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  1. Hi all, hope everyone had great Christmas and hopefully a nice start to the new year. So the situation is as follows: Parents went shopping to a major supermarket. Mum was paying, dad just arrived to the store, tapped mother on shoulder to let her know he is still in store shopping. Dad turns around to walk back into the store and falls/ trips over a basket. Genuinely fell over. I complained and complained to top of the tree people of the supermarket. Trying to deal with it myself rather than using a 'no win no fee' company. Recently got a letter from the Public Liability i
  2. Barclays- SAR and CCA? Dear Cagers, As mentioned in another post I have 4+ debts which I desperately want to sort out ASAP. I want to start with Barclays and I will rely on your amazing help I have seen you have given to other desperate people. Please be aware that I am very inexperienced in dealing with creditors, DCA etc... The situation: Barclays current account: Opened 11-12 years ago. I use this account to transfer £4 each month from another account to be able to pay my debts -£1 to each of 4 debtors. This is including paying £1 each month to my Barclays unsecu
  3. Hi all, I forget when, but some time between 2005 and 2007 I took out a loan with AA Finance for £5000. I was married with 3 kids and earning well at the time, owned a nice house etc. In 2008, and in rapid succession, my father died of lung cancer, my wife petitioned for divorce, I lost my job (and remained unemployed for nearly 2 years), the divorce courts effectively stole my house from me, making me homeless, etc etc. In other words, the whole house of cards came tumbling down. I tried to keep up repayments but there was just too much happening, an
  4. Is it possible to bring a personal injury claim in a whistleblowing case? My health has deteriorated due to the treatment i received following whistleblowing and the subsequent stresses of my ongoing case. Would claim be through the courts and would it be a lengthy process following ET case? Many thanks!
  5. I have been starting up stock trading with an expert mentor whose made millions doing it. I clocked up some loses £20k and despite some success loses are increasing. When at £20k he told me "I guarantee you will get that back", in a message (we are in contact continuously). I'm guessing this would not be sufficient to pursue legal means to recover loses should it become an issue? If its possible at all, what would be required for a guarantee written in a message to be legally enforceable? Can I have an example of such a message in this context? Thanks!
  6. When I joined my company 3 years back, I had a Samsung Galaxy S3. My boss wanted to get me a work phone and said it would be better for me to use the work phone as a personal phone as well so I only needed one phone. He bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 for me to use as a work phone. Few days later, a work friend of ours had his phone stolen, my boss pretty much took my old phone and gave it to him to use (and later keep), pretty much assuming that since he replaced my personal phone, that that phone then belonged to him. So now I only have a work phone with a shared number. I want to
  7. Hello, I have registered only with one CRA- Noddle. For those of you who are familiar with CR files will be able to answer my question, I hope... So I have a list of linked addresses etc...on Noddle which I guess is automatically updated once I update my address with banks, DCAs etc... There is also a different link for PERSONAL DETAILS which shows my date of birth, my full name and the last 2 linked addresses. There is also an option to change my current address myself which I did on Noddle. This last current address at the moment is not linked to any of my bank accounts and DCA
  8. Mistakes were made when i was younger and i got myself into debt. When couldn't pay them have come chasing, and me being stupid ignored them, they been round in circles for years now. Usually i bin the letters (stupid i know). owe to different creditors, 8 in all. 3 to Lowell i think. The smaller of the 3 has come to light £900.18. I'm starting to panic, as this seems pretty serious now. Letter reads: We have been instructed by Frederickson International Limited on behalf of Lowell Financial Limited to issue court proceedings on 07 Feb 20114 if payme
  9. There is an announcement about this at the top of each forum but if anybody wants to discuss any concerns or flag up any problems that we have not yet become aware of, then please do it here on this thread.
  10. Hi, I am currently trying to sort out the details of a PPI Claim involving Endeavour/Ocean/Ocwen for my nanna and grandad. They took out a loan with Endeavour Personal Finance Ltd. on 01/09/1997 for £6000 plus £720 PPI, total £6720, for 60 months, monthly payment £159.45. Ocean Finance were the brokers and they were told that in order for them to get the loan they would need to take out PPI. As they were in desperate need of the loan they had no choice but to take it out with the PPI. In January 1999 they took out a second loan with Ocwen Limited, Ocean Finance were the brok
  11. Builders merchant "Credit Account Application Form" had no terms and conditions printed on it or attached to it but stated "by signing this agreement you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions of ************, a copy of which is available on request". I did not suspect there to be any onerous conditions and certainly not a personal guarantee clause, so I did not request a copy of the terms and conditions. It would now appear that under their clause headed "Financial Condition" the following wording appears. "If the company becomes insolvent or goes into liqu
  12. Hi and what a wonderful site this is. Put my faith back in people. I have attached a blanked out Trade Credit Application which is titled 'Application For Trade Credit And Guarantee Form'. My secretary filled this in and I signed it. I thought it was a trade credit and Guarantee for goods supplied NOT a Personal Guarantee application. I notice on the last page (3) it details Personal Guarantee. So it looks a little ambiguous to me, but I did sign it and do not dispute the debt. My company is in liquidation and the creditors informed, which is why I have got this presumably.
