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Found 11 results

  1. Well looks like Peter Crook (Id say suitably named) stepped down from Provident Financial Group...This little gem comes through... Start reclaiming folks, for all those times the admitted ROP wasnt PPI in any form...
  2. Well looks like Peter Crook (Id say suitably named) stepped down from Provident Financial Group...This little gem comes through... Start reclaiming folks, for all those times the admitted ROP wasnt PPI in any form...
  3. Dear Sir, Last week I was travelling from west drayton (west london) to shepherd bush station I was caught by the Revenue Inspector at the shepherd bush station as I stupidly used my tesco club card to touch out instead of oyster card as both were in the same pocket. I also forgot to touch in at west drayton as I was getting late and ran to board the train as there are no barriers. I apologized the inspector and then I showed him my oyster card, he looked at the history and found out the last time I used the card was 6 months back. I told him that I mainly work from home and don't come to city too often. He then grilled me for 15 mins, took all the notes about name, contact number and address where the oyster card is registered etc, read out my rights, get the notes signed by me and let me go out without giving me any penalty fare. He said they will communicate further and I will get copy of these notes as well. Later on I realized that my oyster card was registered at the OLD address (moved to new address 6 months back) wondering when they will write to me, it will go to the old address. I then called TFL customer service and got my address updated and explained them the whole situation. They advised me that if I was caught then I should have received the penalty fare there n then and if they let me go out without PF there is nothing to worry and I should simply ignore the incident, which I don't think is a great advice. Now I did bit of googling and really worried after seeing so many people have been criminally prosecuted due to fare evasion by TFL. I have not received any communication from the TFL as yet. Please advice me 1. What are my options about the above incident and how can I avoid criminal conviction and do out of court settlement as Criminal record will severely affect my current career and any future job prospects as I work in financial sector? This is the first time that this has happened to me and I am extremely stressed about the whole situation. I could not sleep, eat and work properly from last one week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.
  4. I am a new member and seeking for help and hope I will get a help and guidance to sort out TAX Credit rejection. I am a single mother of 2 children. In Feb 2015 my husband and I went thru separation due to our every other day arguments which was going on for past 3 years and eventually he moved out in Feb 2015 and left me no money to pay for the bills. While I was with him he used to get child tax credits and help from local council towards the house rent as he was on low wages and I was just a house wife. At time of separation my daughter was 13 yrs and son 6 yr old. Once my husband moved out he informed the local authority about the change and circumstances and because of this the council stopped paying rent. I did not know anything about the council and tax credit matters as everything was dealt by my husband. I applied for the housing & council tax benefits to my local council and child tax credits to HMRC which were all accepted. My ex asked me NOT to go thru the child support because he will buy stuff and support children which he has been but never paid me any money. I got a job in a clothing store to meet the ends and to provide for my children. Right after few weeks of separation I had been asking my ex to change his address as he does not live here. He kept telling me he doesnt have a fixed address and he lives at different places such as few days/ weeks at his friends or relatives. His letters from bank and other letters kept coming to my address after roughly many months I got fed up and I started to return his letters to senders and also threw in the bin and as usual my ex kept repeating that he will change the address soon . During the separation our relation had been up and down but I never stopped him from seeing the children as they dearly love him especially my son he took all this badly that he often cried during his sleep calling his father and also his school teachers informed me that he seem to be lost in the class. Due to the state of my children I gave him open access to my ex that he can see children whenever he wants to. In April 2016 we gave a try to get back together and allowed him to move back with me and I also informed my local council in writing. Unfortunately this did not work and I asked him to move out just after 2 weeks and once again I informed the council. Then from July 2016 my tax credits were stopped without any advance notice. On enquiring tax credit help desk told me to send my last 6 months bank statements, Pay slips, utility bills, Tenancy agreement of the property, housing & council tax benefit documents and also proof of address of my ex such as tenancy agreement. I provided all the documents except 2 and that is my own and also my ex’s tenancy agreement. My landlord has not provided me with the tenancy agreement due to being behind my rent and my ex could not