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Found 10 results

  1. MOD to review Armed Forces exemption from UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-to-review-armed-forces-exemption-from-un-convention-on-the-rights-of-persons-with-disabilities
  2. Hi there, My sister's husband has just this week passed away leaving over £36,000 worth of credit card debt including £16,000 to MBNA. There is no estate and he has pretty much left her in a mess financially, with no savings and just debt after debt. She is not a joint signatory and they were his credit card debts and nothing (apart from the fact she was married to him) links her to these. Will she have to pay them off (like she ever could) or do they die with him?
  3. mum died a while back. I had her estate sorted out and all accounts closed. Today I was just checking her emails and I saw there was an email off the national lottery. They said "We have transferred the balance from your National Lottery account to the bank account associated with your debit card because it is about to expire". I thought it was just spam at first but it had a username down the bottom. I entered mums usual password and sure enough it logged in I checked transactions to see at the end of August this year they did send £26 to my mums bank. I never even knew she had a lottery account. What happens now? That bank account was closed around 6 months ago. Thanks
  4. Hello I am posted this enquiry on several forums to hopefully find people further along the line than me or legal representatives who have dealt with Npower. My story is briefly that I acted as executor for a friend of, mine when she died. I contacted Npower to advise of the death of the account holder. The Npower call centre rep said that she would make the account deceased that the service address would remain until the property sold when any final amounts would be due. It was noted to be addressed to my name as they advised they cannot write to a deceased person but the address remained the service address of my deceased friend (ie not my home address) (Npower complaints department advise they have confirmed the date and time of the call, details of which I supplied, but have however lost the recorded contents of the call. Npower claiming that account was put in my name but no letter has been received to confirm this and they are unable to supply any notification of this.and have lost the call content where the call centre rep discussed it. Npower & probate advisory service (I believe instructed by Npower) issued different invoice amounts and the solicitor queried by letter (April 15) before settling the pre death account with a cheque from probate funds and instructing Npower to close the account. Npower acknowledge receipt (July 15) Npower accepted payments of the final Pre death bill from the solicitor dealing with probate and deceased’s estate and noted the account on deceased status. (Npower have retrospectively in March 16, after they had taken the final payment in early March, updated my credit file to show that I am account holder at this time and that the account is in default – see below) They wrote to the service address to advise estimated meter readings and that there were amounts outstanding. Called Npower and they advised the bills were in error. The property sold in March 16 and they advised there was an outstanding amount due which was originally £419 – I advised the property was shut down on death so there could be very little usage. The call operator was very helpful and said she could see that there was an error and took of all the charges showing and came to a remaining bill of £180. (I have the letter showing the charges removed – addressed to the service address - )I paid this to zero the account and finalise my involvement. They took this payment of £180 in early March 16 and asked for a correspondence address for the confirmation to be sent to. As the property was due to sell imminently I gave them my home address specifically for the purposes of this one letter. Up until March they were writing to the property address that the electricity & gas were supplied to The did not close the account and have continued to charge to current time even though the property was sold in March. In April 16 a month after the final account had been paid they updated my credit file to show me as the accountholder at my home address from the previous year and update 14 months of account information showing the account in default. They are also still billing to my home address and I have received letters from Pastdue credit solutions. I have written to them to advise the property has been sold and that the billing is the new owners responsibility. Interestingly no default notices were issued to the service address at any time. I have spoken to the complaints team and made a complaint via Experian and they are forwarding my case this week for review to retract the entries on the credit file but the complaint case manager does not seem confident that they will retract it. They have apparently found the date and time of the phone conversation where I was advised that no further charges would be applied and that the account would remain at the service address ( I do have letters with all requests going to the service address not my home address) but however the content of the call is missing, So are unable to prove that the call operator advised that the no charges will be made, although along the way the call centre rep agreed that is how it was set up and removed the charges, I still have the letter showing the charges removed. The complaint manager said, he can see notes on file showing that the address was to remain the service address and not my home address and that there seemed to be a mix up on the account status. But Npower having lost the call content apparently does not help me as it is up to me to prove! The complaints case handler just mentions that I can go to the ombudsman – he seems quite keen to push this. I note that a couple of post say to avoid this route and wonder if there is some trap I am falling into, or if this in turn rules out any legal action (any suggestions on this route appreciated) I have read on a couple of posts that the cases referred to OFGEM are logged as dealt with on Npower’s listings and it prevents revisiting the complaint with Npower itself. I now think I need to engage a solicitor and was considering one that has previous experience with dealing with npower. Has anyone engaged or consulted with a solicitor had any previous experience with them? Reading the forums and post where people have had so many problems with npower is anyone aware of any collective action being taken against them. I did read the telegraphs journalist report on it and it seems that the major papers have run reports on their customer service skills and fines. Ok it would be great to see where people are up to with this frustrating company. My business relies heavily on my credit rating and I am also in the process of re mortgaging and now it looks like I will have to put it on hold as I do not want a refusal based on a £21 current default (updated on my credit file yesterday and it’s the June bill of the new occupants) Any pointers or experience gratefully received. Particularly interested in any details of legal representatives dealing with Npower cases Thanks for reading such a long rant
