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  1. hi all had the brown envelope through today to start migration from dla to pip as my hubbys award runs out feb 2105 so did the first phone call and are getting form sent through to complete, so by doing this do you think it will be sorted by the time the award runs out on dla or are we being to hopeful as hubby is on hr mobility and no care at moment although his illnesses have got more complex and so has his needs . we are on esa wrag group as well
  2. Once again we are being spoonfed that unemployment is falling, meaning that those who are unwilling or unable to think for themselves gain a picture that is in fact totally alien to the reality. How do we combat this? First off it helps if we can analyse the statistics so we can flip them back to reality. *What Statistics would be a more accurate measure of EMPLOYMENT *What counts as "Unemployed" *Differences between "Claiment Count" and "Unemployment Figures" *What other statistics are not mentioned that hide the real picture. EG Number of changes in ESA, DLA/PIP claiments *Changes in the number of HB Claiments vs Employment figures. *Numbers of zero hour contracts, Self employed When we know what figures create the whole picture, we can then seek to get those figures. With the bigger picture you can then challenge (Or possibly confirm) taglines like "Our economy is getting better as unemployment is down" Consider this a thread about getting the tools to form your argument
  3. Quick History, Wife has had DLA Mobility high rate for over 10 years (Osteoporosis, IBS, + other ailments) 2 Years ago we needed to replace our own car so used DLAMob to get one via Motability. I have been on JSA for a long time and had been on WPS and was on PWPS. My personal advisor (or whatever they are called now) kept on going on and on about me applying for DLA Care practically everytime we meet. I kept saying we had looked into it but did not want to run the risk of losing the DLAMob we already had. My advisor seemed like she turned "hard" when I told her we would not be putting in for it and I found she was looking for any excuse to make it difficult for me to meet the JSA requirements concerning looking for work etc..... In the end we decided that we should try for DLACare (Now PIP) because of the extra pressure that was being put on me vis the advisor. So on 18th December 2013 we contacted DWP to ask for the PIP papers. We were not aware or told at the time that just by asking for the papers we were in fact making a claim for PIP. Anyway 31st December is when the PIP papers showed up and as it was New Year and the Doctors were closed we did not look at the papers until about 5th January 2014. Having looked at the questions it was our opinion that we would not get the entitlement for the PIP Care so we choose to leave it. End of January 2014 we get a letter saying that my wife's Life DLAMob was now cancelled because we had not proceeded with the PIP claim. Of course I get on the phone to DWP and ask them why and it turns out it's because simply by asking for the papers and not returning them within a set period (one month) it is automatically taken that you no longer need the DLAMob that we had. Anyway I said that that's unfair because we were not aware we would lose the DLAMob just by asking for the PIP papers and after some further discussions we were told to get the papers in quick and that the DLAMob would be reinstated. So by February 3rd they had the PIP papers and we were in contact with Motability over the situation as well and they said it was all good. Fast forward 3.5 months and we receive a letter form Motability saying they were coming to take the car we had due to the DLAMob not being paid since February 18th. We of course contacted the Mota people and ask why they have not been receiving payments as they had been reinstated and they said they had no idea or that they had had any information from DWP(DLA) concerning this. So getting on phone to DLA(PIP)(DWP) concerning this they told us it had not been reinstated and that they had no information concerning my calls to them on the matter. Now I log all my calls concerning matters like this and was able to tell them the exact time, day and person I spoke to which made them a little uneasy and they suggested I contacted the PIP dept directly even gave me the phone number. So onto PIP and it was much the same run around as with the other DWP dept's and basically I got nowhere other than they would put in a "urgent" request for a reassessment of the situation. (their idea regarding "URGENT" means anything up to 5 weeks apparently). They also arranged for a call back which should have taken 5 working days but ended up taking 8 and that probably only happened after I contacted them again after 7 working days had past. Net result was they would look into it. (still looking I think) Anyway we had a bit of family bad luck in that my wife's mother died about 2 weeks ago and the motability people were kind enough to change the deadline for the car going back so we could use for another 17 days to get through the Funeral etc. It goes back on Monday 14th July. This Friday (11th July 2014) I decided to chase up what was happening with the PIP claim. We had had a Home assessment done by Capita several weeks ago. Called DWP(PIP) and they told us that they had had the electronic part of the information concerning the assessment from Capita but not the hard-copy information. I call Capita and they told me that the Electronic part had been sent on the 4th June and the hard-copy would have been sent within 10 working days of the elec forms being sent. We worked it out that the DWP(PIP) would have had both parts by 25th June at the absolute latest. So back to DWP(PIP) and they confirmed they had had the electronic form part but