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Found 66 results

  1. Hi, I have a general query concerning a PPI claim that I have submitted and I'm looking for some advice. I had a claim with MBNA from a loan 10 years ago that went staright through in about 4 weeks. I received the cheque and that was it. I did have the original paperwork, though. Thought it was easy. Then I had my claim from LLoyds TSB denied. This was from PPI added to a credit card. I had not "demonstrated that there was a problem with the sale of the policy." I was a bit confused. The credit card ended within the past six years - 2007 - and the PPI was actually cancelled by myself in mid 2007 when I noticed it on the monthly statements. I even had a letter from them warning me that I would be at risk if I continued with the cancellation as I would not be able to avail myself of the benefits of the policy etc etc. I do not recall ever agreeing to the policy, I was self-employed and probably could not have claimed on the policy, and can not find any paperwork in relation to the policy. This was the basis of my complaint. I had asked LLoyds to provide me with the terms and conditions of the policy and a copy of my agreement - whether by telephone transcript or application form. I would assume that they should have all this because the policy was cancelled within the past six years. They have provided me with nothing. They seem to have placed the onus on me to proof it was miss-sold. My question, at last: Is the onus on LLoyds to show that the policy was suitable for me and not miss-sold, or is the onus on me to show that it was miss-sold. Surely if it's been in place within the past six years they should be highlighting where in the terms and conditions it shows I could claim, a copy of any agreement etc. I have written back to state that unless they reconsider I will send a SAR and request all the documentation that way. And that if they do not provide it I will progress to the FOS and inform them of their failures to do so. Would I have case with the FOS if I had to go down that rouete? Any pointers very much appreciated.
  2. I have a quick question and wondered if anyone can help. If a debt collection agency writes a letter to you, do they need to have some form of proof of delivery in order to demonstrate to a judge that the letter was delivered? I can see a situation where a firm cannot prove delivery of correspondence and therefore could be judged to have not communicated in an appropriate manner before a final demand. This is all theoretical - I don't actually have any debts.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monday. It would take me more than three days under perfect circumstances, but I am on new medication, from the GP, and have been referred to crisis intervention and a psychiatrist, as well as other health care professionals, as in their words, I am very ill, due to the stress of the attack, incidents leading up to the attack, subsequent court case and continuing intimidation and threats. I am too ill to get this replying information in this time frame. How do I word an email to the Employment Tribunal people, to ask for an extension, to get myself together enough, to answer all these questions? I am also suffering side effects from the medications and clinical depression. Also, I have been asked by the tribunal people to describe my disability (also present at the time of employment) under some kind of regulation rules. Do you know how I do this please? I take about ten medications to maintain my hormone levels, including Metformin as I am pre-diabetic and I am diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, which is triggered by things like stress, including someone trying to kill me. At some point, I will post a full explanation as to what happened, but I need to first remove the stress of being expected to answer a whole heap of intricately detailed questions by Monday. Thank you for taking time to read this; I hope it makes sense (it's hard to concentrate at the moment) and if anyone answers, I thank you, in advance, for your help. If possible, I think I have to ask for the extension today. C
  4. My credit cards have been put into Legal Dispute over a year ago. A request for my original agreement was requested and to date this has not been forthcoming. My accounts have been passed to Debt collection Agencies and often change i have worked out every 6 months or so. I have ignored them to date and door step visits i have quoted on a regular basis OFT rules they have to pre book an appointment. It has come to my attention without a copy of my original agreement chasing me for payment is unforceable. I am at the point now where i want to send a letter to the debt collection agencies challenging them to prove i owe the money. I know they cant. Can you help me with a letter or is all my information incorrect. I look forward to your reply.
