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  1. Hi Ive been looking on here for some time and I wondered if anyone could help me. In 2011 I had a ccj registered against me for unpaid nursery fees. I had post natal depression at the time and didnt receive the court papers due to probably not opening them. I received the judgement and explained to cci that I had left the nursery and did not owe the money, but may owed around a month. I paid some for a while and cancelled the payments as they kept taking it out on the wrong day. Anyway, I have been well for around 6 months now and have still not sorted the ccj out. I called the court then the hospital whom the nursery was with. They advised me they had some logs of the calls and the last date of attendance at nursery was 3 april, so I should have been charged 1.2 months not 4 months fees. He then phoned back and said they havent received a written notice and the full amount still stands. I definitely handed my notice in at the nursery but I have no proof. I explained I had to leave my job at the hospital due to pnd but he didnt seem to care. My question is, is it reasonable to charge 4 months fees when a child has not attended during this time. Is there anything I can do. I fear Ive opened a can of worms now rather than leaving it for another year Thank you
  2. I have my United States Postal Service tracking number and the package was delivered in London at 5.02pm Sunday 29th Sepptember 2015. Status, in transit to destination. it is a priority paid package and signature is required as proof of delivery. It took four days California the London. Day five and still no delivery. I have bent the ear of our postman everyday since Tuesday. We live 125 miles from London. This package is a book, not a big problem to some. This magazine has been out of print since 200015 and there were only two left, mine being one. If i want to buy a second hand copy from EBay I could have to pay up to £999.00 I am not kidding. If you are an emroiderer/quilter you might understand why this book has become so expensive. I exhibit at international quilt competitions these days. This book is a one of a kind and has a very intricate design. Royal Mail is nightmare, I cannot check to see if the package is stuck in the system. only the sender can do this via the United States Post office. There is no human I can speak to at Royal Mail customer Services. Not to be thwarted, and beiing an old campaigner i sent them an RM an email with all the facts needed to trace this package, as each step of the way the label has to be scanned for tracking purposes. It was scanned at Heathrow, despatched to Mill Hill, scanned there and no further scanning. No wonder Royal Mail is haemorraging customers.
  3. Hi I really need some help with what's happening with the jobcentre. Every time I go in there its awful and I dread it and always think what next So now I have been put on community work placement for 26 to 30 weeks! I finished the work programme in June 2013 so was put on post work programme when I went back to the jobcentre. In February I did mandatory work activity for 4 weeks. I was left alone for about a month then put on daily signing for 13 weeks, when I said to my advisor I thought this only applied to people who finished the work programme after April 2014 she said it applies to everyone now. Finished that and then about 2 weeks later I was put on a retail course. Just finished that and the first appointment I had at the jobcentre she says she's putting me CWP Can she do this? Fist I thought she couldn't because I finished the work programme before April and after reading what I can it seems you get placed on either daily signings or CWP not both If anyone could give me any information that would be great Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager only promoted to line manager in January 2015, previously same job spec as mine only different division). Was given a complete new territory in January unannounced (had been consultant for a different territory for over three years and built up good trust and sales with these customers). Regardless, went out and done my job, hit my sales target in January despite the whole territory being new. Two weeks into February had a conversation with my new line manager who was enquiring why the mood was so low in our team ( a team of ten consultants) and I had offered a suggestion that "maybe the constant negativity wasn't helping" . I said this as we had all received a barrage of negative emails and phonecalls from said line manager, and everyone was moaning about it, seen as we were a new team that had been put together in January, me being the longest serving employee out of the whole team said what I said. The day after, at 7.30pm I received a friendly txt from line manager asking if I could meet him the following day to have a chat about figures, I agreed as didn't think anything of it, went to the meeting location the next day, was invited into a room by line manager, next thing regional manager walks in (unannounced) asks me "do you know what youre here for" when I replied "it was my understanding I was here to have a chat about figures with line manager, he said "no, youre going to pick your way to leave this company". He said "you can either resign, or I will make your