had not received the hard-copy part (implying it was lost in the post). They suggested that I should get Captia to reissue the hard-copy again. So back to Capita and they said they would send the DWP(PIP) the hard-copy again but also told me that they cannot see how the DWP(PIP) had not received the hard-copy as they send all their important information via courier and in batches so could not see how the DWP(PIP) had not received the forms. Back to DWP(PIP) and I told them that Capita said that they cannot see how they had NOT got the hard-copy forms to which the DWP(PIP) person said that they are now going to find out just what has happened. Net result of this "lost in the post" is that the claim is now going to take around 5 more weeks and not be completed as it should of by now. So I am now totally frustrated by the fact that it looks like the DWP(PIP) are in fact giving out either false information or are in fact telling blatant lies just to get claimants so totally fed up with the situation that they will in fact give-up. We have already come to turns with the fact the car is going back to motability and will in fact give them praise for having been very professional and thoughtful throughout this whole situation. Also praise to Capita as it does appear they are getting to grips with their part in this PIP claim procedure. As for the DWP(PIP) ____________________ Just thought I would post this so that people could have some idea as to what the DWP(PIP) could be doing to make things worse for claimants. Good Luck to anyone claiming PIP.
  4. A few queries on this but for now: The claimant was in receipt of a 2012/13 Indefinite award and they have a carer Letter dated 25th June from DPW inviting the claimant of DLA to now apply for PiP and giving them 4 Weeks to make the claim. The letter states if they start the claim by 23rd July the DLA will continue until such time as the decision on the Pip Claim is made.? So/ Q1: Is this the actual claim inclusive of all the form filling or is for the initial 'calling them to apply for the form to make the claim? --- The claimant is physically disabled and had a mental disorder, they're under a consultant psychiatrist, have been for some time. On the PIP Assessment Guide Updated 27th May 2014 It is recognised in PIP that claimants who have a mental health or behavioural condition, learning difficulty, developmental disorder or memory problems may not comply fully with the claims process due to a lack of mental capacity or insight – for example, not understanding or caring about the consequences of not returning a claim form. In PIP, these claimants are stated as having “additional support needs”. Elements of the PIP claims process have been adapted to provide further support for this group. It is already apparent that the claimant when they were advised that a form has come through for them to fill out...they're not going to do it, they for one reason or another feel they're being persecuted/singled out and being spied on by the state...in other words they most certainly do have a behavioural condtion and now it's coming to the fore since the application dropped on their mate....Apart from the worry that is causing those associated with the claimant (immediate family) there is the added pressure on the carer to try and fill in the form on their behalf. So Normally if a claimant for the PiP does not fill the form in within the prescribed limit (see Q1 as to how long that may be) the payments they're already receiving (DLA ) will ordinarily cease pending pending a claim being made and being successful?....however, there is a provision for a person with a mental disorder to forego the original claim filling and instead the dwp will either request a face to face or carry on with a paper filled claim.. Q2/ The question is, if the claimant doesn't send in or reply to the original invite for them to make a claim....will they lose their money whilst the claim is being assessed ? Is the claimants carer expected to fill in and send? or will the claim continue to be paid whilst the dwp do their own checks/requests for additonal information Many claimants with mental, intellectual or cognitive impairments will have no problems returning the questionnaire. Others will have support from a family member, carer, Community Psychiatric Nurse or other person who will usually ensure that the questionnaire is returned. However, this will not always be the case and this process ensures that such claimants are not unfairly penalised because of the impact of their impairment. q3/ How does one find out if the claimant is seen by the DWP as requiring additional support needs?
  5. My spouse had a text message from Capita stating that they had appointments available in our area this week and asking to phone them to book an appointment. Not sure why they did not phone? The number is a "0808" number. Is this genuine and is the number a free phone number? If it is genuine, it reads as if they want to do a home visit. Can they insist on a home visit as don't really like strangers in the home at any time? The visit will be in connection with the Lower Care DLA being received and renewing it. My spouse is retired and has been for a couple of months.
  6. hi all got pip 24 points and 12 mobilty had my atos assiment but can i see this report
  7. Hi all, I put in for PIP last October, and i have been waiting all this time for a F2F assessment! well i just phoned ATOS to see when my assessment would be or even if they had one for me, the woman on the phone was very good she had a look and she said we have a cancellation but its in london on the 18th of this month, i said i have no way of getting there as i'm 30 miles away, i asked if i can get a taxi and she said yes and that they will book it for me, so happy i phoned them up today. The wait is over!
