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  1. Greetings All, Been a fan of the forum for several years and kudos to the site team and members for all the great resources on here. I'm hoping someone can profer some advice re an issue I'm having with the gentleman that purchased my house late November. As mentioned above completed the sale of my home late November 2016, prior to the sale the property was rented, although tenant moved out prior to completion and I am living with my partner. Problem is I indicated that fixtures and fittings were not included in the sale, i.e. beds, fridge, washing machine etc. I personally was awaiting the funds from completion to enable me move the leftover items straight to storage and shipment abroad as I am relocating.. Completion happened and I had to travel abroad immediately for a family issue and I immediately called the buyer who I had met and he told me he had collected spare keys from my estate agent and I should agree with him when I was ready to attend the property to remove my belongings. As I returned to the UK I made several call to said buyer and he ignored several calls and text and eventually agreed to grant me access on the 15th of December 2016 for proposed removal. When I arrived at the property I was given access by his builder for 5 mins but they claimed to have lost the shed keys where I also had items in. I was told to break the shed door by the builder but was hesitant to do so without new owners consent. I called said buyer as I exited the property and explained above to him and also reminded him that fittings, fridge , washing machine etc not included in the sale. Long and short of it is he has ignored and avoided my calls since that day and I have been unable to get any of my belongings. He answered my call once this week to tell me a tenant was to move in this week and he will call me re stuff in the shed but is being evasive re other stuff and trying to say I never collected them. Question please is what legal recourse I have and best suggestions in resolving this situation. I have tried to communicate with him civilly to no avail. Thank-you. Pete
  2. I gave a "friend" a note with my contact details which included address. He posted this online with comment along the lines I wantes sex with him. Not very nice, I'm sure you'll agree. But is it illegal?
  3. Hi, Been on Forum for ages and managed to win all but one claim that has been brought against us with advice from here. However, this one is confusing me a little as not had to do it in a while. My wife had a Marshall Ward catalogue taken out in Aug 07 so after the April changes, everything was fine until 2012 when we got into a bit of trouble one thing led to another and she got defaulted, in 2013 Capquest aquired the debt, we CCA'd them, they sent a recon agreement and then all went quiet. Oct 2016 my wife starts to get letters again from Capquest and now passed over to Restons. We have SAR Shop Direct as we know the account has a few hundred in charges, and sent a pre action letter to Restons. Now I know the Default is invalid on at least one point but the recon CCA that capquest sent in 2013 I am not sure it is complete and correct. I understand that post 2007 CCA have very little wriggle room. I am going to be sending off another CCA to Capquest see if they can get anything this time. 1: Dates, it is dated by them nearly 4 months before the account was opened. Is this valid? 2: It has a term under key information that says "Details of up to date charges in relation to each of these matters are available from us" . They never sent anything relating to the charges mentioned within the CCA, do they still have to include everything mentioned? 3: Final agreement, again is dated 2010, the account was terminated in 2012, are these correct 4: Neither agreement has a tick box just a sig box, Is this right? Does any one have a copy of the original T & C's from Marshall Ward Spring 2007 and ISME from Autumn 2012, I am sure I have seen somewhere that the 2011 /12 agreements actually mentioned the £12 default charges whereas the agreements I have don't.
  4. Good morning! I have an interesting issue here. Last week a friend of mine came to a Post Office branch at Canning Town. There was already a small queue of just 3 people. It was Saturday. Closing time was 12:30. She came to the branch at 12:10. All she needed was to register her biometric details. The procedure normally takes around 4 minutes. But the staff of the Post Office refused to service her, because otherwise they would have to stay at work later than 12:30.. After several minutes of arguing my friend had to leave the branch, it was 12:20, still 10 minutes before closure. What should my friend have done in that situation? I'd like to know if the Post Office staff violated the law by doing so? If yes, how could the girl make them act in accordance with the law?