provide his agreement because his landlord does not want to declare about the room renting to avoid tax. Tax credits rejected my considerations and in Nov 2016 asked me again to provide the same but recent documents and once again I did send most of them except my own agreement. My ex gave me only one tenancy agreement one of his addresses he had lived at. In total my ex lived at 5 addresses and none of them issued him tenancy agreement except one which he gave to me to send to tax credits. Recently I received a rejection letter from tax credits asking me to pay over £8K and have given me a time of one month (now less than 3 weeks) to apply for tribunal hearing. I have done nothing wrong and got in this big mess. There is no way I am able to pay that amount and don’t know what am I supposed to do. I am in great stress and tensions and one of my friend mentioned about CAG to get advice. Anyone here to advice and help to deal with this matter ? I would appreciate your help. Thanks Please see the attached letter from HMRC I have received recently. docs1.pdf
  5. Hi My circumstance have changed for the worst and I have a lot of debts to pay back. I am planning to go back to my home country in order to find a job so I will be able to pay them back. I have an overpayment I need to pay back and overdue payments for a storage unit. I'm planning to let them know I'm going back. My question is this: Would I be flagged at passport control for my storage unit debt? I know that I won't for the overpayment as I contacted them. What exactly does passport control check? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Zazelle
  6. MUM -KITCHEN-CONSUMER FORUM I was wondering if someone could help me? My mums bed ridden after a car accident and she recently needed a kitchen badly adapted a little for her needs in a wheel chair. But worried that she’s been messed about by people who have took advantage of her before she asked for help from the council and the care and repair team hoping they would help and also find some one reliable to do the contract. The Care and repair team came out approx 14th october 2014, shortly half hour latter the kitchen man turned up. But after talking to the company who promised her she would get what she needed and could do the job before xmas so she could enjoy xmas with a new kitchen. She was constantly messed about. She was sent a 3D image approx a week after the visit, but there were things on the document that wasent right, so she contacted them and told them. They promised her that they would alter the requests she had mentioned. She latter received a 2nd letter and 3D image with details the letter included details of what she would be having done but not broke down correctly, at the time my mum didn’t let this bother her thinking it was the norm but realised latter it has caused problems with them not explaining properly. My mum is unable to remember the exact time but round this time she mentioned in a phone call to the kitchen team that there were 2x sinks on the original plan and one had to be removed and also spoke to them regarding lights under the counter because she had forgot to mention that she would like them also in a disabled section/ under the plate rack that she was having built. After mentioning this to them they were happy to add this and said not to worry they would put these in for free. Around this time also I had spoke to a man from the kitchen team on a day he was there and tried to go over all her needs incase she had forgotten including anything, mentioning the lights under all the counters that she requested also. They promise her that the job would take no longer than 10 days and would be done well in time for xmas. She paid a deposit of £831.69 on the 31st october 2014. And they started work on the 1st December 2014. A man started work demolishing the old kitchen (some rubbish was not all taken away as promised still). Then one man started building the cupboards for the kitchen on his own. It was a little upsetting that they did not listen to my mum properly regarding some of the design of the kitchen and she found a section where she wanted to store her brushes ect was designed wrong and she is finding it difficult to do what she wanted. (yet she’s not bothered that much about this and has let it pass by). When the cupboard man was nearly finished his side of things an electrician came out none of us actually got to meet him nor talk to him and we were told that he came in to the house and said he needed to check the bedrooms because when he was doing the electrics in the kitchen all up stairs plugs etc needed to be checked for safety etc. ?? Yet when an electrician came latter on to do this he did not need to go up stairs at all??) We were told he took one look at the rooms (yet my daughter was living in one of these rooms and he did not come in to the room at all) and said to the other work man he would not do the job and walked out. My mums house has been in a mess for a while with boxes etc piled in the rooms waiting to be sorted but she is not able to get up the stairs and only has my self to help and I have a disability too so can only do so much to help. (but all the light fittings and plugs were assessable. We have still not had a proper explanation regarding this event, nor an apology. Only told that they would not use this man again. Due to this man walking out and not doing his job, the kitchen was put on hold and we were told they could not