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Found 171 results

  1. Hiya back again.... My daughter has Anorexia Nervosa and Depression. She isn't in full time education as she has become too weak to do any work. She's 17 and weighs around 39kg (that's a bit over 6 stone). I wanted to apply for Personal Independent Payment. She's had difficulties with her eating since she was about 9, but in the past 18 months - 2 years she now has severe Anorexia Nervosa and we are waiting to see if she is going to be hospitalized. Would she be able to get P.I.P? I mean, does her diagnosis warrant P.I.P? It is a nightmare. Trying to buy the right sort of foods that she will eat, throwing food away or just not being able to get her to eat at all. She might fancy a takeaway and I jump at it, just so she eats something. The thing is, she had to leave college, she was too exhausted to attend and couldn't concentrate. I've been told by child tax credit that even though she intends to return to education in September, they only allow 3-6 months for illness and as its 7 months to September, she no longer qualifies for Child Tax Credit or probably Child Benefit. This means I have to support her on my DLA and ESA. Not that I mind, but what could be worse for the benefit system to do? Take away the money that pays for the food that she needs to get well again,....... WTG Guys!!! Sorry I'm ranting again lol Believe it or not, my actual question is, is Anorexia Nervosa and Depression are they a meritable reason to claim PIP??? Anyone got any ideas, please share Cheers :o)
  2. ,,my huband applied for pip in october after being made to graduate from dla higher rate mobility and no care he had his assessment at home in jan and i constantly phoned up to be told its with a manger etc so i made a complaint and lo and behold today i got a phonecall to say he had been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced care i cried as its taken 15 years to be acknowledged that i care ft for my husband , so all i can say is keep going stay strong and believe .. the good guys nearly always win x
  3. Hi, My relative applied for PIP approx. 8 months ago and finally has an appointment this month by ATOS at his home. If he is awarded any kind of award within PIP, is he entitled to backdated payment from when he first made the claim? or from the date of his assessment/home visit please?
  4. I hope someone can help us out with this problem. I am asking for help on here as a last resort. My husband has been in hospital for the past three weeks and I am trying to do things he has always done for us. For years (since1993) he has been getting his DLA for top mobility and middle care. He was told back in January 2014 that he had to apply for PIP. He filled in the form and sent it off. In September he had a medical for it and a letter came through at the start of November saying that he isn't allowed PIP. With him being so ill and in and out of hospital since last November he never got round to dealing with it. A few weeks ago he asked for a reconsideration, but they have turned him down because he was too late to put it in and the excuse he gave wasn't good enough. This letter that came this week also says that he can't appeal against that decision. Is that right and what happens now? I rang up the DWP for him and they said that as he has just had is 65th birthday (last week) he can't claim PIP again.
  5. Hi can anyone advise how the payment system works for back dated pip. My son got a letter to state he was awarded enhanced disability and low mobility, after 7 months. Unfortunately it was paid to a closed account on 12 Dec. No warning that he was getting a payment, or to check if details were correct, my son has autism. I rang to give an account number it could be paid to, and they said it will take a week for the payment to be sent back to them, then my son and I have rang practically every day to see if it was back, my son has extreme anxiety. After getting a load of tripe off call handlers, eventually a team leader advised the payment had been received back to them and was with the case manager who has to resend payment to the correct account. Are the payments made by chaps?bacs?He's very upset it's taking so long, has not been out of his room he's so depressed. Can it be paid quicker, he is 22 and was only diagnosed this year after assessments from age 4 years, misdiagnosis also, there's another story.Thankyou
  6. I won my PIP reconsideration have finally been awarded PIP at the daily living rate component. Cannot stress what a huge difference this will make for me, not only financially, but also that at last my illness has been recognized as being detrimental to my well being. It has been a long hard struggle, one I did not think I would win.
  7. I applied for PIP in Nov 2013 had my medical 11 months later which I failed. I asked for a mandatory reconsideration and submitted new/supporting evidence, sent recorded. Just been told this evidence has been lost, so there is nothing new showing on their system, I am going to get a failed because of this. Is there anything I can do about this, I have asked my CPN if she can send it again, but this is beyond belief. It took me ages to get that letter, it's not easy for me asking for help, saying nothing for what it is doing to my MH. I cannot believe they can lose such valuable paperwork.
  8. Hi. I've just gone from DLA to the new PIP & have lost £150.00 per month it seems. Just got the pip 'final' deciders today. Currently (till start of feb) on middle rate carers & lower rate disability I am/was getting about £369.00 per month. Now in the Pip letter they tell me I don't get the 'daily living component' as I only had 6 points (min 8 required). They are saying I will receive £56.75 per week for the 'enhanced mobility' component. So under the new PIP i'll receive £225.00 per month instead of £369.00? My question is this:- Will I receive a separate letter about the carers allowance? If I don't have a carer, will that money go to me like it did with the DLA's? I am very worried at the moment as I seem to be losing out on what amounts to almost £40 per week from this new pip benefit compared to the DLA, and this while I am actually worse off medically than i was when i made my original claim! I am an MS patient, I cannot walk far without assistance & I use a wheelchair if someone takes me out for the day (family usually). There have been mental health issues (I rarely go out at all) though seems pointless mentioning those because it seems in no part does my pip claim reflect to any of my mental health problems only in the mobility side. If this is all I am to receive now can anybody tell me the steps to appealing or post a link to same. Any help with this appreciated as at the moment I just feel like i've been robbed.
