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  1. Hi I had a contract with 3 between march 2005-06 paid it up in full and cancelled the direct debit, I thought that would be the end of it. Fast forward two years and 3 have Lowell chasing me for some ridiculous amount which I ignore due to not owing it. Since 2008 I’ve had a number of companies chasing me and all have given up. Today I received a letter from Provident stating they have acquired the legal rights to the debt, offering me a fresh start loan (for a debt I don’t owe) threatening me in a polite way with one of their doorstep agents. Thing is I know for sure this would be statut
  2. I had my home reposessed at the end of April and told the agent via text that i would contact him as soon as i was settled and had some money coming in again. I owe around £200 from a balance that was £1400 so not got much left to pay. He is now texting me a few times a week asking for payments and saying that his manager is "going mad" over my debt. If i could afford to pay them i would. Any suggestions on how to buy myself a few weeks from paying them ?
  3. Hi, I am new to the site and would love some advice if possible please. OK to cut a long story short I have had a few Provident loans over the years and have always found them fine to deal with, good understanding agent etc. My loan was over 50 weeks and I had a job where I would have to work abroad at short notice so I would always let my agent know and then pay extra when I got back home. I was upto week 30 and got called in, told my agent, got my housemate to forward my post and I got a letter saying I was in arrears and I needed to pay over the phone or they would pass it t
  4. hi could you give me some advice my niece got a provident loan which was fine for a few weeks but then the agent stopped calling for her payment she as rang the office several times and was told they would send someone round it is now 4 weeks and still no one as come she phoned office again yesterday and was told that it is her responsibilitey to pay the loan she asked how to pay and they said send a cheque she does not ave a bank account and was told thats her problem and they are passing her name to debt agency is there anything she can do about this what are her rights
  5. Hi! I had a quick look, and there seems to be no posts about my precise problem with these and even CK Edrupt. I took out a Provident loan of roughly £1000 a year or two ago and was paying it off as agreed. In spring last year i went to China for 3 months, so i set-up a direct debit with a 'friend's' account so he could pay the agent on my behalf (a bit silly i know). Basically the whole thing fell-through, the money had problems sending and when i came back i was 3 months behind my payments. That's when CK Edrupt got in on the action, saying i had to pay them instead, and the rest of the
  6. Hi Looking for a bit of advice. I had a couple of loans with provident, I think the balance at the time was approx. £1800. Basically what had happened was the agent who was collecting the money weekly stopped coming. Another agent showed up and I continued to pay without any problems. My wife lost her job so we agreed to go onto minimum payments. After missing a few payments we were visited by the area manager who agreed to clear off all the interest on the loans provided we kept our payments up to date. This was great as it reduced the amount on the loan. Another 6 weeks went by an
  7. Hi this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong place and admin please feel free to move it. I am hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. My wife has just found out that a member of her family took out a loan with Provident around 2 years ago and has not been keeping up the payments. They have come clean now as C K Edrupt have sent my wife a letter stating the account has been passed to them and demanding payment of around £4000. There are quite a lot of issues I don't understand - my wife hasn't lived at the address where they are sending these letters since 2002 and
  8. Hi, Back in January 2009 I took a loan out with Provident Personal Credit for £300. Everything was going fine (bar their extortionate rates of interest) until 6 months ago, when the agent stopped calling. I made calls and sent letters asking for someone to call, but to no avail. I received one letter about 4 months ago asking for payment, and I spoke to head office, who assured me that they would deal with the matter. Yesterday (9th December) I received a 'Service of Default Notice' from their solicitors demanding the debt arreasr plus a payment plan to repay the outstanding amount.
  9. Does anyone know if these two companies have an agreement? I've had a couple of letters from Provident, and a doorstep call this evening saying that they had bought the debt from Quick Quid and can now offer for me to pay Quick Quid by paying Provident weekly as they now own the debt..?? I am currently in the process of going bankrupt so basically told the man to leave, but find it strange how this has happened...
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