  5. I failed the PIP medical (by a mere few points). I'd gone through the Mandatory Reconsideration and had posted the paperwork to lodge an appeal before the imposed deadline. On chasing this up, I found that the appeal paperwork had not been received by the tribunal. Thankfully, I had help from a welfare rights worker at my local housing association, who contacted the tribunal and managed to fax them a copy of said paperwork. It's really lucky that I chased this up. They will now process my application and get back to me with a date (hopefully not too far into the future). Please, please, please keep on top of your paperwork. I'm sure it's very rare for important letters to disappear in the post, but it does happen. If you have someone to help you, ask them to confirm that everything is proceeding as expected. If I hadn't asked my welfare rights worker if they'd received any news, I'd be none the wiser and my appeal would be going nowhere.
  6. Hi all, I was recently reading through some SAR info. that I requested from my former bank in 2009 and I found a note they had made on my account stating "current owner of property bough in post for Maybelate and advised that she had moved over a year ago". I was quite shocked by this because I also have statements in the SAR info. showing my new address and proving that they had received notification that I had moved a year ago, but they had carried on sending letters/statements to my old address as well. It's quite a while ago now, should I let sleeping dogs lie or do you think I should do something about this breech of my personal information? Thanks
  7. Just received a County Court Claim form (Northampton) from Lowell Portfolio relating to a debt from 2010. It is for a Lloyds credit card default. It was a stressfull period as I was made redundant from my job and I had a number of financial issues as a consequence .. . not least having to sell up quickly (nil equity), or risk having my home repossessed as I couldn't pay the mortgage. The debt has been passed through a number of debt collection agencies till Lowell took it on a few months ago. I have no paperwork or information so I'm not sure when the actual default happened . .. it was sometime in early 2010 so it probably isn't time barred as I assume Lowells wouldn't raise a court claim for a time barred debt. I assume its not worth fighting this as I can't prove anything . .. however I'm happy to make things as difficult as possible for Lowell. I assume they bought this debt for under £500 (maybe even less as its passed down a few collection agencies) . .. claim is for £3,547 .. . can I make them declare in court what they paid .. .. and agree to repay what they paid for the debt. If I say I have no knowledge of any debt with Lloyds ...what paperwork or contract will they need to provide to prove this debt actually exists. Is there any defence or method of minimising the claim? I'm no longer working, rent my home and have nil assets, apart from a 14 year old car worth £1k. I'm approaching 65 and live off a moderate (very moderate!) occupational pension. Any help or guidance greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, I've just received a PCN from the council so its an official ticket. It states its for parking in a taxi rank and I'm not sure if its contestable. On the day in question I was the passenger in the car and yes it did pull over on a taxi rank so I could jump out and go to a shop and then pulled up again so I could get back in. At no time was the car un-occupied, engines turned off or as far as I'm concerned "parked" in the taxi rank. The ticket states that a warden attempted to put a ticket on the car but from what my friend who was driving said, no-one attempted to issue a ticket or even walk up to the car to ask him to move. Also just noticed the car colour says "other". Is it worth contesting? Thanks Mick
  9. Not sure which forum to post this in. I signed an estate agent agreement this week and have since had a friend who wants to rent my house with a view to buying it in the future. The agreement I signed is as follows: typr of agreement - sole selling period - 20 weeks then 14 days notice to terminate and I see that I also signed a waiver of my cancellation rights. Do I have to keep it on the market for 20 weeks even though I don't want to sell it now? Many thanks.
  10. Serious problems with my online savings account. I set up a post office online savings account 5 months ago because of the 1.20% interest rate. From day 1 it's been a nightmare. Firstly they have 2 options for depositing money. Direct debit or payment via a debit card. My first deposit was via direct debit and took 6 days to clear. My other deposits were made via debit card and they usually take 3 days to clear. It wasn't long back I needed to transfer some money from my savings account back to my main bank account. I entered my details and was met with an error..... "Transfer cannot be applied at this time". I tried multiple times a day for a week to transfer money yet had that error every single time. I looked at how to contact them and no phone number was given due to it being an "online only" account. I used the webform to contact them and after 10 days I still heard nothing back from them. In those 10 days I carried on trying to withdraw money multiple times again, yet still had that error. A few days ago I phoned the number which is meant for discussing non online savings accounts. Finally I got through to someone and explained the situation. They told me their system is updating so theres nothing they can do and that they would put me through to someone who's system wasn't updating. I waited for 15 mins and spoke to someone else. I explained my situation again to them and they said exactly the same thing... That they can't do anything as their system is also "updating". I put the phone down and opened a complaint with the post office yet haven't heard anything back yet. I have now done research online to find out a lot of people have that error and it's the post offices fault. If I had seen this before, I wouldn't have bothered to open the account. I just trusted the post office. A warning to all thinking of getting an online savings account with them. The interest rate may seem good but it takes ages for money to be transferred to them, customer service is useless and of course you can't even access your money when you want it due to th e "Transfer cannot be applied at this time" error message. Anyone else had the same experience with them?
