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  1. hi . I was already a member on here with previous posts but my email pass isnt recognised . im currently on esa without an assesment , i have been on it some time before it was even esa (forgot what it was) my doctor advised me to try to claim pip due to the multiple illnesses and problems i have with mobility and the other one (care bit ) excuse me i have a terrible memory her words were under no circumstances do you go out alone or bath alone and for gods sake keep away from the kitchen (lovely doc but has emmigrated to warmer climate now) i have had 3 major heart attacks in 2 years (44 years old now) , have heart disease , familial hypercholesterolemia, epilepsy (tonic clonic and complex partial ) unstable angina , and severe asthma . all within just over 2 years , plus ongoing sciatica due to herniated disks in lower back (had injections but wont operate due to heart problems) also have limited mobility in right leg from a 100ft fall some years ago that left me with 7 breaks in 1 leg and about an inch movement in my right ankle at most . ive tried to read some of the reports about the underhand tactics they use to down play your health and what you are capable of doing . im on 19 different medications a day ,that total 1200 tablets a month . over 500 of these are for pain alone . as one of my main pain relievers had to be stopped due to no1 side effect being heart failure . im not expecting the world but had little proof to supply as my last esa assement was in late due to been in hospital so my wife posted all the original letters which they have not sent back even though requested. (saying that i read they dont even consider these) they dont consider pain relief either (but 2 of my pain relievers are 30mg codiene 8x day and 8 diazepam a day .) i have loads of mini seizures a day most of which i dont even know ive had ,observed by other people . cannot walk far always have to use a crutch and can be out of breath by the time i get to the loo .2x5 stairs with landing in between , i have unstable angina and can have an attack just laid watching tv , my last heart attack was as they said brought on by a grand mal seizure ,in which i literally was absolutely terrified incase i have another linked event. im under 3 heart specialists and 2 neurologists all at 3 different hospitals . meds dont work for the seizures and i have no prior warning of one large one or the many clusters i have a day . can anyone suggest how i approach this home visit . plus i know esa and pip are unrelated but surely they collaberate findings . so if you get a low pip score i guess you will soon get a new esa assesment through the post . im not that worried ,its more the injustice they do and i hear they treat you like your dumb whilst all the time are plotting there little outcome against you . thanks for listening and any advice welcome meeting is friday morn , but sometimes i have severe insomnia 48 awake + then other times i can sleep 18+ hours and nothing can wake me , no idea wether its the meds or the head thats gone tbh.
  2. I haven't been able to find a link to the actual decision, but an Upper Tribunal has apparently now decided that 'cannot follow' means both cannot because of some physical or intellectual disability AND cannot because of e.g. anxiety, thus clarifying whether all of the descriptors can apply to conditions such as agoraphobia. There were previously two contradictory decisons on this subject, and of course DWP guidance reflected the most restrictive so people with agoraphobia who were able to leave the house could only score a maximum of 4 points and were therefore being denied any rate of mobility. I suspect it will take some time to update DWP guidance for assessors, and I doubt they'll be backdating any previous claims so if this may affect you, it may be worth considering putting in a new claim if you were previously turned down completely or effectively reporting a change of circumstances if you believe you should have had an award of standard or enhanced for the mobility component. In the latter case, be aware that your existing award can be reduced as well as increased. If anyone can find a link to the case report, it was apparently last month, I would be grateful.
  3. Hi there, do you have any idea on filling out self-assessments (uk) - My background.. Basically, I had an injury with left me unable to work before the 2015-16 tax year started. I was self-employed with my own business which I officially ended a few days into tax year, and had a day job but didn't work the entire year due to my injuries so was on SSP (Statutory Sick Pay). My boss held the job open for when I recovered after the tax year, the SSP ended, and went in to ESA and then also later in that tax year PIP. So my query: 1. At the end of the year instead of a P60 my boss sent me a P60U, was I meant to be given a P60 as well, seeing as I was just on SSP? 2. Does the P60u cover the ESA & PIP, or was I meant to be sent something for PIP as well to put in my self-assessment? Many thanks, even if you can just answer 1. or 2. !!