life hell and make you leave". You have until Tuesday the following week to decide. I told him after a barrage of abuse from him, I wasn't resigning. The next morning the abuse continued, wont go into detail just now but will if anyone wants to know the details, just want to get the main points out just now. The next day I met with HR as I was disgusted at what had happened and told HR everything that had been said and proposed etc. HR (after hearing my side of the story), two days later, they wrote back saying they had spoke to both concerned and that they had all agreed that they would all meet with me to have a discussion. I was horrified at this, I had been duped into a meeting were it was a 2 vs 1 scenario, no witnesses, was totally bullied and intimidated, no witnesses, and HR wanted me to meet with them again under the same set up, ( HR are supposed to be impartial but in our company they are not). Before this week came around I was that ill after the original meeting, had nearly crashed my car on a busy motorway after suffering a severe panic attack, more followed, that my GP signed me off work and prescribed anti anxiety medication. To cut a long story short, I raised a grievance, it was heard by same HR I had spoken to initially and another manager who offered me a "new position" when accompanying me down in the lift out of the meeting room once the grievance had been heard, I said nothing. It took them 5 months to conclude the grievance stating time out of office and work commitments. When the notes came out it was clear that both managers had colluded, also my notes were missing, when I asked about these, they then sent a diluted version of my notes, when I asked them that I wished them to be amended to what I actually said, they thanked me for the ammendum but stated it wouldn't change anything. They also added parts to my grievance which were not included, to absolve themselves I guess. My post was on a recruitment site straight after (I know this is not against the law but trying to give an insight). None of it was upheld. The two investigating, made the conclusion. In between the grievance conclusion and me stating I wished to appeal, the person I raised the grievance about was promoted. The Grievance appeal was heard by same HR person and finance director, was cut short as they had a flight to catch. I was then sent the notes of said meeting, it was so heavily diluted that anyone who didn't know about it would have a hard time working out what all of the fuss was about, my witness emailed their notes, after that, although a conclusion was promised by the end of last week, straight after my witness submitted their notes I received a "without prejudice" email asking me to accept a paltry amount of money. I would gratefully accept any advice on what to do next, if anyone has any questions please ask, I just tried to keep this post short (ish) and to the point. Thanking you all in advance.
  5. It should be noted that to date (3rd Sept 2015) I have not received any personal response from Kwick Fit since I sent this to them on 28/8/15 via their online coolants form. Dear Sir, Complaint regarding Kwick Fit at Sunderland Road, Gateshead During a recent MOT of my car at this garage on 2/6/2015 it failed due to supposedly faulty wiper blades. These were replaced in order to pass the MOT. I was curious of this failure as I had run my finger along the blades beforehand and did not feel any damage on the rubber nor was there any obstruction on the windscreen. I asked for them back as I wanted to see the reason for failure. When these were returned to me the blade had been physically torn from the wiper. It was not in this condition when I took it in to the garage. I however reluctantly took this as damage caused through removal of the blade from the wiper arm. Within two days of the MOT I noticed a crack which travelled from the bottom of the windscreen up to the wiper blade and followed the length of the blade. Although there was no chip, I have since been told by another independent garage that the crack is a direct cause of the wiper arm (without wiper blade fitted) being released under tension and hitting the windscreen with force. A little over a month later 25/7/2015 I returned my car to the same Kwick Fit garage to have a puncture repaired. During the tyre repair I was informed by the manager that the brakes were nearly worn out and the rear break calliper was seizing. The manager also told me the car needed a new brake disk due to ‘heat damage’ although I could not see any signs of bluing or warping due to heat when I inspected it. I opted to have the work done at a later date when the pads were actually wearing out The next day there was a constant grinding noise from the offending wheel. I contacted Kwick Fit to instruct them to replace the Pads and Calliper. At which the manager refused my instruction insisting that both rear brake disks were replaced as well at an additional £127.00 My experience from the MOT made me take the car to a non Kwick Fit garage for second opinion. The other garage engineer informed me that the pads had indeed worn out and were now metal against metal; in addition the garage told me he had to ‘chisel’ the pads out as the calliper was seized solid and had been so for some time. He didn’t mention heat