  11. Good afternoon, Couldn't find an appropriate section that related to my post so here goes.... I live in social housing - same flat for thirty years. For the last five years I have been continually harassed by an employee of the landlord. He makes appointments for workmen to visit without telling me two years ago tried to take me to court for an injunction for access. The case was laughed out of court as he blatantly lied in a sworn affidavit - he then had the cheek to ask for costs, which the Judge rightly refused. Undeterred he has continued his onslaught - he sends engineers to do safety checks on the same things every few months. He lied about needing a new water tank - didn't realise I had recorded the engineer saying the water tank was in perfect order - then tried to get an injunction to bring the next water tank inspection forward by six months - I refused entry. He has now arranged another visit - engineer turned up at my door without an appointment today - I turned him away again as the inspection is not due until the end of October. Time has come now to take steps to stop this going on. I think I need to send a "Letter before Action" but not sure how to word it. Any advice - knowledge of tenancy law greatly appreciated - even if you just send me elsewhere. Thanks
  12. Hi, I am new to forums and have just joined this site, I need advice about a parking ticket i got in a private car park. I wont go into all the details here but i can't work out where i should post the whole comment or how to do it. Could anyone please tell me so i can post my whole question please, Thank you in advance... from a learner
  13. Hello all, I apologise for what I can see is yet another post regarding these people. I am hoping someone can help me in this matter, I write on behalf of my son. A long story short..... Here goes. October 2015 my sons friend rang and offered him a complimentary membership to the local exercise4less gym. A brief chat and five minutes later my son comes in the room looking puzzled. He asks me.. Mum, why on earth did i give them my card details? I reply, you don't if its complimentary, basically Son I think you've been signed up for a paying membership. He rings his friend straight back and says sorry man Im not up for that, he says no problem ill get my manager to ring you. She/he rings back and says no problem its sorted. He receives an email on 14/10/15 saying in brief....... Mr.... Your membership was processed in error, I shall send down an email to remove/cancel, ( can't recall what word they used), fine he says great thank you. I told my son to check his bank and cancel any DD that was there, he said there isn't one set up mum so can't. We think things are ok, how wrong. January 2016 arrives and my son finds that they have taken £9.99 from his bank using his card. He goes straight to bank, they cancel his DD which has appeared suddenly and also cancel his current bank card. 12th February 2016 he receives a text message from xercise4less tell him to ring to reinstate the DD or he will be charged. He replied to the original email which states it was processed in error, asking them to rectify it. Following day, 13th he gets a letter from Harlands saying this..... Your bank has advised us that your DD instruction has been cancelled. The terms of you membership agreement mean that you have to repay all your instalments by DD. Therefore you must call HARLANDS helpline immediately to reinstate your DD. If you do not call us by 28th Feb you will be charged an administration fee. He tried to ring them on Friday, but there was no answer. He signed no paperwork, and has an email stating that it was processed in error in October 2015. They took money they shouldn't have done. He let this slide due to the sad circumstance that the friend whom initially rang him was killed in a hit and run beginning of January, so felt it hard to deal with asking for his money back. As a parent I always give my kids the tools they need to progress in matters of adult life but all I can do when I don't have the tools or any answers is look to others. So any help, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Swiftvalley16
  14. Recently received a letter from the above, refering to their clients as Capquest and originator HBOS for an amount of almost 10 thousand pounds, saying they are instructed by Capquest to commence legal proceedings if proposals arent made by the 14th of this month, to clear the debt... As i have no idea where this is from and is not showing on Noddle or Experian I am wondering If anyone can help please?
