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  1. Hello all, I made a CCA request a couple of years ago, I got the usual reply, reconstituted agreement and application form, I wrote back and told them that this was not good enough. All went quite for 2 years, then I was contacted by a debt collection agency, I asked for deed of assignment, they claimed that the account was still with the original provider, I then made a CCA request of the debt collection agency, they responded by passing on my request to the card provider, this request has not produced the credit agreement either, although I have asked the debt collection agency what further recovery action can be justified, they have not replied though they insist that I must write to card provide, this I am in the process of doing, Can I just add that all the other Debt collection firms I have dealt with on this matter have closed their files when I have made my CCA requests. Any help would be greatly appreciated Benjamin
  2. I have just got back from my first appointment for (Post Work Programme Support) and it wasn't so bad as I thought. My advisor was very nice towards me as I knew him 3 years ago before I started the work programme, anyway he just told me what to expect now that I have completed Work Programme like for example: going on courses to help get into employment, visit the Jobcentre more often, update cvs and mock interviews ete. Also he tried logging into my Universal Jobmatch but he couldn't as I haven't give him access anyway this is the best part, he said I don't have to give him access if I don't want to as that is up to me and he said he will not force me as he said I can just fill in them Job dairy as normal and he wasn't very angry when he couldn't access my account. He said I need to start doing more now and he also said I need to treat this as a full time Job and he said I need to contact other organisations, does anyone know what he meant by that? does he mean Job agencies? if yes then I am already registered with them. My next appointment is on 03.12.2013 at 12.00pm.
  3. Hi, Sorry to trouble you - I am looking for advise following a written mortgage offer being sent by Nationwide Building Society ... then withdrawn. It's a long story, so don't want to post in the wrong forum ... but basically the mortgage offer 'was sent in error' and it has now been withdrawn. Please could you let me know where I would be best posting this. Many Thanks
  4. Hi all, I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this in. A friend of mine set off a smoke alarm in a hotel a couple of weeks ago. She said (and I can verify this as I visited her room) that there were no no-smoking signs in the room (or any that she saw outside of the main lobby). Her room was booked and there was no mention of the room being non-smoking. She apologised when the manager of the hotel arrived at her room and thought that was the end of it. The room was booked for a wedding. Now, the hotel are demanding a £100 'fine' and are saying that if she doesn't pay it, then they will bill the bride's credit card that they still have on file. Can they actually do this? Firstly, she signed nothing apart from the card that she filled her address on when she checked in - there was no mention of the room being non-smoking and no mention of a 'fine'. Secondly, even if there is an implied contract (which I would guess there is), would this not be considered a breach of contract therefore rendering this 'fine' unenforcable as per the 'Dunlop v New Tyre Co' argument? ...or should she simply pay up as they have her over a barrel?
  5. Hi Guys, can anyone help me with a problem. I am looking for a paper copy of The Washington Times to use as a prop for the production of Annie I'm putting on, but living 300 miles west of London, I'm finding it very difficult. I do have the number for the single copy office of the washington times, but that a US one and wanted a contact nearer to home. Any ideas? Boris
  6. I'm new to this - please be gentle! Yesterday, I found that Post Office Home Phones have set up a direct debit on my bank account. They had no authorisation to do this. I previously had a relationship with them but this ended in January 2013 after which I cancelled the direct debit. I have contacted Post Office Home Phones and the bank but as yet have had no response. I have moved house and countries (Scotland and England) since I last had a relationship with them. It is my assumption that they have retained my bank details and used them to reinstate a dead direct debit. How are they allowed to do this? Thanks for any help.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with this provider at the moment? I am prevented from sending emails - receiving a "System Error - please speak to your Internet provider" message. Speak to your Internet Provider - hmmm, now that appears to be a challenge. Having tried at various times throughout the day yesterday (they are open from 7am - 11pm, apparently) for a total amount of time of 4.5 hours listening to the grossest music with Ms Robot advising me "We are sorry we are experiencing a high volume of calls and my call will be answered as soon as possible" - I am assuming there are many other victims of this problem.
