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  1. obtained 2 money judgments last year and have started enforcement action. judgment debtor has now issued proceedings against me for sums that have already been decided in court. this has now delayed order for sale for another three months. judgment debtor now has an unless order to file a further statement of case and set out full particulars of the claim. what if they are still identical to what has already been dealt with?
  2. If you go into a public house and order a lager type beer and you are the first person to have that sort of beer of that day, should the landlord pull the first pint and toss it in the drain as the beer will have been sitting in the tubes since the previous day? Yesterday I was served the first beer out of the tap and took a couple of sips before I realised it was the beer and not my mouth. It was not flat, but tasted a bit sharp and had no head. Landlord was not bothered with replacing it so I had a Guinness instead. However later on my stomach felt a bit upset and ended up with a lot of wind during the night and a loose stomach. This was not caused by food at home which was fresh cold meats and salad. Only had 2 Guinness so no over indulgence. Surely LL has some obligation to serve a decent pint? I am not after any compensation, but would like to give the LL a mouthful the next time we call at the pub.
  3. Read an article the other day regarding the massive shortfall in Public Service Workers Pensions,ie Kent Count Council has a £900K black hole and the current pensions being paid out are being subsidised out of Council Tax,that does not include the Police or Fire Service who are in a similar situation,the countries Public Service Workers pensions are also subsidised by Private Sector Taxation as they have been for decades,surely Council Tax should not be used for this purpose?????????
  4. Hi there - i took out a public liability & general construction insurance policy last November for me as I was self employed and have been paying monthly eversince but I recently took a full time job. I now no longer need the insurance. I have emailed the broker about 5 times and asked them if it is possible for me to cancel the policy and if there was a cancellation charge but i still have no reply. The policy was financed by 'PRemium Credit'. Im quite happy to pay for the policy if this is what i need to do I am not trying to get out of it in any way but i have read through the contract and it does not mention anything about cancellation and Im just wondering if legally I should be able to pay a cancellation fee and end the contract early, or do I just have to see it through to the end of the contract. Thank you for any advice here Cheers!
  5. The already famous Ukraine Police,who are always quick to top up their wages with "fines" extracted from foreigners for so called infringements ...will be rubbing their hands at this latest earner rubber stamped by Yanukovitch today. Getting caught smoking in non designated places could now set you back 1000 uah (approx 81 quid) That is of course if you choose to elect for Court.....its likely that an offender will escape this by presenting 2-500 crispy Hirivnas to avoid any "problems" you read it here first.....watch the newspaper complaints come flooding in before the end of the comp. http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/129509/
  6. Hi All, Bit of a strange one. I received a court summons today from the DVLA stating that I was accused of parking a SORN Vehicle on a Public Road which they state contravenes Section 29(3A) of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (VERA). I have checked with my council and the road is maintainable at the residents (i.e. my) expense. Within Section 62 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 a public road is defined as: “public road”— (a) in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, means a road which is repairable at the public expense, and What am I missing here? Surely the DVLA aren't going to drag me into court over this without checking up on the status of the road?! I have seen other posts referring to 'Public Highway' on SORN vehicles. If I am accused of contravening VERA then surely it's definition of 'Public Road' supersedes any other. Any help would be appreciated.
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