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  1. Hello all, its been a while since I had to come on this forum but I feel I need to come and ask you guys for some help once again I don't really know where to start as I could write pages and pages on this issue but I will keep it as short and sweet as possible, here goes.... I am a member on a certain car forum and a member had a car up for sale which I purchased, however the car did not arrive as was promised and did not have the refurbished alloy wheels stated in the original sale thread along with other smaller items. on delivery of the car he stated he had 3 wheels on another
  2. Hi, I was recently involved in a car accident where the women pulled out of her drive and i went into her. Anyway front the start Hastings haven't been to helpful, i have had to do alot of chasing just to get there engineer out! as apparently my details was not sent over to him properly , i also didn't receive a courtesy car even thought iam full comp! Anyway today i have found out its a total loss I have had a friend (mechanic) look at it who thinks it is repairable, and i want to keep the car. I have asked Hastings if i can buy the car back from them, they have said to
  3. Having found a new car at a dealership, agreed price, paid deposit and agreed a collection date, we find the car STILL on the dealers website (actual car) but £500 LESS than we agreed. How do we stand with holding the dealer to the lower price? We are days away from collection.
  4. hi all I have a hire purchase with first response finance we brought in October 2014, had a few weeks and it developed a problem the trader took it back and (seemingly) fixed it, again a few weeks later again it developed the same fault so he agreed to fix it, in all it went back 4/5 times to be fixed all seemed fine until two weeks ago when the same thing happened this time I have said to first response I want it to either go to a garage with no connection to the trader (seeing as it has a recurring fault that he has supposed to of fixed) or
  5. This is going to sound odd... I had a court decree granted against me: 22/01/2010 for almost £3000. It was in relation to a motorcycle that I purchased on Hire Purchase in March 2007 on a 4 year payment arrangement. I believe the last payment I made to the finance company was around August 2008 (I was made paid off - Contractor). I would have paid just over £2000 on a £3000 bike which had interest on top meaning I was due to pay around £5000 odds... Obviously the court claim in 2010 was for the remaining balance of the credit arrangement including interest! So, woul
  6. I was scrolling through one of the news websites the other day and got a pop up about a free trial of age reducing skin care products. All you had to pay was £2.95 p&p. As a bit of a joke for the wife I ordered some in her name. One set from Age Renew and one from Lumagenex. Have now realised that I have been sucked into a [problem] of sorts as the T&C's (should have read but did not) say that if I don't contact them within the 14 day trial period to cancel I will then become liable for further deliveries and costs (£79 & £84 pm). http://agerenewskincare.org.uk/terms-cond
  7. Hi, I recently purchased a 2nd hand diesel car with 50k miles on the clock on finance from CarCraft Chertsey on 27th April 2014, got it MOT'd by CarCraft on 18th November (as they were unable to do service at the same time), and then serviced after 6 months / 6k miles as per the warranty requirements by CarCraft Chertsey (25th November 2014 earliest appointment that CarCraft had when called in September), and now after 7 months the car has had "catastrophic" engine failure to the point it is unusable on the road, no power, plumes of white smoke pouring out the back
  8. Hi Does anyone have any advice on this please? I bought a mobile phone from a business seller on Ebay, in November 2014. Brand new, under warranty. The phone has a fault but the buyer will not replace/repair/refund me. The fault is that the phone randomly shuts itself down and won’t switch on again until I take the battery out, and then put it back. The first time this happened was within a week of purchase. I didn’t realise it was a fault at first as I thought I’d perhaps knocked the power button or the battery had died or similar. Only when I realised
  9. I am in England and sold an item on ebay to a buyer in Scotland. Payment was by PayPal and delivery was made by a courier. The buyer is now unhappy (as they didn't read the description properly) that the laptop they bought is broken. The listing described the problems perfectly and said the laptop was "for parts or not working". Therefore I have no issues about defending this, should it go to court. However, the issue is which law applies: England and Wales or Scotland? I am not acting in the course of a business.
