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Found 13 results

  1. Hello folks, I tried taking out a mobile phone contract with EE in 2016. I was declined and, on contacting EE, was told there were three T-Mobile accounts in my name from 1999-2002 (approx) with an outstanding debt of around £450 in total. I finally got round to sending an SAR letter last month and received a reply today. EE have sent me a couple of pages of account notes but no mention of the outstanding amount(s). Firstly: based on this, I'm pretty certain that EE have sent me incomplete data - however, without knowing how their systems work, I don't know _what_ data they must hold on me, but at the very least, somewhere, there must be a total amount owed. Secondly: the notes say that I disputed that the accounts were mine (which I did), and EE decided that it wasn't fraud because the accounts were opened using my name, address and date of birth. I genuinely don't remember opening these accounts. How can EE be so certain that I opened these accounts simply by checking that my name, address and date of birth match? I just want these accounts removed from my record so I can, should I still want to, take out a new phone contract with EE. Is there anything I can do here, or do I just need to accept defeat and find a different mobile phone company? Thanks in advance Alex
  2. Hi all, First time here so please let me know if anything in this post should be changed. Backstory: I was in Bulgaria on business in June/July and had no knowledge of my PCN before leaving (turns out my mate moved my car out of his drive into the parking area for a couple hours where I received this PCN). Upon arriving home I find two letters, one being a final reminder sent mid June by VCS and then a debt collection notice sent by ZZPS in mid July. As I was out of the country and couldn't access my mail, I had no idea any of this was happening in my absence and had no chance to appeal the ticket in the allotted 28 days. The ticket was for £100, to be reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks and is now at £160 due to the debt collection agency add on. I haven't received any other letters regarding this claim. What I've tried: I have tried to go through the various appeals process, but when searching my ticket ref on the provided websites (namely myparkingcharge.co.uk as noted at the bottom of the VCS letter and the IPC website itself) it comes back with nothing, meaning that I couldn't have appealed it regardless. I even tried POPLA, and they can't find the ticket either. After contacting an ombudsman, they suggested to complain through the companies. VCS said that it was to go through ZZPS as they now were in charge of the debt , ZZPS replied as follows: "We must inform you that you have now passed the time frame in which an appeal can be made as appeals can only be made within 28 days of the Parking Charge Notice being issued, our client maintains that all correspondence received has been actioned accordingly and that the correct procedure has been followed. The balance of £160.00 remains payable on our systems, please refer to the back of our letter for the payment options available to you. In the absence of payment this matter will be referred to solicitors to resolve and further fees may be incurred." What do I do? If none of the appeals agencies even agree that the reference number matches any ticket, has a ticket even been issued against me? The collectors are refusing to provide evidence. I am not exactly inclined to pay this "debt" until the relevant parties prove their claim. Any advice would be appreciated as I feel like I'm about to get strong armed out of £160 Attached are the letters received, along with the website response when I search the reference. Personal info along with refs blacked out for obvious reasons.
  3. Hi It seems that Cabot Finnace has brought both mine and my wifes credit card debts from Lloyds, they have not provided a CCA in the 12 +2 days. What do I do next?
  4. I asked for a copy of a CCA agreement from Drysdens / Max Recovery recently. A letter dated March 2016 stated that they were unable to fulfill my request. A letter today from Drysden attached a "copy of the credit agreement conditions". It has none of my details on, nor my signature. The letter says " our client considers the debt due and owing" What do I do now?
  5. Hi I received a parking ticket mid December because I parked in a council car park with out a ticket. The reason why I parked without a ticket was there was signs on the road saying free parking today it was a free day of parking due to Christmas shopping. (I have photographic evidence of the sign advising this) I appealed the charge and sent the council a copy of my photo of the sign, they rejected this and said I have to wait for a notice to owner letter to come out before I can appeal which could take up to 28 days, (this is now nearly three weeks over the 28 days period). My question is do I contact the council again and say I have not received the notice or keep quiet, I am just worried they will take it further and say I have not replied to them.
  6. It's generally accepted that a CCA doesn't have to be provided when creditors provide information under a SAR, but I've never quite got why that is. A friend recently sent a SAR to Barclaycard, who sent plenty of information up to exactly 10 years old. The one thing that they provided which was older was a copy of a signed application for a card. My friend had other cards with BC too but there were no CCAs or applications for them. Are we right to accept that a CCA doesn't have to be provided in response to a SAR, or are we being hoodwinked?
