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  1. Hello guys someone please help I took out a finance agreement in November 2014 I took my Ford Fiesta into a new ford company and I was 3 months into my contract with ford credit for my fiesta and wanted to come out of it and get into a focus they managed to get a settlement sorted and I got my focus however I have had a load of problems with the car since including two window regulators needing replacing and also something wrong with the suspension the works were carried out in the end after they tried to fob me off with temp repairs however the suspen
  2. Hi I have just found some old paperwork for a car loan i took out with Midland Bank in 1997 (now HSBC).. As you can see from the photo - They charged me £959.29 for this "credit protection insurance loan". Now seeing as the loan for the car was only £6000 - They charged me a sixth of the value of the loan for this insurance.. Credit protection insurance loan was £780 - and on top of that they charged £179.29 interest (total charge for credit). Can someone tell me if this is part of the PPI story - and am i entitled to claim this back? Should i goto HSBC direct - a
  3. Hi all, Should hopefully be a quick answer to my question. I run a company which i had to recentely dissolve, the company owed some debt on credit cards and the debt collectors have been chasing for it. One especially made a trace enquiry on my credit file, when i noticed this i updated my score and it had dropped. The company was a LTD company and i signed no personal guarantee on any debt taken out under the company name. My question is are they allowed to carry out a trace enquiry under my name? Am i allowed to request this gets removed from my search history?
  4. I was involved in a non-fault car accident in May 2013. I sustained injuries to my lower back & left trapezius, Paramedics & Police attended. The other parties' insurance have admitted liability. I contacted my trade union (CWU), who put me in touch with a Solicitor, who has been handling the claim on a CFA basis. I had a Medico-legal report in March 2014, which supported my injuries, & the treatment sought. I have been unimpressed with the slow pace of my solicitor, all the way through the process. The solicitor who was dealing with the claim has recently gone on long-
  5. Hi all. I've just started up my own company and am gradually getting to grips with all the perks and pitfalls of running a business. I have a good accountant who advised me to use the company to pay for my mobile contract. (To be fair business does make up about 80% of its usage.) But do i go for an O2 or EE business contract or personal contract? The only real advantage i can see is shorter contracts. 12 months or so. I noticed O2 lease. Looked into it but am concerned about the chances of being penalised for returning a phone not in great shape. Anyone have experience of this
  6. I have come across an old loan agreement with HFC Bank in which I do recall the salesperson at my local branch stating that I had to take out insurance for the loan to be successful and because of my age. On the agreement it states a single premium amount of £80.89. The loan was for 36 months @ £32.10 = £1,155.60 APR 31.20% Loan amount £750.00 Total interest payable £374.71 Can someone kindly explain how I calculate monthly PPI & Interest amounts in order to add figures to the single premium calculator spreadsheet ? Thanks
  7. Hi there I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I was off sick from work and visited the company Doctor. I was then emailed the report as was my employing manager. It stated the letter was private and confidential and at the bottom of the email it stated it was restricted. This email has now been used in a potential disciplinary investigation against myself. I received the disciplinary papers with this email included, yet some of it had been redacted although not very well as you could still see certain parts of the email, however the nature of my illness had not been redacte
  8. Hi there, First time poster on here - i would really appreciate your advice on a nightmare situation Long story short - I went out with a girl for over 14 years with the intention that we would both get married together. During our time at uni we pooled our money to pay for stuff. In reality, i ended up paying for absolutely everything including holidays away, car repairs, meals, you name it. In order to pay our uni fees we both took out a loan from the bank - and she transferred a lump sum to my account so that I could pay two years fees. Ini
  9. Hi, I stupidly walked away from a ticket inspector after being caught without tapping in on the London overground. I think in doing this I have made what was a £40 fixed penalty into a serious problem with the possibility of a criminal record, something I really can't have. I left the inspector with my Oyster card which is not registered but I have paid for with my debit card. Can tfl get this information and use it to prosecute? I am guessing they can, but wanted to check. In the case that they can what is the best course of action, to contact
  10. Hi, after some advice and investigation on the Which website, we discovered that there's been some issues around self-certified mortgages. We sent a letter to GE Money using the template letter - I'll attach this. We've now had a response that GE Money didn't sell the loan, The Personal Loan Express Limited did and they are no longer trading, so we should contact their administrators. They then go onto say that the issue is 'time barred' because the loan was taken out over six years ago. Then finally they say the complaint is closed and to refer to the Finance and Leasing
  11. This is my first post. I've had mental health problems for 40 years since I was 11. They have sabotaged my life. In May my GP finally accepted that I have a rare sleep disorder and prescribed additional medication. I've been back at work since June although I am still learning to cope with my condition and I've additional help to come this year in the form of psycotherapy. Lovely In 2007 I put a company I ran into voluntary liquidation. I had signed some personal guarantees with two companies. They went to court and have Restrictions on the jointly owned home
  12. I had a provident door stop loan, which I fell behind with by approx £20/week.. After speaking with my agent, I was assured I could catch up gradually and it would be fine i.e. no damage to credit etc.. etc.. (stupidly, never got this in writing). I was offered another loan from my agent, which I took and used to pay off the existing one, which was in arears and was left with minimal cash, which i was grateful of at the time. I kept up to date (and this loan was cleared back in 2013). However, i have checked my file and the original loan, which was in arre
  13. I was employed for 6 1/2 years by a company in the UK but was permanently based overseas. Recently I was dismissed (im taking this to the tribunal) and they brought me back to the UK. I could only bring one case with me and had to leave the rest of my belongings in Europe. I asked for them to please get the rest of my stuff back home to me and they have refused. What can I do about this? thanks
  14. Hi everyone, good afternoon My boss owned a Ltd company which went into liquidation, a building supplier approached him last year with a claim for bunkruptcy if the debt could not be paid, so he entered into a payment arrangement with them to stop this from happening. Coming to the end of the agreement, the solicitor has wacked on the interest charges and is now requesting this be paid alongside the last instalment. So, i understand that if a judgement is over £5,000 or more, the claimant is entitled to charge interest. Fine, but the actual debt was £4,650.00 but then the claim
  15. Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I had a business that went sour in 2006 and debts that had a personal guarantee attached. The debts are made up of historic overdrafts and a business loan. I have been paying about £800 a month off the debt fo:|r several years and thought the figure was down to about 5k. The bank has been reluctant to send me regular statements and even said they are not obliged to do so. The bad debt that has now become personnel (because of the PG) has a 8% interest charge on it. When I eventually got my statement I was horrified to discover that 28k is still outstanding! A bo
  16. I am part way through a claim for Psychological damage in the workplace, which is being funded via a CFA. I have seen one expert witness, whose report was very favourable to me, with regard to the cause of my mental health. The defendants have now requested that I see an expert witness appointed by themselves, which is due to take place shortly, and I am happy to do so. The mental health team, who have been working with me for the last 3 years, are confident that the 2nd expert witness will not find an alternative reason for my illness, either via my medical notes or discussion with myself.
