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  1. Hello Caggers, I hope you can help me find some information which will assist me with my PPI mis-selling claim against Direct Line personal loans. I understand from the FSA findings that 22 firms’ financial incentive schemes have been found "wanting" - my interpretation, not their's. My question is does anybody know if Direct Line Financial Services personel were insentivised or rewarded by way of a bonus or commission for selling PPI in 2003 when my loan was taken out. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks DP.
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. Please. I'll keep information vague so as to protect myself from any prying eyes - but keep the facts straight. A number of years ago, I had a business which took a loan in 2004 against which I stood as personal guarantor. The company got into difficulties in 2008, and eventually ended getting wound up. The value of the original loan was £30K, and at the time of winding up, approximately one quarter remained outstanding. Barclays began contacting me personally with regards my liability of guarantor in late 2009, so I made a CCA request of them to
  3. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2012/08/15/nl-olympic-athletes-touched-by-timbit-815.html
  4. In 2010 my Company had a £150k utilisation against an agreed limit of £100k which was supported by a personal guarantee of £50k. This level was from time to time up to levels of £300k with the same level of £50k PG all arranged and managed by my business manager in the Corporate Unit. However the Company made severe losses in 2008 and we started to breach the facility. The Bank were aware of the losses and we provided management accounts to include cash flow forecasts on a regular basis. The Company returned to a profitable situation in 2009, however with the retained losses we were st
  5. Dear friends I am writing on behalf of my daughter. My daughter suffers from severe mental issues and when under pressure she blacks out and is unable to remember who she is or anything at all about her past. We are forever trying to find her after she has had some sort of pressure and wandered off. She is also in a lot of physical pain from internal scars. On 20 July she had to attend an ESA Personal Advisor Interview She was told at the interview that she has a year in which to find a job. At least I think that is what she was told as straight after the inter
  6. Hi Guys I am in need for some serious advice. I will try to keep the story as short and as concise as possible Basically I manage a take away shop with around 20 employees. I have become very fond of one of the girls that works there, who is also in a position of management (below me,I am her boss). I have done things like indirectly telling her I like her. Giving her hugs. Getting her a small present when I am on holiday. She is a friendly type of girl also and likes to mess around and joke around. She is a lot younger than me,by around 10'years, and is in her la
  7. Hi, I'm new to this. ..I'll try to keep it to the point and not too long winded, but this has been going on for a long time. By the end of 2008 I had been an RBS customer for approx 25 years and had a £500 overdraft from April 2000 which had crept up over the years to £2250. I had been paying overdraft cover on this the entire time. I took ill October 2008 and couldn't work.... .I approached the bank and explained. They told me I had no cover. I had major surgery mid November and was diagnosed with cancer. I stayed in touch and constantly asked if the
  8. Hi guys, So I made a personal loan to a friend for £2,500 on March 8, 2012. There was a contract for repayment in full after 2 weeks with no interest and was witnessed by a third party. This friend was moving cities and opening a new business, so he needed funds for housing/expenses etc. Repayment time comes and apparently his business has failed terribly. He's moved home and nowhere to be found. Won't answer my calls. Will respond via text sporadically saying he will pay in 3 days, then not respond for two weeks. What do I do? In another thread it was suggested that I start
  9. Claim4personalinjury is a lawsuit firm, helping to those peoples injured in an accident without their fault and facing severe setbacks on a mental, physical and financial situation. Solicitors at claim4personalinjury have an extensive experience in helping to those peoples and works to avail your compensation you deserve on no-win, no-fee basis.
  10. hi all... my company was dissolved over two months ago now and i believe that i have paid the majority of my oustandings to the HMRC, I was told by my accountant once the company is dissolved then thats it all the debts are written off as the company is struck off companies house. As far as I am aware I am not in receievership, administration or anything like that. however I did have an overdraft with the bank and that was under a directors guarantee. I was owed two weeks worth of wages which should have gone into my bank account but whatever reason they did not and were
  11. Facebook and Google amass 'voluntary' personal data Max Schrems is no luddite. The law student was savvy enough to know that, if he requested it, Facebook would have to release all of the data it has collected on him since he joined. Even he, though, was taken aback by the amount of information Mark Zuckerberg's social network had on him. When his report came back – all 1,200 pages of data – he saw details of friend requests he had ignored; people he had "defriended" and even items he had deleted from his account. Yet everything in his file was information he had volunt
  12. Hi Good People, I've been a lurker for some time, but thought I would ask for assistance if you would be so kind. A few years ago I signed a personal guarantee to the sum of £30K for an overdraft with the RBS. Last year through the difficult economic times, sadly we had a winding up petition served & the company was placed into liquidation. The Ltd. Co. at that time had a positive balance, but because the bank didn't act quickly after the petition was published in the Gazette, many standing orders, & direct debits, wages etc came out of the account. After this, desp
  13. I have secured loan with EPF and i have just lost my job. There are only about 5 more payments to make, but it is going to be a struggle to pay them.I know that i will have to talk to them about it. My problem is what would be the best way to approach it?
  14. Hi, I currently have a Barclays Personal Reserve which is costing me £22 every 5 days in charges. I can't afford to pay it off to get back in the black for another couple of weeks, but according to Barclays website, one can cancel it at any time. Does anyone know if I call and cancel it, will I still be charged £22 a week because I'm over the limit? or will cancelling it stop me from being charged any more? (I appreciate I will have to pay it back eventually, and will presumably be charged interest on the overlimit amount, but I'm trying to minimise the cost until I can afford to do
  15. I had a fall in a supermarket around 2 weeks ago, this was due to slipping on a gel filled absorbent strip used to absorb spills. The strip are used to absorb small spills but this had been used to direct water out of the store following a burst pipe. The strip was across the doorway of the store and was being used to direct water out of the store in to the street. When I slipped the arm I was carrying shopping in felt jarred, but because of my embarrassment I went home. I then called the store to complain when I got home. I went to the doctors who told me I could have dama
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