  7. hi, i have requested the document proof from my creditors they have not provided no documents it is over 14 days, what shall i do? also where do i stand in terms of paying the debt or managing the payments. can i oppose that and get out of not paying. pls advice
  8. Hi there. I'm hoping for a bit of advice on where I stand with regard to workplace benefits promised to me but not provided. When I started working for my new employer in February 2013 I was promised enrollment into the one of the company benefit schemes if I achieved a certain target. I met the target in early July and had a meeting with both of my bosses (the company MD and the HR boss) who confirmed that I would now be enrolled with immediate effect. This was put in writing and I completed the application forms for the scheme that afternoon. I thought no more of it until this month when I had a need to potentially use the cover. I spoke to the MD about details of the cover and he directed me to the scheme administrators for further information. The scheme admin responded to my enquiry this week to advise they have no idea who I am - as it turns out the HR boss never bothered submitting my application, as he thought it was 'unaffordable for the company' to provide me with cover despite being present in both meetings where it was all agreed. Neither myself or the MD were informed of this decision. So now I have no cover (and have missed out on 8 months of a benefit I was promised in writing) and am faced with paying the full expenses myself without any help. The MD has promised the cover will be in force by the end of February but that won't be of any help to me. I'm not really sure what I'm asking other than do I have any rights in this instance to expect them to compensate me for the benefit not provided? Many thanks for any advice you can give. Lola
  9. Hello all, I am not sure I am writing this thread in the right section, if not, please apologize. I have a doubt about a behavior of Phones4u customer service. I submitted some days ago a complain about a bad treatment I had in one of their shop. They answered me apologizing and offering me a refund of what I spent in their shop. To refund me they asked for my account number and sort code to process a Bank transfer. As I don't trust so much to provide these kind of information via email I asked them to limit the risk if instead of my regular Debit card I could provide the data of an Orange prepaid Mastercard to make the transfer. They answered me few minutes ago, saying that they cannot transfer money over a SIM card (they didn't even get the difference between an Orange Sim card and an Orange prepaid Mastercard) but the serious problem is that they provided me my bank details (that obviously they had stored for my previous purchase) via email asking simply to confirm them so that they can process the payment. Please note that they provided my sort number completely and my account number hidden except the last 3 numbers. Now I am wondering? They can do that? They can provide sensitive data with such simplicity? I first contacted them without provide any kind of information proving my identity, so what if I were a [problem]mer looking for someone sensitive information? Suggestions & advices? Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Hi everyone, So I am a user of the bus usually, one evening I decided to get the train due to being rushed. I boarded the train with my fare in my hand ready and waiting, no conductor came. when I got off at my spot BTP and a national rail inspector were waiting for tickets. I explained no conductor had asked however they stated i should have known to purcahse at a ticket machine.( as explained I dont frequently use the trains I had no idea I was committing an offence by not buying before boarding) I showed them my weekly bus ticket i buy in advance and explained i dont use the trains. Then then proceed to take my name and address to contact me with futher information for me to explain why I hadent purachsed the ticket. HERES WERE IT ALL WENT WRONG. I panicked after a long stressful day at work I got myself confused and thought I would be issued with a massive on the spot fine i wouldnt be able to pay, Im a third year law student also. Therefore, i very very stupidly lied and gave complete false information, I got home and couldnt sotp thinking about what I had done in a state of panic and confusion. and therefore wanting to do the right thing I walked all the way back to the train station to confess. I explained I did it in the spare of the moment, I had the origional train fare and was more than willling tio pay that however when they mentioned a fine I panicked as I knew I could never afford to pay that! They now have my correct details and i will be waiting for a letter, i need some advice on what to expect, will i get a fine? if so how much? and will it go against me that i firstly provided false details? could this turn criminal? However critical to mention, not only am i third year student in law my aim was to join the police and currently serve as a special constable, this could ruin my whole life plan. I am a honest person and was just confused and panicked. this is a nightmare!!! please please help!!
  11. My ex-employer never used to provide me payslips printed in official stationary. They used to provide them electronically to my company's email account, to which I don't have access anymore. These electronic payslips are not accepted as proof of income by banks and govt. agencies. I contacted them to provide me the payslips in company headed paper or stamp and sign them. So I can use them as proof of income. However, they are not replying to my email and their HR seems unreachable over the phone. I really need these to prove my income of the period I worked for them and cannot do without them. I only worked their for 6 months during 2011-2012, so they only need to print 6 payslips. I also informed them in my email that, if there's a reasonable amount service charge to produce these payslips in company headed paper, I will pay that. I would really appreciate your advice.
  12. Hi Everyone I am new to all these and I have a baby and not much time on my hands at the moment. I wonder if you could help me. I have a credit card with Barclaycard for around 7 years. I have not been using it for a long time but repaying the credit by small amounts (I have about £280 left). I had a PPI on it for several yers and canceled it. I am trying to claim it back myself. I was missold it when I was given a credit card as a purk to my account I do not remember anybody explaing to me about PPI and my English was not that great at the time. I wrote to the Barclay card to provide me my credit agreement on 23rd April and included a cheque for £1. About 3 weeks later they send ma a letter that they were dealing with my request. A week later I posted them another letter by recorded delivery reminding them that they obliged to provide me the credit agreement within 28 days. I have nothing from them. What can I do next? Thank you very much for your time to answer me Vita
  13. .. I sent off a CCA request six months ago which has not been provided, the account is in dispute, i have been receiving 'arrears' letters since. My question is, would it help to send back the latest arrears letter with a "No contract. Return to sender" label, or sit on my hands? Thanks Pencil.
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