damage, nor could I see any bluing on brake disk indicative of heat damage as Kwick Fit had stated. The reasons for my complaint are: Kwick Fit had not identified the worn brakes in the MOT, or a binding brake calliper during the MOT. Although the failure occurred a month following the MOT, the condition of the breaks should have been easily observed by a competent mechanic and, in my opinion the vehicle left the MOT in a dangerous condition. I am very suspicious of the fact that the pads failed the next day. This is very co-incidental. I am also aggrieved that a crack on the windscreen appeared directly after work carried out by Kwick Fit and is suggestive of heavy handedness - resulting in a costly replacement of the screen and potential insurance claim against Kwick Fit. Before I discredit Kwick Kit I will give you the opportunity to rectify the faults which have appeared on my car whilst in the care of your employees especially to the windscreen which is non repairable. I can of course have an independent engineer confirm the cause of damage to the windscreen if required. Regards (Name withheld from forum)
  6. In a nutshell: Last September, we noticed that the cover of the external junction box on our house was missing (presumably blown down in the high winds we'd recently had.) My husband called our home phone provider, the Post Office, who asked various questions, such as whether it was affecting the line etc. He was very clear that it wasn't, but he was concerned about the wires being open to the elements. The P.O arranged for a BT Openreach engineer to come out. He arrived, looked at where the box is sited (under the eaves of our house, over our porch) and said a cherry picker would be needed to get up there. Cherry picker duly arrived, the whole box was replaced with a new, modern one and the engineer told us we wouldn't be charged, as it constituted essential maintenance. Several months later, our phone bill arrives...with an additional £140 plus vat for the call out. According to the P.O, we are responsible for the external junction box, so we have to pay. Fast forward to last month, and the new junction box has come away from our property and is hanging in mid air, suspended between 2 cables. My husband has gone back to the P.O, saying that he is not happy to have to pay again for work carried out less than 10 months ago. The P.O try to argue that there is no such think as any kind of guarantee on work carried out by Openreach, and we would have to raise a complaint with them directly. Meanwhile, Openreach inform us that we should never have been charged for the call out anyway, as it was an external issue and not inside the property. Who is right? And where do we stand, now that the junction box needs re-attaching to the property?
  7. Starting a new thread as my work programme one was finished with and I'm relieved about that. I've contacted Ingeus requesting a copy of their exit report. It's been a week so I think I need to contact them again. The Ingeus adviser recommended to me to call a number for 'mandatory reconsideration into the support group' after they'd spoken to the jobcentre as my condition had gotten worse on the programme and they haven't been able to help me. Since leaving the programme I received a letter offering me support from the jobcentre DEA but that this was voluntary. I've had too much stress and pain lately to agree to see their DEA. I received the WCA form through for reassessment and its been filled in and sent back some weeks ago. So they'll be updated on my new condition. I don't know how long this will take or when will I get called in for an ATOS assessment? My reassessment is slightly complicated because my partner has just started part-time work so they have 2 issues to sort out. I don't even know if Ill get ESA because he works 21 hours per week. This has had a knock on affect, his carers allowance has stopped and my housing benefit has stopped. My latest 2 letters from them 3 weeks ago said; firstly that my claim for ESA had cancelled. (We think this happened because my partner started what he thought was part-time work but was over the limit making it fulltime, then he got changed to another department taking him under the limit). The 2nd letter said I was entitled to ESA but only £35 per week. I've received a WFI from jobcentre but had to get my partner to argue the fact that I'm totally unable to get to the appointment as usual so a phone call. Again a problem but we got through it. The 'work coach' wanted to know how I got on in the work programme, so I explained I'd made it to a large amount of the appointments but much less in the last section of it. I told her I'd finished a course at college with great difficulty and with advice from my gp to concentrate on pain relief for my condition rather than start a new course and was told by the work coach that as I'm currently in the WRAG I need to be in some kind of training. I have told her I'm unable to (I can't do it, I can't afford it and I can't access most places and I'm over 25! I've done the free courses like functional skills and gcses. I felt so angry ]when I came off the phone. Am I still mandated to take part in these unhelpful interviews while I'm in the reassessment process? Any comments/advice are welcomed and I thank you in advance.