  10. Hello all, I'm brand new here, been passed to the forum by a friend at work who mentioned it would be a good place to get some advice. I'll try to be brief... On Wednesday 11 Feb last week, I purchased a car from a dealer based in East Kent. The car was advertised on EBay, with all the company details. Two things have happened since. I paid a £600 deposit for the car via Debit Card prior to picking it up. I visited the premises, was treated well, everything appeared on the surface totally above board. On Thursday 12th I drove the car home from Whitstable in Kent to E
  11. Hello! First off, apologies if this is an often asked and obvious question. I received a letter from Lowell Portfolio today telling me that they've purchased a debt from Burton (was a store card I had). The thing that's confusing to me is that the debt was taken to court a good few years ago and a CCJ was issued. Since then there's been no attachment of earnings or any communication from the court or the DCA who filed the CCJ. I've been meaning to pay the CCJ off as it's really hurting my credit score and I've just got in to a position to actually pay it
  12. So i've purchased a 2nd hand BMW320i from a dealer. All was good until recently the car starts jerking violently. Ive sent it to KWIT- FIT and they couldnt find where the problem is, hence they advise me to bring it to the BMW manufacture. After the diagnostic test, they quoted me a 1600pounds replacement fee!!!!! The car was 5xxx pounds. Ive purchased it in october, and drove less than 3000miles. I've also tried to call the dealer but they refuse to take up any responsibility. The BMW manufacture told me the ABS wheel sensor for both rears and the rear drive shaft was corroded. I would like t
  13. Hi. I'm looking into this for a friend (yes, that's actually true). The scenario is this: In August 2014 a car was bought on a Hire Purchase agreement from Black Horse. My friend was in a relationship at the time and this car and the costs was to be shared between two people. However they are no longer in a relationship. I believe the HP is in my friends name and not the other persons. She does not want to own the car as a single individual though. So my questions: - If the other person wants to keep the car for themselves is it possible to swap the enti
  14. Hello Please advise! I have recieved a letter stating I travelled/attempted to travel with being in possession of a ticket from first great Western. There's a cost of £86 if I pay by 30/01 and I'm livid that I have been criminalised by this company. I am a commuter and regularly purchase tickets on this service which can be proved from bank statements. This is the first time I have been sent a letter of this nature. On the day of travel it happened to be the first time I forgot my wallet fortunately I had cash, however the machine at the station does not acce
  15. Hi, My son purchased a pay and go phone from Vodaphone on black friday (Nov 28th). He had to purchase credit and there was an offer of 2 months subscription to Now TV as part of the deal. The phone was going to be a Christmas gift for his son (my grandson). His wife was also buying things and got the Now TV deal on another purchase so they did not need both. Vodaphone sent a message to say they would activate the credit within a day or two. Obviously this was not much use if the phone was not going to be used until Dec 25th. He decided to cancel under the cooling-
  16. Hi, Am in need of advice. In October I purchased a used Seat Ibiza advertised as an approved car with 33k on the clock (not true). It should have had full service history, full vehicle history check, multi point check and various other benefits. On the day of purchase the car broke down on the way home (dealer is some 50 miles away). The car went back and the dealer said there was a control module fault likely caused by dirt on the engine from it having been stood on their forecourt, so they reset the computer and that that was that. There were o
  17. Hi all. I bought a TV from John Lewis online in the Black Friday sales. The TV is faulty and JL say they cannot exchange as the TV is now £150 more expensive. They can only refund my money. Is this right?
  18. Hi all I visited my fiat car dealership on Saturday, agreed to a credit check for car finance on a new car. Car agreed to buy us already in the car showroom. Called me the next day to say finance check went through fine. I did sign the piece of paper with details for car finance which I think was just to agree to a credit check. Made verbal agreement to pick up car after Xmas, no deposit paid. Issue is now that on Monday I received a letter to say tax credits will be reduced bed now no way I could afford the finance as they have been reduced considerably. Could anyone help me o
  19. Hi. Just need some information regarding hire or rental purchase, is there a difference ?? Reason I ask is, 10 month ago I got a computer on hire purchase from Perfect Homes, I went here because the cost compared to brighthouse was almost half and a better spec and also was only £20 more expensive than the well known computer shops. Don't get me wrong, I was and I am happy with my purchase but unfortunately I have hit some serious financial difficulty and costs have got to be cut in my household, I am cancelling my ties with virgin media so internet will
  20. Hi All, I am looking to claim back PPI from Welcome and was wondering how i start, i got my file from Welcome a few months ago but have been busy with a ccj they have against me which i knew nothing about. I know the fscs are dealing with welcome ppi now which is fine but i was wondering how i go about this, are there any letter templates i can use? someone has said to me about calculating interest etc but there is so much information online i seemed to have got myself in a muddle thanks in advance
  21. Hi all. We moved into our new house last Friday and we had zero furniture as we were buying new. I saw a great suite deal on www.galaxystores.co.uk (£747 for a matching 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and foot rest) ordered it Monday evening. It was meant to be 1-2 day free delivery but heard nothing tried to log into my account on their site to try and track my order but couldnt, clicked for a password reminder - it never came emailed Galaxy who said it would arrive Friday before 5pm. Friday 5pm came and went and tried to contact Galaxy Stores on
  22. Hi, I recently purchased a used car from a dealership near to me, since I purchased the car it has had problems that the dealer was aware of however they promised to fix them. I took the car knowing these would be fixed, the car is on finance through a car specific finance company. The car since then has been in the garage numerous times for attempted repair work, putting me out - no loan car, etc having to pay for taxis - getting lifts and such. The repair work is very important and it has been in for at least 75% of the time I've had the vehicle. The dealership have basica
  23. Hi Everyone, Just trying to get some advice really. I bought a second hand car on the 22/03/2014 for £995. I was also asked to sign a 'Sold as Seen' piece of paper which I did. One question I forgot to ask while I was there was 'when was it last serviced?'. I decided to the decent thing and book the car in for a service as the MOT is due in May so I wanted to know if there was anything that needed doing to the car as the previous MOT had no advisories on it so if anything were to go wrong then it would have to be something that has gone wrong in the last 12 months. Am I right??
  24. Hello all. This is complicated but advice would be helpful and most appreciated. Last June I purchased a car on finance from a garage. 3 weeks in I noticed it was having real problems braking. I rung the garage where I purchased the vehicle from and they told me to bring it in and they would fix the brakes which they said sounded worn down. They conceeded they should have checked these at time of purchase. On my way to the garage I was involved in an accident. I was unable to stop due to the brakes, skidded on the watery surface hit a central re
  25. hi, i bought my 2009 mini from car giant 9 months ago using a hp loan from moneybarn. last week because of a faulty thermostat the engine blew and now the car is a right off. ironic really as i chose to get a newish car from a large dealership becasue i was fed up of breaking down! I cannot afford to pay 6k for a new engine and i stil have 10k left in finance. What are my options? what do finance companies do in these cases, id like to find out my options before contacting the finance company. many thanks
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