  17. I've got a friend I owe a five figure sum to. We've not really spoken about it much because he knows my situation (ie poor) I don't think he's got any doubt I'd pay him back if I could (and I would) but he's got this other friend who's saying, 'You're being taken for a ride. Sell me half the debt and I'll put the screws on him. ' Can the guy I owe money to sell part of the debt and that would become legally enforceable debt? I have no agreement with the guy who lent me the money other than I have signed an IOU that simply states I owe him the money. I'm
  18. Hello My personell file was found by an employee in those belongings. Had 8 years worth of personal info such as matb1 form, sick notes, occ health notes etc we have been through informal investigation but they are surpassing the deadlines they are giving and I feel this is not been taken seriously. They found that it was unattended in a drawer for 2 Years before it was discovered so in that time hundreds of people could have read it. I've passed upset, shock and annoyed and now have moved onto pure rage over it. What would my next steps be and is there a legal case here.
  19. Afternoon All, I owe around £1k to HMRC I have written to them to explain that I am only earning a very small amount of money and in receipt of tax credits. At the moment my outgoings are higher than my income by quite some margin. I've paid a small amount towards the debt directly to HMRC (£25) on their website and offered to pay a regularly monthly amount in my letter directly to them, no response. I sent my letter by recorded delivery, so I know it was received but nothing back. Now I'm getting letters from their debt collecting solicitors Drysden Fairfax.
  20. Hi Everyone, I used to be a director of a estate agency around 8 years ago, the company was dissolved quite soon after that. As far as I know there weren't any debts owed to anyone. I checked my credit report a few days ago and am shocked to see a CCJ for £192, after calling Norwich County Court its turns out that the money is allegedly owed to a a company called Agency Express which provide for sale signs to estate agents. Although we did use that company I am not aware of any debt owed to them, even if I did all business was done though the ltd company.
  21. Hello, Before I jump in accusing the other solicitors I wonder if any of you had any advise on what act or code this would come under? I'll keep it brief. Ongoing personal injury claim, my own solicitor is excellent. Defendants solicitor has just taken 4 statements from managers at my ex employers. Which is fine however my concern is all 4 use very similar language but most worryingly they all include 3 facts about my personal life they were never told about, while you say this can't be proved. Several facts weren't know about till months after I parted company with these
  22. I am not sure if anyone can give me any advice on how I can defend a personal guarantee claim from Natwest? In 2006 the ltd company for which I was a director took out a bridging loan from Natwest for 2 months whilst we waited for funds from a secured loan with a different asset management company. The loan came through within 2 months and the Natwest loan was fully repaid. The asset loan has also since been repaid. However, the guarantee said it exists for perpetuity until the director dies and the bank referred to it as security in a subsequent overdraft facility. It
  23. Hello My company was wound up last year and as director I am now being chased for a debt of roughly £20k from Travis Perkins, based on me having signed what they purport to be a personal guarantee. When they wrote to chase the debt initially I offered them £3500 settlement which they declined. They then issued a Statutory Demand which I had set aside based on the arguement that I did not agree I had signed a personal guarantee. Travis Perkins agreed to have the SD set aside as it had raised a trialable issue. They then wote saying they would take our offer of
  24. Hello Hoping someone could give me a little advise.. I have court this week and I have no idea what im doing or saying. Basically I signed a personal guarantee for equipment for a limited company that I was a director of that went into liquidation - they are chasing me for the money (2 years) I received court docs and defended with following statement that I compiled with the help of this forum The Defender denies that she is liable to the pursuer either as alleged in the particulars of the claim or at all. Save where otherwise admitted, each and every allegati
  25. Grateful for advice: In short, I received a letter from Santander saying my application (made online) for a personal loan had been successful. The letter (dated 12/08/14, signed Pam Speed, Director of Santander Operations) said the money would be in my account within 2-4 working days if I followed "THREE EASY STEPS". 1. Read the Pre-Contract Credit Information and Pre-Contractual Explanation. 2. Sign and date the 'Signature to Agreement' section of Our Copy of the Agreement and, Step 3, Return in the envelope provided: Our Copy of the Agreement. These th
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