  15. I would like to gather here some successfull actions people took to curb the increasingly offensive attitude I am seeing myself and heard others having to endure when they take prepaid post to the PO to be dispatched. More and more I have the feeling that it will come a day when they will say 'I won't accept your package' and I wouldn't know what to do then, on the spot. Take a look here. This fellow made a second attempt to hand in a parcel and twice he was refused service. Only this time he was wired and the whole incident ended up on the web here. Actually this case raises more acute questions about discrimination, the irrelevance of the law and the role of the police. As I think nobody would like this to happen to them, please do write what would you realistically do in a similar situation or even better what you have already done.
  16. Hello all. Today - when doing the school run, I parked the car near to the entrance to a Highways Agency weighbridge. The gate is normally closed, however today, it was open. I parked, walked kids up to school and returned to the car. I got in, looked out - nothing obstructing me, so drove off - to an almighty crunch and smash. Not visible from the car, I hadn't realised that the gatepost (for when they lock the gate) actually sits in the road. I'm not really one to claim, but I wondered if there's possibility to claim against either the local authority or highways agency for not making this post visible - in height or sign..? Any thoughts??
  17. Regarding the fact that the "edit post" facility has apparently been changed so it is only available for 10 minutes after posting, not 24 hours. From http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?459296-Freedom-of-Information-Act-being-abused-with-vexatious-FOI-requests.&p=4853996 Downsides of this: CAG'ers on smartphones may not have the "preview post" option. It may well be available on the "full site" rather than "mobile view" options, but in that case, if forcing people towards using the non-mobile option ; why have the mobile view? The problem for people (especially on mobile devices) is that they may post, and have something happen in real life so they can't go back and check their post within the next 10 minutes, loosing the ability to change typos and incorrect "autocorrect substitutions". Sometimes, even despite proofreading, errors aren't spotted until the post has been posted..... Does it matter if an OP alters their post? I doubt it does, if no one else has replied. If someone has replied : why not "solve the problem" by encouraging people replying to reply with quote (the default on my smartphone). The quoted section won't change even if the OP changes their original post, and provides not only a record of the original post, but context for the reply, too. I think the "baby has been thrown out with the bath water" here, for the reasons I've stated. Suggestions one should "preview you post" before posting show just how easy it is for typos to slip through, even with previewing. I suggest other solutions (as stated) are better, or even a shorter "lock period" than 24 hours, but nowhere as brief as 10 minutes.
  18. Hi I have read and re-read thread after thread and am now looking to see if I understand! I have received a claim form out of CCBC, relating to a credit card debt, to which I've responded with the AoS. I am considering a Statute Barred defence. The last payment I made was in November 2009 and I have not acknowledged anything since. I have the credit card statements from November 2009 to March 2010. The outstanding balance on the March 2010 statement is the exact amount being claimed. The only entries between November 2009 and March 2010, apart from my last payment in Nov 2009, are for interest and late payment fees. It would seem from the evidence that I have that a SB defence should hopefully succeed. Could someone please advise if this makes sense and if so the wording I should use? Also, should I include the credit card statements as appendices? Thanks for your help.