  5. As the title says, my mother who is 76 years old has been asked to carry out a review. (She currently pays nothing) She is worried sick because her son, my brother has used her address as a contact point since his wife chucked him out 2 years ago. He was thrown out on the street whislt his former wife stayed in the martial home (rented). He stayed with me for some time and at my sisters house also. As he did not have a permemant address, he used mums address for everything. eg. bank account, drivers licence, employer etc with post still going to mums.. Looking from the outside in and on the face of it, it does look like it was his place of residence but that has never been the case. He would only stay over at mums when he had the kids overnight, which was about once every fortnight if he was lucky. He soon met someone new and stayed mostly at her address, who incidentally was paying full council tax, but was never declared as living there because of his physco ex wife. He didn't want her to spoil his new relationship, yet it was her desision in the first place, but that's another story. So fast forward a year or so and now mum is worried sick. She is so protective over all her chidren and especially the grand children and thought she was helping him out, but is now worried she will be in serious trouble. How should mum handle this?
  6. A neighbour has asked if I can get some help on here. She and her husband took out a joint bank loan. Her husband recently died and the bank are insisting that she pays all the remainder of the loan. I was on the understanding that if a person died, then their debt died with them (that was certainly the case with my dad and his credit card debt). Is my neighbour liable for her deceased husbands share of the loan, or just her share?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. 2005 Loan made to purchase a leased flat and the loan was secured by a first mortgage on the property (the principal charge). In 2006 the loan was sold or transferred including all of its interests to another company who then recorded their interest by way a charge using the original mortgage deed which was created in 2005. A few months later with out any knowledge being given to us the borrowers, the so called loan in equity only part was sold and put in a pool of mortgages then sold to investors using the Irish stock exchange. We now jump to 2013 when after repeated written requests of why do I have to now include an unknown party on my buildings insurance and who are the unknown party, I am informed that the party concerned in fact own our loan and have done so since 2006. (Nice to know! Thank you Arseden for informing us 7 years after the event ) A few weeks later I receive a written request to make all my future monthly mortgage payments the Euro shipping company instead(joke). I can,t and nor can any one else just sit back and let this happen any longer, I have had enough and wont stand for it any more. I have decided stand up to them. Do you realize what we all have done, We have put our homes at serious risk and been subject to a big time con, the banksters have without our permission mortgaged our property or home to someone else who is then trading it on the Irish stock exchange. In other words they have mortgaged your mortgage ,so what stops them from mortgaging the mortgage of the mortgage and so on! This is down right abuse! Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes I am dyslexic, help is need if I am to fight them using the law any way I can. Have lots of documents which may help other people who feel the same way as I do don’t mind sharing them and would look forward to hearing from any one in the same boat.
  8. I got on the bus this evening, showed my disabled persons' bus pass and was given a ticket. (never seen the point, tbh) I put the receipt in the used tickets bin and was told by the driver not to do this? He said that there might be inspectors who need to see the ticket? There is / was a notice up saying that you must show your ticket or bus pass or bus permit when asked or you face a fine. So why would I need the ticket too? I have never been asked by a First inspector to look at my pass. Two other companies have had inspectors on board and have never been asked about a ticket - they're just happy with my bus pass - although, I did once get asked by a London bus driver (I live in Plymouth and hold a Plymouth bus pass) what my pass was and explained it's a disabled persons bus pass.
  9. In April 2008, the English disabled (and older persons pass) persons bus pass changed. We're now able to use the passes between 9.30am & 11pm Monday-Friday and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays. I am sure I read somewhere that the rules are different if you use your pass in London - there is no Monday-Friday restriction? Unfortunately, I can't remember where I read this. Can someone please confirm whether this is correct, please? Thank you
  10. Hi Everyone, Im in the process to start tacking this DCA they are well know in the industry Caboot ! I dont have an issue with debt outstanding but i do have a complaint to take up with them regarding sending me some other persons SAR info, something I never requested my understanding is they are in breach of the data protection act etc.......now I am going to send my complaint to ICO to inform them of my issue, I have duty of care to report any breach because this concerns me how many other persons have been sent someone elses file by error, however I dont have an idea on numbers effected or if any person has tackled the DCA on the basis of Data Breach and what if any sucess thay have had in relation to their debt. cheers hs68
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