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  1. Wonder if anyone could give me some advice? Our council stated that I owed council tax payment for this year - £245.00. When I emailed them all of the payment dates and amounts I had paid over - as I try and pay it off ASAP. Now they have sent me another letter stating the debt is off last year - and I need proof of payment. All of my bank statements are on line and I can only access from October 2011, the ones before that I have to request paper statements which my bank requires payment of £10.00 per statement - this would cost me approx £150 plus - could I ask the bank to send me con
  2. Hi, I have a general query concerning a PPI claim that I have submitted and I'm looking for some advice. I had a claim with MBNA from a loan 10 years ago that went staright through in about 4 weeks. I received the cheque and that was it. I did have the original paperwork, though. Thought it was easy. Then I had my claim from LLoyds TSB denied. This was from PPI added to a credit card. I had not "demonstrated that there was a problem with the sale of the policy." I was a bit confused. The credit card ended within the past six years - 2007 - and the PPI
  3. I have a quick question and wondered if anyone can help. If a debt collection agency writes a letter to you, do they need to have some form of proof of delivery in order to demonstrate to a judge that the letter was delivered? I can see a situation where a firm cannot prove delivery of correspondence and therefore could be judged to have not communicated in an appropriate manner before a final demand. This is all theoretical - I don't actually have any debts.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monda
  5. My credit cards have been put into Legal Dispute over a year ago. A request for my original agreement was requested and to date this has not been forthcoming. My accounts have been passed to Debt collection Agencies and often change i have worked out every 6 months or so. I have ignored them to date and door step visits i have quoted on a regular basis OFT rules they have to pre book an appointment. It has come to my attention without a copy of my original agreement chasing me for payment is unforceable. I am at the point now where i want to send a letter to the deb
  6. Hi, I filed a ppi claim with the rbs on a loan I had some time ago I received a letter around 2 weeks ago basically saying On this occasion i have been unable to confirm precisely what information you where given at the time you purchased the policy. In the circumstances, as a gesture of goodwill and without any admission of liability, the bank is prepared to make you the offer detailed below: I returned the slip signed to say I would accept there offer around 2 weeks ago. In the meantime another ppi claim also with the rbs has been paid into my account no problems and I only sent
  7. Hi Hoping someone can give some advice. I've just changed insurer for my van, from Direct Line to Stavely Head (The Van Insurer). Direct Lines price went up 33% even though I have 9+ Years no claims. Anyway, I've just received a letter from the new insurer that states That they are unprepared to accept the renewal notice from Direct Line as proof of no claims: "We are unable to accept a renewal notice, statement of fact from your previous insurance company or a letter from your broker stating the number of years, it must be the No Claim Discount Certificate from your insurance
  8. Hi guys,I've got a few PPI cases going one of which I have won & will give details on later BUT the same letter which got me a positive result (through MBNA) ) have also been refused with a different lender/insurer Santander)so I'll post the negative first as I may need to clear these hurdles in future and it seems pointless to get people copying details of my good result and ending up in the 'poo'. First things first my claim is based on the fact that I am an insulin dependent Diabetic of 34 years so I had a pre-existing medical condition and would not have been able to claim if prob
  9. Hi I need to write a conditional acceptance proof of claim letter for a three dongle that's been passed to Lowell 1 Portfolio. I'm not sure of the wording so a template would be great. I can't find one online. Thanks!
  10. Have been recently made aware of this. It concerns a driver accused by one of the regular name Parking Cos on here. Case is in Court and accused has been sent a letter asking for them to provide proof of sig by way of copy of passport/driving licence etc. They are saying that there is a possibility that another party could have registered the vehicle using their name etc and its their policy to report these suspicions to Police vehicle crime unit so they can check if the registered keeper insured the vehicle or if its been used in a crime. They go on to say that they have observe
  11. Hi I'm new to this forum ,iv read lots of posts on here similar to mine and the advice and support on here is brilliant so i thought id post and hopefully some one can help me. My husband left me feb 2011 so i started claiming tax credits,based on i worked 19 hours a week and have 3 children. He moved into his parents and just paid board to his mum(cash) He continued to pay mortgage,insurance,sky and council tax here instead of maintenance. So i paid every thing else which comes with running a house 3 kids and a dog(poorly dog with heavy vets bills) I asked and asked him to cha
  12. I phoned up my H/A at the start of march to let them know i would like to give notice to leave the property.They informed me that i have to put it in writting.I sent them notice recorded/signed for at the end of march and moved out about 2 weeks later. I heard nothing from them until the 29th of july when i recieved a call asking why i hadnt responded to any letters.I told them that i had left the property and i sent the notice at the end of march unfortunatly i threw away my proof of postage 2 weeks ago and without it they say i am liable for £1404 of unpaid rent. Is there any other
  13. After serving my council with a Subject Access Request via recorded delivery royal mail in May, to which were attached copies of my current utility and council tax bills as proof of my identity. I have just received their response. Their letter addresses me by my first name (I don’t know the letter writer) and say they have the files ready but want me to go and collect them in person. Not only that, they are demanding I supply them with a minimum of two identification items and insist one of these pieces of evidence bear my photograph. Around six weeks ago, I received a surprise
  14. Hi Everyone, I've read loads of threads/posts where the above muppets have been reported to Trading Standards and the Office Of Fair Trading etc. Has anyone ever received notice that action has been taken against them, I know they are still upto their old tricks cos they are still sending me letters. Cheers Wooks001
  15. Thanks in advance for your help guys. So, my iphone 3gs decide to stop working. 2 yrs old took to apple they confirmed it's dead and gave e a print out for the insurance saying as much. I called insurance and they said I had to provide proof of purchase. Here lies the problem. The phone was a gift from an ex no longer in contact (who is) I have the box and Apple verified the imei number is not registered as stolen or been black listed. I have e-mailed an explained that the item was a gift, is there anything I can do to prove i own it? Cheers guy's. I hate insurance!
  16. 4 keys on my laptop have stopped working - now , my techie friend's guess is some form of spillage has caused it. It is under warranty for accidental damage . I informed tech support and they said ask my kids if anyone was responsible - but does it matter if it was my kids, the cat, next door neighbour??? -it's accidental damage. Tech support said "so you're not sure" (even so will anyone admit to it?- and is that relevant???). Tech support themselves have offered no solution/reason as to why 4 keys have stopped working. ...er how about ....accidental dam
  17. My mothers currently having problems with her old insurance company. While she was with them, she accidently missed an instalment (first time in the 10 years she had used them.) They terminated the policy, and so my mother went to go renew it. I was sure she was paying over the odds anyway so convinced her to shop around and she went with another company. The new insurers want proof of her full no claims (never had a claim in 32yrs driving.) We got in touch with her old insurance company to obtain proof of her no claims, but the company declined saying that her NCB defaulted to zero because of
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