  9. just been awarded pip mobility part and just wanted to ask can I be forced by jcp to look for work ? im claiming esa and after 13 months am being assessed by atos 2 weeks Monday
  10. Hi Just a quick question. My husband has been awarded PIP at high rate on both care and motorbility. Am I right in thinking this makes no difference to working tax credits as he doesn't work? I work 24 hours per week and get £3 per week WTC but wondered if PIP effected this. Thanks
  11. Hi Just looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been on DLA for just over 2 years and in May he was asked to apply for PIP. I filled out the forms for him and sent all evidence from each consultant he sees. We received a letter in June to say all had been received and his assessment would be in 12-16 weeks. I called just before the 16 weeks and was told it would now be 26 weeks but ATOS would be coming to us. His last ATOS assessment for ESA I had to take him and we actually found the lady very nice and she included me quite a bit in the assessment. He was placed in the SG. Is a home visit usual/unusual? Should I be worried? Thanks
  12. Hi, At start of December, my wifes ESA advisor told her to claim PIP in January (so not to be caught in december backlogs) However, we're not totally sure what it all entails or why we should claim it. MY wife suffers from stress and anxiety, which cause panic attacks, she has asthma, and has osteoarthritis in her knee from a surgery that should never have been done (she was misdiagnosed when her knee kept coming out of socket) she is in constant pain with her knee, can't walk very far and relies on transport. Neither of us drive, but due to her anxiety buses are a nightmare and taxis are far more comfortable. Our advisor knows this, and seems to think PIP should be a walk in the park. Claim it, receive it. Done deal. However, my mother recently applied it. She has a heart working at 10%, cant walk more than 100 yards without needing to pause, also has arthritis and various other medical difficulties that leave her on 20 tablets a day...and she was turned down, and her appeal refused. So why does our advisor think it will be so easy? can anyone see? or does anyone have any advice?
  13. son wishes to appeal pip payment. Is there a form to use? series3
  14. Well after waiting 12 months I failed my PIP medical. NO account has been given to my mental health state (which is why I am in the ESA support group) the only reference they make is that I CAN relate face to face with a person, outside of that there is NO other mention. I scored a big fat 0 on every count (I am totally gutted). I expect there are no other avenues open to me I am truly, truly distraught. The examiner noted I showed no signs of anxiety, (I was in bits) I could not find things in my bag, I had taken in the wrong medication packets, there was torn tissue on the floor from my nerves, I could not remember things (I was in pieces inside) what do they want you to do/show! I even went all the way home with my heel not in my shoes, I was so distressed I did not notice until I got home. They have also ignored a letter from my CPN - they make me feel as if I am living a lie. 12 months anguish to be disbelieved.
  15. hello. I have been on pip for a year now high rate mobility and standard care. I had a change of circumstance so had another assessment. I got 0 points mobility because they said I walked 30-40m to the room. it was 5 m. so I checked google earth and the whole building is 3 cars wide. also I told her I could only move 5 m at a time and she said I need in minutes. I said 1 minute. she put down 2-3 minutes. what is going on at atos. it was a physio that saw me. what can I do please.
  16. Like the name suggests I have tangles with most government offices over the past 5 years. I'm now back with the DWP again. I put in for a claim of PIP last year which failed as did the reconsideration. So back to a Tribunal on Monday (24th). My argument with the DWP all the way through is that they have no obtained any independent evidence from either the GP, the Consultant or the Social Worker. They have only relied on the meeting I had with their medical people and the claim form. Now I have researched and researched and in every case based on government sites it clearly says that ATOS are responsible for getting independent evidence to back up my claim. I don't have any evidence at all to prove what I say. So I am expecting ATOS to be fair and ask for it AND PAY FOR IT! I don't have the money and cannot start chasing around everywhere. Does anybody have any definite sources from the net that confirms what I am going to say to the Tribunal?