  19. Hello CAG members I have recently had a new permit system put in place at my place of residents. I sent an email to apply for permits to both my company and private vehicle back in September 2015, I had a response saying that they will send them out. I did not receive them and I should have chased this up but I'm a busy man and work away from home a lot. It weren't until December when I got back from work that I found a PCN on my car, I sent an email to ask where my permits are and they sent me an email saying they will send them out but whilst I was waiting I received another PCN at 11pm that evening on my company vehicle. I have sent a letter to CPM and they refused my appeal and have told me to appeal through theIAS. So need to know..... do I have proper grounds to appeal? and What are theIAS like? I read some bad reviews about them and think they will side with CPM I refuse to pay this and I never will pay as its unfair!! Chris
  20. Hi guys, I had a good read of the thread titled: "Penalty Charge notice not received in post from council" (sorry I can't post the link as I havn't made enough posts on this forum) It was really useful because Tunde's situation was very similar to what I have now. Back in November I strayed into a bus lane in Swindon, and yesterday received a Penalty Charge Cert. for £90, on a letter which claimed I had been sent correspondence before. However, I had not received anything before. Also, in the envelope they sent me there was a similar Charge Cert addressed to a different person, at a completely different address! I called up a Swindon Council number and spoke to a bloke about the issue of only receiving this certificate as the first correspondence. I forgot to mention the thing about receiving someone else's letter. He said in quite a stern tone that it'd be just my word against theirs and I'd have to wait for the next letter, which will be some sort of court-style charge recovery letter. I then heeded the advice of the other thread I linked to, and sent an email in a similar style. Here it is: I am writing to you with regards to the attached letter received via post on the ... January 2016, dated ... 2016. The charge certificate states that the offence was detected on the ... 2015 and that you sent a notification to me, which according to you, I refused to since pay hence the increase in the penalty charge to £90. I would like to inform you that I NEVER received any notification prior to this charge certificate. I would like you to therefore please send me the initial notification; I have no issue paying the original fine, but it would be very unfair and unjust to pay an increased fee since I did not receive any notification from you. It is also important to note that the said offence was committed in November; I would like to know the date the penalty charge letter was sent to me. ALSO, you can see in the attachment that in the same document sent to me there was also a letter meant for a completely different person who I don't know, at a different address. This is quite a concern in itself, and also suggests an oversight by the sender which might explain why I never received an original notice. In summary, I would like to be given the original notice for the original fine (as I have never received it), and also be given an explanation as to why I have received someone else's notice. The later C.C should be cancelled and my fine reverted to the original, in light of what I have explained. Here are the relevant numbers, as can be seen in the attachment: Yours Faithfully, _______________________________________________________________ There is something else however. The driver who strayed into the lane is a Chinese friend of mine (I'm typing this on his behalf for language reasons). He is a researcher here but will return to China in May. If he does come back to the UK it will be after a couple of years and to a different address. Does this affect how we should treat this complaints process, in your eyes? Many thanks for taking the time to read all that!
  21. Hi, newbie here. I'm not sure this is a 'consumer' issue, but I do need tangible help . For years I have collected my pension from my Post Office. Or I did until 24th August, when after transacting my pension, I went to pick up papers, when the newly installed ex-Guildford - nightclub bouncer? - sub-postmaster dashed round the counter , slammed his hand on the paper and bellowed I am not having papers from his shop - indeed to enforce his still voluble and physical aggression he hard gripped my right arm - it felt like a stab wound, and frog-marched me from the shop. Thanks to an intended entering customer the doorway was blocked, or I'd have been in a final thrust onto the pavement! This is the gist of my very traumatic and wholly unwarranted ordeal . My arm is still acutely painful, and I'm having relentless physio. I complained to PO, fobbed off by 'customer services' (sis) right through to Executive - citing there's no CCTV in the papers section (pardon, right next to the till?); that this is a non-incident as there is no case for him to answer! (pardon?) and so not even a contrite apology; yet they refuse giving me his surname, et al; that I am not prevented (by Post Office) using that Post Office! I am not risking my life to attempt entering Hades again! Post Office consider the matter done and dusted - heads in sand would, wouldn't they (rhetorical). I am absolutely abhorrent a representative of the post office is allowed to even touch, let alone violently manhandle a customer (frail, disabled pensioner to boot), without someone taking responsibility. Where do they get these (BUCHAN) mental incompetents from? Who WILL help. [i take no comfort that he has upset many customers, yet wonders why his takings went down in three weeks; that a 15-year longstanding employee he initially praised helping him, is now 'incompetent' (huh?) and he's given a "written warning" to (inducing untenable stress, making her ill]. WHO WILL HELP, pls?