get any one else to do the job until after new year. My mum had been having to survive before and during and after xmas with 3 small push along kitchen table squares with a kettle, and microwave to only cook with. The only way that another electric man was found was through the care and repair team in the new year. So the job only got finished 14th January 2015. Other issues were also happening, E.G. A hole was supposed to be blocked up, done badly and uneven. -Artex needed tidying up ( this was only touch up jobs were they damaged the original wall, not new stuff.) -Painting done badly over artex some one had to come back again due to us telling them, yet for the price we paid we feel it was still done badly. -Radiator was moved and the knob and items falling off it after the job was completed. -There is still a small hole in the wall. -Handle fell off the cupboard after it was completed. Towards completion of the electrics we realised that lights we asked for under the cupboards were not put in, after asking why we were told we never asked for light under there. Yet they had put light in an area built for the wheel chair under a plate rack were my mum would use the most. (when we had requested lights under all of it, and we had actually forgot to tell them in the beginning that we would like the lights under the plate rack and at a latter date told them could we please have them.) The man from the company via phone said yes of course and that he would throw these in for free. Yet in January my mum has now received a separate bill for the lights she has been told that this is extra to be paid. (Nothing was free as promised) The actual bill for the kitchen was £8,316.89 plus £105.97 for the extra lights. My mum has been put out an awful lot coping with no kitchen for far too long than promised and through xmas and new year which as well as being very upsetting was very difficult being in a wheel chair and in constant pain. This company have not listened to her a lot before or after all this and even demanded payment before the job was completed making her feel guilty and saying such things as the man who had done the cupboards needed paying and wants paying so he has his money for xmas. I Believe they have done a half hearted job with somethings and left my mum with stress upset and lack of facilities over a period of time that was far too much for anyone never mind a disabled person, they did not offer to knock any thing off for any inconvenience and instead demanded more money for the lights etc were some she was told would be free. She was also told she would have to pay for her own tiles and they would put them up. I bought them for her and they only put them up. (we paid) Approx a year ago she had been at her worst ill health wise after loosing her husband to liver disease she had her own disability issues and pain and she then got high blood pressure, suspected heart attack, stroke, diabetes and suspected blood clot there are trying to figure out at the moment. But she had gotten better in this last year and was controlling things. Due to all this recent stress she’s been knocked right back to last year again and nurses are having to come more often and they are talking about putting the blood measure machine back into the house along with other things because her health has deteriorated so badly again due to all the upset and stress. I feel my mum has been treated badly and should at least be offered to knock something off for the inconvenience and stress. Please can you help. I am also worried how long this kitchen will last and what quality it is after the handle falling off, and that the price they gave her was far too much for what they actually did. If any one can offer any advice I would be very grateful. Many thanks
  7. Hi I have an issue with e bay and an one line store recently and wondered if some some could help me ? I ordered an item for halloween and paid extra to get the item for next day delivery after checking they were able to do so. I waited patiently to discover halloween came and still no outfit, i had struggled to find their telephone number to contact them and was still waiting on the reply to an e mail regarding this. I hadn’t been out in 2o years so this was a very special occasion to me and I love halloween so spent far to much on this so I could have a great time. In pure desperation I was trying the internet and any where to see if I could find their telephone number but still could not find them? In desperation I called one of the 118 numbers to see if they could help not knowing latter I would find out for this one call and they still didn’t have the number it would end up costing me £15.oo and being on a benefit its all a real struggle for me. When I finally found their number out of pure luck and (I have no idea) I phoned them and they seamed nice and did try to help, but they told me that some one had left the parcel bag some where and its probably been stolen. When I asked why didn’t they e mail or call to let me know I was given excuses of were not sure who’s have gone. The only thing he was able to do was to ring his people who he gets these orders from direct so I could get it their, but it was approx 1 /2 hours away one way in Halifax. Out of pure desperation I said I would collect checking with his first that the order was correct and the size I didn’t want to go all that way and find I couldn’t get it. He said it was correct so I drove to halifax knowing