  4. I feel so upset and frustrated. I got pip for a year, then after an assessment for renewal they did not award me enough points to carry on getting it. Before I was getting the standard care rate. I appealed and asked for the mandatory reconsideration but again the DWP refused to award me. Only after being sent out all the forms did I see where the missing points were. I am working with Harc and it was for preparing food and both the recent form, and previous form my answers were the same yet they did not award the 4 points the second time but gave me the same points for the same things as last time, bar that. So, I appealed and went to the tribunal and they awarded me more points which took me to enhanced care and lower mobility and I thought great, finally over. Got a letter through dated the 24th (my appeal was on the 18th) and it says we've applied to the tribunal or a statement of the reasons for the decision made on the 18th as we may wish to consider applying for permission to appeal against that decision. I'm sorry we won't be paying you the benefit awarded by the first-tier tribunal at the present time. We have one month to consider applying for permission to appeal. The period of one month starts from when they first=tier tribunal reasons has been issued. If we decide not to apply for permission to appeal we'll start paying you the benefit strait away and we'll pay money we owe you, if we apply for permission to appeal and it's not granted, we'll consider if we can start paying you (what do they mean they'll consider if they can start paying me???) I'm getting so upset and no idea what to do next. How do I find out when this month starts and ends and is it common for the DWP to be granted permission to appeal. What will they be appealing? the points I've been awarded? I thought the judge at the appeal I went to had the upper hand so to speak, why am I now being put through this. Please can someone help me understand what's happening here and what I should do. Much appreciated.
  5. I got a decision for my pip yesterday, 0 points. I phoned today and asked for mandatory reconsideration. They need a medical report from my doctor. The thing is the dr doesn't know how i live day to day, they only know my diagnosis's I have and medication i take. Will the dr only list my conditions and medications, treatment etc...?
  6. Am due to attend the above medicals in support of a claimant. Was wondering if anybody has been to a PIP/ESA medical in the past year and what questions were asked in respect of mental health issues specifically. I know that there are lists of questions typically asked by assessors on the web etc, but am particularly interested in recent trends and any "trick" questions. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Got the little brown letter through the post today - what a farce. It certainly seems to me that they have been deliberately vague and limited in their reasoning. There is absolutely no detail, findings of fact and how those facts apply to the relevant descriptors. They may as well have simply said "sorry, your claim is refused" and it would have been just as meaningful. What is the best way to go ahead challenging this? I understand the average MR request is successful. Is it best to get the medical assessment report then put something in writing to the DWP? I understand I have around a month to do this. Sincere thanks in advance.
  8. http://www.advicenow.org.uk/pip-tool?gclid=CjwKEAjwtqe8BRCs-9DdpMOilBoSJAAyqWz_1qZOk1z0Q-h-fq_N0wYvD022X9V24kAXZdSjyJ_YVRoCSM3w_wcB Advice now have put together a mandatory reconsideration template letter request tool. A few things: - this is a free service - it asks you for your personal details to generate the letter. These aren't saved anywhere - the letter is emailed to you and you're free to edit the letter if you need to
  9. Hello everyone, Recently claimed PIP and was awarded standard daily rate with no enhancements. I was thereafter informed that I should tell the Tax Credit office to check if I was claiming the correct amount now that I am getting PIP, so I did. The lady on the phone just took the details of the date the award started and told me I would hear within a few weeks. So I had a quick google to see if I could find anyone else's experience of claiming the extra element, and came across the rules for claiming it: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20140109143644/http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits/tc956.pdf So it all seems pretty straightforward, but my query is regarding "Condition 2". The list of descriptions where "at least one" must apply is clear, BUT how does the Tax Credit assessor/reviewer know which one(s) apply to me? I guess they'll look at the report from the PIP "consultation", but out of the 8 descriptors, only half were actually tested (and two others would have been "informally observed" I'm guessing), and the other two weren't tested at all. I certainly couldn't do two of the ones tested on the day, and I cannot do one of the ones NOT tested. I have no idea what the report actually says (still waiting, I wanted a copy for my records) but how can Tax Credits make a decision on Condition 2 if they don't have all the info? (either because the PIP consultant didn't include it, or she mistyped, or she made an error, or I just wasn't tested for that.) Or am I overthinking this, and they will award the element anyway because of the PIP award? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I had a phone call from Capita yesterday and the woman on the other end of the phone was quite aggressive and hostile. ~She spoke really fast too. I have severe mental health issues and numerous physical issues including needing to be near a loo. She tried to demand I go for a f2f in a place I don't know at all. I told her this and she said "but you get out daily, don't you?" I said of course I can't not with this health. She very reluctantly allowed me an appointment at home but no choice of date. I am now at my wits end as I never allow even the few friends I have to come into my house due to my physical and mental health. My house is a bit of a tip as I suffer extreme fatigue due to Crohn's Disease and arthritis. My mental health is also such that I can't physically do what I want to do when I want to do things. I don't have anyone I can ask to be with me at the allotted time and am terrified of having to let a stranger into my home. I haven't lived in the area long and don't feel I can rely on any of my medical team. Any suggestions please? TIA
