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Found 13 results

  1. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any h
  2. Hi there. Just on the off chance my husband sent a request to Barclays to see if he had PPI on any of his cards. It turns out he had it on his Barclaycard Mastercard from Sept '97 until Dec 2004 and on his Barclaycard Visa from Sept '97 until Aug 2015. What would be our next step forward please? Thank you.
  3. I have a disabled son confined to a wheelchair (he is unable to drive), we are in the process of getting him a motability wheelchair accessible vehicle, my question is as follows. Motability will insure me and normally insure one other driver, in this case my 22 year old able bodied son who lives very close to his disabled brother, so he was going to be the main driver. The problem we have is motability will not insure my son as he has a motoring offence (driving without Insurance) which is over 3 years old so not on his licence. Motability have said as it is
  4. Ofcom today published a guide on how the major mobile providers lock and unlock phones. Ofcom’s guide features tables on which providers lock mobile phones and how much it will cost you to unlock them. There is lots of variation in what different companies do, highlighting how confusing it can be for consumers. Three Mobile and Giffgaff already sell all of their mobiles unlocked. However, others charge as much as £20 to get your phone unlocked – a process that can take as long as 28 days. Which? believe you shouldn't have to pay a hefty fee to unlock your mobile. That's
  5. Hi guys, Bit of background: I'm just shy of two years with my employer, I always prioritise my work and in the beginning, when the workload was really high, I would often stay back for hours and come in at the weekend to help out without being asked and without being paid. I have a strong work ethic. The issue: My manager, whom I've raised a grievance against for various reasons, reported me to HR for carrying out non-work related activity whilst at work which is true. Why did I do it if I have a strong work ethic? Various people on the team including myself have
  6. I have just realised that I have been paying two building insurance policies for 12 years.Can I get a refund and if so how much am I entitled to?
  7. I am currently browsing through a miriad of documents, received after a SAR request to a financial institution, re a mortgage loan to a close relative whereupon, I have found a doc relating to a Single Premium Disbursment Income Protection/Term Life.in the sum of close to £1000. Is this doc relating to PPI or purely a life ins policy?? All information advice will be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  8. I have been attempting to do research on cold weather policies for canvassing employees. The company I work for has only been around for just over a year. As of now, they have not had a weather policy to protect their workers from being unable to work in unsafe weather conditions. I work in Minnesota, and our crew has missed 10 days in the last month alone due to to the subzero, unsafe conditions we are facing. The company has been receptive to our request for a policy to be enacted, ie, providing us alternate ways to work indoors (malls, etc), or half-day pay. I am wondering if any one
  9. Hi all....theres lots to this but I work for a company that within just over 15 months has grown from approx 8 personnel including the MD to now over 180 with three directors in functional positions. We have...ABSOLUTELY. no policies or procdeures for anything....and I really do mean nothing at all. recently they have tried to discipline 2 people...they had Union reps with them and the procedures had to be stopped. We have no..first aid kits, no first aiders, no fire wardens, no evacuation procedure, No Equality and diversity policy, no staff handbooks etc the list goes on
  10. Hi, I recently sold a mobile phone on ebay for £200, I listed in the article twice that the phone had a defect and I had numerous emails from buyers asking about it which I gave full information on, some of them bidded. It was then sold and the money paid - i sent the item out, a few days later the buyer puts in a dispute saying that the item doesnt match description as it has a defect (yes the same one i listed in the article). After a few back and forward emails ebay stepped in and yesterday I got an email saying they have decided in buyers favour - immediately i contacted eba
  11. Hiya All I have a very Basic Question concerning Policies/Procedures. If a Employer has acted under various policies and procedures [in a way that targetted/excluded individuals/groups] which turn out not to exist - how would that affect a potential employment tribunal case? How would you explain the non-existance to a Judge? I am sure there will be some in interesting replies so fire away people. Cheers
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-2217224/Motorists-save-13-premiums-car-insurers-court-victory-legal-fees.html
  13. Hi does anyone know anything about multicar policies? My son asked me to join a multicar policy with him to make his car insurance cheaper as he is 25 + his insurance is usually about £1000/£1200 per year which he pays in monthly instalments. My insurance is £230 per year full comp which I pay on a one off payment. I said to my son Martin that I didn't really want to be bothered with all the hastle as I was happy with my insurance company deal + paying my years priemiums up front but I told him when my insurance was due for renewal which wasn't for another 6 months or so. When my
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