I would have to be quick because tonight I was due out, it wasn’t easily either because I have a condition that leaves me in a lot of pain. When I got their I was told the size I wanted 24 wasn’t available the item only went up to size 22 and this is stated on the from of the package which was very upsetting I only went for this item because the size was 24 but it was also an extra £25.00 because of this. I didn’t know what to do so all I could do was bring it home and try it, but when I did it didn’t fit I was very angry and upset and didn’t go out due to the journey took me far longer than I wanted leaving me late in a lot of pain and the out fit didn’t fit so my whole day was ruined. I feel very cheated and lied to about the size etc.. the out fit is no good to me really halloween is gone and it cost me £65.00 with out delivery etc I paid £72.00. It has just cost me a lot of upset and money instead of the night I was looking forward too. I was going to keep it in the hope of loosing weight by next year and having it here already, because I bought lots of other items to go with it. But feel very cheated and hurt by the company. I have sent them a e mail.. which is below along with a reply but not sure my rights etc and how to handle the situation from here on in.. Can some one one help me and give me some advise. Many thanks This is a copy of the actual letter sent to the company. I am writing due to buying this above order from your company recently, After struggling to to find your telephone number I had no choice but to check directory which latter I found cost me £15.00 to do so. But after speaking to you I discovered that my parcel was one that had probably been stolen and there was no way I could receive it on time for that night. Even though I ordered it with plenty of time and checked this would be ok and paid extra for delivery. You did try and help me but to get this order I had to drive to Halifax over 2 hours to get their then back. Costing me £17.00 in Petrol money one way only £34.00 in total, which you promised to reimburse. Before I left for Halifax I double checked that the order was correct especially the size and I was promise everything was correct, yet when I got their it clearly stated that these makes only went up to size 22 not 24 as promised In the advert. Which is the only reason I payed £25.00 extra with your self rather than others so I got the bigger size so I feel very cheated, and the clothes did not fit. By now I was very upset and annoyed being so put out and having to drive such a long way and pay well above the odds for an item that I did not receive and spent far to much on. I drove home which made me very late and was upset that the item did not fit and I had no costume to wear. As I explained via phone this was going to be my first halloween party (or just going out) in over 20 years. So I was very excited and looking forward to my favourite day of the year. Instead I have suffered a lot of upset and had to stay in. Not receiving my item. £15.00 on directory phone call for your number. Cost me extra in delivery £6.00. That didn’t turn up. Spent nearly 6 hours traveling to Halifax, also made me late. Costing me £34.00 in petrol. To collect a costume that did not fit, even though I checked the sizes again and again. I could of got this costume £25.00 cheaper If I hadn’t been lied to. (false advertising) Only to have to stay in and not go out on Halloween which was very upsetting. I was upset and angry after all I had been through, I am writing to collect the petrol money you promised me but also to let you know how upset I am I believe you let me down a lot and think you should rectify the situation on what I have lost out on. Yours Faithfully, THEIR REPLY Our contact number is on the shop. We have responded to your most recent message and we will honour the promise made to you on the phone that day. Regards Hi, First of all if you read the packaging make sure you are not reading the American size as you have received the correct size as we stated in one of the messages to you. The costume is a American brand and the size on the packet is American. If you doubt this fact check the manufacturers website. We also do not understand why it has took you so long to discuss this situation with us. You have also gone over the 14 day return period and you do realise that all costumes would be checked by quality control to test if they had been used or not. We have responded appropriately and honestly to your latest message. We will honour our promise made to you on the phone that day. We pulled the stops out to rescue a situation that was outside of our control. We have never lied to you about anything, our contact number is listed on the shop and we responded to your messages and sorted you a replacement costume with one of our contacts. Our price is what it is and you are free to choose to buy from us or not. Your claim of "False Advertising" is unfounded so be careful what you say, we will not take this matter up with e bay on this occasion due to the circumstances and we do feel that you was inconvenienced with this transaction but the issue was outside of our control and we did find a solution for you. The size of the costume is as stated and that is beyond doubt and can be confirmed by the warehouse. We have already lost the first costume in the post and we have paid for your replacement. We do except that this is not your fault and as per all previous communication