  5. Hi, I filed a ppi claim with the rbs on a loan I had some time ago I received a letter around 2 weeks ago basically saying On this occasion i have been unable to confirm precisely what information you where given at the time you purchased the policy. In the circumstances, as a gesture of goodwill and without any admission of liability, the bank is prepared to make you the offer detailed below: I returned the slip signed to say I would accept there offer around 2 weeks ago. In the meantime another ppi claim also with the rbs has been paid into my account no problems and I only sent the slip back last week. I called rbs to query the first claim of why it was taking so long and the lady I spoke with has advised I need to take my driving license or passport into branch to be copied and sent to them before they will pay the funds to my bank account. When I asked her why she said to verify it was me who signed the slip. I find it a little strange as the it's only £278 but they have already paid £2678.25 no questions asked from my other claim. Is it really to verify who I am or is it for something else? Thanks Dani
  6. Hi Hoping someone can give some advice. I've just changed insurer for my van, from Direct Line to Stavely Head (The Van Insurer). Direct Lines price went up 33% even though I have 9+ Years no claims. Anyway, I've just received a letter from the new insurer that states That they are unprepared to accept the renewal notice from Direct Line as proof of no claims: "We are unable to accept a renewal notice, statement of fact from your previous insurance company or a letter from your broker stating the number of years, it must be the No Claim Discount Certificate from your insurance company." Unreal. Direct Line have said they will send a confirmation letter, and that the renewal notice should have been enough. They have said they do not do "certificates". Is this acceptable behaviour from the new insurer? They have added in their letter that unless the "certificate" is forthcoming within 7 days they will have no alternative than to "amend your premium accordingly, resulting in an additional premium to be paid." I have already provided the renewal and DL have said they will send a letter to confirm but it would seem this will not suffice. Anyone heard of a "No Claims Bonus Certificate"? Thanks
  7. Hi guys,I've got a few PPI cases going one of which I have won & will give details on later BUT the same letter which got me a positive result (through MBNA) ) have also been refused with a different lender/insurer Santander)so I'll post the negative first as I may need to clear these hurdles in future and it seems pointless to get people copying details of my good result and ending up in the 'poo'. First things first my claim is based on the fact that I am an insulin dependent Diabetic of 34 years so I had a pre-existing medical condition and would not have been able to claim if problems arose through this.If you don't suffer from any such condition then you may be best stopping now, if you do read on (be warned its a long one) My claim letter is as follows - Dear Sir/Madam,Account : Debenhams xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx I took out a Debenhams store card in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It was closed in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. At the same time, I was sold a payment protection policy. I believe I was mis-sold the insurance policy on this card. I have a longstanding medical condition but your staff did not ask me about my medical history. I was not warned that previous medical conditions could be excluded.I am an insulin dependent Diabetic and have been so for 34 years. Therefore, under the terms of the policy, I would not be covered if I found myself unable to meet my credit card repayments. Your salesperson did not point out to me that I would not be covered by the policy. If they had done this, I would not have taken out the policy.Companies selling insurance policies must make sure that the policy they are selling is suitable for the customer's needs. The policy I was sold is quite clearly unsuitable for me because I am a Diabetic and have been for 34 years including at the time of my application to open this account.I now contend that I was mis-sold this policy. I claim back all the premiums andInterest I have paid in connection with this payment protection insurance policy plusStatutory interest at 8% (or whatever other rate the courts might order) from the firstpayment that I made until the date of your settlement of this claim.I would like a reply as soon as possible but, in any case, within the eight weeksallowed for responses to complaints by the Financial Services Authority.yours faithfully TenMen10On the 9th May 2012 I received a (very quick) reply -Dear Mr TenMen10Thank you for your letter received 18th April 2012. I understand that your complaint is regarding the mis-selling of PPI.I can confirm that PPI was applied when you opened your account in store on 22nd February 1997. I have enclosed a copy of the Credit Agreement for your reference, which shows that you have requested insurance.I can confirm that on the agreement you signed it required you to tick if you required the PPI, which you did. Therefore it appears that it was made clear that the policy was optional and that you elected to take out the insurance.Once a customer has decided to take the product, a policy summary and policy document is mailed to the customer to review. We also offer a 30-day no-quibble guarantee wher the product may be cancelled, and any premiums refunded (subject to no claim being made). This allows time to compare the policy to that of any other insurance companies.Since you opened your account this insurance has been showwn on all statements, when a balance has been outstanding and could have been cancelled or a claim made at any time.As to ascertaining personal information from the customer to determine their suitability, this is not an advised sale onder the FSA's ICOB regulation. We have always given the details of the policy and let the customer make an educated decision if the policy is suitable for them.In your letter you have advised that you were no asked if you suffered fron a pre-existing medical condition. However pleasse understand that having an illness prior to the the cover being taken does not exclude you from the you from the insurence this simply may mean that you cannot claim for this condition in the furture. This info is clearly detailed in your policy, additionally this is the only one aspect of the policy and you would have still been covered by other benefits of the insurance. Whist I can appreciate that this may may not be the outcome you were expecting, I trust that i have addressed all opf the issues all of the concerns that you raised. If you remain dissatisfied you may refer to the FLA (eic etc)............. Now, assuming you haven't nodded off yet do any of you guys reckon I'm worth continuuing?It seems a pretty thorough reply and I must admit covers everything. I've had a look around on the CAG and other site and I'm chasing my tail a bit and ready for giving up.Advice??
  8. Hi I need to write a conditional acceptance proof of claim letter for a three dongle that's been passed to Lowell 1 Portfolio. I'm not sure of the wording so a template would be great. I can't find one online. Thanks!
