he would be able to use the vehicle for work, and we would be able to fit our growing family in as we have dogs and a baby on the way (due April). It was the ideal replacement for his van, as I only have a small car on finance. We paid the money by bacs as the dealership requested, the same day - and as I'd negotiated a full service we went to pick it up a week later.
  3. Hi, My dad recently passed away to cancer, only last year he bought a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Motorbike from a main dealer brand new on finance via Black Horse. The bike was only ridden twice before my dad fell ill and has been under cover ever since, my mum has recently contacted Black horse, they have sent her a letter giving her options: Pay the settlement figure of £12,003 Voluntarily surrender the vehicle to them and if any moneys in outstanding after the sale they will make an application to his estate. Continue with the monthly payments My mum has already
  4. I dont think this is a problem but I would be interested if someone could perhaps explain this to me. I took out a VW Finance HP Agreement for a car in 2010 over 5 years and have been paying this off absolutely fine for the last 4 years. When I received my annual statement the first page showed: Start of Agreement Duration of Agreement Amount of Credit Rate of Interest (Fixed) Screen shot attached. It is this last point which has me puzzled as the rate of interest is shown as 0.00% which i find as strange as I am obviously paying interest on my HP financ
  5. Hi, I was told that it might be possible to get some advice here. I'll have to be vague-ish about the details. This is what has happened: A friend purchased a large item online from a business using Paypal. The item arrived badly damaged and was not fit for purpose. So their understanding was that pursuant to the Distance Selling Regs the seller was obligated to pay for the cost of returning the item. My friend sent photos of the damage to the seller, which the seller acknowledged. The seller was asked if it would be possible to repair the item. The seller said that this would not be
  6. Hi, Its been a while since i was last on here... Just needing some advice on what i can do next.. I purchased a bed on eBay 17/12/2013 and paid via paypal. I got the despatch email along with a tracking number. The delivery was due between 20th Dec upto 23rd Dec. I went online on the 20th to check the tracking info only to see that the item was saying delivered on the 19th Dec @ 17.01.. I contacted the seller who said they would investigate after the xmas holidays.. After the holidays i chased them for an update regarding this and asked for the copy of the signature and a d
  7. hi i am new to this so could you please be patient i took out a hire purchase agreement with barclays partner finance for a static caravan i got into financial difficulty and they repossessed the caravan. i have paid under 1/3 they have admitted they didn't send out a default notice or court order could you please answer some questions 1/ was it illegal repossess the caravan without a default notice i.e court case chartered trust plc vs king 2/ the caravan was sited on a private caravan park and i was up to date with site fees , should they have got a court order
  8. Freehold Purchase Problem Collective Enfranchisement, nominations delayed. Hello Everyone, I’m in a situation where I need some honest advice. In nutshell, we are late in sending nominations and now freeholder refusing to sell freehold. I, with four other leaseholders are buying freehold of our whole block which is having six flats inside. One of the leaseholder is not interested and he is the only one out. The freeholder company went into administration and appointed administrators sent all of us letters as qualifying tenants under 187 Act Sect 5A to accept the offer
  9. Hello All, Please provide some advice on the following; I had a car stolen in February 2013 which I reported to both the police and my insurance, I have never received a crime reference number and the insurance have refused to make a payment with out one. The car has been recovered this last week and a formal complaint has been made to the police reference to the crime number as we still do not have one. Who can I recover uninsured losses against ? As my excess is 3 K does this cover the total losses or if I have lots of small bills is each bill treated as a sep
  10. hello there, I have got hire purchase agreement on a car with Welcome Finance comp. on 17th May 2006. I had kept it for about 12 months and then had voluntarily terminated the agreement by calling them and asking to collect the car. They had come and collected the car in excellent condition. After in June 2007 I have received a letter asking to pay about 5000 pounds that is overdue from my contract. I had called them and started to negotiate on the price saying that I will not owe anything because i had paid already around £5300 (including £800 cash deposit). the pa
  11. ello, I had a debt with BOS which despite several requests for a correct CCA they never delivered as they could not supply me with a CCA I refused to pay. I have not heard anything for 18 months then despite having moved three times IND delivered a demand to an address where I have recently moved. I dont know how they got the address as it is not my house so a few questions if anyone can help....... 1) Will my credit affect this household if IND know im here? 2) Any advice on the letters they sent below: Kind Regards Exasp
  12. Hi all, recieved a default notice from these clowns today. It doesnt say where the debt originated and I dont recognise it. It doesnt even appear on my credit files! So can they do this, I mean put a default on your file. Also, what can I do to stop them doing this? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi there. I recently ordered an iPad online via the PC world website and took delivery of it on Tuesday. I had opened the outer cellophane packaging to take a look inside, however the actual contents remain unused and are, of course, in brand new, factory condition. I have since changed my mind and wished to return the iPad under DSR. According to PC worlds Terms and Condtions regarding returns, I can return items via post or in an actual store. So I then went to a store yesterday only to be refused a refund in store as the item had been opened. After arguing and
