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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All We switched over from BT to Plusnet at the back end of last year, just before christmas and since the switchover, I have not had a decent internet connection through the WiFi since. Background: The house is a large old property with brick walls so WiFi is spotty in some areas, to resolve this I have placed access points that are hard wired in where necessary. When the provider was BT there were no problems I could test with a cable or WiFi and the speed would be pretty similar. Since switching over to Plusnet the internet speed through the WiFi has been awful and I don't think
  2. Plusnet, a BT owned company, has today been fined £880,000 by Ofcom for continuing to bill more than a thousand ex-customers. http://tinyurl.com/lgdmhyl
  3. Hi everyone, I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer: Plusnet offered terrible service so I reported them to CISAS. CISAS ruled that a) plusnet had to pay us £250, b) get our services working and c) if we decided to leave were not to charge us for any outstanding contract charges. We did decide to leave and in Dec 2015 I received an email informing me I needed to pay a final bill including outstanding contract charges. I responded asking for an itemised bill by post, and pointed out that they were instructed to not charge me for outstanding contract charges. I never received
  4. I am approaching the end of my 12 month contract with Plusnet Broadband Service. I wrote to Plusnet to let them know I did not wish to renew the contact for another 12 months they have e mailed to say there is a £30 cancellation charge to disconnect the Broadband Service. I cannot find any reference to this charge in their Residential Terms and Conditions. Can anyone advise if this £30 charge is legitimate or are they just trying it on.
  5. I switched to plusnet in may this year to their phone and fibre service.. took initial payment by debit card fine no problems.. phoneline changed over really smoothly however, the broadband/fibre date changed without our knowledge.. hmm not happy they apologise profusely and say it was out of their hands....ok so i let bt openreach take the fall 6 months in failure to even get close to the 76mbps more like 12 on a good day. . checked via their bt wholesale web tool which proved my point entirely about speed. . nothing is changed there.. Payments.. hah they are a
  6. Hi Guys Need some help and advice , i signed up with Plusnet on 13th November everything went fine after few days received an email saying that '' Dear xxxx The order for your service to be activated is due to complete on 2015-11-27 and your telephone number should be 0114xxxx. We now have all the details needed in order to place a simultaneous broadband order, this means that we should be able to get your broadband service working within 48 hours of your phone line being activated. These types of orders can fail on occasion, or be cancelled by the current provider.
  7. Hi guys, Need some help i was Plusnet customer since October 2014, on 20th July 2015 i received an email regarding the price rise and been advised that i can cancel without being charged within 30 days. I rang on 24th July 2015 asked them if they could give me better price or i leave, they gave me reduced price but it was not matching with Sky's offer, so i said offer is not good and what the process to cancel they told me that just sign up as normal and that's it. I signed up on 24th July with Sky and the same day received an email from Plusnet that you leaving early so you hav
  8. I am a Plusnet customer myself and recommended the company to my parents when they wanted to change Internet provider away from the Postoffice. However they have had one delay after another. I am trying to get them some help by chasing up their connection date but because I am not the account holder I cannot do anything. I think they are being fobbed off continually and they have been waiting over two months for connection. They have already paid 2 monthly payments but are not connected. I have tried looking into the problem but Plusnet will not deal with me and will not look into this on m
  9. Need some advice so any input appreciated. Moved to Plusnet - both phone line and broadband on the understanding the transfer from my previous ISP would be simultaneous. Didn't happen that way. A router was meant to be despatched but never arrived. I made a phone call to discover it hadn't been despatched - so that eventually arrived late. Received an e-mail from Plusnet advising that the phone was active on the 3rd July and ADSL would follow later in the day. They were apologetic in their mail and advised a small credit (for the phone) would be applied. Not much use to me as I
  10. I SUCESSFULLY SUED PLUSNET/BT IN MY LOCAL COUNTY COURT ! In February 2014 I contacted PLUSNET to install a phone line & supply a modem & broadband at the new house I was moving to. I paid them £72.98, I received confirmation of my order (a contract ?)in the post the following day & 2 appointments were booked for a month later for the work to be done. I moved to my new house & waited, I took 11 hours off work unpaid to be at home for the BT Openreach engineers, but no one turned up, I tried to contact PLUSNET on my mobile several times only