  8. Hi. I am an MS patient (diagnosed 2012). Firstly I just want to extend a big thank you to CAG & it's members, you guys rock & do a fantastic Job in helping people get through the bureaucratic pit falls in all walks of life. You have helped me and countless others in the past so guys/gals thank you so much! Ok, now to my problem... I have the form from the PIP people, it's expected back to them by the 21st of August or apparently I lose my right to claim! I just have a couple of questions regarding the form for anyone who's already been through the process and applied. 1) Is the form for DLA>PIP people different from those claiming PIP for the first time? 2) Regarding Savings, I have some savings but what do I put about them on the form? I have always felt them asking about this as an intrusion and in the past never had any savings but now that I do how much will it affect my claim letting them know what I have? (I am quite concerned about this one). lastly 3) Is it ok for my mum to fill out the form for me if I am there to give the answers? I am ok at typing on a PC keyboard if I concentrate but writing is a lot more difficult for me. I don't know that many other people I can ask to help fill it out and I am unsure as to if relations are allowed to help with this. If anyone can help clarify these three things I would be very grateful. Also if anyone has done the DLA>PIP and has any other advice regarding the form/application also want to extend thanks to you if you can help.
  9. hi cliam form sent nov 12 2013 dwp got it atos got it 5 dec 2013 no news at all m p has witten one month ago she still not heard anything back from them either is this a record
  10. JonnyBoyy

    PIP Claim

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums well I will start by giving you the back ground on my case. Applied for PIP back at end of June sent a stack of medical evidence including report from doctor stating that I had poor mobility and suffered from PTSD and xray reports that my joints had serve osteoarthritis. Any way had a medical with ATOS on 25th Sep and still waiting for these dounuts to send the report to DWP I have my local MP involved and she has written to DWP asking for an update in my case. Was wondering if you would know of any other ways I can help myself as whenever I ring ATOS they say the report is with the audit team. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks JonnyBoyy
  11. We are currently in the process of claiming PIP to replace the DLA my wife used to have. This process is already over 4 months in length and only a few days ago we had a home based assessment carried out by Captia. The assessor could not tell us anything concerning how the assessment went or how long we have now got to wait for the decision to be made. Given that they have already taken my wife's DLA off her and they are coming to collect the motability vehicle we have before end of June we were wondering just how long we could be expected to wait before we are likely to get a decision from them. We initially made the claim on 18th December 2013 but the forms did not reach us until the 31st December due to the Christmas post. We then had to get relevant documentation form our Doctors concerning my wife's conditions and medication she is taking for it. So the forms did not get back within the stated 30 day period. Next thing we get is a letter towards the end of January stating she will lose her DLA from 18th February. We got on the phone as soon as that came and they said they would reinstate the DLA. Nothing more happened after that other than a letter from Capita saying we were going to have a home visit. That was about a week ago. On the very same day, we get a letter from Motability saying the car was going to be taken back because the DLA was cancelled and they still quoted the February date as the date it was removed. I was on the phone to 3 different places trying to sort this out but as yet have had no luck with getting it sorted. They just keep trying to pass you to another department to deal with it. So, is it likely that we would get a decision from Capita before the car has to be handed back in 3 weeks time? Thanks for any help.
  12. hope this is not true http://www.ldascotland.org/index.php/welfare-reform/122-the-dwp-turns-nasty-on-personal-independence-payment-claimants
  13. Hi there, I'm wondering what your thoughts are and if I can/should do something. The father of a friend had a serious heart problem and his condition was really bad in January '12. The doctor said he won't survive so he claimed PIP because of terminal illness. Luckily his condition changed and he was much better end of '12, where they bought a fancy new car. At least I thought they bought it. I had some discussions with him about benefits the last few months, where he told me that he's still claiming PIP on the highest rates and he received the car for free. He was able to choose one and he has some free miles with paid petrol. His last medical checks were great and in my opinion he would be able to work. (he should do some exercises for his heart, but he prefers to stay at home and watch tv allday) I asked him if the PIP department or DWP ask about his condition and he laughed and said "they think I'm still dying so they won't ask questions" I feel really sick when I think about it, because they having a great life with full wages from his wife (full-time worker) + free car + full PIP and going on holidays all the time while my partner has a medical condition and is waiting for his PIP (and ESA) since last year October. Nevertheless there thousand other people who need even more help and support and don't receive it. Is it possible to do anything or just wait until DWP contact him again? Thank you very much!