  8. I have an issue with my housing association. But I can't see where to post about it?
  9. Hello, I'm new to this site and can't find where I need to search or post regarding an issue I have Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a savings account with the Post Office, I deposited a cheque into the account in December 2014 when I tried to withdraw cash from the account I found that the PO had frozen my card. I contacted them and they said that it's because I hadn't advised them about a change of address (which I had done about 18 months previously but they say they hadn't received it). I promptly wrote another letter with the change of address which they received on 22 December 2014 they said that there would need to be a 5 day freeze on the account before they could issue me with a new card. I waited and waited but the card didn't arrive I contacted them again and on checking their records they advised me that they had sent my new card to my old address. When I queried this they said that an error had been made and that they would freeze the account again and re-issue a new card to my current address. I eventually received my card in the middle of February 2015, a nd I hadn't been able to access any funds which were in the account until that time. I complained to the PO about these issues and explained that this had put me into financial hardship and today they have sent me an offer of compensation of £75. I would just like to check if this seems like a fair offer or whether I should consider reporting this incident to the Ombudsman because sending my personal information and my bank card and pin number to strangers seems like quite a serious error to me
  11. I ordered a hard drive from DABS computer supplies and it has yet to turn up after over a week. I contacted them via there email and they want me to contact my local post office depot since sent by Royal Mail. I looked up the number and is an 0844 which would have to pay to call since not covered by my phone contract. I explained this to them but they insist I have to call them. Is it my responsibility to do so or there's as the seller? (also I do not drive so cannot easily get to the depot)
  12. I have recently received a student loans letter from SLC demanding payments - or I will incur a further fee, this is from a new style (post 98) that was due to start payments from 2002. Some simple maths shows that this is now a statue barred loan and I would like to send them a letter stating the fact. Which Act do I use for the paragraph stated below: "As this debt is statute barred, you cannot take court action unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me within this period. This is stated in s5 Limitation Act 1980, and any court claim will be defended on this basis" I have read on many threads that the limitation period is 12 years, which has now elapsed - so how would I reword the letter template to cover the correct type of Student Loan. Also to elaborate, I no longer live in the UK so not part of the tax system Any assistance is greatly appreciated Chop
  13. A relative asked for help with a Civil Enforcement Ltd PCN. I knew time would be tight with when the CofA appeal (Parking Eye v Beavis) was due. When the judgement was released, I didn't have access to the judgement, and I wrote the appeal (pdf attached), bearing in mind what I saw online discussing the judgement. Now the judgement is up on e.g. BAILIL, I find that councils and their charges are mentioned: So, not in the way I had heard ; the CofA didn't actually say "charges in proportion to council charges are allowed", and in particular didn't say "charges disproportionate to council charges aren't allowed" (though ..... they still might?). They cancelled their PCN in response : Did we strike lucky?.
  14. Just wondering if anyone else has had Post Office staff try to overcharge them or if it is just my local branch. Several times I have taken packages to my local Post Office and they have tried to overcharge me. The most recent was I took a "large letter" size packet and was told it would cost £3.90, the cost of a small parcel. I queried this and was rudely told to hand it over to be put in the guide. It fell straight through. The cost ended up at £2.29. A lot of elderly people use this Post Office and probably don't think twice about questioning the cost. Believing that the staff will offer them the cheapest option along with all other options.
  15. Hi dx, digging up an old post I know, you say that a post 98 student loan can be statute barred. Could you expand on how one could go about having your loan statute barred? I have been living overseas for around 10 years and have no contact from SLC until about a month ago.
