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  1. I am a 53 year old woman.live alone, working 20 hours a week on minimum wage. get a small amount of tax credits ..Pay full council tax and only get £19 of my rent........after i then pay all my other bills and monthly bus fares I know i was definatly better off on benefits... However i need to work for my sanity Back to the original question I suffer with Restless leg syndrome and take Topamax and Zopiclone... Do i qualify for a perscription excemption certificate and if so how do i apply.. At the end of the month i have barely enough to eat let alone get my percription,but
  2. Hi I don't know if anyone is aware of the case law of Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited v Kotchea, Court of Appeal 26.1.11. A summary of this case is that a discrepancy as to interest rates was different. K had a strong prima facia case that the interest rate charged in 1998 which would have been specified in the document that he has signed were not those that appeared in the terms and conditions that were in evidence. The interest rate under a consumer credit agreement was a term of central importance. Section 78 required the creditor to supply a document which sets out the original terms
  4. I am currently trying to get £1,670 repaid from Lloydstsb I have sent the first letter off to them and they have replied stating that it was in my terms and conditions about the charges and that I should consult the OFT if I feel that I have been wrongly done to. I am prepared to go to court if I have a small chance of winning, however I have heard that Lloydstsb are one of the only banks that do not repay charges that they have made. Lloydstsb have currently got me overdrawn by £670 and I am in dire mess through them I have missed a mortgage payment and a secured loan payment I have had
  5. I applied for a post as a cook in a nursery 0nly 10 hours a week. Its not in my home town and I gave my boyfriends address as it is literally round the corner. I spend most of my time at his house anyway but pay my council tax and bills at my flat where my grown up son lives. Well now I have to have an enhanced CRB check and they want proof of address.I have nothing in my name at my boyfriends place ,everything is at my flat address. I have a passport (although its in my former name, I have an adoption certificate and loads of utility bills etc for my main residence but nothing
  6. Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some advice. I took out a storecard with River Island/GE Money when I was 18 which was around 9.5 years ago. I also took out an overdraft/credit card and stupidly defaulted on all of them. I started paying them off and was convinced that I had paid in full the storecard years ago. I paid off the rest in full last year. However around 1 year ago I was contacted by a debt collection agency out of the blue in relation to a £270 storecard which hadn't been paid off. I've since changed banks and didn't keep statements etc from around the time
  7. On the 30th of November 2005 my S500L was recovered to Mercedes-Benz Chelsea's workshop for warranty work. I was subsequently asked for £6,640 as the damage to the car was "caused by you or somebody known to you". This was not true as proved in the trial at the County Court. Now, in 2014, I have reached the end of a long and expensive legal action and it is time to tell my story. I am looking for a person(s) to help me turn this long and complicated story into a concise easy to follow story. I have tried several times , but, its the old story, that, as I have lived with this fo
  8. Hi all, In July 2012 I settled an outstanding payday loan (for roughly £350) with 247MoneyBox, after it had been passed on to the debt collection company Equidebt. I agreed the settlement figure with Equidebt and paid it into their account, with the company assuring me they would now inform 247MoneyBox that the debt had been settled. I requested written confirmation of this (which I have since passed on to my employer as part of a security check). Over a year later and I have started receiving letters from a company called Rossendales Collect, informing me that I still have an outsta
  9. If you have recently moved to UK and are living with relatives. Are there any tips on how to provide proof of address to open a bank account?
  10. I have received a letter from DLC which is acting on behalf of lloyds TSB and that I owe them £700 so I asked for proof of debt this was back in June 2012. I have not heard from them other than they have returned the debt and request back to LloydsTSB. Today I got a letter stating that the debt is mine and that lloyds have a legal duty to collect the money from me. The debt apparently dates back to feb 2007, I am unsure what do now as I asked them to prove the debt but they haven't other than a letter from DLC stating it is my debt. Apparently the debt was assigned to Hillesden
  11. My ex-employer never used to provide me payslips printed in official stationary. They used to provide them electronically to my company's email account, to which I don't have access anymore. These electronic payslips are not accepted as proof of income by banks and govt. agencies. I contacted them to provide me the payslips in company headed paper or stamp and sign them. So I can use them as proof of income. However, they are not replying to my email and their HR seems unreachable over the phone. I really need these to prove my income of the period I worked for them and
  12. Hi, I had a default on my credit file. i ignored it at time then got taken to court, i never bothered to attend and they were awarded a ccj, due to problems at time it was least of my concern. But now i challenged it and i asked for a copy of proof of debt and default notice sent to me. They replied back saying they need more time. How much time do i need to give them as its now passed a month and they stopped all contact. I never recall getting a default letter its why i asked, and also i wanted a statement of account and proof that i owed the original debt.