  17. Hi, does anyone know if claimants have the right to have a PIP medical recorded in the same way as ESA? If so, can you please point me towards the relevant regulations to quote at Crapita. Thank you
  18. A friend of mine passed away in September, the day after (23.09.14.) the DWP I.B. ESA and PIP offices were made aware of his death. A payment for PIP was made into his bank account on 26.09.14. and ESA on 30.09.14. Now the DWP are asking for the money to be returned. Is this money recoverable as they were informed of his death prior to them releasing the payments? Any advice would be grateful. Thanks, Joe
  19. Any help appreciated. Short story Wife was on DLA High Mob (had been for a long time) Pressure was being put on me by advisor at JSA to apply and try to get PIP care. We resisted initially but the advisor got a little umpty with me and after about 4 months we decided to try for the PIP. So, 18th Dec 2013 we ring PIP and ask for the appropriate papers we would need to make the claim (wife's DLA still active at this point). We were not made aware at the time that by just asking for the papers we were actually starting the PIP process. December 31st PIP papers arrive but due to it being New Years eve we set them aside. On viewing the papers and because our Doctors were closed no progress was made in filling out the papers. 4th Jan 2014 Eventually after a few days and requesting info on my wifes condition + medication we went through the papers and my wife felt that we would not get anything different than what we already had so we decided to leave it. 31st January we receive a letter stating that the DLA was now being stopped due to them not receiving the PIP papers back. We of course contacted them and told them that we had not been told that just applying for the papers was the start of the claim. Made no difference. They told us to get the papers back to them asap. So by 3rd Feb 2014 they got the papers (recorded delivery). We were onto the phone to DLA as well and they said they would re instate the DLA MOB in the mean time. (They didn't) So 1st question is. as the DLA had already been stopped before the PIP papers were sent back would this be classified as a new claim? If it is classed as a new claim from 3rd February then would she be entitled to any back payment of PIP (we start receiving PIP about 6 weeks ago but were told she was not entitled to any back payment) We are still awaiting the actual award letter despite being on the phone to them every week since we found the 1st payment in my wife's bank account 6 weeks ago) I know its a bit messy but I feel we are being cheated somehow and just want to clear it up one way or another. If you want any further information just ask and I will post it. Thanks
  20. Right. going to keep this short and sweet. 1 month ago my wife received a payment from DWP PIP into her bank account by total surprise as we had not received any notice that the claim had been sorted. Today she received her next payment for PIP and yet we are still without a award notice letter. I have been onto PIP on no fewer than 6 times and have requested callback so we could get it sorted. Given that PIP is paid in arrears that would make it that the award was approved 7 weeks ago at least. So, how long does it take to get a award letter? The people you talk to (front line) are just going by what's on a screen in front of them and every time I phone it's the same old story that there's nothing on the screen other than the payments going out. They don't even know what the actual award is for (the elements). However, the woman I talked to today said that a letter had been sent out in July. I queried that straight away as I said if a letter had been sent in July why is it that [1] we had not received it and [2] why was it that none of the other people I had talked to concerning this matter never mentioned the letter. The phone went very quite after that and when she came back on it appeared that she backtracked a little and mumbled something about they were having system problems today..... What should my plan of action be come Monday morning? Should I give them hell? Should I go with a SAR and get the information they are holding? Any information would be appreciated
  21. I have an appointment to attend court on Wednesday of next week to finally go bankrupt after having debts totaling £21,000. I have received a letter today from the DWP that my PIP application has been granted at the enhanced rate of the daily living component (A bit of good news at least) and they are backdating my claim and paying £3700 into my account tomorrow. With the money I am going to clear my rent arrears (to safeguard my house) and council tax (the last remaining BIG player in my debts). Will the insolvency service take the rest to pay off my creditors with it being a large amount? or will they leave it as it is a benefit payment? I am asking because I would REALLY like to finally own my own fridge/freezer (having cold milk would be a blessing) and purchase some new clothes (lived out of charity shops for 4 years) and having the cupboards full would be nice. I am not going to squander the money but I am frightened that they are going to take it all.
  22. I received a letter last week from Atos telling me that I will need a medical to discuss any entitlement I might be able to claim (fine). It has taken them almost 11 months to tell me that, but to add further delay they say it will be at least a further 26 weeks before I will be called for a medical.
  23. Hi all I suffer with CFS - PTSD - was said this was a factor in CFS Depression Anexity IBS Ankoloysing Spondulytus Arthritus of the spine and hips slipped disked Under Active Thyroid gland. I made a PIP claim in Dec after having to finish work in January, a job I have been in for 15 years, but it all become too much I phoned DWP today and Was told they cant see the decision letter, however no payments have been "Issued" (a decision was made Friday) BUT the Award has a Start Date of Dec 13 and an End Date of Jan 17, so she said that indicates I have been awarded something, however, she cant tell me any more. Can anyone shed any light ?
  24. I applied and was refused Dla last year before the swap over to pip in my area. Is there a restriction to apply for Pip now, one of my conditions is worse now.
  25. I applied for PIP last November. In July I had a call from ATOS offering me a medical at a centre over 70 miles away, so a round trip of over 150 miles. I explained I could not do this as I cannot get there, and I have been reading that not all transport costs ie taxis are being covered (not that I could travel that far alone with a stranger). The lady said she was sorry, and I would go back on the list. I have since been reading if you turn down an offer you go back to the bottom of the list or do not hear from them again. Apparently they seem to be making it difficult for people to attend, a, because they do not have the centres and staff, and b, in the hope you do not attend. Also if you ring them they tell you there is nothing they can do, and advise you just wait. Does anyone know if this is all true.
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