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Found 36 results

  1. I have been on a running battle with PPS over a ticket issued on me since 2013. I actually made payment into the machine but it stopped receiving a 10p by returning it and i kept repeating it until the transaction was aborted but the machine did not return the £1.25 i had already inputted out of £1.40 charges for 2 hours and I later discovered that the machine does not accept any new coins be it £1, 50p, 20p nor 10p but this was after my appeal was rejected by popla on a flimsy excuse. I left a note on my dash board to report the event to whom it may concern while i was in church but came out to see the ticket on me. I appealed but it was rejected but I still strongly stand by my conviction that I was on the right. Now I am to be in court and have till 14th to submit my defence. Any help on doing this cos I cant afford a lawyer now. cheers. Vincent O.
  2. Hi, I have been a member of CAG for years and have used your excellent advice to claim back bank charges back in the day. unfortunately i have an issue which needs a little more tailoring. i have received a court claim dated 24th November from Drydensfairfax solicitors / Cabot Financial for a very old (July 2006) Premier Man account. If i remember correctly (need to dig out all the paperwork) but this was a small debt I must admit i should have dealt with this many years ago but i guess i hoped it would go away if ignored. i have kept all the paperwork but do not have a default notice or any correspondence from Premier Man of any intention to transfer the debt to a DCA. The POC reads:- The Claimants claim is for the sum of £16xx.xx under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 between the defendant and Premier Man Account number Nxxxxxxx and assigned to the claimant on 13/01/2012, notice of which has been provided to the defendant the defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement despite requests for such payment. and the claimant claims the sums of £16xx.xx together with costs i will be making a CCA and CPR 31.14 request tomorrow. any advice you can offer would be welcomed and appreciated. thanks in advance C22
  3. Dear Members After initial assessment, I was told that I meet the criteria for HSBC Premier (salary) but I was advised that I should buy a Protection product. The issue is that they are charging £599+VAT for arranging Protection product Is this normal? the Premier Relationships Manager sent me an email "Please be advised that in order to arrange an Investment or Protection product with me you would be subject to an advice fee which is a minimum of £499 + VAT" I replied that I would not need advice as I would just purchase the protection product. I am waiting for their response The HSBC Premier account would be useful when being overseas and transferring money from different accounts without charge Thanks in advance for your advice
  4. Hi, I've just received a county court claim form from Shoosmiths LLP claiming on behalf of Cabot Financial for an old Premier Man account from the 17/12/2008 for the sum off £406. I don't have any paper work from the account and got into financial difficulty around that time. Can anyone please shed some light on what is the next step, should I ask for a copy of the agreement etc. It says I have 14 days to reply so any help would be much appreciated. I have made no payments since 2008. Regards Mitsy
  5. Hello all, first post here so here goes. I have received a PCN from Premier Park Ltd today 17/05/14, while parked outside of my property, a new build flat in Portsmouth. Firstly it was attached to my windscreen in an official looking yellow and black bag stating that it is an offence for anyone other than the driver to remove it from the vehicle. As it is only a parking charge issued by a private company is this a legally correct statement? It was parked in a permit only spot without a permit being displayed. The parking bay in question belongs to the housing association offices who run the development. It states that you can only park here between the hours of 7pm to 7am. The offices are only open Monday to Friday. As this was a Saturday the offices were closed. As I was loading and unloading my car at different times through out the day I required the use of the one 20minute loading spot for the development of 60 plus properties. This was denied me as the same car had been parked in it since the night before. Its a pretty standard PCN charging me £100 reduced to £60 if I pay within 14 days. I noticed that no PCN was seen attached to the car using the 20 minute bay. This seems poor management by the housing association and Premier Park. Not sure how to proceed and to what points I need to make my appeal. I have seen some older posts telling people to simply ignore these charges. Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks...
