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  1. I started a company in 2006 with another director, who resigned earlier this year. The company stopped trading in March this year, I am unable to afford the liquidation process. When we started trading we signed a personal guarantee for a 30k overdraft, but later took out a loan to pay 23.5k of the overdraft off a nd then later paid back 5k, leaving a 1.5k overdraft. We are now left with around 8k left owing on the loan, HSBC is demanding prepayment of the full amount of 9.5k, made up of the 1.5k overdraft and the balance of the loan, sayin
  2. Hi all, unfortunately my company has gone insolvent due to a larger company going under on us and obviously we can not afford to pay creditors! im sure you have heard this many times, my question is one particular builders merchant has sent me a copy of a ''credit application form'' with my signature but also sent me a 2nd page and at the bottom that states ''Directors Guarantee'' which i can not remember seeing nor signing..!! is this valid?
  3. Dear All I am just wondering if you can help me I had a loan to finance an equipment from 1pm in May 2013 and unfortunately due to the problems with the landlord we had to leave the premise and ceased trading. I contacted 1pm to collect their equipment with giving the landlord's contact details (as I don't have the technical knowledge nor the experience to dismantle the equipment)sent by recorded delivery and the same letter with 1pm's contact details and explaining the real owner of the equipment not received anything and sent them another email with attachi
  4. Hi I took out a loan with Bank of Scotland in 1999 for £5000 to buy a car and notice on the agreement that I also had something called Creditcare Silver,which came to £1532.50. My question is, is this some form of PPI and I was fully employed at the time and had full sickness benefits and a good pension scheme. I also have similar issues with HFC, but will cover that in another thread. Thanks in anticipation. Barney
  5. I've looked, but didn't find a suitable section to post a request for personal finance advice. The type of forum would be where I could post my entire financial situation (not exactly debt related), and people could offer me advice on what I should do. Does this exist here or is this something that could be added?
  6. Hi All, I have been reading lots of posts on this issue and have been finding it very helpful thus far, but would like some urgent advice on this worrying issue. Any help would be appreciated. I was a Director and secretary for a Company that I formed in 2006 with 2 partners. In June 2012 we took a hit for nearly 60k on an underground project we were working on, nearly £45k of this was owed to numerous companys who supplied materials etc. for the project. Anyway, numerous arrangements were made with all suppliers allowing us to continue to trade and therefore pay off the outstanding deb
  7. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as
  8. Hi, long time reader first time poster. I was issued with a court claim form recently which I have defended and returned back to the court . I am representing myself and have prepared the defense. Photos and witness statements have all been sent off. I received a copy of the defense from the court addressed to my brother (who is another defendant) today care of my address as he is living abroad and very hard to get hold of at the moment. In the copied defense was a copy of the N9B form which contained my address, dob , home telephone number and personal email address. This has
  9. Hi Caggers Here I am with a different case all together. This morning I received a letter from Aviva Insurance stating that they are writing to inform me that they have identified incidents relating to a motor claim or accident i was involved in have been accessed and disclosed to the third party without my/their consent by an employee who has now been dismissed. It is a detailed letter and i was wondering if they have a case to answer as afterall, they should have measures in place to safe guide my data. I have since the the accident in question received countless nu
  10. Good evening, I have been trying to find out what to do with regards to my problem. Back in 2012 i was involved in a car accident. It wasn't until last year that I decided to make a claim for personal injury on the say so of a doctor(Who did not get paid by the anyone i must add!). The firm of solicitors i used were Silverbeck Rymer. To say they were useless is an understatement. I had to do all the chasing, they never rang me, when they had settlement figures they didn't bother to contact me. Eventually I got a payout and they sent me a cheque. 2 Weeks later i got another
  11. Hi, dealing with a N180 at the moment and decided to ask if anybody redacted the contact details of the defendant when serving a copy of the N180 on the claimant? There is also (in the claim I am involved with) a matter of the claim being issued with the wrong name of the defendant. I ask because these details are supposed to be used by the mediation service to enable them to arrange/mediate a telephone conference between the parties, and I would be concerned that the claimant would use the telephone number to harass the defendant. So, better to leave these boxes blank on the cl
  12. Hi, lowell recently sent me a letter asking if I lived at a certain address in "wIles" I didn't, I lived at the same address in wAles (an important typing error on their part). So I ignored the letter. A couple of weeks latter I recieved another letter (This time from "RED") stating "lowell portfolio 1 ltd did not receive payment from you for your outstanding balance" I emailed red the following, along with my refrence number I have no record of oweing lowell portfolio 1 ltd any money, niether do I have any record of them asking me for money. Please can you provide the follo
  13. Hi Just wondering if anybody has experience with Social services for personal health care budget for MH conditions? I'm wondering how sucessful applications are for educational courses. I can't afford to pay for any more courses and it is helping me access my community. Any info would be a great help, thanks.