  16. Hi every one, I discovered that I have a few credit card agreements post 2007. This includes Capital One and HSBC. What I would like to know is: - Can charges of £12 applied on this accounts be claimed too just like in the pre 2007 agreement? I noticed that most of the banks claims that it is fair. Your advise, comments and guidance is welcome. Dot
  17. so i have now finished 2 years in the work related activity group. got a meeting to discuss post work programme support and time on the work programme. so i need to back a little to my first interview where i was put into wrag. arrived early, checked in quickly with person was meant to see was told to wait until called over. over an hour later asked what i was waiting for. the lady i was to see had gone home, and got a new appointment for the next week. i was ill when i was 14 caused epilepsy left arm and hand paralyzed rest of left side works at about 50% of right. was worried as i had heard bad things about in wrag and was advised to write my own action plan. as i never had any gcse or ever worked. the cv was first point. went to adult center which offers simple computer courses and worked out some which would be fast and easy for me to obtain but would need the ok of my advisor. (which i didnt get) again i arrived early had a few sheets of A4 i typed out and were looked at for 2 seconds and handed back to me, signed into wrag told to expect classes, courses and ill receive a phone call.i was worried and expecting bad things. what i got was nothing (not moved or changed home of mobile number). one year later still heard nothing i had to get a new esa50 form and asked about not being contacted for a year. thank you and you will get a phone call was reply. so now another year is up, phone esa number about a new form and ive still had no contact after 1st interview, he looked and said it seems there is some sort of appointment coming soon.and 3 months later i receive post work programme appointment. so what now im rather worried as ive only seen esa horror stories online. Am i going to get done for not doing anything. could anyone Please help me with your experience or knowledge regarding the post work programme support. Many Thanks.. Stu.
  18. I'm aware there is a mega thread on this but it's quite diluted and filled with general questions a lot of which are not related to PWP at all. So thought I'd create a new thread to try and concentrate the information and compile the experiences of people who have had their first appointment on it or are currently further on down the line with PWP. Basically what you've experienced and what you are now expected to do/what they are doing at the moment on PWP. I basically just want to get a feel for what happens on PWP as a whole and how things change over time and I think this thread could help a lot of confused people (As I was the other week) to find concentrated information about PWP and what to expect. I also hope people can learn about it to ensure they are doing everything correctly to avoid a sanction because I feel like there are a lot of little pitfalls with PWP at least from what i've seen so far and if you are not careful you get slapped with a sanction even though you may be doing all that you can. Not sure if this thread will take off but I think it'll be helpful to everyone if we all try to contribute a little bit of our experiences / stories so i'll start and try and keep it only about PWP. Maybe some people who have been on PWP longer can also advise us how things can get tougher/different, how they try to catch you out (From my experiences i've got the feeling some advisors seem to do this, they actually look for underhanded ways to sanction you but not all do) I had my first PWP interview today, it was ok just asked me general questions about why I thought I wasn't finding a job and looked at my skills, the advisor wasn't pushy, rude or anything like that thankfully she was pretty neutral toward me. She just said I need to take a more active stance in job searching rather than a passive one (That confused me because sending out C.Vs etc is a active stance?) but she said stuff like phoning employers, all i've found from doing that is most employers don't care and don't have the time to deal with people phoning in. I got given a new claimant commitment to sign the points I have to adhere too, the main ones at least are. I will use jobsites and employer websites to find and apply for jobs i can do. (Daily) I will log into my universal jobmatch account to find and apply for jobs I can do. (Daily) I will contact employers directly to ask about jobs / apply for them (weekly) I will ask family and friends etc about jobs (Weekly) I will respond promptly to contacts and notifications from employers etc (Daily). I will register and maintain contact with recruitment agencies (ongoing). So that's my new claimant commitment, thankfully it doesn't seem to be as random and as many hoops as other people seem to face like look for work 4hrs. a day, go into town and look at job boards or some crap like that. However the UJ point i am concerned about I do not like UJ and it's crapp when I used to use it all jobs were just spam etc. I realise if you don't follow these points you can be sanctioned so it's best to do them all. I generally for the most part am and I usually bring in printouts of jobs I've applied for. But the with relation to UJ how do I proceed with that? do I check website without logging in so they can't track me and maybe apply for odd job? I heard idea from someone who said if they keep pushing you just say website doesn't work, disable cookies try log on and print off the error and show the advisor. Sounds like a plan if they really try to stop me using better websites. She didn't really push UJ and didn't seem to care about it just said oh it's easier etc. (UJ advice courtesy of a poster here called Mr. P) Also the recruitment agencies one how do I proceed with that? I also have to fill in a "My work plan" booklet has 2 sections to fill in between interviews it just has 2 boxes of "I will (What i'm going to do / how / when / where and What I did and what was the result? How should I go about filling in these parts? She also said write how long it took you, she sort of mentioned it as an offhand comment to do that. She also mentioned me looking into volunteer work, I don't want to do something completely arbitrary i'd like to spend a bit of time maybe doing something that has a little substance if I am pushed into doing this at least anyone else volunteer? do they push you quite hard into doing it? Thanks for advice, Hopefully others share and we can exchange advice.