  13. Hi All, hopefully this will be a quick question to resolve, but haven't had much luck myself: my partner is Slovakian and as such needs to prove tax paid in the UK at the end of every working year in Slovakia to stop her needing to pay tax there. Normally this has been done through a P60, but as she wasn't working on the cut off date at the end of the last tax year she hasn't received one. We wrote to HMRC requesting proof of tax paid, but received just a really basic letter that just covered the time she did work; the problem being it does not look at all like a summary for the year,
  14. I have recently had my son 12 move to me full time rather than 60% of the time with me and my daughter 14 who has been full time since wife left, now divorced no orders made. I notified council but 1 they insist they need proof that I get the child benefit for him, this will take time through Benefits Agency as I am just applying and suspect ex will drag feet replying she wants to have it then give it to me I said no. I thought they needed this only if there was a dispute as to where he lives. 2 must produce his birth certificate . I have his passport, euro medical card, he now gets f
  15. Hi, My husband was sacked for theft on the 1st October 2012 without any proof or police involvement, he was not even questioned by the police. He filled in an ET1 form and was given a hearing date for today 31st May 2013. His ex employers solicitor ordered a pre hearing review saying his claim was 34 days out of time. My husband tried to argue that he had appealed internally and did not receive his appeal letter until the 3rd of November which would have made his claim in time but the judge refused to hear his case anyway. Please tell us what if anything he can do now? We don't
  16. Hi, I have had Lowell sending me letters about a debt that I know I never took out. It was a with a loan company and I have never had a loan in my life. I asked them for a signed credit agreement as proof and they sent me a reconstituted copy of a credit agreement. On it my address was handwritten as was my name. There was no signature or date on the agreement by either myself or a representative of the company. I told them this is not proof, anyone can mock up what they sent me but they tell me they are not obliged to send me an exact copy of the signed credit agreement as I would h
  17. I've been working nearly solidly for the last 18 months and I have joined a new recruitment agency. I had 12 months continuous work and another 5 months continuous work. The recruitment consultant said because I have not been working for 2 years I have to provide proof I was claiming benefits before I started work 18 months ago. Well I threw all of my job center paperwork out when I began work. I just do not understand why they would want this...you would think they would want to zap you into a job asap...but instead I've been made to jump through hoops! I don't know how I'm goin
  18. Hi Can anyone help, a friend of mine has a parking fine which has gone to bailiff, he has sent in his I&E and they are now asking for proof. They want to see "documents to support this" "We require documents to confirm you income and expenditure such as wage slips, bank statements, benefit letter and also any further documents that confirm you are in financial difficulty" I thought that really only a court can ask for this information, but bearing in mind they are collecting on a fine, does this give them the authority to ask for this information and does he have to provide it?
  19. ]Hi guys, This is my first post on here so please be kind. I defaulted on a Mint card way back in June 2007 for £4,500. At that time I was in dispute and refused to pay monthly payments until this was sorted. I then heard NOTHING for five years and for the first 18 months of that the debt appeared on my Credit Expert file as an ongoing 3 ball. last year however, I received a letter from the dreaded Arrow Global who informed me they had 'bought' the debt from Mint. I asked a barrister who informed me that selling a debt is unlawful, but non the less they are still taking people to cou
  20. This is my first post so please excuse the length of the thread and the incorrect use of paragraphs, it was just to make the post clearer and easier to follow. I received a PCN from Islington council in December of last year. I was half parked on a double yellow line and half in an out of hours residents bay on a residential road. It was a Sunday evening in a commercial vehicle (under 3.5 tonnes) and I was unloading and making a delivery to a house. The unloading was constant and I did not leave the vehicle unattended for more than 5 minutes at a time and overall I was there for unde
  21. We bought a Toyota Celica T Sport that failed on the first day of ownership: big end bearing failure. We have an engineer's report and permission to use it. Knowing that the defendant has to prove that the engine was ok when the car was sold, can he use an MOT certificate to do this?
  22. Hello everyone and keep up the good work. My story is the following. March 2013 will be exactly one year of being unemployed and taking Job Seekers allowance and Housing Benefit. Today I was told to go to the Job Centre with my passport , the booklet in which i write down the job applications I do and my last Bank Statement. The Rent Agreement is under my name and under my flatmates name since the beginning and that is what I have proved to the JSA and Housing Benefit when I have applied. Also I want to mention here that every months rent has been paid from my account wi
  23. Hi, I'm new here and hoping for some help. My fiance was with his ex for a number of years but split up 3 years ago and apart from sporadic visits she hasn't been in contact at all. July 2012 time he received a letter saying she was taking him to small claims court for £5000 and the return of a computer (he doesn't have it, never has) in the letter was a budget calculator and a form for him to fill in in regards to what he could afford to pay. Turns out he never sent it back but we haven't heard anything from her since then and we haven't heard anything from court/bailiff etc. She has si
  24. Hi Everyone, I moved into my previous flat in May 2003 and I paid 4 weeks rent in advance and £500 deposit, both by cheque. The rent was increased once in 2012. I have never missed a payment during my tenancy there. I duly gave 4 weeks’ notice on 10/12/12 and moved out on 05/01/13. I didn’t pay any rent after giving the notice. Now the landlord is saying that their ledger is showing that I am in arrears and if I can’t prove otherwise I owe them 4 weeks rent. I don’t have the old bank statements or the cheque book anymore nor do I have an account with that bank. Can anyone please advise
  25. Hi, I've just received a letter from RBS regarding an SAR I have requested. The letter states that - 'as you no longer hold an account with us, to protect you from fraud, we need to verify your identity before the request can be completed. Please send three month' original bank statements or an original utility bill, dated within the last six months showing your current address. We are unable to accept credit card statements, copy documents or mobile telephone bills.' Although I understand I do have to provide the info I'm struggling to provide originals as I only receive
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