  6. I would like some advice concerning two PCN's issued by Premier Park Ltd. I have made an appeal against the issuing of the two PCN's due to my personal feeling that both the landowner and Parking company are being complicit in being unreasonable with parking in the Highgate residency of Bath riverside new build flats. As such the contractual agreement they suggest I am agreeing to, I most certainly don't, sadly there was no one present to hear my objections as I parked My car was parked outside my girlfriends flat on an evening and by late morning when I went back to the car, there were two PCN's attatched. I am a reasonable fella and will pay parking charges where it is reasonable for me to do so. In this case I did indeed ignore all the parking signs as I felt the contractual agreement contained within it, was completely unreasonable and non compliable. There are supposed to be 16 visitor spaces for these flats, with a visible "V" marking in them. In fact there are only 5, of which 3 are signed "contractor parking only", the remaining two slots were filled. The parking signs declare anyone who is not parked within a visitor space with a visitors permit displayed, is in breach of the contract and liable to pay a charge (£100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days). 1: Both PCN's attached to my car and the notices within them clearly have a warning that the removal of these notices by anyone unauthorised is an offence. That as I understand it is actually unlawful, as stated in Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, para D. 2: Issue reason on both notices were for parking in a no parking area. I was clearly parked in a parking area. I must have been as contractors, the landowners and estate agents for the properties in the area were all parked along the same area as I in the morning. Non of whom got a ticket or ever will. So as far as I am concerned their reason for issue is false. 3: I have asked for proof of contractual agreement between the landowner and parking service company. 4: I have asked for the company to provide me with evidence of damage/costs caused by my parking there. 5: I have requested the company to provide to me direct, any photographs showing my car illegally parked and who was driving the car. 6: Due to a previous incident with a private parking company, I permanently have a sign within my car, it lives on the drivers instrument panel and on the rear parcel shelf, it reads as follows: Warning: Private property. Any and all individuals or employers of individuals, other than Official council traffic enforcement officers or police, who interfere with this vehicle in any manner without prior permission of the owner, are agreeing to pay a fine of £100, per incident. No negotiations will be entered into, all payments must be paid within 14 calendar days from the date of incident occurring. Placement of flyers, banners, stickers, notices all count as invasion of privacy and interference with my property. A further charge of £50 will be applied for removal by the owner of any objects or marks made upon this vehicle. Vehicle owners details may be obtained via DVLA at your expense. These details should be used to make your payment. Cash or cheques payments only, will be accepted. These charges may be dropped if an apology is made within a timely manner by the offender or company employing said offender. In your considered opinion, what are my chances?
  7. hi all, firstly im new to this so please bear with me. I received a Parking Charge Notice in Exeter from Premier Park. I bought a valid ticket and it for one thing or another blew upside down. I appealed the decision and it got rejected (from reading other posts this seems to be the norm). One error i seem to have made is that i put my name and address on the letter and said it was my car. I didnt say i was the driver. Do you have any advice. Should i appeal to POPLA or is this a waste of time. Do i ignore it? I have seen this mentioned a lot but these posts are a few years old. Does their advice still hold firm? Hope all this makes sense
  8. warning to all dont use premier inn because i booked a family room for 2 nights for me my wife and kids at the hemel hempstead central hotel and the receptionists took our payment booked and checked us in then kicked us out saying we cant stay there and we are not going to have our money back they were rude and spitefull we came all the way from great yarmouth it was after 10pm by the time we got there the kids were tired and hungry but they did not care i complained then and on the phone as well as email when i got home but still they wont respond or refund our money i am telling the world so it dosn't happen to anyone else.
  9. Deal is part of debt restructure and follows sale of other brands including Robertsons Jam. The Branston factory in Bury St.Edmunds is included in the sale. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20135080
  10. Hello I am having a problem with Reliable Collections. I have been paying them for a long time. In May this year (2012) they wrote to increase my payments. They told me how much I could afford. I wrote back and told them that what I can afford is different to what they say I can afford. I offered them £9 per month, from £7.15 per month. Payment was also due so on May 15th I paid the £9 I had offered. Since May 15th was nearly the last day to pay on that months installment I paid the £9 immediately. When I checked my account online shortly after paying I noticed there was still £9 owing. I emailed them 3 times to say I had paid. I talked to them on the telephone (not nice people) and was told that the account had been reset a couple of days AFTER I had made my payment so that months payment became invalid and I would need to make another £9 payment. I said my budget only allows 1 payment per statement month, they said that wasn't their problem. I wrote to complain but received no response to my complaint. I did receieve a reminder letter and a £12 charge. I wrote again, no response from them about my complaint. They added another £12 charge (within 3 days of the other charge). They want me to pay £18, now it's £27 (May, June, July). I paid the agreed amount in May, they said it is invalid. I paid £1 June and they will get another £1 in July and until the greedy swines sort this out. £24 so far in charges, and prob be another £24 this month (July). Would I be able to claim these charges back for definite? Are they breaking any rules I mean? If I can get the charges back can someone link me to what I need to do please. I have tried looking but forums really confuse me, sorry (oh and sorry if this post is in wrong place) Thank you so much.
  11. Hello there. Just need alitte advice. The area where I live there is a residential parking area which is monitored by premier park. Yes there are signs about displaying a valid permit, But as this is my flat with my own space which I own they still put a parking ticket on my car. Im wondering where I stand. Ive been following the advice iv seen on other forums about ignoring them and I have recieved the usual letters requiring paying of £50,£100, then £150 from there debt recovery plus ltd. With the latest letter with a reduced payment offer of £120 ( which I will not pay) as I was parked on my own landed which with a lease of 150years (including parking space). In this letter It tells me about CCJs etc the normal stuff. Just wondering where I stand. Regards Mthomas
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