  22. Hi there I've just attempted to post in banks,finance,credit forum but it states that it's not accepting any more posts.. .. I hope you can re direct this for me and hopefully help. I have four credit cards (all defaulted against) and one loan (with a ccj) that I am looking to settle . two of the cards are in my husbands name but I will be negotiating in the same instance. All of the creditors have payment plans in place which I negotiated myself which have been running and paid on time for a minimum of two years agreed payments are between £20-£40 per month each. I have recently contacted Vanquis and Halifax with proposed settlements and have used template letters from the Internet requesting full and final settlement to avoid the debt then being sold on. Vanquis has a balance of £1800 of which I have offered £1000.. ..they are happy to accept this but only on the basis that the debt will show as being partial settlement on my credit file. They have stated that the account will be closed and that the debt will not be sold on ( which I do not believe) I have had a very basic email accepting the offer (with no mention of the debt not being sold on) I really am not in the habit of liasing over the telephone but meerly contacted them to confirm they had received the letter. I then asked for all dealings to be done in writing. I am not disputing the debt as my credit file shows all payments to them, hence the phone call which I hope hasn't jeopardised any future negotiations. The account was opened in 2006 with an initial credit limit of £1200 which rose to £3000 I'm not certain when the default took place but I'm guessing approx 2013 it's fair to say every penny of the outstanding balance is charges and interest only. (Cringe) The Halifax letter I have yet to chase but is of lesser amount being approx £700 of which I have offered £350 taken out in 2012/13 again being made up now of interest/charges this is still accruing interest and only approx £3 per month reducing the balance I am certainly not flush but in a position to clear these hopefully over the next 6-12 months based on each creditor accepting approx 50% of the debt. Your advice on how to push for a full and final settlement would be very much appreciated as I'm finding it very difficult to get any help elsewhere and I don't want to jump out of th frying pan as it were by settling on a non favourable basis. Any other loopholes would be very much appreciated you guys appear to really know what you are talking about!! The other outstanding cards which I have not yet contacted are with lloyds approx £1200 held by my husband literally forever 25 years? and is made up totally 100% charges/interest........ ... ppi has however been claimed against this account as it was the only one with it (we have just had a letter reducing the balance by £800 due to some legal error on their part also) this has been outsourced to Robinson way for some time although the refund letter came directly from LLOYDS you never know who you are dealing with!! Barclaycard....held since 2005 balance approx £5000 AGAIN all charges/interest nightmare negotiating with to stop interest and charges managed by LINK (charge refund request made a couple of years ago by requesting bank statements to no avail) Finally a loan initially taken out with LOMBARD for £12,500 in 2008 then passed on to idem/Arden/idem I can't keep up with this!!! CCJ in 2013 sadly again the original loan has been repaid in essence but outsourced due to late payments with an outstanding balance of approx £5000 All of the defaults as a result of my mom dying and me losing the plot for a while sadly!! In 2013 -So frustrating as my credit history wasn't bad until then Any advice you can give me would be so gratefully received - I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate that my circumstances may not appear as desperate as some- my mental health is however suffering a great deal as I am desperate to keep my family home I am the midst of a very complicated lost will scenario three years after my mothers death With a Contentious probate scenario not of my making. My only way out is to raise enough funds to buy out my very wealthy brothers (I am not) .hence my need to clear outstanding debt as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is my only way forward and any help for the sake of my sanity and my children's home would mean the world to us all.
  23. Hi am new to the site, which place is the best to post a question about wages being held back. thank you.
  24. I have lots of problems finding where to start a new thread so end up joining someone else's every time… I know when I have asked before I'm told there's a button in the top left hand corner which states "Post New Thread" but on my computer this doesn't appear … Is there anything i can do, please?
  25. i, I am new to all this, think ive posted in the right place. I have received a court claim from capquest yesterday and its dated 28/2/2014. its a Lloyds credit agreement for the sum of £6188 I am really not sure about this debt. ..Ill start at the beginning: I split with my husband and left the marital home that was in april 2009. we did bank with Lloyds and we had an over draft and a loan but I thought that had been paid I really have no recollection of it. I walked away from everything I had and started again. I am on speaking terms with my husband (we are not divorced yet) and yesterday when I dropped the children off he handed me the letter it had gone to the marital home address. I just went sick as I don't recall any agreement. I asked if any other correspondence had been sent there for me and he said no. I have not been at that address for 5 years now so I am totally clueless as what to do. the particulars box on form has an agreement number and states its Lloyds and a date it was passed. the acting solicitors are HL and the signature is typed. really hoping for some help as it seems I have till next Friday if im right which is to register the claim i cant think straight i don't want a ccj against me as i want to go on a mortgage with my new partner. many thanks
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