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  1. Hi, I sent a CCA request to Legal Direct Recoveries the DCA which is dealing with my littlewoods account. The balance outstanding is £1600 but at least half of this is charges. I recieved a letter asking me to contact them urgently as they need to discuss the account but there was no mention of my request. I have no intention of phoning them but am waiting to see if they send this. Should I also send a DPA request direct to Littlewoods? and If this debt becomes unenforceable due to no signed CCA can I get the default removed from my credit file?
  2. Hi i recently received a letter from Provident stating unless i paid them an outstanding amount of £25 within 14 days then they would hand the debt to a debt collection agency, register me with the credit rating agency & that court action may be taken. I was expecting this letter as i refused to pay my agent anymore,since December. The reason for this is that my agent asked for my payment book in November 2012, as she said that she needed to refer to it. When she eventualy reluctantly returned my payment book there had been some alterations to my payments, goi
  3. Just Had a Provident Loan Agent at my Door !! It turns out to be an old Debt my wife had many years ago from Littlewoods...... Statute Barred.. He tried to get my wife to sign up for a loan to pay off debts that they cant collect through the courts... WTF. I sent him away with a flee in his shell like, Idiots.... Its like asking a stranger in the street for £50.00....
  4. Hi everyone, I have few accounts with provident dating couple of years back which are all paid and clear. As there are quiet a few accounts, I wrote to them with the most sincerest requests I could think of to see if they would remove these accounts but failed. They wrote back saying:- " We are legally obliged to share information" Are there any other ways I can try or shall I send a second request? Also, the accounts are on my file with my name spell wrong, one letter missing. Can I use this as a way to get the accounts removed? Say if I write to
  5. Hi, Found out the other day that my mum has been taking out loans from some bunch called Provident Credit - a product called Handycash ? She doesn't have all of the documentation so I have no idea whether any there is anything outstanding - my mum is not "all there" at the moment and I'm starting to sort things out including power of attorney so I can get suppliers etc. to talk to me. Some questions : 1. Are these companies under any kind of obligation to ensure that the credit can be repaid, and the people signing are fully understanding it ? My mum is still denying these are loan
  6. Hi All, 1st post of my own, been a reader of the forum for a couple of years now and it's been really helpful. anyway.... I've been working to clear up my credit file for a few years, had some defaults which have dropped off all but one which falls off in a couple of weeks. For the 6-12 month I've held vanquish/aqua/luma cards and made all payments to build up some rating, also managed to get a T-Mobile phone contract with defaults , which is also all good, so here's me hoping for an ok rating when this last default expires, but since updating my previous addresses on credite
  7. Hi guys, I had 2 loans with provident and one of there cards. The balances total over £2000. I haven't paid anything for over 2 years now and recently started getting letter from ck edrupt (their in house collection people). They show on my Credit report as 6 late payments but no default. They sent a few letters. So I CCA'd them. Credit agreements are fine, but then they sent me a letter offering me 50% discount. Is there something wrong with the debt? I was tempted to write back and offer them 10% f and f after receiving their discount letter. Should I do this?
  8. Hi guys, me again. Ok, letter came this morning regarding a well-Statute Barred debt. Its been through a few DCAs now and they have all recieved the SB letter - all return correspondence kept, even Lowells acknowledgement of its SB status. Theres two letters in the envelope, one from BCW Group informing me that they have now transferred all their respective rights, title and interest (including the right to receive payment) - not that they ever had any "Right" to payment - to Provident. Letter No 2 is from the "Fresh Start" team at Provident telling me that a "friendly agent" (
  9. Hi all, had a debt thats done the rounds over the last few years and ended up with Gothia. Sent them a CCA Request and got a letter back in May 2010 saying they couldnt provide an Agreement and that the account had therefore been closed. Now, 18 months later, I get one of those stupid Provident letters asking if I would like to pay it off via an "interest free" (?) loan and that their rep will be calling ( Oh, you bloody think so do you ????). Actually, no I wouldnt ta, and if memory serves me correctly, this is now well and truly Stat Barred ( original debt around 2004). But is ther
  10. hi im new here and just needed a bit of advice, been reading these forums for a while and wised up to the tricks of debt collectors a little bit ,but any ways ive been with provident many years a loyal customer, and in december and january i recieved a letter stating they were chasing me for a debt from a diffrent company. For weeks my dc who was a female never mentioned this as i excpected her too, the area boss never mentioned it to either me or my partner, i suffer with depression and anxiety so struggle to even answer the door to people so my partner does...any ways the female qu
  11. Hello, My first post on here so please be nice I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with what to do next? I ordered a credit report and there was a CCJ on there that was added in July last year at a previous address that I moved out of nearly 6 years ago and since August 2007. I contacted the Northampton Bulk Centre to find out what is was for and they informed me that is was to do with a company called Westcot in relation to Provident Personal money agreement. I asked how this was possible with no notice or paperwork sent to me, and they suggeseted that I call Westc
  12. Hi, My problem relates to my girlfriend who has loans out with provident, greenwood and shopacheck. She works 21 hours a week and 6 months ago she was able to pay these loans off but then her youngest turned 20 and left education which meant she lost all her benefits and as she only works 21 hours a week she cant even get working tax credits. She is now finding it hard to repay these loans, she fell behind in her rent which has led to her giving up her house a nd the housing executive is taking her to court to get the rent owed off her. At the minute th
