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Found 37 results

  1. Hey, Can someone offer me some advise here, back in November we purchased 2 of the Google Nexus 7 tablet computers for the kids christmas presents. One of them has not gone faulty with a common issue where they stop charging and become unusable. We have contacted CPW to see what they can do under the warranty and they are basically saying that as they no long have a service agreement with Asus they can unable to offer me any support in regards to replacement or repair - I have to go directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer are saying other wise and again CPW are having none of it - I have escalated this to the CEO's office at CPW however they are still sticking to the story of not being able to offer any help and my need to speak tot he manufacturer again. Is this right or am I being royally fobbed off. The tablet is 7 month old, undamaged and fully boxed. What can I do? Many Thanks
  2. I have a pair of "Studio" Beats by dre headphones. These have became faulty and are in need of a repair. However beats are objecting the repair due to these headphone being outwith the warranty. The headphones i had were replaced in july 2013 and i received a new pair. Would this be contestable as this is a new product - do the new headphones come with an extended warranty ? - The original warranty ran out in december 2013. Thanks
  3. In their current catalogue, Argos advertised a Bosch Cordless Garden Trimmer in a featured spread at £24.99. I reserved the product by telephone to collect from my local branch. I went to the branch, quoted my reservation number, paid for the product, collected the boxed product and left the store. On my way back to my car, I noticed the word "corded", rather than " cordless". Believing that the wrong product had been selected from the warehouse, I returned to the store. I was told that there had been a pricing error in the catalogue, and that the product I had expected should be £99.99. The product I was sold had been allocated the same catalogue number, and I was told that I should have been made aware of the substitution at the till. I was not, and not when making my resignation. They told me that they could only offer a refund, which I was obliged to accept, as the substituted product in no way matched what I was expecting. Reluctantly, I had my money back and wrote to Argos Customer Service, who merely apologised. Do I have any further rights in this matter?
  4. Hi, 2 months ago i bought several packs of wooden flooring from Homebase, which was subsequently laid. I have been online to buy an additional 18 packs to complete the project but it says there are only a few packs left dotted across stores around the country. I called their customer services to be told that the product was now discontinued. They 'cannot' get the remaining packs delivered to my local store and i cannot order online. I said i am left with half a completed room and was told 'nothing we can do'. The product has not been and is still not being advertised as discontinued. I emailed their complaints dept and asked for resolution but they just said that there was nothing they could do. This is going to leave me £100's out of pocket as i will have to re-purchase and lay new flooring in the area i have just done! Do I have any rights??
  5. I think this is in the right place...! Last night I was shopping online for a SAD lamp, imagine my joy when I found one on the Maplin website for £9.99! 'Too good to be true!' thought I, but I checked, double checked, and triple checked the item picture and description, and sure enough, it is described and photographed as a SAD light. Now I have a funny feeling that what awaits me in store is actually a bulb for the £44.99 SAD light. I have paid for what is described on the website, in order to pick it up today. So where do I stand when I say 'this isn't what I've paid for'?
  6. Hello, I bought a "custom made" item of clothing online in July and received it in September.. I specifically asked the retailer if they would be able to match my specs (after sending them several emails and pictures of what I wanted to be done) and they said they could. On receiving the item, it was 3 sizes too big and completely different from what I asked of them, when it was meant to be custom made and made to measure. I tried to do a claim through PayPal but they do not cover personalised items and was advised by a PayPal agent to contact my bank, which I then did. I received the full amount back from the bank, as chargeback. However, I am now being contacted by the retailer to ask for the product back. The clothes are for a wedding in December and I have already sent them off to a tailor to get them fixed. As they breached the contract in the first place, are they allowed to claim the product back legally or make a criminal case against me (which they threatened on the phone)? sorry for the lengthy message and I hope i posted this in the right place. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance Han
  7. Hi, I rececently ordered a keyboard and cable for my Andoid tablet from an online compny that specialise in the tablet's manufacturer. This was a month ago and it hasn't arrived. I ordered a case from the same company a year ago and it took about 3 weeks and had a Belgian postmark so I gave it a while this time. I e-mailed them a week ago and received a reply checking they had the correct address. They do. I heard nothing more since then despite an email requesting an update. It may be that they've resent my order but as it's been a while since I've heard from them I don't want to assume. It's not a huge amount but given the number of companies having trouble I'm getting a little worried. I don't want to mention names yet but does anyone have any advice? The retailer may not be UK based and if it were I'd assume that the contract was incomplete if the goods are not delivered to me. Am I right and what would yousay in the next e-mail? Any help gratefully received.
