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  1. I received a letter sometime ago from lowell (21st October 2014) saying they had acquired a debt from provident regarding a couple of loans i took out a while back, with the letter there was a letter from provident saying they had handed over the debt to lowell. Within the letter from lowell it stated that the breakdown of the amount claimed owed covered 2 different accounts/agreements from 2010 and 2011. I decided to send a CCA request to lowell on the 27th October 2014 In January i received a letter from lowell saying they had closed the case at present as the d
  2. I have recently checked my credit file and noticed a CCJ from Cabot I knew nothing about. I moved house in sept 2014. the ccj was recorded in august 2015. I would like some advice on how to get this CCJ set aside . I have received no paperwork whatsoever and I thin the provident account might be statute bared.
  3. Hi guys. I would really appreciate some help with this. A member of my OH's family has run up at least £3k credit with Provident. She is very unwell at the moment and has been hospitalised and her doctors are concerned about the impact of all of this on her mental wellbeing. I've seen agreements for 2 loans that I think are currently running, costing £30 and £200 a month each, but I haven't seen all the paperwork yet. Her husband has been signed off sick from work and is only receiving SSP and possibly some benefits. This means he can't afford next week's payments -
  4. I have two questions and I will explain my reasons 1) When taking out a provident loan was the paperwork that came with it two sided or just one i.e were there terms and conditions on the back ? I CCA'd for a provident loan and got back just one sheet of paper , if memory served me the paperwork was in triplicate but there were T&C's on the back so I am looking for clarification. 2) If you have several loans with provident can they bundle them all up under one reference number and treat it as one loan when issuing a claim . My 3 loans have just been sold to Lowlife so I would ex
  5. I have an old Provi loan, about 3 months from SB (Scotland) which Cabot now own. Had a letter from Shoosmiths a couple of months ago re legal action so CCA sent. Standard letter came back stating they were looking for agreement and reply after 40 days. Then after the 40 days, I received a letter saying they didn't have the agreement so although the debt was unenforceable they would still like payment!. Today I have received a reconstituted agreement which Cabot reckon is appropriate. However, there is no date, no signature and above all it is an agreement for a
  6. Trying to fight the demoralizing Credit Repair battle. I have been registered with Equifax for a good year or more as I think that Experia n is a complete rip-off at £14.99! Forget snail mail method as I'm trying to be pro-active here. problem is Equifax have never reported any issues with Provident - not even on my Credit File and was totally unaware that they registered with the CRA's for reasons I wont go into of how credit was handed out "back in the day". my wife told me about Noddle which use Call Credit and I therefore signed up to the utter disbelief that
  7. As of today Provident Loans will be harder to get. The agent now has to come to the house, unless applied for online, and then do a 20 minute application on smartphone to assess the affordabilty. They have to see proof of income too. It is then sent off for yes or no or with reduced amount. There is also a credit check to Experian. People with crap credit will get a no, even if they have been a Provident customer with no payment problems for years. The Agent I know is quite distressed to say the least.
  8. Seeing so many people that are having issues with loans company Provident I thought I would post up there 2014 year report so you can se where all of you fees and charges go. That is to get even more new customers to make their lives harder and get even more fees/more money. See the attachment of how they are doing including some of the other known companies under their umbrella.. Satsuma Vanquis Moneybarn and many more including the other countries the are in too
  9. i'd taken out loans for 5 years and managed to keep up re-payments. i then took out another loan, on which i was struggling to pay off, i was then visited by the area manager of provident, tina, who told me i was behind on repayments and i would need to take out another loan to balance the books, or the bailiffs would be calling. i reluctantly agreed. 2 days later brenda the agent turned up. late at night and worse for wear as id been around a friends house, watching football, there she is waving £400 in my face, " this is for you" and we have payed of the balance, after she had filled in t
  10. Now i might be wrong and probably am but didnt a new law just come in, something about once you borrow money, you will never have to pay back more than x 2 the amount, i take that to mean £100 borrowed, no more than £200 to be paid back, ever, and £1000 would mean no more than £2000 back, ever, But look on the provident website, they are offering loans like borrow £2000 and pay back £4400 or borrow £2500 and pay back £5500, is this not against the law.