clearly states you were very glad that we helped you and you leave it until now to contact us over 2 weeks after your event. So please do not now create problems as we rectified the situation in the only way we could and you agreed to collect the item. We did promise to cover you for the fuel cost and we will honour that promise. We can not refund you for that through e bay but we will refund you direct to your PayPal Account. If you wish to discuss the matter sensibly please ring us on …....... or …......... and we will gladly resolve the issue with you but we will compensate you for the fuel and the £6.00 delivery charge which will be £40.00. We are not obliged to do this but we will do as we feel that you made the effort of driving to collect a costume same day that we organised for you and we did promise to help out with the cost of doing so but do not take advantage with the claim for the other cost items. We appreciate the situation as we did at the time but we have done everything possible to rectify the situation. Regards
  8. Hello My husband and I have got our dip for our morgage but I have had a thought by my solicitor the lady who done out dip never asked my marital status? We are married but I still go under my madden name but use Ms instead of mrs . We have an offer accepted on a house and we are both nammed on the dip now I have been up worry about this will it make a difference if it doesn't say married on the dip ? Like I said were both on the dip? Do I need to tell the morgage company this now and will it have to be a new dip again etc or is it just simple to change my title/status on the offer if everything goes to plan ?? I have also never changed my name on anything official? Any help is much appreciated my solicitor said she needed to my status so I'm assuming that's for some sort of documents? Were ftb aswell Thanks for the advice
  9. Hi Iwas just wondering if i could get sum advice..Apologies in advance for the long post.. My OH mother passed away last year and since then Cabot have been sending letters saying they are owed almost £4000 from a monument credit card and wish to know who her property is on the market with so they can contact them. After going through all my late mother-in-laws paperwork we cannot find anything relating to this debt other than cabot letters. We have asked for proof of the debt which they say they dont have original agreement as account was opened in 2001, all they have sent us is terms and conditions of their agreement with original lender which has lots of info marker penned out. My late mother-in-law did set up a direct debit to pay cabot £10 per month in 2007 up until she passed away, however we feel she may have set this up to get them off her back as she was not in the right frame of mind at the time. When we did a credit check with experian there is no sign of this debt on her file. Any advice would be much appreciated as we are not sure what to do.
  10. Hi, just looking for some advice...I live in France and my daughter in the Uk bought me a 2nd hand i phone 3gs and had it unlocked, but did not realise it had not been unlocked for use in France. I have a french sim... I have contacted O2 so many times and told to get O2 sim and top up by £15 and make a call .then the phone could be unlocked......got sim sent to me and did as they asked...still did not work ....I spoke to 3 different advisors over a 2 week period...all 3 put forward a request to have it unlocked, again nothing ....I managed to speak to one of these gurus online for O2 who claimed to be the manager...he is now saying the call has to be made from the UK and we must find the origional owner to get permission...explained it was from a 2nd hand shop but he is insisting the IMEI does not match the number we have now, even though it is now registered, so it can't be unlocked until i call from the UK...I have spoken to O2 from my phone and they text me all the time so not sure what he is on about...Apple informed me the old contract on the phone ran out last week so O2 can just unlock it anyway....I tried explaining that getting to the uk to make a call and trying to find out who owned the phone before me is not going to happen....I asked to speak to a UK advisor and he said no...we are in India but trained the same so we know what we are talking about.....How can over 10 different people get it wrong...each time i complain i get an appology from the last mistake...so what happens now...another appology for another person getting it wrong...all i want to do is speak to someone who knows what they are talking about.....does anyone have a magic number to contact O2 on, other that the 4444. 4445 ones... thanks in advance
  11. Hello all I got paydayuk to repay but now they take all money from account!. If I get 20£,100£ etc... they take all leave me without money to live. Can come one tell me how to cancel this payment? it is not direct debet, prodobly card if I raport card as stolen then stop take money or not ??, I take my money from work tomorrow . Please for any advice Thanks EDIT: Ok I went to bank today and they said "they can do this in branch" I need to call them and speak with bank advisor but also he said it can take up to 30 days before remove automatic payment. Like I said I take money from work tomorrow and I dont want to loose them, what is better speak with them or just raport my card as stolen ??? plz help
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