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  1. I sold my mothers house in January this year. The buyer is now suing me for misrepresentation. Immediately prior to completion, the buyer noticed that there was a fault with the heating. I offered to have it repaired but this was refused and the buyer demanded £2000 off the purchase price which I declined on the basis that the buyer had refused my offer to have it fixed. I have now received court claim papers. When i signed the property information form the heating was Ok and i stated this on the form. The heating was later turned off for the summer.
  2. Dear all, 31 days ago I purchased a Mini One Convertible with just 39,000 miles on the clock. Today (31 days after purchase, typically just outside the 30 day rejection window) the clutch has started slipping badly. I phoned the dealer who refused to accept any liability. I put pressure on them and they offered me £100 towards the cost of repairs (c. £400). I told them under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 the car was not of satisfactory quality and that, as this fault has developed inside 6 months, the burden of proof is on them to prove otherwise. I told th
  3. I've just got off the phone from a solicitor's. They have re-iterated exactly what I have said above. Under section 23 subsection 2b the dealer is required to replace the clutch and bear and costs of doing so including the collection of the un-driveable vehicle. I have been advised to put this in writing to the dealer and give them one chance and once chance only to either come and collect the car and repair it, or agree to a local repair where I am. If they fail to do either of the above I will simply commence legal proceedings and I cannot see them having a le
  4. I Parked at the rear of Argos whilst I went straight to Argos to pay for the item. It had already been ordered on line. I was gone for no more than 5 or 10 minutes. When I returned to my car, there was a UKPC parking charge on the windscreen. I had parked a few yards away from the collection entrance as there was already a car there, and I didn't want to block any ones way. It was a Sunday and very quiet. There were plenty of other parking spaces available. The ticket on my windscreen states "A Parking charge of £ is outstanding" ....... t
  5. Hey there I was wondering about this for some time. If a debt is sold on to another company does that debt have to be paid? I am presently trying to claim back PPI from a loan I took out some years ago. The short story is that I bought a house and then purchased british gas boiler insurance on their initial visit they conned me into getting a new boiler installed. We could not afford to buy one they offered a loan but I was refused because I was medically retired due to an injury and my only income was a pension and benefits. The BG guy then tried ano
  6. Hello. First post to the forum and well, what a mess. I think I've posted this in the right forum as there is no mortgage involved in this. When I found myself in the incredible situation I'm in, which I will expand on in a moment, I had a look on various help forums to see what information I could find on what happens when a property sale fails to complete after contracts have been exchanged. I found lots of posts along the lines of "in 20 years of conveyancing/being an EA I have never seem this happen" etc. So... Let's see what the experts here make of this. It's quite a lot
  7. Your right to end a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement You can end (terminate) a hire purchase or conditional sale agreement in writing and return the goods at any time. This can be useful if you can no longer afford the payments or you don't need the goods any more. You will have to pay all the instalments due up to the time you end the agreement. If your payments come to less than half of the total price of the goods, you may still have some money to pay as the lender is entitled to this amount under the agreement. If you have already paid more than half of the price when
  8. Hi all I purchased a Hot and cold sandwich van on a well known auction site for £5000. During the auction, before I made any bids, I asked the seller if the fridge and oven onboard the van had been serviced. He replied to my message and said they has been serviced very recently and all new parts had been fitted. I bid on the van and won. I then travelled to London to pay for and collect the van. The seller showed me the oven and fridge working and stated that the oven operated at a temperature of 70 degrees to keep the food warm. The oven reached this t
  9. A recent house purchase left me very surprised when I discovered that our conveyancing solicitor was freely giving info about the progress of the sale to the vendors estate agent, including our mortgage status etc. I wondered if any Caggers could let me know what the legal staus of this is? Does the estate agent have any right to our information? Should the solicitor be freely giving information to the agent? Shouldn't the solicitor just stick to discussing things with the vendors solicitor?
  10. Hi all, Heres the context; So after days of trolling through various website and spending loads of hours on the phone. I finally found my insurance broker. I had previously gone to them for a quotation and an estimate came back at 4200 GBP however when I rang them to finalise the quote the representative on the phone informed me the price was 3700.00 GBP. She also read out and went through all of the information to double check all was correct, this included all of the previous claims fault or non-fault, all was fine. I ended up putting a substantial deposit down and my vehicle was i
  11. I bought a flight on Bravofly which is a lastminute.com company. I did not tick a box that added on a cancellation Insurance policy to my order. Only found out on the confirmation page when they had charged me £30 extra. Emailed them and they replied the following. Isn't there a cooling off period for insurance policies regardless of what the policy is?