  8. Can anyone give any advice on where to go with this please? It all began at the start of the year when my broadband, supplied by the post office, began to drop out. First it was once every two days then it was numerous times every day. I also had a problem with the phone line. This problem continued for just under two months in spite of numerous calls made to the post office plus emails, the problem was never resolved! I was promised a new modem as an I.T friend of mine spoke to the post office explaining to them what the problem was with the BB dropping. They also had him changing sockets, filters etc. This modem never did arrive. So my last option was to cancel the subscription citing they had broken their contract by lacking to supply a service. (Plus the fact that I really need an internet connection and a phone I can rely on) Why did I not receive bill from the post office for their service's and why is the customer services so diabolical, in regards of promising to return calls and never once doing so? Not sending a break down monthly bill’s, let alone a finale receipt, is this an acceptable appropriate way to deal with financial transactions between the supplier customers. After two months, the post office took money out of my account (in the hundreds) without my knowledge, but my bank did block that transaction. After calling Ofcom" who told me to call the ombudsman who then began to deal with the complaint against the post office. Now the ombudsman have past me back to Ofcom who are currently looking into the lack of paperwork from the post office, statements etc. Meanwhile the ombudsman is continuing with investigating my complaint, after I called them once again today to highlight my concerns, which they apparently completely missed this included my email sent some weeks ago. The point is, if the ombudsman chooses in favour of the multimillion post office, would there be another body I can take this complaint to be analysed, as I really do feel the post office failed in their duty to supply me with a working service for almost two months with never sending me a single statement, paper or otherwise. The ombudsman said, the post office has informed them that they have tried to contact me on numerous occasions, but that is just a plain and simple lie, I have not received an email, letter or phone call on the both phone numbers that was provided to the Post Office not even on my first complaint. :jaw:Today Ofcom informed me that I would have to PAY for legal advice should the decisions go against me. They also informed me that they “only monitor” and cannot give out advise, and similarly ombudsman can only mediate and make the final decision. All very CONfusing. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  9. Hi this problem has been outstanding for many years but this year has got worse. i live in a converted property of 2 flat, i therefore share a letterbox with my neighbour. over this past year the reoccurance of my neighbour opening my mail has increased. this time it is twice within one week. this is causing me some embarassment. i have tried to ignore it, but in all honesty i am now fed up to the back teeth especically as it has been brought to my attention via senders that some of my post have gone missing! i think these are the ones my neighbour couldnt be bothered to give me back! i have never in all the years i have lived in the house opened any post but my own. my neighbour will or will not leave an accompanying note of apology. there are no literary issues, surely this has to be a form of harassment. over the years there have been other issues, and the only other time i got so fed up i wrote a letter to the neighbour about it was to do with tresspass and the repeated removal of my washing from my washing line, my washing left on the back stairs damp with her cats using my washing as a bed to lay on! anyway that letter worked! i now need help with how to word the letter about the opening of my mail. is it a criminal offence? what are the consequences? am i able to report the matter to the police? i just want my complaint taken seriously by my neighbour and for the incidents of the letter tampering to stop. any help that anyone can provide is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi there In 2007, due to unforeseen circumstances, I entered into an IVA. One of the creditors within the IVA was Halifax. The IVA was successfully completed early in 2010. Since undertaking the IVA in 2007, I have periodically contacted Halifax and their debt collection subsidiary Blair, Oliver & Scott, to request that default payments appearing on my credit report are zeroed out. Halifax should be well aware that an IVA was in effect from 2007, as well as completed in 2010, owing to the following reasons: 1) Halifax attended the initial IVA meeting in 2007 and were legally informed of the IVA decision in writing 2) Halifax attended the variation meeting in relation to completion of the IVA on 14th April 2010 3) a copy of the IVA completion certificate was sent to both Halifax