  11. What would the difference be between the 2? When I can get to my GP, i'm looking at putting in a claim for 1 or the other. This problem is surrounding severe anxiety and some depression. The main issue is the nervousness. As far back as I can remember it has always been a thing, but over time has become much worse. I remember being in a computer game store with my mum when I was 8, and she let me go to the counter to pay for the games. I was physically nervous at the counter, shaking, struggling to make eye contact and constantly fiddling with things. So, I know this nervousness has been a thing for at least 23 years. The NHS over time have made it worse, not better. As the nervousness became worse, I went to GP's many times who didn't have a clue. There was never any understanding and the minimal help provided was insufficient. Over time, due to the lack of social skills and extreme nervousness, I was heading ever closer to total social isolation. The NHS had chance after chance to do something about that by providing me with help, yet I was always misdiagnosed or not fully understood. Now, after the death of mum earlier this year, i'm in that place of 100% social isolation. No friends, no family left really and my nervousness at an all time peak which prevents me breaking the isolation. I have been relying on alcohol a lot of the time recently to get out and do shopping (A few pints reduces the nervousness). It is quite a complex situation especially as Dr's don't seem to fully understand it and never have. I feel I need to know which would be most suitable for me (and the benefit with the lowest amount of work involved to get it, because I do struggle concentrating on things and find a lot very overwhelming). Thanks
  12. Hi everyone my husband is now having a home vist from the pip on tuesday we did not ask for this he had just passed his esa medical in june can any one tell me what they do at a home vist thanks in advance love this siite
  13. I am in receipt of PIP and ESA, I have been diagnosed with Depression, Psychosis and PTSD. I live a very solitary life, with no friends or support from my family, I have a care worker from Mind who visits me for two hour once a week, aside from this I am completely withdrawn and live without any kind of contact with other people. I decided this was not a healthy way to go through life, after living this way for 4 years I decided perhaps further education could be a good option, to get to meet people and engage more in reality. In September this year I was offered a place on a part time post graduate degree at my local university, I was also awarded a £10.000 loan from student finance to cover the course tuition fees and extra expenses incurred by my studying (transport, study materials etc.), the loan is to be paid in six instalments over the two years of the course. I am now 3 weeks in to the course and I finding it very tough. I only have two hours of lessons per week the pressure is proving to much and it is now looking like I will leave the course next week, the loan will be cancelled as soon as I complete the course withdrawal form, however I have received the first payment. which was £1650. I am worried that I may lose my entitlement to ESA and PIP if I do not declare the time that I have studied for and also the amount of money I have borrowed and I am preparing a change of circumstances form to send to Jobcentre plus, could anyone please give me some advice as to how best to approach this situation.; Questions If: The total amount I have borrowed is £1650 (This must be paid back to student finance) The total amount of time I have studied is 6 hours over three weeks. I have a signed course withdrawal form, stating that I have left the course. I can provide proof of attendance showing that the course was only two hours a week. That I was only enrolled on the course for three weeks. I would like to know. . Was this amount of study time within the allowed boundaries set by ESA/ PIP Is this loan classed as Income or Capital by ESA/PIP Will I lose my entitlement to ESA and or PIP? If not, will my benefits be reduced? Many thanks Coda.
  14. Guest

    The new PIP form AR1

    Has anyone seen or received the new AR1 form for a review? As far as I am aware this form says you can tick a "no change" box, and no need to send further information. This is is cut down on face to face assessments...I just wonder if it's OK just to tick the "no change" box, instead of having to send it all the information you sent in the original claim? Thanks in advance.....I just like to be prepared......
  15. On behalf of a friend, she need's advice with the following scenario please: She is a 35 year old female with a child. -she is joint owner of a property (about 33.3% share ownership with both her parents), she does not live their nor do they pay her rent for her share in the property. (no mortgage) -she is sole owner of a 2nd property that she currently lives in with her child (mortgaged) Her plan is to rent a property (and rent out her 2nd property) and is not sure how long it will take her to find employment when she relocated and therefore, may need help with rent......(housing benefit) Does anyone know how housing benefit is calculated? Do they take into account she has to pay a mortgage on her 2nd property but will have excess left over each month from the rental income? e.g. mortgage of 2nd property is £500 Rental income on 2nd property is £800 Surplus is £300 Rent on new house is £1000, therefore, would housing benefit pay her £700 top up? And would it be a 2 bed LHA rate, as she has a child? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  16. I recently transferred from DLA to PIP. On my award letter it stated that any carer's allowance in payment wouldn't be affected by the change. However, as you can guess there is a glitch in the DWP system which meant that son's carer's allowance was stopped without warning. Easy enough to resolve with a phone call, but for anyone transferring it's as well to be aware that there could be a problem. In son's case as this happened over Xmas it was actually 3 weeks before he realised and in the meantime had incurred £54 in bank charges which DWP have agreed to refund.
