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Found 58 results

  1. I was served with a statutory demand last week and so I wrote to the "creditor" to ask them to withdraw it. They have sent me a letter yesterday saying that it is withdrawn, however, is this sufficient? What are the formalities of withdrawing a statutory demand? The Insolvency Rules say nothing! Should the creditor submit the form 6.4 and 6.5?
  2. The petition is a result of the enthusiastic discussion on socket covers taking place at the Electricians Forums. It turns out that there are a lot of electricians who are very concerned about socket covers, and many of them have felt that way for a lot longer than the FatallyFlawed campaign has been running. The message has been well promoted on the forum website by the forum owner (himself the father of a toddler). The petition was started by one of the contributors and has just gone live. It does not call for a ban, but the regulation of anything which plugs into a BS 1363 socket, but is not actually a plug. The current (pardon the pun) situation is that a supplier selling a real plug which does not conform to BS 1363 dimensions is liable to up to six months in jail, but anyone can sell a socket cover (or phone charger, or night light, or air freshener) with oversized pins, and the potential to cause permanent damage to a socket, with impunity. Damaged contacts are poor contacts, and poor contacts overheat and catch fire. Even if you believe that a properly fitting socket cover has some value, (and there are none of those on the market – they are all wrong) please sign the petition to help put a stop to the sale of damaging and dangerous junk. Also, please consider helping to spread the word. Encourage your friends and relatives to support this cause, it will not cost them a penny! Thanks, David at FatallyFlawed www.fatallyflawed.org.uk www.bs1363.org.uk
  3. My local council has served a bankruptcy petition against me for a business rate debt of a limited company i used to run, which has since been wound up by companies house for not filling annual return. How do I defend against this. I f they are successful I will loose my job, home and everthing
  4. Over three years on from the bailouts and taxpayers are sitting on a huge loss running into billions and billions of pounds. The Bank of England have kept rates at 0.5% yet major banks have announced rises in variable intersted base rates. It's not right that families struggling to pay their rising costs now face an increase in monthly mortgage interest rates despite no hike from the Bank of England. Is this how shareholders should be repaid? The govenment needs to step in and force the banking groups that have been Nationalised to reduce their rates NOW back in line with the 0.5 rates set by the Bank of England. Stop nationalised banks raising interest rates now! Please sign if you agree and forward to like minded friends and family please type the following into your address bar: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31089
  5. Dear All, I am urgently looking for some help & support - I just received a notice "B10 Notice of registration of a bankruptcy notice" informing me of "(22.07.2011) BANKRUPTCY NOTICE entered under section 86(2) of the Land Registration Act 2002 in respect of a pending action..." and giving me a reference to a petition entered in the High Court!! This is the first thing I have heard from anyone and rang the court who confirmed a petition had been filed on 19/07/2011 by: Lowell Portfolio Limited Graheam Danby Solicitors Case Ref: 921286839 Tel: 0113 3086043 Litigation Dept Lowell Group 1 Apex View Leeds LS11 (BA8 (Exactly as above complete with what seems typo's). AND I AM DUE TO APPEAR IN COURT on 06/09/2011 at 10:30am....!! The court further told me they could not tell me what the amount was and the petitioner should have served documents on me and nothing would be sent by the court.... Had I not got the Land Registry letter I would have not known anything about this....??? I called the number given and the agent who answered the phone told me he did not recognise the reference number and when I asked who I should write to he gave me the following: Hamptons PO Box 173 Leeds LS11 9WR When I asked who they were as the names were different he said "we are all part of the same group" and the took my full name and address which I gave and then thought, hang on I don't know who I am actually talking too & declined to answer his further "security questions" and said I would write to them. I am now very concerned and stressed out as it would seem that someone without any communication having been sent to me has actually petitioned for my bankruptcy which if not for the Land Registry letter I would have no idea was actually happening! I suspect this may relate to an old credit card or bank O/D debt from around 2004/05 but at this stage I don't know... Question is what should I do now: a) Apply to the court to have the petition hearing stayed, struck out and/or set aside? b) Write to Lowell/Hamptons/Graheam Danby and ask them to produce all paperwork? c) Advise Land Registry that I have no proper knowledge of the debt? Please let me know what you would suggest I do - a) or a) & b) or all of the above & any template docs much appreciated. Presumably the petitioning creditor should have served a Stat Demand, identified what the debt is & how they have any rights to it - i.e. Assignment, purchased, etc. Further can I demand that they produce statements & the like because if it is the creditor I think it might be, it should now be barred by limitation as there has been no contact over the years? Any help & advice very gratefully received... Many thanks Barry PS I hope I have posted this in the right place this time!
  6. Please support and sign this ASAP, it's on Go Petition
  7. We are going to send a petition to No.10 to stop the government taxing us to park at work.10 Million people park at work every day. Our aim is to get 1 Million signatures to stop the tax. we are hosting the petition at the facebook page: ''Petition Parking Tax''. There is huge resistance against the tax. Do you think the Government are wrong to Tax us to park at work? It's now evident that a number of local authorities are actively examining introducing the charge in an attempt to raise funds. About 10 million people drive to work every day and many, particularly those in remote areas without public transport, will be dismayed that they could now have to pay to park. I am definately against this and have started a petition for lobbying to No.10. Please feel free to comment and if you wish to read further or sign the petition please visit the Facebook page. Thanks for your support
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