and Blair, Oliver & Scott in 2010, 2011 and 2012 On 26th April this year, having noticed my credit report still showed payments defaulting as recent as February 2013, despite dozens of calls to both Halifax and Blair, Oliver & Scott over the course of the past six years, I called Halifax to discuss this issue once again. It was my intention to try and seek redress in one way or the other concerning the distorted figure of outstanding debt on my credit file, as well as harassment on Halifax's part by the continued issue of statements which I am still receiving on an account that now holds a nil balance. Upon speaking to various people at Halifax last week, it seems I am none the wiser as to how the series of errors on Halifax's part have occurred. I was, however, advised that: 1) By law, Halifax are required to issue statements despite the IVA reaching completion three years ago (despite my account being settled in accordance to UK law) 2) Halifax holds no records of the numerous calls I have placed concerning this matter since as far back as 2007, and Halifax holds no record of my IVA having been completed I have a number of concerns, some of which I need advice on, including, but not exclusive to: 1) my credit report indicating I am still defaulting payment on my Halifax credit card account, despite entering into an IVA in 2007, from which time the defaulted debt should have been written down to zero. 2) the continued receipt of statements which are still being sent by Halifax periodically since 2010, following completion of my IVA, despite various calls to Halifax 3) no record of calls made to Halifax with reference to the above issues, despite calling your company on numerous occasions since 2007 Further to the above, I understand a default notice will remain on an individual's credit file for six years from the date of issue. Therefore if a default notice is issued it would remain on my credit file for longer than the IVA, which is due for removal in September of this year. The default entries since 2007, therefore, are to be considered incorrect and entries which have distorted and will continue to distort my credit file for an additional six years following the date of the last default - in this case the last default was in February of this year. Having written to Halifax once again a couple of weeks ago trying to get my credit file records amended, it seems as though I've hit a brick wall. They have stated that unless I send a discharge certificate there is nothing they can do to amend my records. Having spoken to my old debt management company they don't have any idea what this is and have advised the completion certificate I have sent on numerous occasions should suffice. Upon telling Halifax this, the complaints department advised over the phone that they would be removing all default entires on my account and writing to me notifying me of this. As I didn't receive a letter I called back to be told I would NOT have the default payments removed! Instead, Halifax wrote to me, but failed to answer questions raised in my original email which were: 1) Why Halifax has no record of my IVA having been completed, despite being in attendance at the variation meeting in 2010, as well being sent various copies of the completion certificate 2) Why Halifax did not write down the outstanding balance to zero in 2007 What Halifax intend to do in relation to readjusting my credit record to remove all defaults since the IVA was agreed in 2007 3) Why Halifax have no record of my telephone calls to them regarding the above - I was previously advised that it may be because I didn't officially state I was making a complaint, but surely owing to the nature of my call, this should have been adjudicated as such by the staff I had been speaking to? 4) Why Halifax still continues to pester and harass me with statements stating that I am failing to make payment, which is causing undue distress Am I barking up the wrong tree to want to sue Halifax for the above, under the Administration of Justice Act 1970, as well as the Malicious Communications Act 1988, due to the statements which continue to be sent, telling me I have outstanding debt and am defaulting in payment as well as for personal injury - I am registered disabled and the stress this series of events has caused, and continues to, has triggered and contributed to various immune system issues relating to my disability which are medically proven to be brought on by stress - the above events are continuing to have a negative impact on my health. is there anything else that can be done by way of a court of law in order to receive compensation for: 1) the amount of time it has taken to deal with this issue (beginning 2007) 2) the negative impact Halifax's incompetency in not writing down default entities on my credit report has had on my credit file 3) the impact the past six years of dealing with Halifax has had on my health and wellbeing I have already logged this with the FOS, but would certainly like to pursue this by other means also. The only issue is that, due to ill health I am unable to work and am on benefits, so the cost of getting a solicitor may be slightly out of my range, unless Halifax were to cover legal costs should they lose any case made against them. If anyone could offer me any advice it would be very much appreciated. Apologies for such a long-winded explanation! Many thanks Joe