  17. I got this form a few days ago and I need to return it by the 22nd (less than a week from when I received it). And I'm really not 100% certain how to fill in the box. It does say 'briefly' but I'm worried that if I don't put in enough information that it may go against me when I fill out the actual PIP forms when my son is 16... My son has a diagnosis of ASD and had been getting high care and low mobility (the welfare officer at cab several years ago advised that I should appeal for higher mobility but I was just happy to get something and didn't want to go through an appeal even though he wasn't the only person to advise that). My son has no concept of the value of items at all and there is no way he could manage his own finances but I really have no idea how to explain that. Any help/advice greatly appreciated
  18. Hello My brother and his partner are profoundly deaf and currently receive DLA however my brother's partner has received a form for PIP. They are both convinced she won't be awarded PIP because they say they know of no deaf person being awarded PIP. Does anyone have experience of this, either with a deaf friend/relative or are deaf themselves?
  19. im really confued as i didnt attend the medical but sent off a form explaining why , i then recieved a letter back saying :"we have looked at your reasons for not attending a decision maker says you are capable of work from the 15.04.2010 " (this box was ticked) then underneath is says "this means we have decided that you are no longer entilted to which were : Box One : Incapacity Benefit And National Insurance Credits Box Two : Severe Disablement Allowance Box Three : National Insurance Credits The Box They Ticked For Me Were Just : The 3rd One "National Insurance Credits" This is the only box ticked so i dont understand am i losing my incapacity and servere disability allowance cos it says first "u are capable of work from the 24.04.2010 but then says this means we have decided that you are no longer entitled to national insurance credits ! Im confused as i claim incapacity and servere but these boxes werent ticked so what do they mean im no longer entitled to national credits ? im worried if they mean that ill no longer get any benefits anyone plz help me thanks in advance
  20. This was my first application for PIP, and received a text to say I have been awarded it and a I don't have to do anything, they will pay my money into my bank. I had decided if they called me for a face to face I was just going to drop it......as could not face going and too ashamed to take anyone with me as I don't like people knowing how I feel. Is there any way I can find out how I got the points? Is there a form I can ask for? This will be useful when a review comes through as I'll know exactly how I was awarded it, if you get my drift? Thank in advance for any help offered. Miss (less) Anxious
  21. My husband applied for the changeover to PIP 2 months ago and has been waiting for a decision since. Today we have received a letter from the council concerning housing benefit, stating that 'your PIP Daily Living Component/Mobility component has been awarded'. We still haven't heard anything from DWP and my husband has extreme anxiety issues and does not want to phone and chase them. He has hardly slept since all of this has been going on and I just want closure now but he can't bring himself to do it. My question is does anyone have experience of this, and does the particular wording suggest that it is standard award rather than enhanced. Many thanks
  22. As always I like to try to keep up with the many changes in regards to DLA/PiP changes between now and 2021. By doing so I found a useful site full of useful changes and reports and things like that... If you want to know more or follow this all please see here >> http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/tag/department-for-work-and-pensions/ Vital letters that tell disabled people they have to transfer to the government’s new disability benefit are being lost in the system, leading to them losing financial support for months on end, according to a whistle-blower. Rebecca*, who has asked to remain anonymous, works for Serco, the company paid by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to run the helpline that deals with all new claims for personal independence payment (PIP). There are many stories within this link and you may be interested in reading or listening or downloading the audio files attached to each of topics that are within each of the stories in this original link..... The home page link is here >> http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/
  23. Hi, My grandchild will turn 16 next January and we assume he'll be transferred from DLA to PIP. I've read on various forums that the PIP forms are sent out a year in advance, but his mother hasn't received them yet. He's on indefinite DLA. Should his mother request the forms just now or just leave things as they are and wait and see whether the forms will get sent out. We live in Scotland. Thanks in advance for any info.
  24. My wife has been on pip for sometime now, I recently found out and applied for carer's allowance and have been receiving carer's for my wife for about 3 month's (she has ME as her main disability) During a recent visit to CAB on one of my bad day's they suggested I should be entitled to pip myself with my medical condition's and amount of pill's I take daily, I applied thinking I wouldn't get anything (knowing the problem's my wife has been through to get her awards and knowing the government cut's all the time) I got a SMS message from DWP telling me I have been awarded pip don't as yet have the letter so not sure of what my entitlements are (I'm assuming low lever of care component which is what my wife is entitled to) So now I have been awarded pip myself would it be wise for me to give up my carer's allowance entitlement ? We do help each other out, I have difficulties bending down, wife has difficulties cutting food ect she is very forgetful at times due to ME (these are just a few highlighted examples)
  25. http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/04/05/brace-yourself-for-the-next-assault-on-the-sick-and-disabled/
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