  13. Hi there, Just new to the site but would appreciate any advice on my situation. I have a provident loan for which I am supposed to repay £75 per week. I have fallen 3 weeks behind with this and even when I do get paid next week, if I pay the arrears by the end of next month I will be behind again. This is due to prioritising my payments ie rent, car insurance etc. Do any of you know if they can reduce payments or write off missed payments and add them on to the rest of the balance? I don't usually meet the agent, I just call to pay every few weeks. Cheers Craig
  14. Hi there. I got a provident loan before Christmas for a tumble dryer and paid half off. And though since baby no 2 is on the way I would get a small loan on top and get some decorating materials since my hubby has a week off work. Contacted my advisor he said sure. I can get £300 but use it to pay what I owe and get £120. I was confused about how it all worked but he said he will explain when he comes over. He came Friday and I signed the papers and he gave me £330. I asked was it correct thinking I must of got everything muddled as usual. He said yes see you Monday. Monday is the day
  15. hi i need some advice im normally on form but this hit me for six Today (12/10/2012) i went to visit my nan and whilst there a bloke turned up for provident personal loans, nice chap nan pays £20 a week for a loan she took out he seemed ok to me and my nan was dealing with him for last few months no issue, her bill is £19.50 a week and always pays twenty so she is not in arrears and frimly can afford this. Anyway after siiting on the couch filled in the book turned around to my nan and asked he was there to collect £350 debt for O2 if she could pay £250 today would right thre rest of
  16. Evening All, I've took out a loan with provident a few months ago for £700 to help assist with costs towards my wedding and was paying them regularly until about 5 weeks I was taken ill suddenly into hospital where I have had surgery to remove a suspect brain tumour and I am now undergoing treatment. As I have been in hospital, my wife has been working a 40hr week and spending her time visiting me and has totally forgotten about paying them until receiving a threatening phone call from the "area manager" demanding the money has been paid It has never been our intent
  17. Hi - both myself and my mum have got loans with Provident (as we have previous bad credit history) . My mum is 73 this year and is paying £100 a week back on various loans - she has had loans to pay back loans. In the last three weeks - she has paid her payments as normal - BUT, when she checked her books.. ...the collector had put down that she had paid 'double' the amount. When she drew his attention to this - he said 'I've had to put down that you're paying more as Provident would be in trouble with the FSA - you're not allowed loans at more than
  18. Hi, Im a little curious for any advice or knowledge from others in the same situation. Whilst I was not at home today a person knocked my door. He told my husband he worked for provident and he has bought one of my debts and would like to speak to me about repayment. My husband asked to make sure if this was a debt that I had with provident and the man said no it wasnt. About two weeks ago a provident advert card was put through my door with my name on it offering me a £100 loan if I called the number. I have not called them. I have never dealt with provident in any way.
  19. Just seen an advert on TV for a preloaded code from provident, get £200 for Christmas, then the APR came up....399.4%!!!!!! What planet are they on?
  20. I have been unemployed for sometime now as I am Disabled. I reduced my payments to provident to a token payment. The Agent stopped calling as she said it was not worthwhile for her to pick up my token payment. So I arranged to send my agreed monthly token payment to my local branch, I have been doing this for over 2 year now. But over the last 6 month I have received letters from provident telling me I have missed payments on my account, These letters were signed by my local office but when I contacted my local office they said the letters are sent out automatically from head of
  21. I have looked again at my Experian and I note that Provident have lodged a default against me in the last month for £485. That account has been dormant since 2010 (I actually forgot about ever dealing with them) so I have no idea why they have just sprung up with it. I am in a position where I can offer them a F&F settlement of around 40%. Do I just write to them with this - or write to their pleb "lawyers", as I've seen from other threads? I do owe the money and just want it settled ASAP.
  22. Well what can i say that hasnt been said before. Ok i had a provident loan, i defaulted and the debt was sold to moorcroft! Over the next year i made my payments every month and finally in July moorc wrote to me saying the account and debt had been cleared and sent me a statement and letter. I checked my credit file this morning and i have defaulted saying i have never paid they took my rating from a high one to very low i need help in dealing with this please. My first step is to call prov and explain what has happend, then i will scan and email the documents to sho
  23. Hi Guy's As above, basically a debt that has been statute barred for around 3 years. This morning we get a letter from Provident telling us they bought the debt from Scotcall. I have uploaded the letter for your perusal. Please advise on suggested next step. Many thanks David Just seen the letter is really small, cant at the moment see how to increase the size, will keep trying.
  24. I have a loan with Provident for £501 over a year at £36 a month and have £325 to repay. I moved house just before Christmas phoned them up and told them that I’ve changed address and they told me to inform my adviser, so I done this by Text, I had one new collection from my new address and no-one has bothered to come around and collect any further payments. My question is, on my Credit file it states that I have settled the debt, should I chase them up and pay them or just leave it be?
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