  9. Have been recently made aware of this. It concerns a driver accused by one of the regular name Parking Cos on here. Case is in Court and accused has been sent a letter asking for them to provide proof of sig by way of copy of passport/driving licence etc. They are saying that there is a possibility that another party could have registered the vehicle using their name etc and its their policy to report these suspicions to Police vehicle crime unit so they can check if the registered keeper insured the vehicle or if its been used in a crime. They go on to say that they have observed variations in the sigs used in the court forms...and say they want to compare these with the one shown on the V5. Anyone heard of this one before ? Why would the Police want to get in involved in what is essentially a civil case where the alleged driver who has been summoned for failing to pay a PPN has denied having any knowledge of the incident,has nothing to do with the vehicle cited or has ever had any vehicle with the registration named. Surely it is for a Court to be making any orders or requests for documents to be submitted and NOT a PPCo ?
  10. Hi I'm new to this forum ,iv read lots of posts on here similar to mine and the advice and support on here is brilliant so i thought id post and hopefully some one can help me. My husband left me feb 2011 so i started claiming tax credits,based on i worked 19 hours a week and have 3 children. He moved into his parents and just paid board to his mum(cash) He continued to pay mortgage,insurance,sky and council tax here instead of maintenance. So i paid every thing else which comes with running a house 3 kids and a dog(poorly dog with heavy vets bills) I asked and asked him to change his address and the only things he changed were hmrc for his tax and his doctors,every thing else remained the same(foolishly i know) But our marriage had become a friendship so it was fairly amicable and i guess i just got fed up asking and i got on with running the house,working and dealing with the kids. Now i have had the dreaded letter naming my ex as living here and asking why i did not make a joint claim 2011-2012. I have spoken to the review lady and pleaded my case,gas and electric bills are in my name but they are key and card and so even though i buy these each month it is usually cash and so i can't prove i pay them,other bills such as tv license i can prove as that is direct debit.Basically because i would draw out a set amount each month and then pay every thing for the month with the money i can not prove i have paid these things.Im talking about gas,electric,petrol,food,bus fares, lunch monies,kids needs,maintenance of the house etc.... so even if i provide bank statements it would only show a set amount being drawn out each month and i guess in there eyes that money could be going any where even though it always paid bills, food etcshe wasn't having any of it and so said she was going to stop my money.She was saying i was financially dependant on my ex (which i disagree,if he had paid maintenance i would have paid the mortgage with it so does it matter who pays it?)Some how i managed to talk to her manager and basically his version of it was my ex was not seen to be financially linked to the alternate address i had given them for him. And as he only paid board with cash i see their point.This financial link rule is in the claiants manual which is only available to them and not us,this is what the manager told me....hardly seems fair! So i have to prove he hasn't been here even though financially to them i know what it looks like. My argument is they have to provide clear guidance in the forms and leaflets that they publish for us to read and follow,so why are they allowed to have this rule and lots of other rules they can see but we can not and so we have no idea if we are following them or not?As far as i was aware i was within the criteria for a single claim,if i had been made aware that having my ex still financial linked to the property would have such dramatic affects on my claim then i would have dealt with it accordingly and so now wouldn't be in the situation where I'm having to appeal and prove i have been single. My ex has given me his tax letters through out the year and half he has been at his mums address, i have a gp survey that was sent to him at his mums address and these are only the physical proof i have. My ex became very depressed and was under the doctor for this and I'm so desperate should i ask him to get a copy of any medical notes that may state about our split causing his depression? this is where i get really desperate....my ex had a vasectomy years ago, when we split i requested i be sterilised on the grounds i was now no longer with my husband and still did not want more children, i was sterilised may 2011 and I'm sure in my notes it should give my reasons for wanting the op so should i request a copy of my notes? will tax credits accept any of these? I totally get where tc are coming form and i actually think they have found a good way of sifting out the people that knowing make a fraudulent claim,what i disagree with is those like me that was totally un aware that having my ex linked or not linked to either address would cause me to be put in to such a gut wrenching position. A surprising silver lining to my dark cloud is my ex has told me he did not want to deal with the split and so buried his head and this is his reason for not changing his address, because of this ordeal he has been forced to deal with this mess and he has opened up to me and now after a year and a half he wants to see if we can salvage our marriage back.So as you can imagine i am all over the place right now. And i guess this would need to be in a different thread on a different forum. But what i need to ask is if i decide to try and work my marriage will us getting back together affect my appeal? I have a meeting with CAB and i am also in the process of getting my MP on board, because this is money i have been entitled to and the only reason i did not know my situation could be seen as wrong is because tax credits do no freely offer all of the rules, i have followed the rules and criteria i can see but if you can't see it in black and white and you have not been told that it is there then how are you expected to follow it? hope iv not confused any one reading this its quite hard getting all the facts in without writting an essay!