  19. Hi folks! first post so be kind I recently received a copy of my credit report for the first time. There was an entry for "Lowell communications" for a defaulted account, for £1102. I called Lowell to enquire they stated that the account was for a debt for O2 and was passed to BPO collections some time ago and that I would have to speak to them about the debt. I have not called BPO or written any letters at this point. Upon further examination of my credit report it states that the default date of the account is 22/02/2010. Since I live and have always lived in Scotland, and the debt is now 5 days over 5 years old, would I be able to state that the debt is unenforceable and request for it to be removed from my credit file? Also... (one last question) I have a defaulted account for CIT group for an account with Dell Finance. The account was defaulted 28/10/2009. Again, past the 5 year date in Scotland. On my experian credit report it says the account is in "default" however on my equifax report it says that the account is "settled". Should this now be removed from my credit file also? Thanks in advance for any help you are able to offer
  20. First post , so I hope that I'm in the right place. My daughter, who is 24, made an appointment at a private dentist for a check-up. She was told that as it was her first time the check-up plus x-rays would cost cost £50 as an Introductory offer. She attended and had the check up. The dentist took x-rays as agreed and told my daughter that the work to her teeth would cost £600. She went to the desk to pay and was presented with a bill for £150. She panicked, the reception was busy and felt she could not argue with them. At no point did the dentist mention that anything she was doing would incur any more charges than the original price. Please can anyone point me in the right direction. Mwa
  21. The new landlord of the property where I live is seeking eviction of all tenants in order to gain possession of the property. The other tenants have various types of tenancies such as Assured tenancies and AST type tenancies. The attempted eviction is served on us under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act. The Assured and AST tenancies were introduced in the 1988 housing Act which came into force on January 15, 1989. Now, my tenancy began in 1988 and I don't have any official document to confirm my tenancy status. However I do have several post mark dated letters addressed to me in various times of 1988 and in further years up to the present time. On it's own would these post mark dated letters addressed to me be firm evidence of being resident at the property since 1988 and thereby not being subject to the section 21 notice for possession of the property?
  22. I have a post court issue I need assistance with, I am not sure how forums work so apologise if i have given too much info , but hope some one will be able to help. Since my last court Hearing 09 January 2015 I have been plagued with demand letters sent by the courts in error. I have been patient and resolved each issue as they arose. After many emails and phone calls back and forth I believed I had finally gotten the whole mess sorted out. That was until I was contacted by the DVLA, who have now Revoked my license until test passed in accordance with the new drivers act. This may seem like a simple case of just accepting the ruling but I believe this is also an error, and both the DVLA and courts just keep bouncing me back and forth between them, but not dealing with the issue. I do not know what my options are or what to do next but I am considering contacting the ombudsman, or returning to the courts somehow to challenge the outcome. Please see the details I have provided below. UK Drivers licence passed :20/12/2011 Offence : Driving Without Valid Insurance Offence date : 04/05/2012 First appeared in court : 19/12/2012 Convicting Court Code : 2575 Bromley Magistrates’ Court I pleaded guilty to driving without valid motor vehicle insurance on this date, the courts explained to me that this offence carried 6 points, at no time did they inform me that My licence had been revoked. Court Was Adjourned on this date, and a new hearing date was set, because the court was considering whether to disqualify me from driving due to points totting from a previous CD10 offence received on my South African licence. An offence I knew nothing about until the start of these proceedings. At no time was I informed my licence was revoked. And an actual ruling was not laid out until 