  11. Hi everybody, we bought a car on Wednesday from a used car dealer, Saturday afternoon it breaks down, spoke to garage yesterday they said" its out of there hands" I have to get the car back to them and there's no courtesy car available and no recovery, what can I say to them we paid 4250 for the car with 3 months warranty. They also knew it was for running an ill family member about. Any help greatly appreciated
  12. I recently tried to upgrade my bank account with NatWest from a basic account to a Current account, however I was refused due to a previous bankruptcy (removed from credit file March 2013 after 6 year period). Because they were aware of the bankruptcy (when they did a search when I opened the basic account) they stated that they would not be able to help. I attempted to open a bank account with HSBC but came across same issue as I included an overdraft in my bankruptcy. It now seems that all banks (only confirmed with 2) that I have been associated with during and after discharge have black listed me (my words not theirs but no mention of when I may be accepted again). Strange that I actually thought that after 6 years and a clean credit file (with all 3 CRA's) I would not be penalised for this, but it seems that is not the case. I would love to hear your comments/advise on this as it seems extremely unfair. The funny thing is I have successfully opened a current account with First Direct (Part of HSBC group).
  13. Never heard of this one before from a bank, but can someone just bring me up to date on this? Mate of mine sent a post dated cheque to Lewis Debt Collection Agency for a payment towards a late filing of accounts on behalf of Companies House. It was dated 9th or 19th May (Can't recall exactly) I just got this email from him after Lewis presented it for payment and his bank cleared it despite the post dated date...: "According to the bank post dated cheques can now be cashed anytime and they are not responsible for when they go through. It is now merely a “gentleman's agreement “ between the debtor and the creditor whether the date on the cheque is honoured. I did point out it was a post dated cheque on the correspondence I attached with it." (to Lewis) He was asking me if that was correct and I didn't think it was, but then it's a while since I have had much general day to day dealings with banks per sa....mine has been a trifle more confrontational ....anyone any thoughts on this? Thanks A1
  14. I wonder if I could get some help with my latest detective project. My sister sent me €200 from Cyprus for my birthday. She did this as she cannot transfer funds out of Cyprus. She sent it by "registered post" which I guess is equivalent to our recorded/signed for delivery. It cost her €2.24 and has 3 bar coded strips on the envelope. I received this today and when I opened the envelope, the taped-up card containing the money had been opened and nothing was in it. On closer inspection the main envelope looks to have been steamed open and resealed using brown tape and old style airmail stickers. My sister confirms she did not seal it this way. Although sent recorded, my postman handed me the mail and did not ask for a signature. I went to the local sorting office and they said it was strange, but they did not have a log of the recorded item and I am becoming very suspicious about this. They suggested I speak to the manager tomorrow morning and want to prepare myself. The sorting of the letter from Cyprus to me, I assume, would have been handled by machines with minimal human intervention, and that's why I believe it happened since arriving at my sorting office, however, I am not totally sure. My sister has known the post mistress in Cyprus for 25 years, but the envelope has three barcoded stickers, two are identical stickers, one of which I would have thought needed to be retained at the sending post office. My sister is my closest living relative and survives on a widow's pension that has been reduced by the Cypriot government. I am so, so angry, out of all proportion to the problem, but I cannot believe some wretch of a human being could do this. I lost my 19 year old dog two weeks ago and it seems one thing after another. I have spoken to Royal Mail and my sister has to start things from her end as the sender. If I sent a letter by registered post/special delivery from the UK I would be insured for the full amount and if I sent it recorded, substantially less. However, this is if the letter is lost. What is the situation when the contents are stolen? Thanks for any advice. Ruth
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22094308