  13. Hi, im sorry this is a rather long story but i really need some legal advice... my husband had a tenancy in his ltd co name with a pub company. when he passed away 2 years ago the pub co regional manager asked if i would continue with the pubs, he had another one at the time with them. Both pubs were struggling and i told them i wasnt sure. They assured me of financial and business support. Obviously they didnt want two closed pubs on their hands and i felt a responsibility to my husband to keep them. i struggled to manage both pubs without my husb
  14. Hi everyone I am a newbee to this forum. I have been reading your threads about sspl and could really relate to them. I got a personal loan against my home in 2006. I was told I had to have ppi, however when my ex husband was made redundant we were not covered. I have been trying for years to claim back the money which is over £10,000. everyone just passes the buck. I have got a customer copy of the loan agreement. I have wrote to sppl who claims it is the brokers responsibility who has gone bust. any advice please? Thank You
  15. Oh my. What an exciting opportunity. Those wonderful clever clever people at Cenote Marketing (dot) co.uk have offered us a huge amount of personal data about you relating to a variety of aspects of your personal life - and no doubt of your family as well. What a unique opportunity to pry even more closely into other people's lives and to pursue them with marketing or other distressing and nuisance communications. It seems to be available to any NosyParker (dot) com agency and no mention of any checks as to whether the buyer is a responsible person or is registered with the ICO - alth
  16. I've just come across an old Insurance certificate in regards to a secured loan we had 2004-2006 . The insurance certificate states the premium was £3269.24 +ipt . I am aware that SPPL are no longer trading and Aceden are a point of contact. I see some people have been refered back to the broker with whom they took out the loan. Thats our first problem as I have no idea who it was . Hubby seems to think it may have been Norton or Ocean. Another thing I have noticed as it stated he had to be employed but he was actually self employed at the time . The loan was paid off early 0
  17. Hi from a CAG virgin. I have a company in liquidation after our largest client went bankrupt owing us £150k and want to include a van in the liquidation. The hire agreement says the 'hirer' is my company and therefor as far as I was led to believe a company hire agreement. They (Leaseplan UK) say this is a personal Hire Agreement which is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Who could I send this to for confirmation. Local solicitors want £600 to read a 5 page document. There is about £7000 redemption on the vehicle or 2 years to pay £235/month. Love the site an
  18. Hi Folks! In December 2011, GE took us to court as we fell behind with our secured loan with them. The judge ruled in our favour and suspended the order and we all agreed on a given repayment plan of £156 per month. I stuck at that for 9 months, with every month calling GE and paying the amount over the phone, October 2012 when starting a new contract job in London that involved long commuting and even working some Saturdays. I work in IT btw. I know it is not an excuse but the commute overwhelmed me in every sense, and I started to get ill too. I forgot
  19. hi Our child was involved in an accident and the case has got a date in the county court.the other driver crashed into our car when he was drunk,then got out and seen the damage he had caused,jumped back in his car and drove off. Now the drunk was never charged for been drunk or leaving the scene,even though the police were called.the drunk river now says it was only 2mph crash,even though damage to our car was £3000. Will our child have to give evidence or what actually happens in the county court??? will the judge look t the evidence himself and make a decision? is the court room g
  20. Hi, I am hoping for some advice on this. I am living in the United States now, and I used to be a part owner of a company in the UK. In 2009, this company went into liquidation after my partner took money out of the business, and we couldnt pay our debts. There was a loan for 50,000 which was personally guaranteed by myself and my partner. My partner died a few years ago. The debt was taken out in 2008. After many years of paying small amounts, I became unable to pay any more, and moved a year ago to America. They have recently gained a judgment against me in the County Court, and I wondered w
  21. Thanks in advance for any expert help. I received a letter from a company called IRCAS apparently acting on behalf of London Overground demanding £105 penalty fare that I don't have any clue about. I have contacted them and emailed to IRCAS (Independent Transport Associations Company) as advised by one of the staffs when I rang them. I told them that this must be an act of fraud and informed that I have reported this to action fraud. Then I had a follow-up email from them asking confirmation of my DOB, proof of my signature with copy of my driving license or passport or debit card's
  22. Hi There, Just a question around DCA's and there tatics. I had a letter from MMile finance regarding a debt for Cash Genie. I've gone in with the mindset of affording just £1 per month which many of my other creditors have accepted. MMile are requesting I fill out a Personal Finance Statement through there website so they can assess for themselves what I can afford. Now while I've got nothing to hide from anyone I just don't feel comfortable disclosing my incomings and outgoings to a third party. Is it a requirement that I comply with this request? Also I've read a lot about CCA's
  23. Pretty much as the title states, new policy in the handbook states we are no longer allowed keys, money, jackets (even worn) etc on the call floor and have been supplied with small lockers with repeating keys, no one is assigned a locker and its based on a trust system. The company is not accepting any liability for lost/damaged property and are sending people home AWOL if they don't take off their Jackets or putting Keys in the locker. Is this acceptable for the company to do this? It's a call centre Btw Cheers -EDIT- Right so apparently some guy got told to put his medicine in
  24. Hello all, A good friend of mine has been given notice of eviction by his landlady after he complained about her workmen damaging some of his possessions and holding her liable for the cost. He is now unsure of how to go about following up if she refuses to compensate him. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!
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