  14. I have a hire purchase agreement for a 53 Plate car with 55,000 miles, which was obtained last July which was not driving well from the off, but particularly as the weeks passed I noticed that the brakes, suspension and various other parts of the car were not to the standard I was used to (prior to that I drove a 1999 Vauxhall Vectra with 160,000 miles on the clock, so one would expect the 53 Plate to be much improved. Also the car is semi automatic and would not always switch into reverse, sometimes taking 5 or more attempts from switching to drive to reverse to attempt it to work, or sometim
  15. Afternoon CAGS, Following your excellent advice with HFO which resulted in no action, I have a final one. Took out a Halifax loan many moons ago for around 10k, paid it until it got down to 5k and then due to the usual changes in circumstances have been paying Westcotts up until recently 15 quid a month and same on a small overdraft of £600. Now my credit report has just notified me that this has defaulted today. So expect one of the Debt agencies will be in touch and was wondering what advise or steps I can take. As its defaulted now, can I offer a settlement of a fraction
  16. Hi there. In July 2011 we purchased a new car and have been making the monthly repayments on the car finance each month to date. Three weeks ago the engine died and the car is now sat in the dealerships garage awaiting a new one (with no timescale given as yet for the repair). We've found out that the engine issue is a common fault on this particular type of car and so, when it is fixed, we intend to Voluntary Terminate our agreement using the halves and thirds rule as we will have paid off half when our August payment is made. But we're unsure about the mileage
  17. Hello. Hoping i can get some advice regarding a faulty refurbished 32" lcd tv i bought from argos seconds on ebay. I'll try to keep it short. I bought a tv and it arrived damaged. Argos arranged collection and gave me a replacement but that too is also faulty. I opened a dispute on ebay and argos initially cooperated in replacing it, but they started ignoring me and didn't respond to the case. 8 days later i escalate the dispute to a claim and ebay are saying i will get a refund if i send it back at my own cost. It's going to cost me at least £20 to se
  18. I recently purchased a dehumidifier from an ebay seller. Item was listed to be brand new and seemed to be a bargain. I sent a message to the seller just to confirm that the item was brand new i.e box unopened, I also asked does the humidifier come with the manufacturers warranty. I was informed that yes the item is brand new and comes with the manufacturers 12 month warranty. What I didn't realise was the the seller is private, checking the product registration it is requesting what company was the dehumidifier purchased from and the date? Because this was a private ebay sale.
  19. Hi, I just need some general advice regarding a recent purchase. Last Saturday I purchased an item worth £4,000 only to find out that it had been reduced to £2,500 on the Monday. Do I have any rights regarding this or do I just have to accept this annoying as it may be. Is there anyway that I could return the item saying I've changed my mind as it was not an online sale I don't know if there is any cooling off period - I suspect not as the item is not faulty. I just need to put my mind at rest that there is nothing I can do about it!
  20. When we moved into our new home earlier this year we decided to use BT as our internet service provider, picking the Unlimited Broadband package at just £16 per month. After many cancelled appointments (by BT) an engineer finally came around to get us online on 9th May. He fitted a new telephone line due to the previous one being “too old for internet” and we ran an extension phone line from the main socket downstairs to my office upstairs so the hub could be connected to the PC via an Ethernet lead. For two weeks everything was fantastic, download speeds were terr
  21. Hi I have heard about this but don't think it will help but thought its worth asking. I today had my iPhone 5 stolen and I've reported it to the police and had my network cancel/block the phone. I purchased this from my network in Oct 2012 and although it didn't cost the full amount it costs to buy it off them. My credit card is with Tesco and is a Mastercard. Just wondering if anyone knew whether I could claim it back. Just a thought not holding out much home and I didn't have phone insurance.
  22. Hi Peeps A very good friend of mine bought a vehicle (private sale) sold as seen on the 7th february2013. Great buy, no problems very happy with purchase until yesterday. It would seem the previous owner took out a logbook loan in December last for £850.00 . This was not disclosed at the time of sale. The logbook loan company have now traced the vehicle to its new owner and are now demanding she pays the sum of £650 within 21days or they will repossess . Can anyone help in what to do next ? Low and behold the seller is not answering phone or door.
  23. We have had a nightmare with a car we bought from a VW Dealer in September 2011. The car was used and approved. As soon as we bought it and drove it off the forecourt the engine was mis-firing, we took it back to the dealers service garage as advised by the dealer to get fixed. We should have really handed the car back and kept our perfectly good car that we exchanged for it and cancelled the whole deal but my husband really wanted this car. The car ended up needing the engine replaced! We were furious as it was only a year and half old with hardly any mileage and USED AND APPROVED by th
  24. Hi there, Hoping someone can give me consumer right legalities with regard a purchase problem that we are encountering at present ? A year ago my husband bought me a gift and paid online to a premier division football club the sum of £395 for a memorial stone to be placed in a pathway near to the ground with an inscription on it of my choice. At the time of purchase he was given a logon to the site and reference number in which to go in and type in the inscription to be placed onto the stone. The club would then email me when the pathway had been completed to let you know the position o
  25. Sorry for posting again. I am just looking over the finance agreement for my Astra that i should be picking up on Tuesday or Thursday. The car is a 1.7 CDTi Estate that is in superb condition and the price on display was £4995. I managed to get him to go from £300 p/x to £695 p/x on my vectra 1.8 2000 X Reg. This meant the car was now £4300. However on this breakdown of Finance Agreement it seems he has added it back on??? I will be honest i am pretty unsure how all this works and wordings etc as this is my first proper car i will have owned. It reads at the to
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