09/01/2013 Convicting Court Code : 2575 New hearing date : 09 January 2013. Bromley Magistrates’ Court On this date the court’s decision was a 6 month ban due to points totting, the case was closed. (Offence Code TT99) This ban was served as instructed . I received my license back July 2013 and have been driving daily without fault since. A £500.00 fine was also set, this fine was paid in full and on time 04 March 2013. I requested the case be re-opened in December 2014, due to a statutory declaration I made against the prior offence which I was made aware of at the start of this driving without insurance charge. The point’s adjustment (9 points – 4 points) from this earlier offence meant that I was eligible to ask the courts to reconsider their disqualification decision, and return my licence to me without tt99 mark on it. This course of action was in fact advised by a letter I received from the DVLA. Re opened case hearing date : 07 January 2015 Bromley Magistrates’ Court The court’s decision at this hearing was to remove the suspension from my driver record and return my licence to me with only the 6 points for driving without valid insurance. At no time did the courts state I would lose my licence, I even have the official court register from the date as proof that this was never discussed. It was not the courts wishes for me to have my license Revoked at any time during this case, they did in fact wish me well, and I left the court room happy with a positive result. As I have said I was then contacted by the DVLA, via a letter. This letter dates the offence 07/01/2015, which is the first error. When I finally managed to get in contact with the DVLA I explained that I have been driving for 4 years at the date stated in the letter they sent me, and that I believed this was sent in error as it was not the date of the offence, they admitted this date was incorrect, and stated that they were acting on information given to them in December 2012. I further explained that at no time had the court revoked my license, and that at the time this ban would have been relevant no such judgment was given, and that in fact the court had ordered a 6 month ban for this offence, which I served and have been driving since, and that when I went to court 07/01/2015 I had not committed any offence I was merely asking for my license to be amended. They reiterated that they are only acting on information given to them by the South East London Magistrates court. The DVLA provided the following details : IN10 Start Date : 07/01/2015 Conviction Date : 09/12/2012 Sentencing Date : 07/01/2015 Removal Date : 09/12/2016 When I pointed out, and provided proof to the DVLA that not only did the actions they were taking go directly against a Magistrates Courts order, but that the conviction date they say the South East London Magistrates informed them of this revocation 09/12/2012 is incorrect as the first time I appeared in court for this offence was the 19/12/2012 a full ten days after this decision they say the South East London Magistrates made, and a full month before the actual sentence was given 19/01/2013. The DVLA were dismissive in response, and passed the blame again onto South East London Magistrates court saying that the DVLA only holds a record of information that is provided by the relevant court, and that I should contact them. When I contacted the South East London Magistrates Court (Bromley Magistrates’ Court) and provided them with the exact same information and explanation as I provided to the DVLA, I received in an email in reply stating they (Bromley Magistrates’ Court) had been in touch with the DVLA and confirm what the DVLA has revoked my license under the New Drivers Act set by the secretary of state not South East London Magistrates Court. That It has nothing to do with the court hearings that have taken place (contrary to the information the DVLA provided), and that It may be a matter that I need to take up with the DVLA. This revocation goes directly against what I was told in court and has meant that I went from having a full valid license, committed no offence and then suddenly had my license taken away from me completely. This has caused me to lose my job and even if I did re do my license the revocation will stay on my record until 2016 meaning I will be un able to get driving employment for near 2years. Thank you for taking the time to read through the specifics. With all the details I have provided in mind is there anything I can do to fight this unfair and unjust out come.