  11. I was a Plusnet phone and broadband customer until I found a better deal with another company for the same services at a cheaper price. I telephoned Plusnet before my contract ended to ask if they could give me a better deal or at least match the deal I would get as a new customer. They couldn't do it so i signed up with a new provider. I have changed providers many times when contracts have ended and usually have no problems My contract with Plusnet ended on the 15th of June 2015 and I moved to my new provider. I even received a refund from Plusnet for the overpayment I had made fr
  12. Hello all, Would welcome any views on my current situation with Plusnet. I have had ongoing issues with my broadband and telephone for over a year- I have given them multiple chances to resolve these problems. Eventually I had to email their CEO to force them to engage with me and the fault even investigated. Despite being told multiple times that there were faults external to my property I was repeatedly told to "change your wireless channel". Eventually I had to complain to CISAS. Shortly after my complaint to CISAS, Plusnet removed from their online ticket support system
  13. Can anyone help me please? I have been having problems with my internet and phone connection for over a good few months. It's been fixed now and I was told by the person I was dealing with at Plusnet that I would get the next 3 months free because I had been messed about. I have been told many things by Plusnet and I have come to realize that they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Our main contract ran out on the 26th of May and after that we were on a rolling contract. Because of all the lies I had been told I stopped our direct debit as that was our only op
  14. Hi In October 2013 I started a 12-month contract with Talk Talk (Simply Broadband). In October 2014 I moved in another property. At the beginning of November I started a contract with PlusNet at the new address. On 11th November I have written to TAlk TAlk a letter of cancellation. Now, PlusNet claims there is a TAG on my line preventing them from placing my order. So, I have no connection. At the same time, Talk Talk is asking me to pay even December for the old contract, claiming they can not disconnect me too early. Conclusion: in De
  15. Hi, I am new to the forum but Plusnet has driven mad with continuing excuses and lack of any service. My broadband went out on 26th July and an engineer called on 31st July and advised there was a problem at the exchange, it should be fixed today (31st) he said. Every three days since then it was going to be fixed and we even got to "it will be fixed by 9pm on 14th August". Now it seems it won't be fixed until 28th August. Why if it was going to be fixed by 9pm last night is it now going to take another two weeks? Why have I spent a cumulative three hours waiting for Plusnet to answer the p
  16. Let me begin by saying that Plusnet is not capable of providing any communication services in the UK with any acceptable level of service standards and I am raising my formal complaint with Ofcom as well. I signed up for plusnet broadband services on 6th April and paid £23.74, while switching from Sky. Plusnet told me that my services will be activated within a few weeks and plusnet will take complete control of my switching from Sky and there is no action required on me. On 14th April I received a confirmation email from plusnet telling me that my account is active now and I can
  17. Hi, I am having problems with Plusnet. I left them in the beginning of January 2014 after a few years of trouble free good service. I only left due to a good deal with another provider. I emailed and rang Plusnet a couple of times around the date I changed over to ensure I had paid all money owed. I even had emails back confirming this. a short while after I had a letter from a debt recovery firm called moorcroft demanding £347.75. I told the person from Moorcroft the story and that I had proof that I owed no money and she promised to get back to me after ta
  18. I've noticed previous threads on this. My own experience with this started with an upgrade to Fibre on 12th March. Plusnet sent BT Openreach engineer for upgrade and since then NO BROADBAND AND OFTEN NO LANDLINE EITHER! Have been pushed from pillar to post - BT landline people, then Plusnet to their "suppliers" BT Wholesale who then speak with their BT Openreach people. No communication between the different sections - all of which are BT. One Plusnet chap confessed that they speak with the same folk in India as if I had gone direct with BT! So much for their marketing of local ser
  19. Hi Bob, currently we have BT as our phone and broadband provider,I would like to move to Plusnet but I have a problem,although I am the bill payer the BT account is in his name, he now has a default on his credit file would it be possible for me to get an account with Plusnet in my name ? The BT account is not in arrears.
  20. Plusnet are increasing their charges in the middle of my year long contract which seems very unfair as I signed up for a year at an agreed term so should they not honour the agreed charge for that year?
  21. Hello I have written a long blogpost, but I can't post it yet, because I have not made enough posts on here as yet. In it I report on my direct experience with Plusnet, where once I said I was leaving them, were able to reduce my price instantly. They were able to do this because my exchange had changed to 'Market 2'! When challenged they said that they decided to reduce prices back in July 2011 and offer this to new customers, but existing customers would get the discount as and when they contacted them. Mmmmm interesting, so if I had not contacted them, they would have kept
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