  8. Hi everyone I ordered some grocery from Tesco online this week and received 2 packets of expired Maggi. The Maggi was expired in Aug 2010 which they sell in 2013:-x !!??? I wonder don't they check their products at all before selling? If anyone at home had eaten these 2.5 years old expired product, some serious/non-serious health issues might have occurred ..and this wasn't the first time , once from store i bought veg patty(clearly labelled as vegetarian) and found non-veg patty inside after taking a bite, since i don't eat non-veg i exchanged it with same price sandwich. Through this forum, I thought to share it with all consumers with intention to increase awareness. I intend to return these products but do you think one should take any action? if yes, then what action...that reduces their negligence?
  9. I bought a 5-site pond-fogger/mister from Maplins at the end of March 2011. The item is used about 4 times a week, for a few hours at a time. By september it had decided to stop working, so (as I keep all my receipts) I took it back to the store, where a very nice lady replaced the whole thing, without fuss. This last weekend, the replacement has now died. As I was just over the 1-year warranty (On the original unit) I didn't hold out much hope, & rang the store. After a little gentle persuasion, the store manager agreed to replace it again, although he said the "3rd unit" would be provided without any warranty whatsoever. I have the receipt for the original purchase, the replacement in Sept., & this one I've just got. My issue is, if this one only lasts circa-6 months, as the previous 2 have, (same type of fault on both, the item comes with a 24-volt DC transformer which is fine, & outputting voltage, but nothing from the unit) - Where do I stand? The item was £75.00, Maplin's branding is on the 24v transformer, but the actual fogger has "asia-mist" stamped on the back. It is clearly a low quality fogger unit, & likely to go pop again, around November-time. Am I not entitled to expect this thing to run for (at least) 12 months? I wouldn't have parted with £75.00, & *3* trips to my dingy town-centre, along with parking etc., to essentially have an item that's only useful for 6 months at a time. I have used the 3rd item (2nd replacement) now, I am very careful to follow the user manual & all instructions for safe & effective (!!!) use of the item, as I did for the previous ones. It is removed from the pond every week, & cleaned, (& I do mean EVERY week). I'd understand it failing if it wasn't being properly looked-after. Where do I stand when this one inevitably breaks down pls?
  10. I am looking for some comments / critisism / feedback on a product. It is a heat sensitive mug which reveals text when it gets hot. Do you think this is a good concept? If not, why? - Thanks in advance - P.S. I am currently completing a project and am interested in the opinions of people such as yourselves who are discussing consumer products, so ANY comments are much appreciated.
  11. Hello, I paid £109.95 for a Dolls house advertised as being 'Complete with Furniture' from an online retailer. The box did not contain the furniture. The company have apologised and said that they will amend their website and have said that "We have now amended our website and as advisedin the terms and conditions which you agreed to when orderingdescriptions can differ from the product." Their terms and conditions say: "Although we aim to keep the Website as up to date as possible, the information including Product Descriptions appearing on this Website at a particular time may not always reflect the position exactly at the moment you place an order”. I am writing a letter of complaint to their customer services and would appreciate any help to construct a powerful response to them. Many thanks,
  12. I am posting on behalf of my client, who is also a good friend. My Client decided to Change his bathroom into a shower room. He purchased the products himself, but with my discount from a plumbing merchants I use. The problem he has is that, the board he chose to install on the walls, where the shower enclosure was to be fitted were faulty, but did not show up until after installation. The shower boards installed have very small chips along one of the tongue and groove edges. also the toungue and groove joints are not flush they dip. The main supplier sent out there Representative to inspect the boards,and he agreed that there were defects in the manufacturing of the board. There response was as follows Following your resent communication our representative J***** T***** has been to visit Mr C M***** 600mm tongue and groove Hydropanels . On arrival he found chips along the edge of the panel, with this in mind we would collect the panels for credit. This would be in full and final settlement of any claim, and would not include any re fixing costs . They seem to ignore the joints that are not flush. What they seem to forget is that it will cause damage to the plaster, the end panels have a chrome profile so this may get damaged removing the boards, Can any one please advise what cause of action we can take to resolve this matter, so my friend is not to much out of pocket and resolved quickly. Thanks in advanced Leakie
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