  23. I recently moved house and have noted an issue in the new property that I feel should have been disclosed to me during the conveyancing process and as such puts a liability on the vendor to make good – I’d appreciate some help and advice on my position here if possible. During the conveyancing process I opted for a standard valuation as I felt the property was ok and was more or less aware of the things that needed doing. There wasn’t anything I noted that required my attention. The part of the property in which I have identified the issue is the garage which is adjoined to the house by way of a ground and first floor extension (the hallway is extended at ground level to almost mid garage and a first floor bedroom is extended to the same point across the roof – no internal access). The issue is that there is penetrating damp from an adjoining property. When I viewed the property (twice) the garage had things in it which would have prevented me seeing any damp spots. The garage and property were cleared by the vendor before completion. During the conveyancing I raised an inquiry via my solicitor asking “is there any damp in the property?”. The response which was received from the vendor solicitor on their headed paper was “the property does not suffer with damp”. Clearly is does, and it appears to have existed for a while. My question here is what is my position and how can I progress this matter to get the vendor address the issue. Had they not stated what they did, I feel I would not be able to challenge this point but as they categorically stated there is no damp I feel they are liable. At this moment in time I have written a letter to the vendor advising her of the issue and my position. I did state that I hoped we could open a dialogue to come to an amicable resolution and asked for the thoughts and comments on the matter. I did propose that they settle any cost for resolving the damp too. Any help and advices would be greatly appreciated Merv
  24. hi guys this is quite long winded so please bear with me ,thanks myself and my partner have been orange mobile contract customer for 15 years we had great service up to now my partner changed jobs in august 2014 and was paid diffrent time monthly ,so he phone orange up to change payments dates when our direct debit comes out the orange advicer said we couldnt do that but advised us to cancel direct debit and pay using our debit card for couple months then set up new direct debit with new payment date which we did now im aware our new month on our mobile contracts start on 8th of each month so bills must be paid by 4th each month ( we used pay on 20th each month before direct debit was canceled ,so 2 wks early ) on 1st dec 2014 we paid lastest bill by debit card and adviser set up new direct debit for 1st jan ( and 1st for every month after that ) on 3rd dec2014 orange sent out new direct debit confirmion that payment will come out on 1st jan 2015 and 1st every month after that in the post last week i noticed when i was checking my online banking that orange hadnt took there money on 1st jan yet ,i spoke to bank and they said direct debit was restained and was set back up and not to worry as it was matter time they take payment yesterday i checked my orange account online and said payment was over due ?so called orange up as thought this was strange ,the advicer said no direct debit was set up etc ,i said it was i had letter ,so i paid the overdue account on the spot as i dont like being late etc ,plus strange thing the advicer gave me £15 pounds off my monthly bill for next 2 months for hassel now its not hassel we worried about its our credit files ,im worried we get a late marker due to this ,even though a direct debit was set up they never took payment ,that means bill was 12 days late (we worried and furious as our credit file was been in fab nick for a year now due to fighting a 3 year dispute with welcome fiance over missed payments which we won and markers were removeed with your help) any advive would be great thanks
  25. Hi everyone I'm having problems with vodafone at the moment trying to Bill me £190.86 for getting a replacement of a brand new iPhone 6 plus that didn't work straight out of the box! I ordered the phone online on the pre order date on the 12th September and I got an email on the 19th September to say it was going to be delivered that day. I was on holiday in America when the package arrived but my parents were there to accept the delivery and just put it in my bedroom for when I got home on the 29th September onlyl or me to find it didn't work! I contacted vodafone customer service imidietly who informed me that they would get a new one sent out to me next day but never mentioned anything about charges or a 7 day returns policy so I presumed eventing would be fine and I would just be charged the £220 for the phone upfront and my usual Monthly bill, but Instead I got a bill through for £547! Cut a long story short Ive made 3 calls to Vodafone about this and everytime someone just says you didn't return it within 7 days so you have to pay the repair bill!? Surely that would be covered under apples warranty! The advisors I've spoken to just say I need to wait for a text within 48 hours confirming if the extra charge will be dropped and it doesn't happen! Reading vodafones returns policy online it says "How do I return a faulty product? We’ll help you sort out any faulty product as long as: You bought it from us It has a genuine fault If the fault’s covered by a manufacturer's warranty, fixing it will be free." Never mentions anything about 7 days and neither does any other section in there returns policy! They all say 14 days! Many Thanks in advance!
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