  14. Ok this is going to be a long one so bare with me In 2006 my sole trader business got so big I needed to change to Ltd, I spoke with my bank regarding changing over the account to Ltd which as they said was not a problem and they would handle everything, when we got closer to changing the following happened Meeting with Bank Manager 2006 Bank manager said I would need to sign a debenture in order to still have the £20K overdraft facility that I had when I was sole trader Shortly after they said I would also need to sign a guarantee, I didn't question this at first until we
  15. Hello all, This is my first forum post. I would like to get some advice on my legal position. Company A has an authorised overdraft with bank. Director A didn't sign renewed personal guarantee but signed previous guarantees. Company B buys 70% of shares in Company A and Director B appointed to Company A. No guarantee is signed by Director B as bank have not asked him to sign one yet. Bank policy is all Directors required to sign PG (joint and several liability). Bank decides to enforce personal guarantee against Director A. Legal questions: 1. Can bank enf
  16. US court forces Microsoft to hand over personal data from Irish server Emails and private information from customers of US companies must be handed over – even if data is stored outside US So who takes priority here, the European Data Protection Act or the US Courts: [Careful if you have a weak heart, this will make you angry]. Privacy campaigners have warned that the decision, which would affect users of US internet services, shows "stark contempt" for European citizens and is in direct conflict with EU rules on data protection. http://www.theguardian.co
  17. I just came across a very peculiar situation has any one heard that some employers provide personal acctack alarms/rape alarms at work ? would u work for an employer who gives you rape alarm for personal safety
  18. Hi there, A few weeks ago I was hit from behind by another driver. He was driving a company vehicle. After taking down his details, I rang his company and reported the accident to their fleet manager as well as informing them that their driver was using a mobile phone at the time of the accident. Their fleet manager arranged to get an accident report from the driver in question and then arranged for their insurers (Zurich) to set up a claim and arrange the repairs to my vehicle and provide a courtesy car for me to use whilst mine was in the garage. It was within 2 weeks of the acc
  19. I have recently sold a property following a relationship break up and now my ex partner is claiming that I owe her for a personal loan from the final profits of the house sale. Our conveyancing solicitor has written to me stating that the house sale profits will be held until a resolution has been made. At this stage I have asked for proof that the personal loan has my name associated with it. How long can the funds be held by the solicitor considering the loan has nothing to do with myself? Many thanks
  20. Hi I'm hoping someone can advise on how best to proceed on the following matter. My youngest son left school last year, and is currently in his first year of college. However he is still yet to receive his examination certificates. We contacted the school just before christmas as to why his certificates had not arrived and we were told, his certificates had not been release because I allegedly owe £50.00 in transport fees from his time at the school. This is totally wrong, the coach fees which they refer to are paid per term. In the last term of his study at the school, he did n
  21. I under duress signed a personal guarantee to my CA for invoices outstanding by my limited company. He forced me to sign when he realised liquidation was looming. My company was liquidated by HMRC and he is now chasing the amount due personally. He has closed down his accountancy firm and assigned the debt to himself. He is seeking payment to him personally under this guarantee I made to his company. Can he do that??
  22. My wife, has been threatened with gross misconduct, suspended and has a pending disciplinary hearing/meeting. She has been informed verbally (not written yet), that this was regarding an incident where her manager saw her writing private notes at work (in a work document, which they said was her deliberately hiding it), her manager then screamed at her humiliating her in front of her colleagues, and warned her doing it again would be her out. She has possibly written personal notes prior to this, never altogether more than 2 pages, her notebook was once found by her manager which she had left
  23. I am a self employed Personal Trainer. Last year I signed with Fitness First to work as a self emplyed trainer there, however I was not given what was promised in the contract and resigned. I paid them 300£ in order to receive: business cards, uniforms, advertising materials, be in their system etc - after 2-3 weeks I still did not receive them and after repeteadly reminding them I wrote the gym manager I would like to quit my contract and that I am unstaisfied. He never got back to me and I assumed it was handeld as I only worked there for 2 weeks, which were suppose to be rent free.
  24. I run a limited company which has a loan with HSBC for 25k or so. I and my father both gave personal guarantees. The company ran into problems with stock value collapsing and became insolvent in 2011. However, as there were no assets (now a service company), rather than throw in the towel I decided to continue as we were still making profits and still are today. I have not drawn a wage since as I have other businesses and all profit has gone into paying down creditors. A lot has been re-paid and I am now left with the bank loan on which we have never missed a payment, a small debt to our previ
  25. Hi, New to this forum, any pointers greatly appreciated. I foolishly signed a Personal Guarantee for 2 lease cars. 6 months after they had taken the car back they have wrote to me at home, marked 'final demand', this was on 20th Dec. I kicked off with them and said I had not received any previous letters or reminders and I disputed the account. On 24th Dec I then got an email from a debt collector saying they were now dealing with it (no response whatsoever from the company), 4 days after the 'final demand'. The debt collector sent me file copies of invoices that were (i
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