  11. I phoned up my H/A at the start of march to let them know i would like to give notice to leave the property.They informed me that i have to put it in writting.I sent them notice recorded/signed for at the end of march and moved out about 2 weeks later. I heard nothing from them until the 29th of july when i recieved a call asking why i hadnt responded to any letters.I told them that i had left the property and i sent the notice at the end of march unfortunatly i threw away my proof of postage 2 weeks ago and without it they say i am liable for £1404 of unpaid rent. Is there any other way i could obtain the tracking number? as it must be in a computer system somewhere i tried the p/o it was sent from and they have told me they dont keep records and the reciept is the only proof.If i can get the reciept the h/a have said they will be liable.Also the fact it took them so long to contact me and let the arrears build up when they had my contact number on file. Any help or info would be very appreciated as i am getting no where on my own thanks
  12. After serving my council with a Subject Access Request via recorded delivery royal mail in May, to which were attached copies of my current utility and council tax bills as proof of my identity. I have just received their response. Their letter addresses me by my first name (I don’t know the letter writer) and say they have the files ready but want me to go and collect them in person. Not only that, they are demanding I supply them with a minimum of two identification items and insist one of these pieces of evidence bear my photograph. Around six weeks ago, I received a surprise home visit from someone at the council to discuss an aspect of one my grievances against the council where this person soon established I have enormous difficulty walking (arthritis of the spine). I would assume the result of this visit is noted on my file. As a fifty-year-old, I don’t have any photographic evidence of identity, I don’t drive or own a car, and no passport. For almost 12 years, I have communicated with this council on various matters, including complaints, in written form, by telephone and in person, so there is a long history of their responding to me as the person who served them the SAR. The fact that I haven’t changed my name or address and the council have only been too willing to serve me with court papers and council tax demands etc, at my address during this time surely should be more than enough proof that I haven’t suddenly changed identity? Is their insistence for these additional proofs of identity even reasonable? In light of past and recent communications accepting me as the named person who served them the SAR as their response is addressed to me, at my home address. Is their demand that I travel a fair distance to their main offices, which will cost me around £30 in fares to and from their offices (I will need a taxi and help to walk) reasonable? Does anyone have any suggestions how I should deal with this latest tactic the council have sprung on me; I think they have realised I am looking for legal redress of a situation they have contributed towards through their negligence and disregard of their duties, but that’s another problem. Thank you for your advice.
  13. Hi Everyone, I've read loads of threads/posts where the above muppets have been reported to Trading Standards and the Office Of Fair Trading etc. Has anyone ever received notice that action has been taken against them, I know they are still upto their old tricks cos they are still sending me letters. Cheers Wooks001
  14. Thanks in advance for your help guys. So, my iphone 3gs decide to stop working. 2 yrs old took to apple they confirmed it's dead and gave e a print out for the insurance saying as much. I called insurance and they said I had to provide proof of purchase. Here lies the problem. The phone was a gift from an ex no longer in contact (who is) I have the box and Apple verified the imei number is not registered as stolen or been black listed. I have e-mailed an explained that the item was a gift, is there anything I can do to prove i own it? Cheers guy's. I hate insurance!
  15. 4 keys on my laptop have stopped working - now , my techie friend's guess is some form of spillage has caused it. It is under warranty for accidental damage . I informed tech support and they said ask my kids if anyone was responsible - but does it matter if it was my kids, the cat, next door neighbour??? -it's accidental damage. Tech support said "so you're not sure" (even so will anyone admit to it?- and is that relevant???). Tech support themselves have offered no solution/reason as to why 4 keys have stopped working. ...er how about ....accidental damage (Techie friend has tried to clean keys but no success) Tech support pass on to claims company but the tech guy was saying " See problem is you're not sure it is accidental damage" -Sorry for been a dozo as i have never used an accidental damage claim before and how they exactly work but i don't see why any of this is relevant -they should replace keyboard asap surely?
  16. My mothers currently having problems with her old insurance company. While she was with them, she accidently missed an instalment (first time in the 10 years she had used them.) They terminated the policy, and so my mother went to go renew it. I was sure she was paying over the odds anyway so convinced her to shop around and she went with another company. The new insurers want proof of her full no claims (never had a claim in 32yrs driving.) We got in touch with her old insurance company to obtain proof of her no claims, but the company declined saying that her NCB defaulted to zero because of a missed instalment. Surely this can't be right? Any advice on how we should take this further?
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