  11. Hi all, I am new to this site and have been looking through lots of threads which have been really useful but thought I'd post my current issues. My partner and I have recently signed up to Experian and Call credit to see our credit reports and we've vowed to clear up our debts. My report currently shows 3 defaults - it is probably worth noting that the reason behind these was my partner had a motorcycle accident on boxing day 2013 and was unable to work for over 3 months so we had to try to manage on my income and a bit of SSP for him. Obviously, keeping a roof over
  12. I had a provident door stop loan, which I fell behind with by approx £20/week.. After speaking with my agent, I was assured I could catch up gradually and it would be fine i.e. no damage to credit etc.. etc.. (stupidly, never got this in writing). I was offered another loan from my agent, which I took and used to pay off the existing one, which was in arears and was left with minimal cash, which i was grateful of at the time. I kept up to date (and this loan was cleared back in 2013). However, i have checked my file and the original loan, which was in arre
  13. Hi everyone, i really could do with all your help with this. My mother received a letter(oct 2014) from Provident stating they have sold her account to Lowell. In the letter sent by Provident it says: The total balance sold was £XXXX.XX. The individual agreements included in your account are detailed on the enclosed letter from Lowell(6 loan agreements listed). My mother has a letter from Lowell saying it's formal notice of the account being sold and assigned to Lowell.(i'm assuming this letter is the one the Provident letter refers to). The 6 loan agreements listed
  14. I have a debt with provident which is now some two years old, I have arthritis and chrones disease and am unable to work let alone leave the house very often. due to events 2000 my husband now suffers with severe PTSD he has just been diagnosed with arthritis and COPD, he has been told that the extent of his trauma and facts that arose from from counselling ( childhood abuse) that he is totaly unable to work or be in regular contact with people whom he does not know. A debt collector called regular and took a small amount each time for the debt which stopped af
  15. I need some advice about provident. I discovered a family member with mental health problems, who is under a psychiatrist and on anti psychotic medication has been having loans with this company. Basically he had a few small loans. When a loan came close to being paid off he was given another, with the balance of the previous loan deducted from the cash he was given. Two weeks after he was the victim of an armed robbery, and could not even be interviewed by the police without an appropriate adult being present, Prov gave him a £1000 loan. He asked them for it after he got a let
  16. Noticed recently that a load of old Provi and Greenwood debts have resurfaced and are back with the OC now.
  17. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have used this site for good solid advice in the past and thought it was time to give something back. Until last week I worked for Provident and this is an opportunity to ask a former employee anything. I left the company on good terms and am not using this as an excuse to throw mud at my former employer. I will not disclose company secrets and I won't tell you how to get out of paying back a loan that you've taken out. Beyond that I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Oh, and I realise that this might look a little s
  18. Here is a brief overview of the situation: A few years ago my mother, who was suffering with just severe anxiety/depression, took out a loan with Provident Personal Credit Limited. She was in receipt of just ESA (WRAG component). Just over a year ago she was at our house and burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong and discovered to my horror that Provident had been taking over £172 per month from her in repayment of a now £3000+ loan. It meant that she was paying over 50% of her fornightly income, before the deduction of gas, electric, food etcetera. This ca
  19. Hello can anyone advise me? In desperation I took out a £300 provident loan a tChristmas, I have been paying it off every week missing just 2 payments when the agent did n't call. I had a marketing call from Provident today saying that as I was such a good payer that they would offer me a £900 loan - I'm not that silly, I know the scary interest rates, I told them so and said I would n't rule out a small loan in the future ( I can't get an overdraft so sometimes its a case of having to go to provident). I have just had a rather rude text from my agent saying that
  20. I have a problem with BCW GROUP [debt collection company] I had bad debt with provident home credit in 2009, could not pay and they sold the debt to BCW GROUP in 2010 1 of the 2 have put a default on my credit record without due process. Can somebody please help and give me some guidance.
  21. Hi Both my husband and I have loans with Provident and Greenwood. These have been topped up over the past couple of years and are now at a silly amount. Generally I don't ask for the loans, they text me and say that they can do me an extra £xx. I know that it's our own fault getting into this, but when you don't have money to pay bills it's very easy to take what's offered. I've NEVER seen our payment books, but I know that the payments are being made against the accounts as I write a cheque each week. Anyway, it's now to the point where we are unable to pay our priority debts (
  22. I have an outstanding loan(s) with provident that were part of my DMP but not had a payment since sometime 2011. It has been thru Edrupt , Network Credit services then BCW who offered me a 50% discount. Today I received a NOA from Provident to BCW although it was a bit of an odd one. Normally NOA's say things like data controller etc but this was just BCW now own your debt etc. It is £898. Are BCW proactive as per Lowells , any ideas what to expect? Thanks
  23. Just wondered if anyone had seen provident had now joined the payday loan bandwagon as satsuma they claim to be a new type of loan hahah
  24. I have a debt management plan with Stepchange, all has been going well and i have just had my annual review in October, to be told Provident has now been paid off, fantastic i thought, until i receive a letter from a firm of solicitors E J Ekrupt who say my debt is still outstanding although i have been making my payments monthly through Stepchange ,i asked for a breakdown and summary of this ,to my horror,the debt is far greater than the original doorstep loan i took out. This has really set me back and i was hoping for some advice on h
  25. Good Evening All Just wondering if anybody can help me, there are 2 defaults on my credit report from Provident one of which relates to a catalog and one of which relates to a credit card. I have been contacting Provident to try and gain details of the accounts as I believe that the defaults were registered long after the 6 months suggested on the ICO technical guidelines so these should be back dated to the date of the 3rd missed payment. Unfortunately Provident just keep sending an automated letter back to me stating that they are looking into this, they finally got back to me
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