  16. Hello All, I'm a newbie here so forgive me if I'm a little off with the format. Two days ago after seeing a van indicate to leave a loading section of the road, I pulled in ahead of him so to reverse as soon as he vacated. The section of the road that I pulled over to was beyond the section that allowed loading/unloading or waiting. At the time I wasn't aware of this and to be totally honest, would never really equate what I was doing to either Unloading or Waiting, since I had manouvered into a position that would allow me to reverse into the loading/waiting area (it is a very busy road so could not have stopped mid street behind the indicating van nor could I have stopped ahead of him for a reverse parallel park after he'd gone). While I was looking back in my side mirrors, quite literally, a Cival Enforcement Officer (although I'd say nothing was civil about the way this particular office behaved) appeared out of nowhere proceding to take a closeup picture of my tax disc. I was totally confused by this so got out of my vehicle to ask what he was doing. The attendant just ignored me, stepped further back and took another picture front facing picture ofmy vehicle. After taking his second snap he walked over to a pole and took another picture of a small 'No Loading/Unloading or Waiting' sign that had an arrow pointing to the right (which is where I was) which incidently I had not previously seen. I tried to explain to him that I was manouvering to park in the space directly behind me to which he simply replied "You now have a ticket" After scrambling my thoughts I then just returned to my vehicle and drove off. In which time he was able to take another two snaps, one from the rear and another from the front. Today I decided to call to find out of a ticket had been issued against my vehicle, and it had! I was able to view the incident details online using the ticket number given to me over the phone. The pictures taken had been uploaded for me to view. When I mentioned to the lady who took my call that no ticket had actually been issued to me, and that the CEO had not even begun the process before I left; she said that it had and that I must have been in that position for at least a minute since 1 picture was taken at 23 and the other 3 at 24 with the ticket being issued at 25 minutes passed the hour. I said that the ticket had not been correctly served, she replied it had, and advised me to appeal if I wished. I understand why parking enforcement companies have a tendancy to recruit cold unscrupulous types, but while it would have made sense for the man to have just explained or warned before issueing a ticket, I would not expect him to tell lies that the ticket had been issued. Please help
  17. Hi, Just some advice/suggestions needed regarding the Section 360(1) of the Insolvency Act 1986 - 1(b) The bankrupt is guilty of an offence if - (b) he engages ( whether directly or indirectly ) in any business under a name other than that in which he was adjudged bankrupt without disclosing to all persons with whom he enters into any business transaction the name in which he was so adjudged. Part 1a is understood. With regards part 1(b) we can't seem to find any clear definition of what business transaction means and if it includes retailing/selling my goods. I appreciate/understand the business has be "MY NAME trading as LOGO BUSINESS NAME" but can't make out if it needs to be like this on every bit of the website / logo / packaging /email etc. Seems a bit draconian if this is the case......? I am willing to put my name on all invoices and contact details, but I am looking to sell items of clothing / jewellery etc with my logo..... so do not want to add my name in the logo or the title of the website...? Hope this query makes sense
  18. Hope someone can answer this. WHY have a silly rule that you can't PM someone on the forum unless they are Admin until you have 30 posts? What is the logic behind this number? I can undestand not being able to PM if newly-joined (say can't PM for first month) but a post count? What rhyme or reason is there behind that? Art Dear All, Can someone explain to me why there is a rule meaning that you cant PM a forum member (unless Admin) unless you have at least 30 posts? What is the logic behind that number? I can understand a time-restricted rule (eg can't PM for 1st week or month after joining) to prevent spammers joining up then posting to other members immediatley, but surely a spammer would have to be really desparate to wait a week/month whatever before being allowed to spam?! There must be a rationale behind this - but I'm blowed if I can think of one! Art
  19. I just joined a few days ago with a post about impending court action from my water company. Someone then told me they'd moved it from the section I posted it in, and put it in the utilities section. Another poster suggested moving it, and then another said I should start a new post, as I had put it in with another post of similar subject matter. I'm new to all this and really would appreciate some help on where to post, and sorry if I am in the wrong secton now. Thanks for your help.