  12. Good Morning Caggers some information and help here if possible. In January 2016 this year, I placed an order with my local gun shop for the purchase of a one off hand built Custom Shotgun to be delivered by end of March. I agreed a deposit of £1000 (Total price of £13800) and paid this using a VISA debit card as a goodwill gesture to the gunshop for the purchase. Unfortunately, I have had to press both the importer and the gunshop for information on the gun as my clay pigeon shooting season begins this coming weekend and it looked like the delay of the
  13. Seller Refused Mediation Issue I purchased a used quad bike from ** A MAN WORKING FOR HIMSELF ESTABLISHED AS A COMPNY ** 7h May I paid the deposit of £2050 (£2000 off quad and £50 fees) on my credit card to **THE MANS COMPANY **, I attended **THE COMPANY ADDRESS WHICH IS ALSO HIS HOME ADDRESS** 11th may with remainder of cost in cash £2000 I was not given a receipt at the time of purchase I was issued a receipt later on after several requests The Quad bike became faulty 2nd June when I contacted the seller, he told me the sale was between myself and the last registered owner of
  14. Hello, 6 months ago i called the council to report a road fault and they said that we live on a private road which was the first i had known about it. I asked a few neighbours and they didnt know that either, apart from one who purchased their house 5 years ago . They had said that their solicitor had made them aware. We have tried to get the council to adopt the road but they have quoted silly money to get it up to spec and i am in no financial position to afford this. There are 10 houses in the street and we all chipped in to get the bit of tarmac repaired which was under £
  15. I initially had a credit card debt with MBNA which was then sold onto Max Recovery Limited. When the debt was originally sold it was under an IVA. Now the IVA has since been cancelled, so I have started written communication with Max Recovery Limited. As I understand it, when a debt has been sold on, there should be a Deed of Assignment to prove that Max Recovery Limited own the debt. I have asked for this document on 3 occasions Max Recovery Limited has not acknowledge this requests. To date Max Recovery Limited has sent the debt onto their own DCA a firm called Drysd
  16. good morning to all slight problem here banging my head on a brick wall with lidle .september 2015 purchased a hoover on offer at lidle only £69.99 .december 2015 the hoover would not suction when used note the brush under the hoover was not spinning around had the purchase receipt so contacted lidle they advised me to contact a company called bevaform.who i understand is the supplier and service agent for lidle.attempts to contact bevaform very difficult as the company is based in austria. so contacted lidle via social media also sent them an e mail lidle are just ignoring the problem.was
  17. Evening all, I just wondered if I could pick peoples brains. I purchased a tiffany bracelet from someone on Gumtree who had advertised it as genuine. She had advised it was tarnished and would need polishing and that she had taken it to a jewellers who said it would cost £15. I went to have a look, and the woman wouldn't obviously let me in the house. she brought it to the doorstep and I had a look. it was dark, it was raining and i couldn't see it properly, but could see it was tarnished. Now I am no jeweller so I couldn't tell properly. I paid £105. I put the b
  18. Ok, so first of all please feel free to re-direct this post of in the wrong place. I am relating this to the new consumer rights acts 2015 and how this may be used We bought a new car in a private sale at the weekend, the car was described though an advert we still have a copy of. We took the vehicle for a test drive, though very busy so only had a chance to drove a few miles and all appeared in order, we paid cash for the purchase £7500 and the we have a receipt, which just states for the sale of x registration etc. Once we got the vehicle to a garage for a fuel, it would not r
  19. Evening All, Can i ask for your input in this. Its a minimal amount but it would help. purchased a laptop charger for approx £7 about 3 months ago. Its started hissing at me so cant use it. I contacted Amazon who contacted the seller advising. - vid of whats happening the seller initially said to send it back and they would refund me. I advised i would rather just have a replacement. Now the sellers responded saying that if i send it back they will send me £3 and i do not return it as ive had use of the charger for 3 months. Surely should be covered for a year? like i sa
  20. On the 2nd of October 2015, I placed an order at www.xldata.co.uk for some marketing data. This was a personal purchase and was made under my name and using my personal home address. However, in error, I entered my work email address into the form. The company emailed me the data to me on 5th October 2015 and included an invoice which was due for payment within 7 days. I noticed that the invoice had the name of my company on it, albeit, the other details were correct (my name and home address) and because I didn’t foresee any issues with the purchase, on 11th October I mad
  21. Hi there I will try and keep a complicated story simple! I saw a car I was interested in the price was 21k. The car was 9 months old and had done less than 3,000 miles I took a reduced part exchange price for my car under pressure from the pushy salesman to get the deal done - (I would never have taken this price normally)this entailed rolling over 5k of negative equity into the new hire purchase agreement 3 months later a warning light comes on Take it to the garage and there is unrecorded accident damage - after much time and stress and reports my claim to have the car rejec
  22. I have a Very account and my wife's uncle asked me if he could purchase a £700 fridge freezer which he then sold without my knowledge for £250. When I found out I wasnt best happy and he told me it was none of my business so long as I got paid it would be OK and then asked me if he could order another £1000 worth of stuff which I point blank refused. Since then he has not been making monthly payments he agreed and making an excuse everytime but now it is coming upto the end of the 12 months interest free credit period so I've told him it needs to be paid or I will be place
  23. My 16 year old has just p***d away £1014 on FIFA Ultimate Team and Runescape crap. Briefly, he was left an inheritance of £3000. We took him into the bank where his current account was and helped him open an ISA and put it in there. Unknown to us, he set up online banking and over the space of a month started transferring it into his current account to waste on in game player packs etc. In one single day he blasted over £400 He knows in no uncertain terms that he has been utterly stupid and has vowed to earn it back over the summer with a part time job(s). I know that I'm at fault f
  24. Hello, I have a friend (female) who is in a bad relationship and wants very much to walk away from it. Unfortunately, as a single mother of 2 young children, she struggles financially. Last year when her car became to uneconomic to repair, her partner pursuaded her to take on a HPA for a new car. All the legal side of things are in her name, but he pays the monthly installaments. She feels like this HPA is a huge anchor keeping her in a relationships that she hates. She cannot afford the monthly payments on her own, and is desperate to find out if there is anything she can do. I kn
  25. It is an important question, and one which needs resolving one way or the other. I should say at the onset that IMO the only definitive answer will have to be passed down in a court case, in the mean time I suspect the EA community will have their own interpretation others may differ. I suspect the problem is the result of yet more unintended consequences of the TCE, the definition of goods of the debtor includes interest in goods, the point that needs clarifying is, if goods on HP can ever bestow an interest before the last payment on the agreement. From my understanding of HP the h
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