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Found 30 results

  1. I purchased a Galaxy S4 contract with Vodafone on the understanding that I could make calls at a minimum from outside my house. I can't and so under the seven day cancellation I am attempting to return my phone. Despite being told it would be collected by DPD yesterday so far it hasn't been. On viewing my area on the Vodafone site I find despite my asking for the phone to be collected and cancelling the contracte there is a bill for £45-54 for line rental 2nd May -2nd June. I have cancelled my direct debit (due to have amount taken on 14th May) and am concerned as to what action Vodafone can/may take against me. I am quite willing to raise an invoice to them for lost recreation time (camping trip) due to the non-appearance of DPD yesterday resulting in a wasted day of my time (I am retired). I refuse to call them on an 0870 number due to my circumstances and would just like some advice as to my situation.
  2. Right i have been suffering from RSI from work, standard mouse and keyboard stuff and work were aware of the situation. Upon leaving recently i did not make my employers aware that i was going to potentially seek legal action, only going to proceed if im entitled. Anyway upon leaving i was given a signed letter by my director (not signed by me), nor explained to me which stated the following: "Please note that on acceptance of your final wage you agree that you do not hold any outstanding dues against (company name)" Is this legal and can it protect them from any workplace injury claim? Was really peed when i finally read the letter.
  3. Hello, I have a problem and I do not know what to do. Ten days ago my wife and I went to good jewellers and my wife tried on a ring that she liked. It was expensive and it was explained to us that although the stone had come from a secondhand source the setting and ring shank were new and that it had not been worn by anyone else. We thought that was alright and a price was agreed and the jeweller measured my wifes finger so that the shank of the ring could be resized. Jeweller said that he would call when ring was ready to collect and that it could be paid for then. Wife and I left shop happy. Jeweeler called week later saying ring was ready to collect. Wife went in today expecting to come out with new ring. However, the ring did not fit(it was far too tight) and the jeweller produced a cheap looking valuation certificate that described the ring as "secondhand". Wife asked for clarification about provence of ring but jeweller did not give clear answer. Jeweller tried to force wife to accept ring but my wife left shop without ring and did not pay for anything. Jeweller said he would resize ring(again) and that he would again call when ring ready to collect(again). My wife and I were alright with the stone being "secondhand" but now it would appear that the setting and the ring shank are also secondhand. My wife did not want a ring that had been worn by someone else and if she had would have gone to a store that dealt in secondhand jewellery. We feel that we were given wrong information about the ring when we agreed to buy it. Would we be in a position to reject the ring and refuse to purchase it? What advice has anyone got for this situation? Thank You
  4. My partner is currently suspended from work due to apparent gross misconduct. His letter of suspension says that he has seriously breached health and safety at work and bought the company name into disrepute. To breach health and safety, he hooked his feet on a metal bar and hung upside down and had a photo taken of him and uploaded onto facebook, whilst wearing his work uniform. However, his company name is no-where to be seen on the uniform - just looks like general hi-vis wear. AND this occurred on his break which is classed as UNPAID and the employees OWN TIME. What are the chances of him being dismissed? If he is dismissed, what are the chances of taking this to tribunal? Thanks.
  5. Hi I'll try and keep this short and sweet. It's the follow on to my last topics where I had a meeting with the director of HR. I'll soon be coming up to the 12 week (minus a day) to file ET1. After recording the appeal meeting, I contacted the Director informing them firstly that there minutes are not correct - I was told that was not the case, so basically tough and then the outcome came. Once I had the outcome I tried to make a formal complaint that they had been untruthful, misleading and inaccurate. Now as the recording and previous emails has them ignoring my request for reasonable amendments/adjustments - I'm registered with both mental and physical disabilities. It also has them admitting that my appeal won't be succesful along with other admissions including me mentioning breaches of trust and confidence and them agreeing. In the meeting, they would not allow me to raise any previous points or mention new points. They were pretty arrogant to say the least. I've been told that this is the end of the matter and they will not allow me to make any complaints or grievances AND have blocked my emails from getting to them. I've just spoken to ACAS who inform me I shouldn't fill out ET1 unless I resign. Can I not fill out ET1 stating disability discrimination (failing to make reasonable adjustments) and listing the breach of trust and confidence points I have? They have said that if I do get dismissed for incapablity and if the ET want to take my above points on board they will BUT don't have to within a time limit. I'm worried that if it gets past the time limit my above ET points to claim will no longer be vaild.
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