  14. Hi, I have been waiting for my PIP to be assessed for nearly a year. Now that it finally got assessed and I was awarded an entitlement and I am to receive a chunk payment for the year that was not payed out due to delays, which sums up to £6000. However, if I technically have savings of £6000 it will affect my housing benefit. Although I have loans to pay back, because the DWP will put the amount into my account I guess temporarily it will be perceived as 'savings'. What do I do? Do I even need to inform Housing Benefits about the PIP payment? Do I need to pay my rent out of PIP now? Will my housing benefit entitlement be affected because PIP delayed with my application? I would be greatful for any advice on this. IMO: Housing benefits lot treat people like sh** and they are always in the 'right', so you can never put your point across or get neutral honest advice from them. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you ever so much in advance..
  15. so, i broke my back in a really bad car accident in November 2013. i was in hospital for over 4 weeks lying flat on my back which was followed by 2 months of wearing a back brace 24/7. during this time my partner, friends and family had to do EVERYTHING for me. i couldn't get to the toilet myself, i couldn't dress myself, sit/lie down or stand myself and i couldn't shower or bathe. i had to learn to walk again, regain strength in every part of my body, attend physio, hospital & doctors appointments and jump through hoops to keep up with all of the forms and stupid repetative questions related to my PIP claim and ESA. nearly 6 months on, i am still off work sick (i'm a waitress) and although my bones have healed and i am walking a lot better, i am still struggling with the majority of things and still have to wear my brace to be able to do simple tasks. despite this, i am not entitled to ESA as i have not 'paid enough tax' in the year they have reviewed and i am not being rewarded PIP as i received 0 points on their ridiculous table of questions (even though i clearly said i couldn't do a lot of them). in addition to that, i am unable to receive any other benefits available as i live with my partner and he earns a decent wage. i think this frustrates me more as i only moved in with him when i came out of hospital because despite him working 50hours a week, no one else could look after me the way i needed to be. i have no income and haven't done for a while, the PIP decision was the last straw and i am so bloody frustrated. can anyone help??
  16. im currently on esa for not been able to walk unaided with crutches for more than a few metres. this is due to a back and leg injury from many moons ago. i was diagnosed with epilepsy around 3-4 weeks ago after suffering absence seizures for over 12 months . i then had a full epileptic seizure whilst in bed and woke up in hospital ,i was in severe pain with my right leg and sciatica for which they have prescribed diazipam they did an mri of my spine and i was told i have 2 ruptured disks L1 and L3 but they would not operate as i could still control my bladder. i am still in agony with it weeks later and the right half of my right foot is completley numb. my doctor has made me an appointment with a neurosurgeon for june with a outlook to operate and have a diskoptomy ? i however dont think its epilepsy as im confused most times ,and forget just about everything im asked of or told . i cannot even think in a noisey enviroment .plus i can have upto 17 absence seizures a day . then 1 week ago i suffered a massive heart attack and needed stents putting in my arteries. im now on 15 different types of medication a day totalling over 30 tablets in a 24hour period . im not allowed to drive either way with a heart attack or epilepsy the worst thing i think is im only 42 years old ,not over weight .6ft ,12.5 stone .dont drink ,do drugs or smoke . i could cope with the back pain and leg pain before and with the codeine and naproxen i was managing the pain . now i can,t cope with anything even just 1 task is hard to do .
  17. I currently receive HRC and LRM but would now be entitled to HRM as my condition has got significantly worse. I am not in a PIP area and my current award is due to expire in 2 years. If I decided to report a change of circumstances in order to receive HRM I think it would still be a DLA claim. Am I right? I'm not yet ready to risk a PIP claim even though I shouldn't be any worse off.
  18. There is the stories of long backlogs and so on. Just thought I would inform people here I am in a PIP area but they invited me to reapply for DLA and not PIP so this might be a sign of some kind of backtrack.