  20. I am in the process of taking Post Office Telecoms to the small claims court ( I want to charge them for the time I spent on the phone to them and writing them e-mails to establish that it was their fault, making my complaint, and the time my wife spent ringing round people, who we knew had rung us and had left us messages expecting us to reply. I am told that under their contract as a consumer phone firm I can't recover business losses, but I should be able to be paid for time that I spent doing work that they should have done. I reckon £20/hr is reasonable for e-mails and phone calls (it's actually less than my wage rate.) But what are the rules about this? We have a mediation appointment tomorrow, (by phone) so I'd like to know where I stand. Many thanks for any comments. They have offered us less than £7. iN TOTAL!
  21. Since last year June I have been having continual problems with TNT Post who are unfortunately delivering some of our domestic mail. They are choosing to dump them in a communal hallway and not in individual letter boxes. I have complained to various managerial employees who always apologise and say it will never happen again, which it does. Also complained to POSTRS who were useless. All TNT Post had to do is their legal team sent a letter stating they have all these wonderful structures in place apologising and that it will not happen again. In short the same incident happened yesterday. Really at my wits end as mail could be stolen. Has anyone else had issues with this companies delivery methods and what did they do to solve the problem? Thank you.
  22. Hello, I am in need of help, advise and guidance because I now feel helpless. I signed up to do a computer course back in 2007 with skills train. The sales person came to my house and I stupidly signed the contract with career development finance without doing any research. I realized after two months that I could not do the course at all as the course material was not very easy to understand plus I realised that the company had a bad reputation. I contacted skills train and they said they couldnt help me. I continued to pay 75 pounds monthly for a while, however I could not afford that amount when I fell pregnant and had to live off statutory maternity pay in 2008. During this time, the debt was passed on to Cabot Finance, and they agreed that I make minimum payment of 10 pounds a month. I carried on paying the 10 pounds. However, I received a letter from a company called The Credit Information Bureau on friday. The letter stated that account has been recalled by Cabot Financial. I have also received a letter from Cabolt today who are now claiming that they (Cabot) have recalled my account and the letter states that ''the most important thing for you to now is contact us to discuss way of payment'' I honestly do not recall ever speaking to anyone from 'The Credit Information Bureau' and I have paid the agreed 10 pounds since 2008. I am absolutely terified of contacting these DCA especially now that I am out of work and a full time student and single parent. I would be grateful for any advise given. Kind Regards, Leesha
  23. Hi all, I've received a 'Parking Charge Notice' through the post from VCS for: 'Parking/Waiting on a roadway where stopping is prohibited' at the airport. I did stop for a minute to drop someone off, but on the main road, not in any private car park. There were double yellow lines, but can a Private car parking company enforce a fine for this when I didn't stop in their area? I have read some threads concerning these charges, thanks for those, but just think mine might be a bit different because of the double yellows so thought I'd ask for advice. The notice does have a photograph of my car, but all it shows is my car, on a road somewhere, and nothing around it. If this is all the evidence they have,a photo of my car which could have been taken anywhere, can they proceed anyway? Thanks in anticipation.
  24. PLEASE HELP ME , i had a ccj against me in 2006 for £17.5k and with interest plus court costs it came to about £21k i was told to pay £40 per month but then i got made redundant i could not keep up payments i panicked and did a runner {I know i could go to prison} - no you cant!! i got a letter from HL Solicitors acting on behalf of Lloyds TSB who said fill in attachment of earnings order and make an offer of repayment or they will enforce the suspended attachment of earnings which was £40. My question is can i go back to the district Judge and ask him to lower it again or even write the debt off as i only work part time doing 2 shifts a week, £40PCM does not even cover the interest on this the debt is growing by at least £100 and i cannot physically do anything about it, Please advise me what to do my fellow caggers.
  25. Hi, Some time back I posted something with some info which I now cannot remove. Can I please have an admin edit it for me and remove the required bits of information? These bits of information are personal data! Thanks A
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