  19. Confirmation of complete chaos and disarray in delivering these assessments. http://www.channel4.com/news/disability-benefits-contractor-runs-into-trouble-video
  20. Hi i made my pip claim in october had my assessment in january and received the decision pretty quick but not what i was expecting my interview with capita was ok but we didn.t really discuss everything so i phoned pip and told them this and can i write a letter to explain the rest what we missed out they said yes thats fine. Only problem was time i wrote it out and sent it off they had made the decision the day they received my letter. The letter said they would phone and discuss the decision that was to be a wk after i had the letter . By that time 2 wks would of passed and then no phone call happened. I.ve phoned them many times and i get they will phone yeah when you said that you.d phkne between those dates and you haven.t can.t i make an appointment with someone to discuss this and no they said and now its nearly a wk again and still no phone call. Its not right making people wait i.m afraid to go out incase they call i won.t let anyone use the phone either. J.ve sent a mandatory appeal off now as got fed up waiting for them and lucky i didn.t cause i would of missed the dead line to appeal. Is there anything more i can do thanks.
  21. Hi. Just looking for some advice on claiming PIP (Personal Independence Payment). I'm confused regarding the so-called 'qualifying period'. I've read that it's 3 months minimum that a person has been affected by a disability. But it seems as if you don't need to wait when making a fresh claim. I've been diagnosed with a condition for only a few weeks, but the Dr has agreed to provide ongoing Fit Notes (as she's aware of an ongoing claim for ESA). Do I have to wait until 3 months have lapsed to make a claim? Or can I start the ball rolling now? Many thanks.
  22. In short the title pretty much sums my current problem , the DWP are claiming they do not have my application for DLA back in Oct despite having sent a letter to me back in Nov saying they were passing it onto PIP for assessment. When a family member phoned the DWP they claimed they have no record of it and in the meantime my PIP former DLA has been stopped ( without any forewarning or letter ) which in turn has reduced my incapacity . As this is not my mistake and I only responded to what I was told in that letter I do not see why I should be penalised for something that is not even my fault and find it conspicuous too that they would cut my benefits without being aware of a decision from PIP regarding my application when they said it was up to them in the first place ( hence the reason why they were passing it on ) . DWP have also claimed because they no longer have access to records to check whether it was there and as I said PIP are denying they have it , so whose responsibility it is actually ( I would of assumed DWP ) because clearly PIP did not cut my DLA if they did not have my application , or did they ? Again , no letter was sent by PIP either to say they've received nothing from me or DWP , so how was I meant to know ? I have written back to PIP asking them to contact DWP about this because it seems my application has been lost during this transition over to PIP but in the meantime I'd appreciate any other suggestions on what I should. thanks again, mike
  23. Hi I have recently had notie of benefit on my DLA review. Award has been made a thigher mobitlity rate indefinately and lowest rate care componant indefinately the award has been dropped from middle rate care to lowest rate which not only reduces my money but also trivializes my husbands constant and ardous tasks of looking after me. I was surprised when review came under DLA bracket rather than PIP but pressume indefinately is indefinately no matter what the heading now. I telephoned DLA to discuss the change in care component of my benefit however I think I pressed the wrong option. I spoke with a woman who was more than abrupt and she would not listen to what I was trying to say the more she spoke the more dismissive she became getting me all in a muddle. She kept on saying oh you want this reviewed but reviewed was not the word she used. The word she used made it sound as if I was being unreasonable - when in fact I just wanted to talk to her about the decision. She 3 times said she had already put paperwork through and was very sharp with me My question is this should I telephone them again and pressin the correct option and try to speak to someone? As the woman I spoke to said that a may lose all my entitlement in putting this request through? Also if DLA review is different to the PIP then am I know going to be reviewed under new guidelines? Can they really cancel a indefinate qualification for DLA ? Just because I wanted to ask a question? If this is the case then should I just cancel my request (although I never made this request) and send DLA a change in circumstances application ? This whole thing is proving to be extremely stressful, I have read other peoples experiences of the effects on them both mentally and pyhiscally - I now can understand the feelings of dispair leaving them questioning the point in them being here at all. What should I do ? Shall Ijust leave it to run its course OSW
  24. Hi, I recently had my ESA medical in April this year from the move from Incapacity Benefit to ESA, I was put in the Support Group due to "Severe functional disability" and was advised to apply for PIP, The form for PIP was sent Monday and today i have just received another letter for an ATOS assessment for PIP, I'm sure i read somewhere that it was the same assessment, I included my ESA85 medical report with the PIP claim form but looks like the didn't look at it They also gave me an appointment 30 miles away when the ATOS centre is just 5 min from my home, I rang up as it would be to much of a struggle and they have moved my appointment to my local centre. Has anyone got any info on the PIP assessment compared to the ESA, I'm starting to get stressed all over again.
  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24680366
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